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It was a fair morning in the sprawling, and ever-changing kingdom of Mewni when the sun finally broke free of the dark horizon, illuminating the rich purple sky into a subtle pink. To the Northeast, the Jagged mountains stood high, guarding the land below like towering sentinals of rock and stone, and to the Northwest, the shores of the waterfolk kingdom glistened for all who could see. Around the elustrious castle Butterfly, Villagers began rising from their sleep to begin a new and glorious day, as some members of the kingdom found sleep to be a much sweeter promise than what the day had to offer.

Star slept soundly in her sprawling bed, letting a few soft snores escape as the smell of morning dew wafted through the window. After a long night of pre-partying, it was hard to say exactly when she finally managed to fall asleep, but she was hardly to be blamed. Excitement will keep even the most hardened warriors awake.

A few brave and warm rays of sunlight blazed across the Jagged mountains before the sunrise and made their way into Stars room, filling it with radiant oranges and yellows as they came to rest against Stars disfigured sleeping form. Some wisps of her abating dream told her she had something to do, or at the very least, she was expected to do something and wouldn't, but she was too enraptured by her snooze to give in yet.

"Uuggghhh", she groaned as the hours of sleep she had endured had left her craving more. "Five more minutes Manfred", she mumbled to no-one as the sun lit up her bedroom even further, the minutes ticking by. She smacked her lips, rolling around amongst a plethora of bedsheets, trying to grasp at her fleeting dreams. Oddly enough, they involved a remarkable amount of chips and cheese, a wierd land she felt like she recognized, and someone with the cutest face she had ever seen...

Suddenly, she bolted upright and a broad, toothy smile flared across her face. "Oh, corn! It's finally here, itshereitshereitshere!" she shrieked before roaring out of bed and across her room, carefully avoiding the scattered messes to begin preparing for the big day. Her 14th birthday, to be exact.

It had been a tradition, going back generations as most traditions were, for the next queen of mewni to receive the most prized and coveted artifact of the royal family: The royal magic wand. The single most powerful artifact for magic wielding in the universe.

"Jeez! What time is it!? Why didn't anyone wake me up!?" she complained as she nearly pulled her knee-leangth blonde hair from her head in a frenzied attempt to straighten it.

"AHHHHH! I have so much to do today! I hope I'll have time to use it after the ceremony! Ponyhead's gonna lose. Her. Mind!" she thought aloud as she almost tore her dress putting it on. Truthfully, the ceremony wasn't until 8 and she easily could have slept another hour and still had time for breakfast. But for Star Butterfly, she didn't want to waste a single moment of today on such trivial things as eating, or walking.

As a princess, she had next to no real chores or duties to complete before the event, but she never shied away from an opportunity to have fun. Which for Star Butterfly, was never a rare chance, especially on her birthday. She could practically hear the Warnicorn Forest calling her name as she frantically ran out of her room and down the castle stairs, destroying a considerable amount of decor in the process. She slowed her pace as she stepped by the empty throne room, peeking around the doorway. When no nobles, dukes, squires, knights, or parents could be seen, she sprinted through the hall past the kitchen, around the bend, and past the large rotunda of an entrance.

"Finally", she breathed as she hurriedly dashed out of the castle and down the slowly crowding street towards the cities entrance. She was careful not to be seen by the royal guard, not that she wasn't allowed to leave, but mostly so she wohldn't have to hear her mother drone on about duty and responsibilty. Again... "What's the point of a grand ceremony if i can't make a grand entrance?" She thought to herself as she began sprinting down the busy street, "it's my birthday, so mama Star's gonna party how she want's.

O - O - O - O -O -O -O

"River, dont you think we should consider postponing the ceremony?" Queen Moon Butterfly asked her husband as the two began the arduous process of allowing their servants to prepare them for the event. She didn't much care for all the pomp and prep that came with being royalty, and keeping face ammongst a slew of rivaling royal families, but as today was the single most important day of her daughters life so far, she would have to make due. "I hardly feel comfortable allowing her to wield the kingdoms strongest tool so freely before she's had more proper training. Perhaps just a few more weeks, just to be shre there won't be any issue in front of the kingdom?"

In truth, Moon had given Star plenty of training, but it wasn't a foreign idea that any type of teachings given to her daughter fell upon deaf ears. Countless hours of classes often resulted in Star simply doodling, or drooling about using the wand. It was a terrifying prospect, but River wasn't as familiar as Moon was with Star's...antics.

"Nonsense, my dear!" King River Johansen-Butterfly replied happily, stroking his parted blonde beard, "She'll have all the training she needs from the spellbook once she's ready, and you know that more training isn't going to break her Johansen spirit! Haha! I'm sure she'll do just fine." He quelled as his wife nervously paced about the throne room, shooing away her attendants.

"But what if she's not ready? Surely we can wait a short while longer before allowing her to start destroying the kingdom." Moon asked as she began fidgeting with the wand in her hands. "I'm worried about her, River. This is a 'big deal', as she would say, the entire Kingdom will be watching, and we can't let her ruin a reputation she's already trampled into the dirt."

"Moonpie, you know as well as I do that she doesn't care for her reputation, she just cares about being who she was meant to be: Star Butterfly," he offered, "We just have to see what happens, my love. If she isnt ready to use the wand, then we will consider more drastic measures. Remember, she's still young, and far from being as skilled as you were at her age."

"That may very well be true", Moon speculated, still not happy with his proposal, "But she didn't have the same disadvantages I was struck with. We can't afford to take any chances, we have to-"

"You worry too much, Moon-pie," River interrupted as he grabbed her hands to stop her pacing, and pulled her closer. "We just have to let her try. We can manage that much I'm sure?"

Moon wore a nervous, but tired look on her face. She hadn't been sleeping much in the days prior, but she softened her frown and smiled as she kissed the top of her kings head. "I don't like it, but I suppose we can. Come. We need to continue preparing for the ceremony," she said as she began ordering servants to gather the people of mewni.

O - O - O - O - O - O

Meanwhile, across the protected fields of corn and farmlands surrounding the kingdom, Star found herself creeping behind a massive warnicorn. His mane was long, but strikingly fierce, his horn sharp and ready to skewer anything that got too close. His body was covered in scars, and what seemed like...were those tatoos?

"Hes just a big 'ole sweetheart" Star mused, creeping closer theough the waterweeds. As the warnicorn drank from the shallow pond it resided by, she darted out from her hiding place and jumped onto the back of the beast, her hands gripping its mane as it began bucking wildly, snorting in fury.

"Haha! Look who just became my new favorite warnicorn! That's right cutie pie, ot's yoouuu!" She yelled as the muscular and brutally angry monster of a warnicorn fought to regain its freedom from the unruly little blonde on its back.

"C'mon honeybear! We have a ceremony to get to!" She yelled before digging her heels into its ribs. It reared back in snarling frustration, and took off, thundering down the dirt road as Star began stearing towards the castle. She smiled from heart crested cheek to heart crested cheek as she got closer, hoping to make it in time for the best day of her life. So far.

O - O - O - O - O - O - O

"River. I'm beginning to worry. Where do you think she's run off to?" The queen asked. The ceremony began fifteen minutes ago and they hadn't heard a word from the knights and servants about where Star could be. Not that this was the first time, but on such a day as this, 'of all days,' she seethed.

"Don't fret, love. Do you really think OUR daughter would miss such an event as this? Say what you will about her punctuality, or her commitment to her duties, but she wouldn't miss this for the world," the king replied in a bored and tired voice.

As if on cue, the floor of the castle began rumbling, like the whole room was having a private mewniquake as Moons eyes snapped open at the realization. "Oh no. Please. NO NO NO!" The queen silently yelled as the doors of the throne room suddenly burst open, splintering to pieces as a crazed, massive, and VERY angry warnicorn thundered in, its hooves sparking against the stone.

The snorting beast trampled and ran about the throne room, scaring everyone in it except for one, completely elated person: The young princess riding it. She beamed her parents a smile while her steed boomed ever closer to the thrones, her laugh echoijg through the halls as the crowd of nobles and peasants alike scattered and screamed.

The warnicorn began running straight for the king and queen, who wisely ducked to avoid it, though they both shared an unfazed and bored expression, as if they had been through such an event before. Star easily dismounted the creature in a graceful backflip before it slammed headfirst into the wall behind the thrones. The wall exploded into chunks of rock as the warnicorn shot through, surely seeking to wreak havoc on the townspeople in the distance.

After landing and regaining her composure, Star eagerly bit her lip and began cackling as she reached for the magic wand she coveted. "Star," the queen began with a warning tone as her eager daughter repeatedly tried to grab what she was holding, "This wand is a big responsibility."

"If it were to fall into the wrong hands, the universe could be destroyed!" she warned, keeping her daughter at bay as best she could. But her words were nothing compared to the screaming excitement of every fiber in Stars body as she swiped the wand from her mother's hands.

Within seconds, the wand began to glow as it was enveloped in a purple swirl of magic. It continued to glow white-hot as it transformed from a guided handle with a gem on the top, to more of an excitable purple semi sphere with a handle capped by a heart. Two white wings fluttered on either side of the flat face that was decorated with a yellow star-shaped gem surrounded by hearts.

Star gasped as she held the new wand close to her face, eagerly taking in every detail of its new design. Her eyes bulging out of her head, she finally managed to calm down, presenting herself as she figured a princess would during such an occasion. She twirled the wand around casually in an attempt to dispel her parents look of dismay, eager to show them ehat she cohkd do.

"Don't worry mom. I can tooootally handle it!" Star said with an enthusiastic smile on her face. Though the next few minutes, filled with fire, screams and all other sounds of a kingdom in disarray, begged to differ completely.

"She can't handle it." Both rulers said together in a flat, almost angry tone as they watched the kingdom fall apart from one of the castle towers in the company of a small blue elf creature. Given how quickly Star had nearly destroyed the entire kingdom, it was safe to say they were right.

O - O - O - O - O - O - O

"Noooooo!" Star cried loudly as she was dragged across the castle ground, clutching the queen's dress in her hands. Royal knights had been loading her things onto a large carriage pulled by massive creatures that resembled chimeras, seemingly unfazed by the display. "I can be good! Please don't send me to ST. Olga's reform school for wayward princesses!" She let out an ear peorcing scream at the mere thought of being sent to such a sinister place, but it fell upon deaf ears.

"Sweetheart. We're not sending you there." River stated calmly, coaxing Star to finally stop screaming. "Oh!" she exclaimed, dusting off her dress and meeting her parents with an anxious grin. She was relieved at that statement, but that relief was quickly cut off as the queen muttered, "Yet," in a dry tone. She eyed Star with an apprehensive gaze, as her husband spoke.

"We're sending you away to train in a safer dimension," he pointed out, "A place called, Earth."

Star felt a chill plunge down her spine as a strange feeling washed over her. She didn't know quite what it was, but something about this new place seemed to scream at her. "Earth?" She questioned. Inages flashed through her mind of that land from her dream, like a fleeting memory with more...cheese. and triangles. 'And, that face...' she thought, unable to move.

"Manfred! Open the portal!" He shouted as Star was shown onto the carriage. Manfred delicately prepared a pair of scissors and thrust them into the air in front of the carriage. Instead of breezing through the air, the blades caught onto a rift, and cut through the very fabric of space itself. As he began cutting upwards, the rift split wider until he grabbed both sides and widened it to a large circle big enough for the carriage.

Shaking her thoughts to the back of her mind, Star muttered, "Goodbye, Mewni", to herself as she leaned out the back window of the carriage, wondering when she'd see the beautiful pink sky and magnificent towering structures of her homeland.

The party rode forward through the portal, sent off to another part of space that beckoned to her in a familiar way she couldn't quite comprehend yet. Though no-one saw a strange, muscular, frog-like creature behind the bushes close to where the portal was.

"Heh heh heh heh", it laughed to itself knowingly as it sank down into the bushes. Ready to report the new information that Star Butterfly, and more importantly, her wand, had left the safety of mewni.

O - O - O - O - O - O

In the distant dimension that housed the planet Earth, earlier that same day, the sun crept out from behind the buildings in the distance as the small town of Echo Creek California was just starting to wake up. The soft orange sky began to take on a bluish tint as the minutes crept by, and the air was warmed by the rays of light that began to wash over everything in sight.

In a small house, tucked to the side of town and littered with cacti and sculptures, a young fourteen-year-old Marco Diaz was wrestled from his sleep by the coming day. He groggily opened his eyes and yawned as he rose from his bed and began his morning routine. He had a big day today, filled with squire duties, swordsmanship training, and of course, hanging out with his bestie.

As he got dressed, and the hours of sleep were shaken from his body, he reminisced over the festivities he'd get to take part in throughout the day. Visiting another dimension with Star, exploring Mewni, training with the few knights that liked him, and much more. It was a thrilling life for an otherwise ordinary person, but he loved every second of it.

Finally dressed for the day, he was about to leave his room when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, craning his neck towards the door to listen. He heard familiar voices from outside. Voices he hadn't heard in weeks, and upon realizing that they belonged to his parents, he furrowed his brows, releasing his grip from the doorknob. "That's, weird..." he shuddered as he backed from his door. There was no way his parents could be outside. It wasn't like it was impossible, but...they should be in another dimension. The Earth dimension, he thought to himself. With no scissors of their own, how did they get there?

He was confused, and suspecting a surprise in the works, but one look at his window told him all he needed to know. The sun was shining gracefully out over the sky, which blazed a calm, cool, collected...Blue.

"No..." he muttered softly. "The sky on Mewni is... pink... right?" He knew it had always been that way, as he had spent close to four months on Mewni. The soft color of the atmosphere outside chilled him as he took a step closer to the window.

"There's no way. How is that even possible..." he said softly with a look of complete confusion and worry on his face. "There's no way." He repeated again, this time with an expression that dared the world to prove him wrong. He knew he was on Mewni. There was no way he couldn't be, besides a drunken bender that took him to his home dimension, or another kidnapping. But after opening his door, and stepping outside into the hall, he took in the chilling surroundings.

Before him was the quaint hallway of his childhood home. Exactly how it had always been. He glared at the world around him, expecting his best friend to be playing a joke on him. But as he walked down the warm wooden stairs to the living room, he was only further proven wrong, as it was exactly as he remembered. Right down to the worn stairs he stepped over, creaking in the exact same ways.

'How did... I should still be on Mewni...' He thought to himself. He would have spent the next lifetime contemplating where he really was, or if this was some kind of game, had it not been for a familiar voice that jarred him out of his thinking.

"Hola mijo! Its a nice day for school! Though, if you don't hurry, I worry you might miss the bus!" His father, Raphael Diaz shouted from the kitchen. He and his wife, Angie Diaz were sitting at the dining room table, idly chatting as marco approached them. His mouth dropping open for the third time since waking up, while he simple stared at the space around him.

"Mom? Dad? What are you two doing here?" He asked, hoping they could enlighten him kn tbe situation, but they weren't going to be as helpful as he had hoped.

"Well mijo, we do live here too. At least, when we aren't on vacation." Raphael replied with a chuckle. Marco stared for a moment before shaking his head, careful to avoid a classic 'Marco-moment' for now reason. "No, you dont. How did you get to Mewni? Why does the castle have more of the house here?" Marco caught his breath. "Where's Star?" he asked with an anxious look.

"Marco, are you feeling okay?" His mother asked, suddenly more concerned, "Who's Star? And what is this 'Mewni' you're talking about?"

His father asked, equally concerned, "Did you have a dream that stuck with you? Was it a nightmare, mijo?"

"No," Marco replied dryly, getting angry. "Star! My best friend! She lives just on the other side of the castle!" Marco shouted as he headed for the door. "I'll show you!" This was getting annoying, and he didn't want to miss out on his duties, waiting for Star to jump out or for someone to finally let him in on the joke.

He marched to the door and opened it quickly, fully expecting to see a sprawling village or a towering castle to prove this was all a joke. He instead froze in place, staring through the threshold in shock, as all the color drained from his face. Outside his front door stood none of the splendor and scenery of a castle, but a simple street with a pleasant morning sky shining above it. The same street he grew up on, in the same city he grew up in.

"Son, if you feel under the weather, tell us. We won't send you to school if you're sick." His father asked in a steady voice. But Marco wasn't giving up. "No dad, I don't feel sick. Im fine, just...sick of the joke at this point," he replied, keeping his jaw set as he stared out the door.

He heaved a shaky breath and turned around, feeling as though he was dreaming. There was a different feeling in the air as he walked calmly to the living room, searching for any sign of Star. However, there was none. No laser puppies, no picture of her, no movies on the floor, but most shockingly, there was no damage.

"Dad, do you know anything about an exchange student that stays here?" he asked calmly, but with a tinge of his classic worry leaking through.

Seeing the look on his son's face, Raphael began to take on an edge of seriousness as well, leaning forward and setting his morning paper down. "My boy, we haven't had any visitors stay here for at least a year. Are you... sure you're okay?" he askedz chancing a look at angie.

Taking a slow breath to calm his nerves, Marco spoke with ease, a practice he had perfected with Star, whenever she got on his nerves. "Yeah... I'm fine," he answered, giving his parents a smile, "Dad, what day is it by the way? just curious."

Raphael looked at Angie, who shrugged, and returned his gaze to Marco. "Well son, its January 18th. Why?"

Marco reeled as he began to silently question how far this would go, and how detailed they all planned to make it. he was probably actually on Earth, but surely they were both in on this. "And uh...what...year is it...?" For some reason, he felt as though he didn't want to hear the answer to that question, but part of him was also sure that any second now, Star would just jump out and surprise him, so there was no need to worry.

"The year's 2015, Marco, now tell us what's wrong." His mother answered impatiently. She didn't want to let him go to school when he was asking such strange questions, but he suddenly calmed down completely, releasing a slow, almost laughing breath. "Okay. Thanks, mom. Yeah, I guess I just had a bad dream or something. Don't worry about it," he replied as he calmly walked to the kitchen to collect his waiting bag. So detailed...

"Are you sure?" His mother asked, still concerned with his well being as he leaned in to give her a quick hug, pulling back to smile at them both.

"Yeah, mom. I'm fine," he lied, still reeling from the realization that he wasn't in the same dimension that he fell asleep in, and was now in some sick, Truman show joke. "I just need to get to school, and I'm sure I'll feel better."

'There's no way this could be real. Star couldn't pull off such an elaborate prank like this.' He thought to himself. But that nagging feeling that something was wrong wouldn't yield, no matter what.

'I'll have to play along and catch her off guard. I don't know what she bribed my parents with, but I'll catch her mid-slip and ruin this lousy prank. Not all of us have time for this, Star.'

Marco slowly walked to the door with a knowing smile and waved his parent's goodbye. As he slipped out and closed the door behind him, Raphael turned to his wife with worry and asked: "Who is this 'Star' person he is asking about? Maybe a girl from school?" Angie looked at the door and sighed, answering, "I have no idea. Hopefully, it's nothing serious."

Marco walked quickly to the bus stop, drinking in his surroundings and marveling at the detail put into it. An eager grin was plastered on his face as he pondered how he would catch Star in the act. As the bus rolled around the corner, two boys walked up behind him and gave him a pat on the back. "Marco! What's up, player! You look like you just rolled out of bed. Hope you're ready for Miss Skullnicks test today." Ferguson exclaimed. He was excited but quickly calmed down as he saw Marcos' face sink at his words.

"She got you too huh?" He asked with a depressed tone. What could she have possibly bribed Fergusson with? Not that he really wanted to know at this point. Ferguson looked at him, and after a few seconds rolled by, he smiled wryly.

"Well, yeah dude, everyone has to take the test, that's kind of how theh work. You must really think she has it out for you, huh?"

Marco chuckled and shook his head before beaming a wide smile at Ferguson and Alphonzo. "Gee, I have NOOOO idea man. Guess I'll just have to see, huh?"

Ferguson looked surprised, but before Alphonzo could ask what the heck that was all about, the bus pulled around the corner to pick the three up. Marco and his friends climbed aboard the bus and sat down near the back, Marco deciding to wisely sit alone, his smile fading slowly as he began to question his own theory.

'They have to be in on it. This is the same bus i used to ride every day, so it wouldn't be hard for Star to mimic this part. But when i get to school, ho boy, it'll alllll fall apart.' He grinned widely to himself and said silently, "Today is going to be verrrrry interesting, isn't it Star?"


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