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"A date?" Ruby asked while tilting her head to the side, causing Blake to blush at how cute she was looking and caused the ravenette youth to nod. "Y-yeah…if you're okay with it? I know it's been a few weeks…

"I'd love to go on one!" Ruby exclaimed before quickly heading over to the girl and giving her a hug and quick kiss on the cheek, leaving Blake a blushing mess before heading upstairs into her personal quarters.

"You know, with the million memories stored up in that head of yours Belladonna, I thought you'd be used to that by now," Weiss teased as she hooked some of her stuff up.

"Weiss…" Yang warned before seeing Blake smirk lightly. Shaking her head lightly at that, she could only watch as the fireworks unfold.

"Well excuse me, Princess. I thought that submitting to a dragon would take the stick out. Guess I was wrong," Blake commented nonchalantly, causing both Yang and Weiss to sputter lightly at that, Weiss moreso than Yang.

"I b-beg your pardon?!" Weiss tried asking with a glare on her face, but the stutter and everything that she was doing right now caused her to be anything BUT intimidating.

"You heard me."

"Y-you…" Weiss started to say before throwing her hands up in the air and going back to work, grumbling and muttering every so often about what Blake had just said. She didn't even notice how amused Yang and Blake were by her aimless ranting as she continued setting up and testing everything, sending a glare towards the two every so often.

Suddenly hearing a loud bang coming from behind, both Yang and Blake turned towards the white-haired girl. "Weiss…you okay?" the bartender asked, concern laced in her tone as she looked at the girl. Seeing a few wires around her body and a light groan coming from her, Weiss felt just a tad lightheaded after tripping on the wires due to her anger. Blake felt a little bad for causing this and wanted to help…but was shooed away by Yang. The blonde had a feeling her trying to help would only be met with more criticism than gratitude right now.

"What do you think? I just had things fall on my head!" Weiss commented as she growled out, hissing softly in pain. She glared at Blake that was sitting on the stool though she could still see that the girl had an apologetic look on her face. Seeing Ruby rushing in, a small blush of embarrassment started forming on Weiss's cheeks as well.

"Weiss, are you okay? What happened?!" the brunette asked.

"Ask you girlfriend Ruby, she started this whole mess…" Weiss muttered darkly as Yang slowly helped her get up from the tangled of wires. As Yang was checking her over to make sure there weren't any more wires looped around her limbs and body, Ruby looked at Blake with curiosity bubbling in her eyes. Apparently, she was confused about all of this…

"Um…Blake?" she asked, hoping that the newest girl in town would be able to explain the situation to her. Seeing the red tint that crossed against her cheeks, she had a feeling that it wasn't anything all that good. However, even if it wasn't, Ruby needed to know, and she wasn't going to take no for an answer. Not when her friend and employee was concerned.

"Well…Weiss made a comment about how I ousted your sister and hers secret dating thing, and I replied with a comment…that was maybe a little on the lewd side, all things considered. I wasn't thinking about it at the time, and Weiss paid the price for my stupidity. I'm sorry Weiss, Ruby," Blake said honestly. She did, indeed, feel bad for the singer but that's what happened when you made a snide comment to the girl with millions of memories of past lives stuck in their head…

"Well…if you're honestly and truthfully sorry, then I can't be mad at you. And it seems like Weiss is alright, all things considered…just try to not let it happen again, alright?" Ruby asked as Blake nodded. As soon as she nodded, Ruby smiled at that. After that, she was deep in thought about a few things. "Um…Blake?" she finally asked after a few minutes of silence. This worried Blake, especially since a silent Ruby was usually a sign of bad things being on the horizon.

"Yeah Gemstone?" Blake asked, going back to one of her former nicknames for the girl of her dreams.

"When you came here…you said that you were one day going to take over the White Fang Security Company. Does that mean…you have to go back to headquarters in _? Or can you stay here with us?" she asked, not ready to yet say 'with her' just yet. She was too afraid to think of such a dangerous set of words…

"I honestly don't know just yet Ruby…I'd have to talk to my dad. He'd probably know more so than me. But if I can stay here with everyone, I'll definitely do it. Though there will probably be some type of paperwork I'll have to figure out and sign though."

"Which could take…?"

"Days or weeks most likely. Month or two at the most," Blake replied and could already see the look of sadness that came between her and her girlfriend. "It could be worse you know…we had to stay apart for years at a time while you were a pilot. There was one time when I heard there was a plane down and you were missing for five years…"

"Um…that's one story I'd rather not hear about," Ruby commented meekly. "And um…I have a question," Ruby asked, not sure if Blake would be okay with what she was about to ask or not. Seeing the amber eyes look at her with curiosity shining in them, Ruby continued, "I was thinking about branching out and start having foods and what not here, turn it into a restaurant. I know Yang can cook, but if I ask for her to cook, that means no one will be able to stay at the bar…"

"Ruby…are you asking me to work here?" Blake asked bluntly, waiting for the silver eyed youth to come out and ask what she was trying to say. When flustered, Ruby would usually comment and ramble on about the craziest of things. It was one reason why she loved her, but at some times it could get so infuriating all the same.

"Yes…um…but only if you want to and can't come here and stay at the White Fang," Ruby replied. She knew that becoming the president of the company probably meant a lot to the girl…but she didn't know how much it meant.

"If that happens…I'll glad to be your chef. You may not know this about me, but I'm a four star chef last I checked. I had to be since you can't cook without setting the kitchen on fire," she said, bursting into laughter after the face Ruby made.

"Not true!"

"Rubes, you once burned water and thought the timer was an exploding alarm clock, jumping back five feet when it went off," Yang replied from behind the couple.

"Oh? Tell me more Yang," Blake commented as Ruby just glared at her sister.

"Sis…no wages for a week if you tell her," Ruby quickly commented, causing Yang's eyes to widen lightly. "And if I can't do that, I can make it so you're so busy that you and Weiss have no time together"

"That isn't fair Ruby!" Yang commented while glaring back at her boss/younger sister.

"Neither is life" Ruby commented as Blake just shook her head at that, knowing she couldn't get any embarrassing stories out of Yang. Not now at least, and not while Ruby was around. However, the young woman made a point. Would she be able to keep her job and still be the heiress of the company…or would she have to give it up?

Only time would tell it seems…

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