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Chapter 3: Lionheart is a...

After his upset win over Jack Swagger in the first round of the tournament Jack was getting some media attention from it as no one expected him to even get past the former world champion let alone even be in the tournament but now he's gotten everyone's attention and his second round opponent knows exactly who he is and what he is capable of as he is the man known only as Lionheart.

The man who trained Jack, the man who taught him what he knows and better yet knows him inside and out.

Jack right now was hard at training for his second round match in the Performance Center as he was training with fellow brit Danny Burch.

"So that's your advice?" Jack said as Danny put a headlock on him.

"Punching is the best strategy, you got a better one?" Danny asked as Jack reversed the headlock and applied a hammerlock.

"Yeah try and not get my head kicked off and look like a right fa-"

"Alright everyone in!" Matt Bloom shouted to everyone as they gathered to the centre of the room. "Ok first off we need to start doing more work on your presentations in the ring so that's up first and second Jack good job on making to the second round you performed well but don't get cocky." Matt said as Jack knew full well he couldn't get overconfident. "Lastly the finals of the tournament has been set for Crown Jewel so whoever here manages to make it that far good luck to you, alright dismissed." he said as Jack went back to training.

"Looks like the pressure's on mate." Danny said as he had a wristlock in.

"Imagine I make it to Crown Jewel?" Jack said as he then countered into a full nelson.

"It took me years to make it to a TakeOver but you do this you've done what no NXT'er has done and made their debut before even going to NXT." Danny said getting him into chinlock.

"True so no pressure...just win my next few rounds and I'm headed to Crown Jewel, all the way back home to the UK." Jack said reversing the chinlock into a snapmare takedown as the pressure would really be on if he made it that far.

"Look on the brightside you could lose to Adrian and not have to lose in the finals at home." Danny said as Jack let him up to his feet and they locked up.

"Yeah that could happen but Adrian needs to realise one thing that I'm not the same guy he trained years ago." Jack said as he quickly got in another hammerlock.

"And neither is he, just don't think for a second he won't do whatever it takes to beat you." Danny said as he countered into a hammerlock of his own.

"Guess I'll have to do the same thing." Jack said as he hip tossed him off and both men stopped their sparring.

"Think you're ready." Danny said.

"I hope so." Jack said as his second round match was only a week away.


Round 2

Pentagon Jr vs. Christopher Daniels

Will Osprey vs. Bully Ray

Joe Hendry vs. Brian Cage

Lionheart vs. Jack Silver

Matt Riddle vs. El Mesias

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Willie Mack

El Guerrero Azteca vs. Kazuchika Okada

Fenix vs. The Great Muta

The second round was now underway as it kicked off with the masked Luchador Pentagon Jr taking on The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels as these two veterans of the ring were all about high flying and technical in ring style. Both went big each time as they knew each other well to spot their strengths and weaknesses despite the effort of Daniels trying to use shortcuts he was unable to keep Pentagon down who got the win with his cradle piledriver and advanced to the third round.

Bubba Dudley was no more as it was now all about Bully Ray who used everything in his arsenal and every dirty tactic he could muster but he wasn't prepared for the Arial Assassin Will Osprey who was throwing offence not seen by the veteran before but Ray had taken out the referee and began to use his chain beating and whipping Osprey but despite all of that Osprey was able to muster a comeback and nail from out of nowhere the OsCutter to advance to the third round.

Once again Joe Hendry tried his musical entrance to get in the head of The Machine Brian Cage but that only seemed to fire him up with Cage throwing him around most of the match but The Prestigious One did get some offence in even taking him up for The Freak of Nature fall away slam but Cage got up quickly and dropped Hendry with Weapon X for the win and advances to the third round.

Cameras cut to the announce desk. "Well coming up next is the match I've wanted to see." Cole said as the graphics showed the next matchup.

"You're telling me Michael this is one I cannot wait to see!" Corey said.

"It will be the man known as Lionheart taking on his former student the up and coming Jack Silver." Cole said.

It then cut to a promo and shows Lionheart.

"Jack where do I begin?" Lionheart said.

Footage from ICW, Defiant, WCPW and PROGRESS Wrestling began to play showing their time in the independent circuit.

"I know you Jack, hell I taught you everything you know and now you think you can just walk right past me and win this entire tournament?! All I see when I see you is that wee little lad from Wales looking to make a name for himself so I want you to know this I'm going to show the world, the WWE Universe and why Lionheart is the future of wrestling and why your still the student." he stated.

It then cut to Jack Silver.

"He does know me, he did teach me everything about wrestling, the do's, dont's and pretty much my arsenal of moves, if I'm going to beat him then I'll throw everything I got at him and show my win over Jack Swagger was not a fluke but it was me making a statement that this isn't a fluke it isn't luck and it isn't anything but my ability and I'll prove to Lionheart, to the WWE Universe why I'm no fluke." he stated.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall..."

"ONE FALL!" the crowd said.

"And is a second round match of the Bruno Sammartino Classic." Greg Hamilton announced.

Say my name hit and that was the entrance of the man known as Lionheart made his way out and he was all business as per usual and did not have time for the fans as again it was just business he made his way down and into the ring, up the turnbuckle and looked out to the crowd as he awaited the arrival of his opponent.

Bow down hit and out came the man who was not supposed to be here Jack Silver, he made his way out as the crowd gave him an ovation after his first performance had captured their attention and their support he showed back as he made his way down and into the ring and then stood face to face with his mentor you could feel the tension between them.

Both men came to the center of the ring and the official asked them to shake hands as Jack extended his but Lionheart looked at his hand and just slapped him in the face as the official got in-between them as Jack began to chuckle knowing which Lionheart he was facing tonight and took some steps back as did Lionheart and the official rang the bell starting this match.

They aggressively locked up and Lionheart got in a headlock but Jack quickly threw him off and went for a dropkick but Lionheart saw that coming and stopped in his tracks as Jack went at him and got him with an arm drag as he went at Jack he countered with one of his own then going at Lionheart again and got caught into a hip toss but countering with a leg sweep as both men were down then at the same time they both kicked up to their feet.

A stare down began as they knew one another that well as Lionheart then said. "I know you." he once again reminded him as then Jack looked to him. "I also know you." and then looked to the crowd.


As Lionheart heard that it began to irritate him until...

"LIONHEART IS A FANNY!...LIONHEART IS A FANNY! ...LIONHEART...IS A...FAAANNNNYYYY!" the crowd began to chant to the parody song of Seven Nation Army.

Lionheart was not happy hearing that one chant he did not want to hear happen and it was all thanks to his former protoge for starting it as that angered him enough for him to attack Jack but he quickly dodged Lionheart and this time got the dropkick in then got in a forearm and followed it up with a heel kick 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! Lionheart not sure what just happened there as he got to his feet quickly then realising he let his temper get the better of him as he faced his former student and both began to get into a heated argument which ended in them exchanging lefts and rights turning this match into a slugfest as Lionheart his several rights Jack came back with some uppercuts but each blow was as big as the next until Jack missed a left hook and walked right into a jumping neckbreaker 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

Lionheart not letting up brought Jack up and got in a backdrop then bringing him up again and nailing one more as he came off the ropes he nails a baseball dropkick 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! Jack was not going down so easy as Lionheart brought him up and hit a few fists then got him into a headlock and brought him down to a sitting position and was looking to go for a submission but Jack showing again he would not go down that easily and began to get up to one knee and drive the elbows into Lionheart's chest making him release the hold as Jack got himself back up and clotheslined him to the outside Jack went to the top rope looking to go big and from there...HE CAME RIGHT INTO A SAVATE KICK!

Lionheart just got in a huge counter and had changed the momentum with one kick as Jack was laid out on the outside and the referee's count was up to four as Lionheart threw Jack into the ring he followed him in and went for the cover 1-2-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Still in the match after taking that kick from mid-air Lionheart went back on the headlock and was looking to attack the neck area again and hooked the neck and with his bodyweight weighing Jack down Lionheart looked again to make him tap out but Jack was fighting to stay alive and was using all his strength to try and crawl to the bottom rope as he clawed his way towards it but then Lionheart let go of the hold and dragged Jack back to the center of the ring by his leg but using his free leg he kicks Lionheart off and managed to get himself to the corner and used the ropes to stand up but the damage to his neck was making it hard to even stand up right.

Seeing Jack in position Lionheart took a chance and went for a signature pump kick which he calls the KILLSH-HE GETS OUT OF THE WAY! Jack narrowly avoided the Killshot and Lionheart caught himself between the corner ropes as Jack had his opening and quickly went running at him with a dropkick to the corner as Jack quickly went to the top rope measuring Lionheart who was getting to his feet and turned himself around to meet and uppercut from Jack who then rolled rolled backwards came off the ropes and A STANDING SHOOTING STAR! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! However Lionheart rolled to the outside and Jack went off the ropes and A SUICIDE DIVE!

Taking him down he was now in control as he threw him back into the ring as Jack went up to the top rope 450 SPLA-NO HE GOT OUT OF THE WAY! Lionheart narrowly avoided that as he slowly got back up to his feet and quickly went after Jack and hooked him in for the Rock Bottom move which he calls YOUR A FANNY! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETSTHE SHOULDER UP! Lionheart could not believe that he got out and dragged Jack to the corner and went up himself and from there he got a frogsplash which was the FINAL MOMENT! 1-2-THR-NO AGAIN HE ETS THE SHOULDER UP BEFORE THREE!? Lionheart did not believe he was still in after taking that as Jack rolled to the outside and Lionheart reluctantly followed him out.

Looking down on Jack he brought him up to his feet then hooked him in for a YOUR A FANNY ON THE APRON!

"OOOHHHHH!" the crowd said as the move was hit.

Lionheart looked down to Jack who was flat on his back, "I'm going to give you one chance to stay down or else." he said to him as Jack responded with shaking his head saying No as he rolled Jack into the ring and he went up to the top rope and was measuring him for the Final Moment and looked down on his former protoge. "This is all on you Jack, I tried to give you a way out!" he leapt from the top FINAL MOME-HE GOT THE KNEES UP! Jack made a counter as Lionheart was stopped holding his abdomen from the knees as that bought Jack some time to recover as he crawled to the ropes and used those to get up despite his back and neck hurting like hell he fired himself up as Lionheart got to his feet and Jack running at him with the flying boot he calls ONE IN THE CHAMBER! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Jack couldn't believe how close that was.

With both men getting away from one another and getting back up they looked to one another and came at each other as fists flew as Jack went for a superkick Lionheart ducked and he went for the Savate kick but Jack ducked it also showing again they knew one another well they both at the same time SUPER AND SAVATE KICKS CONNECTED!? The moves floored both men as now it could be anyone's match.

"THIS IS AWESOME!...THIS IS AWESOME!...THIS IS AWESOME!" the crowd chanted for this match.

The match had taken it's toll with them both crawling towards one another then were literally in each other's faces now head to head they rose up to their feet slowly and both began to throw fists and open palm strikes in which Lionheart went for a dropkick but jack sidestepped it and went for a clothesline but Lionheart ducked it as got a kick in and hooked Jack in and went for a Styles Clash but Jack countered with an uppercut which sent Lionheart into the ropes as he came back with a pump kick that connected and now Lionheart had the match in hand and looked to end it as he hooked Jack in for YOUR A FA-HE COUNTERED INTO A CRUCIFIX PIN?! 1-2-3 IT WAS OVER!

Lionheart was in disbelief as he got caught that quickly and Jack couldn't believe that worked as he got to his feet and had his hand raised while Lionheart was sat in the corner still trying to process what had happened.

Jack grabbed a mic. "Before we get to the announcement I need to do this...that man before this match was a fanny...but now I've got one thing to say on that...LIONHEART...IS...A...HERO!" he sang.

"LIONHEART...IS...A...HEROOO!...LIONHEART...IS...A...HEROOO! LIONHEART...IS...A...HEEERRRROOOO!" the crowd began chanting.

As Jack went over to his mentor and extended his hand to him and Lionheart accepted it and brought him up to his feet as they then hugged and he raised Jack's arm then Jack raised Lionheart's and they were asked to come to the center of the ring with the official.

"Here is your winner...Jack Silver!" the announcement was made as both men shook hands and hugged and both left together as Jack had earned his mentor's respect.


All third round participants were brought out to face eachother as Jack faced his next round opponent...The Machine Brian Cage as Cage towered over Jack Jack was not intimidated by looking him in the eye.

This would be another test for Jack but was he ready for the unleashing of Weapon X?

Pentagon Jr vs. Christopher Daniels winner: Pentagon Jr

Will Osprey vs. Bully Ray winner : Will Osprey

Joe Hendry vs. Brian Cage winner :Brian Cage

Lionheart vs. Jack Silver winner: Jack Silver

Matt Riddle vs. El Mesias winner: Matt Riddle

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Willie Mack winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi

El Guerrero Azteca vs. Kazuchika Okada winner: Kazuchika Okada

Fenix vs. The Great Muta winner: Fenix

Jack lives to fight another day but his days could be numbered against a Machine, can he overcome the power of Brian Cage?

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