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And now for chapter 2...

The next morning comes before Boruto knows it, and the day gets off to a busy start. It's unusual Naruto is still at home, but he's involved in a frantic hunt, looking around for a lost scroll. Hinata offers her help, but he insists it's better the family head out rather than look, so she rounds up the kids and heads off to the marketplace right after breakfast. Coincidentally, they happen to run into Boruto's friends again, and before Hinata can say, 'no,' arrangements are made for another playdate at the park. Luckily not much is on the schedule for the day, so after depositing their groceries at home and making a quick lunch, Hinata plops down on a bench and enjoys her time in the shade watching the kids play endlessly on the slides, swings, and the monkey bars while listening to the latest happenings at the Flower Shop from Ino.

Himawari remains content at the park in the shade, playing in sandbox, but Boruto, Inojin and Shikadai eventually move their game of tag out into the sun, and soon find themselves sweaty and exhausted after lunch, so Hinata invites the boys and their moms over for some lemonade.

The cold drinks refresh, and with renewed energy, the three friends head out to make portable shelters by hanging tarps on twine outside in the backyard, while the moms chat indoors. Then, just before sunset, the boys practice aiming small darts at a dartboard while Himawari crawls around exploring the toy room where her favorite doll and light up toy are set out for her. A surprise pop over visit from Sakura, and one from Karui has Hinata inviting more friends into their home and the kids all get together for big fun in the back toy room while Himawari crawls around the kitchen and the ladies chat. Hinata diligently works while she talks but it doesn't help that she's distracted at times and gets a little behind schedule. All at once the hungry bunch of kids rush toward the kitchen for a snack, but Hinata isn't quite finished making dinner, so they're told they have to wait.

"I'm starving," Boruto whines even though he knows his mother is working as fast as she can. Everyone groans in agreement, but they're shooed back into the toy room by their moms before any more complaints are registered. Just then, Boruto remembers his hidden stash of sweets.

"Hold up a minute guys and wait here," he announces to his friends, then disappears to retrieve his bag. With pride, he brings out the goods and dumps them on the floor, lining the candies up by favorites.

"Wow, look at that stash!" Inojin says nearly licking his lips.

"How many can we have?" Cho Cho inquires, as her eyes grow big.

"I'm willing to share one with each of you," Boruto clarifies. "Which one do you want?" he asks each of his friends.

"Are we allowed to have candy so close to dinnertime?" Sarada asks, unsure.

"Sure," Boruto says. "Right Mom?!" he yells from the other room.

"What's that, Boruto?" Hinata questions.

"Can we each have a candy from my bag while we're waiting. We're starving!" Boruto complains.

"I'll agree only if the other moms do," Hinata says, "but wash up first!"

"Can we?" Boruto nearly begs, running into the kitchen and flashing his best puppy dog eyes at the moms. A nod from each has him jumping for joy.

"They said yes!" he proudly announces, running back to his friends.

The kids line up to wash their hands then all head back to the toy room where the candies are lain out. Boruto is laughing and happy, that is until he catches his little sister sitting near his candy collection and pushing her fingers into one of his prized wrapped chocolates.

"Mom!" he complains, "Come quick! Himawari's getting into my stuff. Make her stop!" he demands.

"Sorry about that," Sakura apologizes coming out from the kitchen and scooping Himawari into her arms. "I was supposed to watch her while your mom was finishing up her cooking, but I got distracted for a second and she got away." Her attention then shifts to some of the shiny wrappers on the floor. "Oh wow, Boruto, is this your candy from Halloween?" she asks, picking up a few of her favorites for a closer look.

"Yep," he replies proudly.

"Wow, that's some stash," she congratulates him. "You definitely got some good ones."

"Thanks," he says with a smile.

Himawari then starts to cry and Sakura stands and lightly bounces her on her hip, releasing the candy.

"Oh dear little one, are you hungry?" she asks. "Come now, let's go see what Mommy has for you in the kitchen."

Once in sight, Hinata extracts Himawari from Sakura's arms, distracting her with promises of a yummy meal to ease her tears. She quickly puts on her bib, washes up her hands, and seats her in her high chair, placing a few finger foods for her to snack on. Himawari instantly perks upon seeing the edible delights.

"Yum, Yum," Hinata says, enticing her to eat. "These are for you."

Himawari squeals with happiness as she claps her hands and begins to feed herself.

The timer then goes off and Hinata goes back to check the oven and soon the delicious aroma of yakitori fills the air.

"Dinner's ready," Hinata announces, lifting out the pans. "How about everyone stay and eat with us instead of just having a snack?"

"Can we?" the kids all ask.

"There's plenty," Hinata informs them and there's no way to decline the delicious invitation so the moms and kids all get to stay.

Conversations are plentiful and with full bellies, all is well again. The kids agree to play with Himawari while Hinata, Temari, and Ino clean up the kitchen. In the meantime, Karui steps out to pick up toys in the backyard while Sakura cleans up the toy room, and once everyone is done helping, the girls eventually leave with their mothers.

With just the three boys left, Boruto pleads for a little more time together, so Hinata invites Temari and Ino to stay for tea. Sharing 'mom stories' continues until Inojin interrupts.

"Uzumaki-san, I'm so sorry. It looks like I accidentally left out some brown paint and Himawari got her hands and face smeared with it."

"It's okay, Hinata tells him." "Boruto's paints are non toxic and washable."

"Boruto," she calls. "Would you mind going over to help clean Himawari up?"

"I'm busy, Mom" he yells back.

"It's okay Uzumaki-san, it's my fault. I'll do it." Inojin says.

"Thanks," she says gratefully. "There are wipes on the side table. You can use those."

He scampers off to assist, and she, Temari, and Ino continue to visit.

Later, when things get a little quiet, Hinata heads over to the toy room and catches Inojin playing with a cleaned up Himawari while Shikadai and Boruto play with his toy cars. Happily seeing no one is up to mischief, she heads back to relax again with her girlfriends.

Then, just before Temari and Ino ready themselves to leave, she hears little Inojin excitedly call them over. "Mom. Uzumaki-san. Auntie Temari. Watch this!" They all run over to see what the commotion is all about (the boys included) and all eyes shift to him.

Inojin is crouched next to Himawari and the littlest Uzumaki has carefully brought herself to stand with the help of a table and she stretches both of her tiny hands out to him. Cautiously, after balancing from a wobble, she is able to stand on her own.

"Wow, Himawari," Hinata says with a smile. "I didn't know you could do that!"

Himawari tests her pudgy legs, holding onto the table, letting go, then catching her balance again. After a few tries she wears a determined look on her face. Slowly she lets go again to balance herself and for the first time, she moves her foot while still holding onto the table. Inojin holds out her favorite doll to his chest and calls to her. Her eyes focus on him and Himawari releases her grip from the table and makes her move toward him.

"Your first step, Himawari!" Hinata claps. "Oh, my goodness you're growing up! What a big girl you are!"

Himawari proudly beams as the others clap and congratulate her. It seems she's becoming a big kid and it's a very exciting day.

Later that night, Naruto comes home and hears about Himawari's newest accomplishment. "Wow, that's exciting," he says ruffling her hair. "Congratulations on your big girl stunt today." Himawari giggles and claps her hands, clearly agreeing.

"Goodness Princess, it's been a big day for you so let's get you to bed and see what you can do tomorrow. Okay?" Hinata propositions.

Her daughter's eyes gleam with excitement and a hint of mischievousness, making both of her parents laugh.

While his parents are busy with his sister, Boruto busies himself with his candy count.

"39, 40, 41, 42. Wait a minute. He stops with a frown. Is that right? Then, Boruto's stomach plunges as he frantically counts again.

"39, 40, 41, 42." Noooooo! Only 42? How can that be?

"Mom," he cries out from the other room, "One candy is missing again. Today I shared four candies and ate only one. I should have 43, not 42."

"Shhhh." she says, entering in a rush. "Time to use your quiet voice Boruto. We just put Himawari to sleep. Come now, I'm sure you just forgot to account for one," she tells him, causing him to frown. "Mom..." he whines just a wee bit quieter. Then a thought comes to mind.

"Hey, did you or Dad happen to eat one?"

"No, I didn't touch your candy," she says, "and I doubt Dad did either."

He knows his Mom wouldn't lie or take one without asking, but his eyes narrow. What about his Dad? When he's in a rush, he's been known to take food from the refrigerator without asking, and he was home alone for a bit too. Hmmm, maybe he's the candy bandit, he thinks. Anger easily turns to blame, but before he can voice an accusation, his mom speaks up.

"Oh Boruto," Hinata says. "Don't worry, you still have plenty. Maybe one of your friends accidentally ate more than one," she suggests. Gears then begin to shift in a different direction. She has a point. Inojin was very vocal about complaining how hungry he was, and hey! Wasn't he the one in awe of his collection too? Also, wasn't Cho Cho the one who wondered how many candies she could have? Could she have taken an extra? Boruto hides the remainder his stash in his clothes drawer and hops in bed.

Inojin and Cho Cho he accuses mentally. I have some questions for you.

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Also for those who wanted to know, yakitori is a Japanese skewered meat (chicken or beef) that has a salty or sweet sauce.