Count Dooku walked silently through the snow, at last coming to a stop. He knew he was standing in a vulnerable position to any attackers, but he also knew that he was utterly alone. After a moment of stillness, he reached out with the Force and pulled a few snowflakes from the air, making them hover close to his face for further inspection.

How perfect they were. Intricate. Symmetrical. Balanced, a long-repressed voice within him whispered, making him momentarily close his eyes in pain.

He opened his eyes again and let the snowflakes fly away.

Snow was chaotic, too. He'd seen the bad storms, the blizzards, and the crushing cold over many years.

Evidently, the Sith saw use in it, for he had seen Darth Plagueis' catalogue of snowflakes in his master's private library. Dust-coated and neglected.

And yet snow was Light. It even made its own, in a way.

It was the middle of the night, and yet the endless blanket of white, and more falling from the sky made it seem like dawn was much nearer than it really was.

Dooku pulled another group of snowflakes to him. But he did it too quickly this time, and they fused together, making a blob.

Perhaps he was like these now malformed snowflakes. Besides his reputation for coldness.

No matter what he absorbed from the Dark texts, or how he followed Sidious' bidding, a flicker of Light stubbornly burned within him. It was the part of him that always hoped Obi-wan Kenobi wouldn't be killed or even seriously harmed. Or that Jocasta Nu and Qui-gon Jinn, wherever in the Force he rested, could forgive him.

He hoped that now. More fervently than he had felt anything in longer than he cared to remember.

Hoping to banish the feeling of sorrow, Dooku summoned some anger from the Dark Side and slapped the ball of snowflakes to the ground, where it blended in with the millions of others.

As he turned around and returned to his ship, the snowfall lessened, and by the time the count was on board, it had stopped.

Author's Note: This piece was inspired by image/104353602385. Clearly, it got darker in translation.