Dragon and Sword Master: This is the first time I'm doing something like this, so I apologize in advance if it isn't good or up to my usual standard of writing. However, with National Novel Writer's Month (NaNoWriMo or NaNo for short) around the corner, I felt it best to get the wheels of fate turning with one of the better ships in the RWBY Fandom…

Furthermore: I have taken inspiration for this story from "Boundless" by the wonderful and dearly talented Mikotyzini, and I hope she is okay with what I've come up with…

Day 1: (Oct 19th) Pirates
Day 2: (Oct 20th) Supermarket
Day 3: (Oct 21st) idiosyncrasies
Day 4: (Oct 22nd) Music
Day 5: (Oct 23rd) Retro
Day 6: (Oct 24th) Secrets
Day 7: (Oct 25th) Halloween Birthday
Day 8: (Oct 26th) Free Day

Time Goes By

A cat faunus stood in front of the bar and closed her amber eyes for just a second before puffing a small amount of air upwards, a small amount of her raven locks moving by the action before returning to its normal position. Through her network, she had been able to pinpoint not only the City-State of Vale where she was currently at but in the small town of Ashborough. Wearing a set of blue jeans, a purple top along with a white belt and white boots, Blake Belladonna, was gathering her courage to talk to her soulmate once again.

'How many times has it been like this again I wonder…' she thought as she started heading towards the planks that made up the Red Bark Bar. 'That's new though. I don't recall any of the previous lives of Ruby owning a bar. I wonder what happened to her in this timeline… were the last thoughts that entered her mind before heading through the old-fashioned cowboy doors, to add to the cliché of it being a western bar.

Now one might be asking what Blake meant by her previous line of thought. Well…for as long as she could recall, Blake Belladonna had led previous lives. While she had always believed in Reincarnation, it wasn't until she was ten years of age that she first got a glimpse of that, when a belladonna flower mysterious found itself perched on the windowsill of her house, just in easy reach from her window seat. Once picking it up, she was assaulted with several memories, several lives of herself…with another girl. It was even funny when she noticed that the first time this happened that she was confused by that…especially when she was just starting to work up the courage to ask the head jock, Sun Wukong, out on a date.

She also had to sigh in relief at that one; the pictures they had on the girl…those bruises on her face. Shaking her head to get her thoughts out of memory lane, she headed towards the bar. It had taken her nine long years to finally find this place, but it was nine years that she used to the best of her abilities to learn her father's business: both legal and illegal portions of it. Sitting down at one of the stools, she waited for the bartender to come to her.

"Well heya stranger, you're a new face," the blonde commented as she put the dish rag she was carrying down. Wearing an outfit that was better suited for a butler rather than the boisterous woman in front of her, Blake had to suppress a laugh, knowing that this was the older sister of the person she was looking for and angering her wouldn't lead her to any good places; some of her previous reincarnations had to learn that the hard way. "What can I get'cha?"

Blake didn't respond right away as she weighed her options. She could be cautious and make small talk with her before leading that conversation to family and then asking about siblings before asking to meet with Ruby. Or…she could be direct about it and maybe piss Yang off. Seeing as fortune often favored the bold… "I want to talk to the boss here. I believe her name is Ruby Rose?" she made it seem like a question but in all honesty, it wasn't. The company's spies had done a great job finding this place that was owned, and ran, by one Ruby Rose.


"Because as a businesswoman, I have something to discuss with her about this establishment and what my business can do for this place," Blake answered before reaching into her pant's pocket and pulling out a business card, causing the blonde to gasp lightly in surprise before taking it as she saw the white wolf head encompassed by a white circle on a black background.

"You work for the White Fang Security Company?!" the blonde exclaimed before looking down at the card then back to the girl who just walked in and took a seat.

"Not only work do I work for it, but I'll eventually own it once my father steps down. The name is Blake Belladonna. Ghira Belladonna is the president," she replied before standing up and holding her hand out for a handshake. "Nice to meet you, Miss Yang Xiao Long."

Yang stood there dumbfounded for a little bit before shaking her head and taking the offered hand. "I see you've done your homework then…" she replied. "and to answer your previous question, she's in and yes, she is the boss of this place. But you probably already knew that. If you tell me what you want to drink, I'll bring it up to you, especially since its usually the time I bring her afternoon snack up so that she doesn't slack off," she replied before turning her back and taking out a small bottle of milk.

Seeing that, Blake really did have to suppress a laugh at the scene. 'The more things change, the more they stay the same I see…glad to know that Ruby still likes her cookies and milk as a snack' she thought, though was unable to hide the smile on her face. "I'll take a Green Tea, if you have it, that is" she replied. Seeing Yang nod in reply, Blake sat back down, waiting for a sign to follow and a few minutes later, was given a light nod. Following Yang up the stairs, Blake noticed Yang stopping at a door before knocking.

"Come in!" an upbeat voice said from behind the door. Blake instantly felt her cheeks rise in temperature before training herself to be as stoic as possible. It wouldn't be good to scare her off before she could explain things after all...and even then, she wasn't sure what Ruby would think. Some scenarios showed her believing her instantly. Other times…not so much. It was actually a little scary all things considered and the reason why Blake was so nervous. Seeing Yang opening the door, Blake moved backwards just a bit before following her inside. "Who's this?" Ruby asked, curious.

"This is Blake Belladonna, the daughter of the president of the White Fang Security Company. She wants to talk to you about a few things. But since I don't have anyone running the bar, I'm going to head back down there and hope its still in one piece," Yang commented before heading back down the stairs.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Ruby asked as Yang left; the cookies and milk on the desk in front of her.

"I did. I noticed that your bar didn't have any security around the bar, and I was wondering if you would be okay with them adding some to your establishment.

"Why would you want to do that?" Ruby asked curious. Little did she know that question had a lot behind it.

"Well…to answer that question, I need to ask you one first. Do you believe in reincarnation?" She asked as Ruby looked at her strangely for a few more seconds before slowly nodding. Seeing Ruby do so, Blake let out a little smile.

"Well you see…"