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Chapter 3: Peace, sort of

Ralph was in his booth, munching on the doughnuts his new coworkers managed to save him. Bugs had kept his word and Ralph had received several new coworkers, toons and humans alike. Luckily, they worked well together.

He didn't know what exactly happened with Klaus or the other guards. He was told not to worry about it and all that was said was that at least they were still breathing.

(Bugs also found the guards who were stuck listening to 'Its a Small World'. Let's just say: Yakko is now on probation). But despite the punishment the boy had put them through, they were too fired and convinced not to file a lawsuit.

Now it was the late evening, he could still hear the Warners laughing merrily in the water tower as Bugs entertained them. All-in-all, it was normal night...

...Until now.

" Hello"

Ralph nearly coughed out his doughnut when he saw Ophelia Alleycat standing right outside his booth with a blank expression on her face.

Ophelia was not smiling, nor she was frowning. Her expression remained unreadable and for some minutes, all she did was stare blankly at Ralph... but it didn't seem like she was looking at him.

" These are for you", she said shoving a basket of muffins forward.

Ralph smiled and took the basket, thanking her kindly. But even after he thanked her, she remained still, lost in her own thoughts.

" Can I help you with something, Ms. Alleycat?", Ralph asked kindly.

Ophelia shook her head," No... I don't think so. Sorry I'm just... how do I put this into words...", she said tiredly.

" Should I call-"

" I wanted to say thank you!", Ophelia blurted out.

Ralph blinked, and that urged her to continue.

" The kids... when they told me their plan, I got worried... paranoia and my pessimistic view on life makes it difficult for me to... trust people. It's... something I derived from my home studio... my boss... he was... how do I put this... not someone I would like to be alone in a room with", Ophelia cringed, her mind taking her back to Mr. Banner, whose supposed debonair smile looked more predator-like than she could remember," And neither was some toons in my studio... so trust issues got developed and here I am today", she said chuckling nervously.

Ralph smiled softly," Sounds bad".

" Eh, could be worse. Anyway, I've been thinking... about being nicer to you... not for myself, obviously, just so I can get Dot off my back... so I was thinking of... forming a truce. I'm still going to give you death glares here and there, but other than that, you can expect me to be a... less colder person to you from now on", Ophelia said.

Ralph nodded," Sounds good to me", he said.

" Wonderful. Now-"

" Um... excuse me?"

Ophelia and Ralph looked away towards a woman we would recognise as Wendy from the previous chapter.

" Uh... I came to ask about Wakko... apparently we're getting married", she said.

Ophelia let a strained smile cross her face," Married, you say. And what makes you think you're good enough for my kitten", she said, eyes twitching.

" Uh-"

" Listen here, sheila! Wakko, will not be getting married to ANY girl that can't keep up with his standards of MY CALIBER! So unless you want a wrecking ball in ya face I suggest you never ever come close to my little boy! Got it!"

The lady ran, screaming, afraid because of Ophelia's crazy rant.

" Yeah you better SCRAM!", Ophelia exclaimed before muttering," Dumb girls who think they're worthy enough of my kittens".

If Ralph wasn't dead afraid of her, he would've laughed. But he maintained a small smile.

" SO! You'll be picking them up tomorrow for their session with that Scratch guy", Ophelia said whipping around to Ralph's direction.

" Yes", he said hesitantly.

" Good!", she said cheerfully before her smile turned more creepy," Don't be late", she growled before returning to her cheerful facade," Bye!".

Ralph nodded nervously before waving back. So, things were looking up for him, at long last, he won't be finding stray anvils being thrown at him. Or Ophelia sending him evil smiles in the morning- or no, he'll still be expecting that. But for now, he could get used to her being nicer.

But he will never shake off the feeling that she eerily reminded him of the Warners.

Ralph shook his head, all that mattered was that his bully was gone..

...And he finally saw the Warners as what they were, children who would do anything for their loved ones.

Including messing with their bully's mental state. Everyone's looking at Yakko.

But Ralph couldn't have asked for better friends.

The End

And that's it for this short story. 'Clothing' will be released in a couple of days and that's the one I was truly excited for. As soon as Clothing is done, I'll start up with 'The Nanny' again.