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Chapter 8: An undisputed understanding


The fallout of NXT last week was replayed as the match between Jack Silver and Kyle O' Reilly was interrupted by the duo of Dolph Ziggler and King Corbin who both attacked Jack and the entire Undisputed Era trying to make a statement for Survivor Series.

"NXT is live at Full Sail where here ton-"

"Well, Well, Well!" it was both King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler who decided to interrupt the opening of NXT as they made their way out through the crowd.

"Never thought I'd be back here I mean when I was here this place was something but now it's just gone downhill." Corbin insulted his old stomping grounds.

"Seriously you guys think you're the "Third Brand"? man I don't know if that's delusional or just plain sad." Ziggler insulted NXT's legitimacy.

"As far as we're concearned this brand warfare thing should between the best that is Raw and SmackDown not Raw vs SmackDown vs The Jobber Brand." Corbin insulted NXT again.

The place erupted into boos.

"But don't worry once the NXT title is brought over to an actual brand then it'll have some value." Ziggler said.

"And let's not forget only one of us can get that title so let's make an agreement here, we make sure Jack Silver does not walk out of Survivor Series NXT Champion." Corbin said extending his hand out.

"I agree." Ziggler said accepting the deal and shaking his hand. "And who says Raw and SmackDown can't ger along?" he said as now the odds are even more stacked for Survivor Series.

Bow down hit and there stood the NXT Champion who after last week had something to say.

"So after an ambush on our land you two think you can just walk in here and do what you please?" Jack asked.

"Well boys I got to give it to you that you had the stones to come here and get your revenge but now your back again and let me guess you both want another crack at me?" Jack asked.

"Jacky boy beating you up is fun and we'll get to do more of that at Survivor Series but since you're offering come get it." Corbin dared him as Jack walked down but then stopped a few feet from the ring.

"Oh are you scared now?" Dolph taunted him as Jack smirked.

"Just realised I wasn't the only person you attacked last week."


Shock the system hit and that brought out the entire Undisputed Era who after last week wanted payback against the two invaders as they went past Jack and surrounded the ring with both Ziggler and Corbin getting ready for a fight andit broke down into one as they tried to fight them off but the numbers of the Undisputed Era were too much and they quickly retreated through the crowd.

"Where are you both going?!" Jack asked. "Thought you two were here to make NXT relevant?" he said as they began to leave.

"So that's it? Your gonna cut and run after your big, bad, bold statement well why don't you back it up like men later on tonight aganst two of us here and it don't matter who you both face because this is about payback and payback tonight will be undisputed!" Cole said making the challenge.


As Jack was backstage he was informed he would be on commentary for the match but was then confronted.

"I'll remind you again that once this is over, it's back to business and you better not lose that title to those idiots otherwise you shouldn't show your face here again, however I'll say this...good luck champ." Cole said reminding him of the stakes and what will be awaiting him after this.

"Don't worry about that I'll still be champion and when this is over we are going to settle this once and for all." Jack said as Cole walked off.

But that wasn't the end of it as he was then confronted by another former champion in Tommaso Ciampa. "Even though your representing NXT at Survivor Series and I hate to agree with that idiot but he's right you better not lose to those guys otherwise I'm gonna have to get Goldie back myself but if you do somehow pull it off then..." He looked to the title. "Goldie daddy is coming back for you real soon." he said as he left.

Jack now has two problems to deal with after Survivor Series.


The match had already began as Ziggler and Corbin took on the NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O' Reilly and Bobby Fish with Roderick Strong at ringside.

"We're back live on NXT and joining us is the NXT Champion Jack Silver." Mauro said introducing Jack.

"Thanks for having me here." Jack said shaking his hand.

"Jack it's always a pleasure." Nigel said as both men shook hands.

"Same to you sir." Jack said.

"Good to have you with us Jack." Beth said as they shook hands.

"Likewise Ms. Phoenix." Jack greeted.

"Jack can we get your thoughts on how you're going to deal with not one but two challengers for your NXT title?" Mauro asked the question.

"The only thing I can do, go into Survivor Series champion and walk out still NXT Champion." Jack gave a blunt statement.

"But here's the thing Jack these men your facing are not ordinary challengers, these men are veterans of WWE, won numerous titles and have been in the main event many times and the fact they made it clear earlier that they will make sure you don't walk out champion by working together." Nigel said referring to the statement they made at the opening of the show.

"Nigel you know me well enough that I'm not a stranger to the odds and this is another against all odds situation and quite frankly if they want to do that then I say bring it on." Jack again stated showing he wasn't doubting himself.

"Well right now they are working well as a team here you might have to re-think your strategy." Beth said as both Corbin and Ziggler were working in tandem.

"Believe me I'm already working on one now." Jack said as he continued to watch the match.

The match continued with Undisputed Era getting the better of the two invaders as they were then looking to end this...

"They're about to got for the finish and g-Who the hell?!" the commentary was interrupted as some Raw and SmackDown superstars showed up to return the favour for NXT's invasion two weeks ago.

As then Jack got off of his chair and went right to the ring and at the same time Adam Cole did the same as they both provided back up to the Undisputed Era as they were beginning to get overwhelmed then out came the rest of the NXT roster who sent the two brands packing as then both Jack and Cole gave the other a glare, even though they worked together here this will go out the window after Survivor Series.



Dolph Ziggler had just picked up a victory and made a statement days before Survivor Series as he got up close to a camera.

"Gonna be a whole lot of showing off on Raw and NXT and Jacky's over for you." Ziggler said as he went back to celebrating his win he turned around...ONE IN THE CHAMBER FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!?

Jack had invaded Raw only to strike Ziggler in retaliation as Ziggler retreated out of the ring with Jack daring him to come at him but out came Raw superstars to chase him away as he escaped through the crowd and the place had only one thing to say...

"NXT...NXT...NXT...NXT...NXT!" the chants went on as Jack got some payback.


After his surprising attack on Raw to Dolph Ziggler, Jack was on his way to the ring but was attacked by The OC who have invaded NXT as Jack tried to fight back but the numbers were too much as he was beaten down by the three members.

"Get him up!" AJ Styles ordered as Gallows and Anderson brought him up.

"You come to our show and do a hit and run well guess what payback's a bitch let's do this in front of a crowd." Styles said as they dragged Jack all the way out to the ring.

"Now look what we have here!" Styles said as Jack was dragged into the ring by Gallows and Anderson as AJ joined them in the ring. "I believe we've not been introduced I am the Phenomenal A...J...Styles! And these guys are my buddies Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson The Good Brothers! And we are The OC!" he introduced them to Jack who was still a bit dazed.

"Let me guess you're the guy that got lucky and somehow became the champion of this...this...not sure what to call this place but let's just call it the...Jobber Show." Styles insulted NXT.

"Don't get me wrong some average talent here but you guys seriously think that you're a threat to us?! It's as laughable as your title reign because again you got lucky so-"

He was interrupted as Jack broke free and began taking the fight to both Gallows and Anderson then quickly getting out of the ring as he grabbed a chair and went back in as he started to swing it but The OC retreated as Jack was daring them to get in there with him but they refused as they tried to leave.

"Where're you going gentlemen?! I thought you wanted a piece of me?!" Jack asked as they continued to to try and leave. "Or is the big, bad OC afraid of the Jobber Champion?" he said daring them to get him. "Then again AJ maybe we should start calling you The Weenominal One." Jack threw an insult at the leader of The OC who was furious and just darted down to the ring as he and Jack just threw fists but out came officials as NXT went to commercial.

NXT was back from commercial and it was Jack Silver vs AJ Styles as the rest of The OC were ejected from ringside.

AJ was taking to Jack in the corner after he suckered him into the ring post shoulder first during the break, as AJ capitalised on this and went to work on him stomping on his shoulder in the corner as he was forced by the referee to stop the attack as he checked on him but Jack said he could continue and the referee allowed the match to go on.

But quickly as he could AJ went right after the shoulder and grabbed Jack by the arm which was his bad shoulder and began to wrench on it as much as he could as he then threw him to the ground and began trash talking him and was shoving him down each time he tried to get up then brought him up again and took him up onto his shoulders looking for the Ushigoroshi but Jack got loose and quickly got a knee to the face stunning AJ as Jack and came off the ropes looking for a clothesline but AJ got out of the ring and quickly avoided it as Jack just went off the ropes and A SUICIDE DIVE! He took AJ out with that and just threw him back into the ring Jack came at him but he got out of the way and countered with a pele kick to the head as AJ capitalised and came off the ropes and got in a huge knee drop to the face 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

AJ brought him up as he then had him set up for the Styles Clash but Jack countered with a back drop throwing AJ off him as Jack began to clothesline AJ each time ge got up and then took him right to the outside and Jack knew he had to take a chance and dropped to the outside and ran around the ring gaining momentum and came through the corner rope for A TORNADO DDT! He dropped AJ quickly on the outside as Jack sprang up..."IT'S JACK O' CLOCK M-" he stopped himself as he looked to the camera. "Almost got me there." as he threw AJ back into the ring.

Jack was in the corner looking to end this with One in the Chamber as he measured AJ his foot was grabbed by Luke Gallows as then in came Karl Anderson and both men began to beat Jack down and the match was thrown out with AJ now joining in but it was interrupted by the NXT locker room coming out to chase them away as Jack got up and looked to The OC saying they proved nothing with this attack.



So far Raw had tried to attack SmackDown but were unsuccessful but NXT capitalised on it as the women's divison managed to get one over them with Rhea Ripley beating Charlotte thanks to interference from Team NXT.

However one man was not going to take this attack lying down as out came the King of SmackDown himself King Corbin.

"Seriously! How the hell has SmackDown allowed itself to get overrun by these jobbers?! This is why exactly I'm challenging for the NXT Championship to restore some order and decorum to a mediocre brand that is in dire need of a ruler." Corbin said. "And Jack you better not try and pull what you pulled on Raw with Ziggler because I'm not only ready for you but I'll make sure it'll be your end of days tonight." he warned him if he attempted what he did on Monday.

But as he turned around...YOU'RE A FANNY! Jack came out of nowhere and dropped Corbin and quickly went up the top rope and from there FINAL MOMENT! Taking Corbin down in one swoop he quickly evacuated the ring and escaped through the crowd as SmackDown stars stormed the ring to help their King.

However Jack came down afterwards during the mass brawl between all three brands as he went after both Corbin and Ziggler as all three fought which resulted in Jack throwing both men out of the ring as he just came at them with a suicide dive as the brawl intensified the final moments was that the battle lines had been drawn for Survivor Series.

Now that it is all set in motion will we see Jack succeed in retaining his title? What will happen between now and Survivor Series?

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