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Also not too sure what AEW have planned for The Dark Order but burying them is not the answer as WWE did to Retribution what was the point of building these factions up just to jobber them to people who don't need to go over?

Would like to thank my friend AVP5 for his help on this so anyway enough talk enjoy!

Chapter 6: Make it rain

In one week Jack would be in the fight of his life as he was competing at Crown Jewel which was back home in the United Kingdom and now the pressure was on him tenfold to not only win this for himself but to win this for then entire of the United Kingom.

Jack was now preparing for his fist time encounter with the man known as The Rainmaker, Kazuchika Okada, a man who is the most dominant superstar and IWGP Champion in history and a man that Jack has chased for years to get in the ring with and now he will finally get his chance to test himself.

However there was one more stop before they would collide and that is on NXT itself where they will have a face to face in the ring as this would be both men's first time in Full Sail University and on the black and gold brand.

"Tonight NXT will be hosting a faceoff between the finalists of the Bruno Sammartino Classic." Mauro Ranallo said.

"I've been looking forward to seeing this all week, both men have everything to gain and everything to lose."Beth Phoenix said.

"This is going to be a first time for NXT and WWE as we have The Rainmaker himself Kazuchika Okada here tonight to face off with his opponent in the finals of the Bruno Sammartino Classic the preverbial dark horse of it all the UK's own Jack Silver." Nigel McGuiness said.

The clang of a coin was heard and Rainmaker hit as it was the arrival of The Rainmaker himself with Okada making his official NXT debut and made his way out and down to the ring as the place was going crazy for his apperance here tonight.

"OKADA!...OKADA!...OKADA!...OKADA!...OKADA!" the NXT Universe chanted welcoming The Rainmaker to NXT.

"WWE...NXT..." Okada said as he looked around him. "I don't know why I need to be here." he said as the disdain in his voice was heard getting some boos from the crowd.

"This is all beneath me just like Jack Silver is." Okada now insulting his opponent. "And he will prove why he is and will always be the Gaijin that he is and bow down to the winner of the Bruno Sammartino Cl-"

Bow down hit as he was interupted by his opponent Jack Silver who seemed to look calm after hearing what Okada thought of him as he made his way out and entered the ring and the confrontation between them was about to happen.

Jack had a mic in his hands. "Never thought we'd be having this conversation here but here we are in an NXT ring having a discussion on why you think this is all beneath you, well that's aways been your problem, nothing is good enough or nothing is big enough for you to care unless the lights are on bright and the money begins fall for The Rainmaker." he said as both men were not taking their eyes off one another.

"I do this for Japan, I do this for my career but a Gaijin like you wouldn't understand and that is why you will always be a Gaijin you will always be beneath me." Okada said as Jack began to lightly chuckle hearing that.

"Gaijin huh? I might be a Gaijin but at least I'm not a coward." Jack said as Okada shot him a look. "You heard me, you may be the most dominant IWGP Champion of all time but at least I don't have to use that to make sure I duck challengers or in your words Gaijins." Jack stated Okada's cowardice as he gave him a look again.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, after spending three years working my way up the ranks in Japan winning titles in various companies and beating some of the best you all had to offer there was one and that was you Kazuchika Okada...The Rainmaker...I came knocking at your door and you slammed it in my face because you knew first chance I got I'd beat you." Jack again stating his cowardice.

"I didn't give you an oppourtunity because you don't deserve it, the only reason you made it this far is because you got lucky, all of your opponents were weak and like the Gaijin you are and as I said you are beneath me and I will show it in front of your home country to watch as Japan dominates one of their own." Okada shot back.

Jack taking in what he just heard looked him dead in the eyes. "I know I got lucky but I didn't back down or gave up and I want you to know that I'm not just any ordinary Gaijin, I'm THE Gaijin who is about to tell you that I want you to dominate the match, I want you to completely annihilate me to the point I am unable to answer a three count because if I get back up...YOU ARE F*****!" Jack stated as the production crew caught that quickly.

Not wanting to wait until then Jack took his jacket off as then Okada did and both men were about to square off with one another as a preview was about to happen...Okada made a quick retreat out of the ring as Jack shook his head in disappointment as he continued up the ramp, Jack turned his back for a second to grab his jacket OKADA ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND!

He begins a sneak attack with clubbing blows and stomps as he's all over Jack who is now defenceless against him as he quickly got him up by his arm not letting go of it...HE HITS A RAINMAKER! Turning Jack inside out he had just made his statement as they would settle this in the finals of the tournament at Crown Jewel with Okada standing over him then just leaving him there.


Jack was holding his head heading backstage as he was confronted by William Regal.

"Before you say anything Okada had already left, look you need to focus on your finals match at Crown Jewel with him your not just representing Wales, your representing the entire United Kingdom." Regal said as Jack knew the stakes.

"I know that but what he just did confirms everything I just said and now...now I'm pissed." Jack said storming off until he bumped into the last people he needed to see...

"Look who it is!" he was surrounded by the Undisputed Era as Jack quickly got in to fight mode.

"Easy there cowboy, we're just here to talk to you." Roderick Strong said but Jack kept his guard up.

"Before you get all gun ho we just wanted to say this." Cole said as he then extended his hand out to him.

Jack however just looked at him.

"Fair enough, me and the boys as we were watching this tournament we've been doing some scouting and well after seeing your win over Pentagon we've decided to offer you a place in the Undisputed Era." Cole said making the offer to him.

"And this offer is not negotiable." Bobby Fish said as they awaited his answer.

He looked Cole in the eye. "It's going to be a hard pass as let's be honest I'd rather do things the hard way so if you all are about to do what I think you're about to do then let's go." Jack said as he knew what was coming next.

"You know what maybe Okada was right, you're beneath him, you're beneath us, why would we waste our time and energy with you? You may have gotten this far but now you're way out of your depth, Okada is going to rip you apart and in fact I'm so confident that he'll beat you I'm going to give you and incentive if you beat Okada at Crown Jewel, I will be your first opponent on NXT how does that sound?" Cole said making the challenge.

Jack got in his face. "Your going to wish you hadn't even met me." he said accepting the challenge.

Cole nodded as they all left him as now he had more to gain if he wins at Crown Jewel.


20 Man Battle Royal winner faces AJ Styles for the United States Championship

WWE Championship

Brock Lesnar (c) w/. Paul Heyman vs. Cain Velasquez Mysterio

Tag Team Turmoil match for the WWE Tag Team World Cup

Tyson Fury vs. Braun Strowman

Bruno Sammartino Classic Tournament Finals

Jack Silver vs. Kazuchika Okada

WWE United States Championship

AJ Styles (c) vs. ?

Raw Womens Championship

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya vs. Lacey Evans vs. Ember Moon

Team Hogan vs. Team Flair

Falls Count Anywhere match for the WWE Universal Championship (The match cannot be stopped for any reason)

Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Fiend Bray Wyatt

For the first time in years WWE had returned to the United Kingdom to host a Pay Per View not since SummerSlam which was held in the old Wembley stadium in 1992 and now years later they've returned and to the new Wembley stadium where they would kick this event off big.

Twenty men competed for a shot at AJ Styles's United States title as eliminations were quick and out of nowhere but this match belonged to the rising star Humberto Carillo who eliminated Rowan last to earn his title match later on in the night.

Next was an anticipated WWE Championship match between old UFC rivals as Brock Lesnar would defend against Cain Velasquez who is making his debut in WWE and would have his friend Rey Mysterio in his corner. The match began with takedowns and slams then ended up going into a striking contest, but then we headed back into holds but in the end Lesnar was able to nail and F5 and followed up with a Kamura lock forcing the fighter to tapout with Lesnar avenging his loss to Velasquez but he was done with just the win he wanted more than a pound of flesh he went for another F5 but was assaulted by Rey who had a metal pipe in hand forcing The Beast to retreat as this wasn't over between them.

This World Cup was to prove who was the best Tag Team in the World it was between The Revival, The OC, The New Day, The Viking Raiders, The Lucha House Party, Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins, Heavy Machinery and The B-Team. Every team went tooth and nail to win this but in the end it belonged to one team and it was Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson of The OC who now can call themselves The Best Tag Team in the World.

Braun Strowman was out to make a point that this was his ring and British boxing veteran Tyson Fury was not welcome as he was looking to teach him that he was worthy of being in a WWE ring with both men trying to outpower the other but the match ended in a countout after Fury knocked Strowman to the outside with a huge right but after the match Strowman went after Fury and delivered a running powerslam saying this wasn't over.


"Ladies and gentlemen coming up next we have the finals of the Bruno Sammartino Classic." Michael Cole said.

"I've been looking forward to this and now the field is down to two men as it's The Rainmaker Kazuchika Okada taking on the darkhorse Jack Silver who must win here tonight not just for Wales but for all of the United Kingdom." Corey Graves said.

"After what happened on NXT this past week Jack is looking for payback after Okada attacked him from behind and left him laying with that devestating clothesline known as The Rainmaker." Cole said as they replayed the incident from NXT.

"However tonight is where we settle this, will we see the ever dominance of The Rainmaker? Or will it be Jack 'O Clock?" Corey Graves said as the video package played.

It then showed Okada sitting down as he faced the camera. "I only entered this tournament to show the dominance of Japanese wrestling and why men like Jack Silver are beneath me."

It then cut to Jack who was already sitting down taking in Okada's response. "I'm beneath him, it's all he says about me, well he might be right but I didn't come this far just to fail and I'm going to prove to him and everyone who's doubted me that it was no fluke I won this entire tournament."

"Jack Silver will fall and bow to me like the gaijin he is,"

"He might be The Rainmaker but he has no idea how much Shit I'm going to rain down upon him, he has no idea what's coming for him at Crown Jewel."

"Jack Silver your luck has run out, your time is up, I will be the winner of the Bruno Sammartino Classic and you will be just a faded memory."

"I'm not just going to win the Bruno Sammartino Classic, I'm going to prove to the entire world that Jack Silver is for real."

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the finals of the Bruno Sammartino Classic Tournament!" Greg Hamilton announced.

The clang of a coin was heard and Rainmaker hit as The Rainmaker himself Kazuchika Okada made his way out in his Rainmaker jacket and with his balloons as then the entire stadium began to be filled with golden dollars or as they are known as Okada Bucks as fans began grabbing some as a souvenir as a fan showed it to the camera it was golden with Okada's face on it saying "In Rainmaker we trust" as he was now in the ring and awaiting his opponent.

Bow down hit and the place blew up as the man who ia representing the entire United Kingdom made his way out as Jack wearing a silver, white and black open sleeveless vest which had both British and Welsh flags half and half on it as he had the same design on his tights, he walked down the ramp and his only focus was the man in that ring as he entered and did not take his eyes off of Okada as introductions were made.

"Introducing first from Ajno, Aichi Japan weighing in at 236 pounds he is The Rainmaker...Kazuchika Okada!" Okada posed for the crowd as he got a reaction.

"OKADA!...OKADA!...OKADA!...OKADA!...OKADA!" the crowd chanted their support for Okada.

"Next from Swansea Wales, weighing in at 234 pounds...Jack Silver!" he got a huge reaction.

"JACK O' CLOCK!JACK O' CLOCK!JACK O' CLOCK!JACK O' CLOCK!" the stadium began chanting showing more favour to Jack.

The referee asked both men to shake hands and to everyone's surprise Okada extended his hand out first as this confused Jack who was hesitant but decided to accept it as they shook hands and were about to break off as Jack held on tightly and HE NAILS YOUR A FANNY! Okada just quickly rolled to the outside as the shocking hit surprised him as Jack dared him to get back in the ring as he did and the bell rang they both locked up and quickly Jack took control with a headlock takedown then brought him up as Okada threw him off and he came off the ropes as Okada ducked a clothesline as Jack came again off the ropes and got in a knee to the face as that sent Okada to the ground as again he surprised The Rainmaker who was now paying for what he pulled on NXT a few nights ago.

Okada got to his feet and shrugged off the hit as they then locked up once more only this time Jack went for an uppercut but was blocked and he got in a brain chop and followed up going off the ropes and nailing a jumping clothesline taking him down then following it up with a side suplex as Okada went up to the top rope and was measuring Jack who was slowly getting to his feet as he turned around he was met with a diving clothesline off the top rope 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! He quickly got up and waited for Jack to get to his feet as he did he was met with a big boot then brought up once more and tied his arms into a straight jacket position and got in a neckbreaker 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

Jack not going down so easily had annoyed Okada as he then slapped Jack across the back of his head a few times showing ablsolute disrespect to him and brought him back up to his feet holding him by his jaw then just threw him to the outside but Jack held on to the ropes but Okada quickly went off the corner ropes and got a triangle dropkick sending Jack crashing to the outside as Okada knew he was in control he stalked him towards the corner post he waited for him to get up as he did he ran full force towards him but Jack sidestepped him and sent him head fists into the steel post which dazed him Jack seeing his opening he took a running start and ran towards the corner and dove through the ropes HE NAILS A CORNER DDT!

Showing once again why Okada had underestimated Jack as he got up quickly and tried to get Okada back into the ring before the ten count as he did and quickly went up to the top rope he began to measure him as he turned he got an uppercut in as he quickly went off the ropes and nailed another uppercut flooring him but once again going off the ropes A SHOOTING STAR PRESS! 1-2-NO! HE KICKS OUT! Not letting up the attack he brought Okada up and hit a couple of uppercuts and followed up by throwing him against the ropes and catching him into a powerslam 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT AGAIN! Jack again not letting him get one moment to recover he quickly went to the ropes and sprang off them for A LIONSA-NO OKADA GOT OUT OF THE WAY! Jack however was able to land on his feet but was met with a big boot with Okada quickly taking Jack up on his shoulders and drops him with a firemans carry into a brainbuster 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

Bringing him back up to his feet Okada got in a back elbow uppercut and threw him against the ropes looking for a clothesline but Jack ducked coming off for one of his own as Okada ducked he looked for the roundhouse kick but Jack ducked it and A SUPERKICK! The kick sent Okada into the ropes as he came off he was caught with a ripcord knee bringing him to his knees as Jack went off the ropes behind him hitting a V-Trigger knee to the back of the head as one more time he came off the ropes A SHINING WIZARD! 1-2-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Jack not letting up as he went off the ropes A LIONSA-NO HE MISSED! Okada got out of the way and Jack ate the mat as Okada got to his feet and quickly got Jack in and dropped him with an STO and followed it up going off the ropes and A SHINING WIZARD! 1-2-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP!

He quickly grabbed the arm of Jack and was looking to put him away as he dragged him up to his feet he brought him around and A RAINMAKER! 1-2-TH-NO HE KICKS OUT?! Okada could not believe Jack kicked out of his finisher as he brought Jack up to his feet and began to hit him with clubbing blows across his back and threw him into the corner as Okada went to the corner opposite and was taking his time as he ran full force looking to hit the back elbow as he went for it Jack got out of the way and Okada ate turnbuckle as it dazed him for just a moment A KILLSHOT FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! The punp kick connected as Okada fell to the floor Jack capitalised and went up the top rope and FINAL MOMENT! 1-2-TH-NO HE KICKS OUT!?

Jack was now in disbelief as Okada had kicked out from his finisher and quickly had to follow up as he went off the ropes but was quickly caught by Okada who somehow was up and had arms wrapped around his waist and just dropped him with a huge german suplex as once again like that he took control. Okada now realising he needed to take this up a notch as he saw Jack getting up and he got in a modified triangle hold which he calls RED INK! Looking to get in a submission win as he had his left arm and was trying to choke him out as Jack tried to get to the ropes but the hold was beginning to drain the air out of his lungs as the referee checked on him he began to check his right arm and began counting as he raised it...1...he raised it again...2...one more time...THR-NO! HE RAISED HIS ARM! Jack managed to get to his knees then got to one footand was able to then hook both hands and linked his arms and with all he had lifted Okada up who still had the hold on Jack then just dropped him hard but he refused to let go as Jack once again slowly got up and dropped him a second time but once more he clung on as Jack tried one more time he dropped him and that got him to release the hold.

Both men were down as Jack was gasping for air and Okada trying to shake off the three drops to the back of his head he took, they both began to slowly get back up to their feet as Okada went for a big boot again Jack ducked it and and caught him with a ripcord knee to the face as it rocked Okada as Jack went off the ropes but Okada ducked him and came off the ropes ONE IN THE CHAMBER OUT OF NOWHERE! 1-2-THR-NO OKADA GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Another close fall as Jack could not believe the one move that help get him this far was not enough he went to the corner and was measuring him for a second one as Okada slowly got up and had no idea what was waiting for him as Jack went for it ONE IN THE C-NO HE COUNTERED INTO A DROPKICK! Okada saw it coming and right in the face with the dropkick as it sent Jack to the outside but Okada didn't wait and from the ring A TOPE CON GIRO! He crashed into Jack from the ring to the outside and quickly got up and threw him back in, then followed him in and grabbed the arm A RAINMAKER! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP!

Okada was in disbelief he really thought he had it that time, he banged the mat and went up to the top rope looking to hit an elbow as he got it 1-2-THR-NO HE KICKS OUT! Okada was beginning to get a bit frustrated and knew he needed to go big as he took Jack up to his shoulders and had him hooked in and A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Okada could not believe it again as he took him up again looking for a second Tombstone but Jack got free and YOUR A FANNY! Jack managed to get it in as he quickly went off the ropes for A LIONSAULT! 1-2-THR-NO HE KICKS OUT! Jack brought him up and hit some uppercuts as he had him up on his shoulders and USHIGOROSHI! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP!

Jack got Okada up again as he was looking for a second Ushigoroshi but he quickly got free and hooked his arms around his neck for the straight jacket neckbreaker he brought him up and went for a Rainmaker but Jack ducked it as he looked for a knee but Okada sidestepped it they came at one another A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TAKES THEM BOTH DOWN! They were both laid out as then at the same time they got to up to their knees and Okada just chopped the chest of Jack who in return chopped his chest as then they began to exchange chops one after the other as it then went from an exhcnage to rapid fire chops as they were going at many miles an hour with vicious chops as they slowed down they both hit a chop at the same time which floored them both.

"FIGHT FOREVER!...FIGHT FOREVER!...FIGHT FOREVER!...FIGHT FOREVER!" the crowd chanted as both men were still down and their chests were a shade red from the hits.

Jack and Okada were trying to get to their feet as they held their now red chests and looked one another dead in the eye as then in the crowd the participants from the tournament began to get a better view of this as it seems they were as captivated as the fans were.

They were both back up to their feet as Jack was up against the corner with Okada coming at him he got out of the way and Okada ate a cradle kick as he was dazed and Jack went up the top rope and got in a huge uppercut, 1-2-THR-NO HE KICKS OUT! Jack brought him up but Okada came back with a roundhouse kick dazing Jack who turned around into A WIND-UP RAINMAKER! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP?! The entire place was in shock as was the guys at ringside as Jack had somehow kicked out of not one ,not two but three Rainmakers in total as Okada was arguing with the referee not beleiving that was it.

Jack was already getting up as Okada brought him up by his arm and had him hooked in as he turned him inside and A RAINMA-NO HE COUNTERED WITH A RIPCORD KNEE! Okada was dazed as Jack went off the ropes but Okada ducked as Jack came off them again Okada looking for a big boot but Jack ducked and came off the ropes ONE IN THE CHAMBER! 1-2-THR-NO HE KICKS OUT BEFORE THREE! Jack could not believe it he got Okada up and then onto his shoulders but he reversed it and had Jack hooked in as he spun around for A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!

Okada did not cover as he knew this match was in his hands as he decided to pose for the crowd before ending it but behind him Jack kicked up to his feet and was waiting for Okada who turned to see a very intense look on Jack's face.

"I told you what would happen if I got back up." Jack said to him.

Not wasting time Okada went for a Raimaker but Jack ducked it and A SUPERKICK! He staggered back and ANOTHER SUPERKICK! He fell to the corner and Jack came at him with A KILLSHOT! Not letting up he managed to get him to the top turnbuckle as he met him there and from there A CUTTER! However he then went up to the top again and from there FINAL MOMENT ACROSS THE BACK! He came down on the back as he then showed why by locking in a move he had not used in years known as The Rings of Saturn which he calls SILVER LININGS! He wrenched back on both arms with all his bodyweight as Okada screamed out in pain trying to find a way out of this but Jack would not let go and was pulling with all he had...HE TAPS OUT! IT WAS OVER!

The entire of Wembley stadium errupted as Jack got up and realised what just happened and could not believe he had done it as Okada was also trying to let sink in that he had just lost but then Jack knelt down to him and offered his hand as Okada looked to it then to Jack and then accepted it and brought him up to his feet as both men shook hands and the crowd gave them a standing ovation as the announcement was made.

"Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner of the Bruno Sammatino Classic...Jack Silver!" as he was announced the winner and both men received their medals for competing in it as the trophy was presented to Jack that was a Platinum trophy with pictures of Bruno all over it and had a Platinum wrestling ring on the top of it and at the bottom his name plate was screwed in, etching his place in history.

Everyone fron the tournament came into the ring to congratulate both men on an incredible match with Jack and Okada again shaking hands and hugging as this journey for Jack had only begun.


"So your'e heading back to ICW?" Jack asked.

"Mark needs me back to do some matches then maybe a shot at the belt who knows?" Lionheart said.

"Well I don't know what to say except thanks for all you've done for me." Jack said thanking his mentor.

"Jack, this was all you I just helped you get there just remember don't fuck this up." Lionheart said leaving him to his win.

With this under his belt he now sets his sight on one thing and that is his in ring debut on NXT as he will be colliding with the NXT Champion himself Adam Cole.

He did it! But now it's on to NXT against his first opponent Adam Cole. Will he be able to defeat theNXT Champion and Leader of The Undisputed Era?

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