Fate stared out at the Traveler from the perch she had taken in the highest rafters of the Tower's hanger, a place that had taken her several revives to get to when she first discovered it. Aspen rested on her knee and stared back at Fate, waiting for her to give any sign of life other than a slow periodical blink to wet her glowing blue eyes. Fate sighed as she felt Aspen staring at her intently and looked down to her knee with a torn expression of guilt and remorse. She had let herself down today when she stormed off from Zavala without saying a word, probably for the better. If she had stayed she knew she would have said things that she would have come to regret even more than she regretted her actions now. Aspen knew what she was thinking but did not speak as he waited for her to break the oppressive silence that held them both quiet.

"You know what I'm thinking so why don't you say anything about it?" She asked him mentally, giving up on maintaining the silence.

"What is there to say? If you want to run away I'll go with you, but…" He paused and rotated the front portion of his shell before he continued. "if you wanted to stay, confront your demons, and move past them, then I would also stay with you." Aspen replied in a comforting tone that showed his genuine care for his guardian.

Fate couldn't fight back the slight curling of her lips into a smile as the Ghost spoke to her. Aspen had been the closest person to her, aside from Marcus but with him gone it was just Fate and her little light. Raising an ungloved blue hand to her eye, Fate wiped away the tear that clung to her eyelash as she thought back to Marcus. When he died Fate felt nothing but hollow and empty, still, years later, the emptiness had just begun to fade. Now she felt it in her stomach again, the thought of returning to that festering hell made her feel like she had when she found his body. That day she felt nothing but burning hatred and anger at the Hive, for taking her love away, and at herself, for letting them take him away. Fate clenched her fist as the feelings washed over her like a wave then struck out at the solid steel crossbeam that ran over her head.

Pain exploded across her knuckles as a loud crack accompanied by the ringing of metal filled her ears. She winced in pain as she unballed her fists and inspected the damage to her hand, watching silently as her blood dripped to the ground far below leaving behind an ethereal tail of wispy light as it fell through the air. Fate continued to watch as Aspen quickly went to work repairing the shattered bone and sealing the split skin, returning it to its uniform faintly glowing blue. He spun around and looked up at her as he rotated his front half in segments, trying to figure out what striking the metal accomplished. Fate knew what he was doing and laughed at his fruitless attempts to understand something she doubted even Exo's understood, despite them also doing it.

"Why do you hurt yourself when you get mad?" Aspen asked with the simple curiosity of a child.

Fate paused for a moment to think as she realized she too did not understand her motives or goal in hurting herself. "I-I, ya know what, I don't know. Maybe it's to help keep me focused. Maybe it's to get my mind off of things I shouldn't think about." She replied back in an evasive tone.

"You know caffeine can keep people focused too, probably a lot healthier than hurting yourself." Aspen replied as he turned away and flew out into the open air outside the hanger then turned back to look at her. "What else are you thinking about anyway? We might be connected mentally to a degree but that doesn't mean I know what you think, all the time." Aspen asked curiously, bringing the conversation out of Fates head and into the open air, as he flew back to his Guardian.

Fate looked down as she rubbed her knuckles unconsciously while she thought. Finally she looked back up to her Ghost with a soft sigh of surrender, deciding that telling him it was nothing would lead to an argument about how it is something at which point she would lose the will to argue and tell him anyways. "What do you think they're talking about? Zavala asked me to go but when I didn't he took Sarah along anyway." Fate said calmly as she tried to think of reasons why.

"If you want to listen we can, I'm still interfaced with Sarah's armor." Aspen said proudly, as he had begun to question his choice to remain connected to her.

Fate chuckled and nodded once. "You are so sneaky, well let's hear it." Fate said as she pulled her helmet over her long blue locks and leaned back onto the steel beam behind her.

"So what does that have to do with the Light being corrupted?" A deep and heroic voice asked.

"Well what if they found out how to corrupt the remaining Light left in the Fallen. The Traveler had bestowed the gift of the Light upon the Fallen once before. Traces of it could still remain and be corrupted." Fate quickly recognized the voice of Sarah and became increasingly curious in their conversation.

"The light being corrupted? Maybe we should have stayed with Zavala." Fate said to herself as her Ghost was preoccupied tapping into Sarah's armor.

"That is entirely possible but the Hive would require untainted Light in order to gain a strong enough understanding of its properties. How would they get their claws on that?" Fate could easily pick out the voice of Ikora who always sounded like an instruction manual on how to fire a rocket launcher at the enemy.

Fate began to worry as she realized the importance of the conversation they were having and dropped from the rafters. Like a drop of rain, she fell towards the catwalk below her quickly, stopping herself just before she hit the metal walkway with a single use of her triple jump, then letting her feet hit the ground softly as her momentum died. As soon as she felt balanced Fate ran, making her way to the large flight of stairs that would lead her down to the main floor of the hanger. Her feet moved like a blur as she made her way down the steps to the main floor, catching an odd glance from Amanda Holliday and the Dead Orbit crew she was yelling at.

"The guardians who were found in the crystals on the Moon years ago, they were drained of Light. We assumed it was because of the soul-fire crystals they were trapped in but without their Ghosts, there was no way to be sure." The conversation carried on over her helmets comms, the voice of Zavala being the only one speaking now.

The words Zavala said made Fate stop instantly and listen closely to the next words to be spoken. Fate could feel her heart thundering a quick beat in her chest as she inhaled large breaths of air.

"Ghosts are a Guardians strongest and most reliable way to connect with the Light. It would be difficult but not impossible to taint a Ghost with the Darkness. Of all the Guardians we lost that day, how many of their Ghosts were found?" She quickly recognized Cayde's voice and was slightly relieved that he was there, though his words tore away any relief she had felt.

Fate asked if Marcus' Ghost had been recovered the day she found out about the incident. The Vanguard told her that they had only found pieces of his Ghost, Pine, scattered about the chamber where the rest of the guardians had been found. They told her his body hadn't been recovered which was when she set out to find him and bring him home, dead or alive. A large part of Fate wished she had listened to the Vanguard when they had told her not to go, that the search parties would find him. She was told by the other Guardians in the search teams that someone should never be the one to find the body of their lover, they told her that's not how it should ever be. She didn't listen and now, she had to live with the images she found in the cave with Marcus. His mysterious brown eyes were wide with terror, his face torn by Thrall, and his light drained by the Wizard who loomed over his corps like someone looking at a trophy. Fate remembered the agonized screams of the Wizard as her body was burned away by Fate's Light.

Piece by piece Fate tore the Wizard to shreds, drawing upon her light far longer than she had ever done before, far longer than most Guardians could. She counted every glowing shot that left the barrel of her rage fueled Golden Gun, it's color was different that day. It did not hold the usual orange glow of the Traveler's solar Light, this time it was burning white hot with Fate's hatred of the Hive, of the Darkness, of the one single Wizard who took Marcus from her. Twelve shots tore through the Wizard, the first two took the Wizard's hands, the next two took her arms. Four more shots cut the Hive creature in half along her waist while Fate saved the last four shots to remove the Wizard's skull with malicious anger. The next words spoken from the conversation tore into Fate like a shock dagger through flesh.

"None, not even a fragment of the Ghosts."

Fate stared at the ground for a long moment before she clenched her right hand into a tight fist and held out her left to summon Aspen. He appeared quickly and looked up at her with concern.

"Fate, don't do anything ras-"

"Get me in that room." She ordered.

"Fate, this is good news! If Pine was never recovered she could still be alive. Alive enough for her to revive Marcus." Aspen said with hope. He knew it was false hope but his Guardian needed something to hold onto, even something that was as futile as trying to hold water in a fist.

The words from her Ghost struck her mind had and almost knocked her over if not for her muscles being taught with anger directed to the Vanguard, more specifically Ikora for lying to her. "Are you sure?" She asked through clenched teeth, not wanting to let herself believe more false information that would fall through.

Aspen paused and thought to himself, knowing fully the odds of a Ghost's survival in the Hive's fortress. "You and I both know how resourceful Pine is, she is more resourceful than Marcus." He said with a heartfelt chuckle as he thought back to Pine and Marcus, the only other beings he connected with as much as he did with Fate.

Fate let her hand unclench and let out a long sigh before she started to make her way out into the courtyard, heading towards the briefing room with purpose in her stride. Aspen floated by her side, noting the fact that she left her helmet on, and pondering the expression hidden behind its black visor. The sound of hushed whispers coming from the few Guardians that remained in the courtyard after the fight caught Aspen's attention and he turned his optic to look at them only to find them pointing at Fate with curiosity. They had seen Fate storm off earlier and were probably curious as to what happened. He shook them from his mind as they approached the door that led down to the briefing room.

As she stepped inside and approached the large engraved double door, the redjacks guarding the door stepped towards the center of the double doors and raised their weapons to stop Fate from approaching. She only responded with the flick of her wrist, sending two throwing knives into the robot's heads. Fate watched for a moment as the frames sparked before falling aside, leaving the door for her to open. With a few quick steps, Fate approached the door and took a deep breath, preparing herself before she pushed open the doors and stepped in to the room.

Zavala, Cayde, and Ikora spun their heads over their shoulders to look at the intruder who dared to disrupt their business. Cayde almost drew his hand cannon, the Ace of Spades, before he recognized the unique boots of Fate. He quickly raised his hands to his companions and stopped them before they could draw their guns.

"Woah woah woah! Calm down guys it's just Fate." He said as he lowered his hands to the top of the table and sighed. "You scared us. Hey why didn't the doormen let you in?" He asked, earning a quick response from Shaxx.

"They aren't doormen and they have been decommissioned by your Hunter. You are paying for them Cayde." Shaxx corrected Cayde.

"Fate, we didn't expect you to be joining us today, we're glad to-" Zavala started but was cut off by Fate who approached Ikora and stopped a few feet in front of the Warlock.

"You lied to me." Fate accused.

"Abo-" Fate didn't let Ikora finish before she answered the question.

"About Pine! His Ghost, you probably didn't care enough to learn her name, or any of their names for that matter." Fate said coldly with contempt in her voice.

"We had no way of knowing at the time if she was dead or alive, if any of them were. We still don't but we have a better idea of what happened to them now, thanks to Sarah. The Hive are possibly corrupting the little Light that remains in the Fallen! If they are doing this to the Fallen then imagine what they could do to Guardians like us?" Ikora protested with heartfelt emotion.

"You haven't cared about the safety of any Guardian other than the Young Wolf. I've looked into the recorded statistics, the missions you assign to Guardians always have the highest mortality rates. Do you know how many Guardians have died total on missions assigned by Cayde?" Fate didn't even wait for the reply before she continued. "Total only forty-seven Guardians have died, his missions are alway less thought out than yours and they are safer by a long shot! Zavala has only suffered thirty-three losses since he has been the Titan vanguard. But you, you have led seventy-eight Guardians to their deaths! No wait, you haven't led anyone, you've sat here, back at the Tower, while Guardians risk their lives for the sake of the City." Fate corrected herself. "Marcus was only a name on your list. For a Warlock who is supposed to have thought out each mission you send Guardians on, you sure do have a lot of death on your hands." Fate said with a bitter sigh of resentment.

Across the table from Ikora stood Cayde with his mouth agape at what the Awoken hunter had just said to Ikora, one of, if not the most, threatening Guardians to have ever lived. Cayde, left speechless, looked to Zavala who was looking at Fate with the same amount of shock as Cayde though he kept his mouth shut, this not being the first time he had seen an outburst from Fate like this. Sarah was staring at Fate and Ikora with wide eyes, her brain not wanting to believe the harsh words Fate spoke about the person who was supposed to be her mentor on the ways of a Warlock. If Ikora really did know that most of the Guardians she sent out would die, then that would make her as equally responsible for their deaths as the creatures that extinguished their Light.

"I know that as a Guardian, I don't get the promise of safety or even the promise of returning home, but I'd at least like to know that when I accept a mission from the Vanguard, they have made sure there are little surprise happenings that could have been avoided by proper planning." Fate said softly, already feeling bad for her words. "I don't blame you for his death, that's no one's burden but mine, but I do blame you for all the other lost souls who were sent in unprepared for their tasks and I do blame you for lying to me." Fate said before turning away from Ikora's shocked face to look at Zavala with sorrowful eyes as she began to address him. "Commander Zavala, when I return with Pine, I will be leaving the Tower indefinitely." She said before quickly walking out of the door, followed by Aspen and, after exchanging looks with the Vanguards, Sarah who had to run to catch up with the fast moving Hunter.

"Aspen, have Amanda prep the ship, I'll meet you in the hanger." Fate said as she looked over to her green floating companion who zipped off towards the hanger.

A hand being placed on her armored shoulder caused Fate to spin around to face the person who had been following her from the briefing room. A look of surprise washed over Fate's features as she was greeted by Sarah gasping for breath as she held onto the Hunter's shoulder. After a moment of quick breaths, Sarah stood up straight and reaffirmed her grip on her helmet which she held in her left hand.

"Y-you're not leaving without me." Sarah gasped as she brushed her red bangs from her eyes with her free hand.

"Um, yes I am. You don't need to be going where I am headed. The Hellmouth is no place for a Guardian who has never seen combat." Fate warned.

"Well it's gonna be hard to experience combat if I'm never in it." Sarah quipped. "Besides I can help you find that Ghost." She added quickly.

"How can you help me find Pine when you don't even have your own Ghost?" Fate asked curiously, not intending to hurt Sarah.

"Ouch, okay. Well when I was a kid I could always find dead Ghosts who were unable to make it back to the Traveler before they died. Whenever I would scoop them up my parents would yell at me to put them down but I couldn't. After I picked them up their eye would light up and they'd finish their journey to the Traveler. Look I might not have a Ghost but I know what I'm signing up for, unlike those other Guardians that you mentioned. I know that there is a good chance I'll die, but there's also a good chance that you could die, and I'm not willing to let you go alone knowing you might not come back." Sarah said with unmoving determination in her voice.

Fate stared at her for a moment before she sighed softly and rolled her eyes, a small smile pulling at the corners of her lips as Sarah's words reminded her of something Marcus would say. "Fine, I guess you can come with, but you'll have to stay close to me. Aspen can only revive you if he's close by." Fate said before continuing towards the hanger at a normal stride, making sure Sarah could keep up this time.

"Wait, can Aspen even revive me? I mean I'm not his guardian, can't Ghosts only revive their Guardians?" She asked curiously.

"Back in the courtyard I had him mark you as his so he could heal you. He can revive both of us but not at the same time. If he tried to revive us both at the same time, his Light would drain and he would die." Fate said before shaking the unpleasant thought from her mind.

"I understand. I'll stay right by your side." Sarah said softly, a slight feeling of worry gnawing at the back of her mind.

Fate turned once she reached the hanger and descended the flight of metal stairs that led to the large hanger floor. Almost as soon as Fate's feet touched the tarmac of the hanger, their ship was raised up from below the hanger and guided onto the launch pad where the blonde haired Amanda was waiting with something in her hands. From where Sarah stood, she could tell that whatever Amanda had was small, small enough to fit in the palm of her hand. Fate smiled to Amanda and stopped once they were face to face then embraced Amanda with a tight hug that the shipwright returned. After they had pulled away Amanda looked over to Sarah then back to Fate with a confused look, one that Sarah imitated with her own confusion.

"This is a dangerous mission to bring a rookie on," Amanda looked to Sarah with an apologetic look and added. "Not to be rude."

"It's not rude at all." Sarah dismissed before holding out her hand to shake. "I'm Sarah, Sarah Law." She greeted.

Amanda reached out with her free hand and shook Sarah's. "Nice to meet you Sarah, I'm Amanda Holiday but you can call me Amanda." Amanda turned her eyes to Fate as she let her hand fall back to her side and smiled. "I got that Ghost of yours something special since I heard he'd be working with two Guardians." She said before holding out her occupied hand to Fate.

Inside the palm of her grease stained glove was a small flashing device that faintly hummed with power as the blue light on it flashed in a steady pattern. Flash, flash flash, flash, flash flash. Fate picked up the device carefully and looked over it with a baffled look that drew a smile to Amanda's face as she watched her friend struggle to figure out the device. Sarah, on the other hand, quickly recognized the device from a short list of possible Ghost modifications, a task that proved to be very grueling due to each Ghost being different from another. Sarah gasped as she realized what the implications of the device were which elicited a broader smile from Amanda as they exchanged happy looks. '

"Will you two tell me what it is already." Fate said with annoyance at her inability to understand what to other two comprehended so easily.

"It's a rapid action ammunition synthesizer. Basically it can create ammo from a small amount of light pulled from a Guardian or Ghost. It's very experimental, the first of its kind that won't suck light like a Hive ritual. I call it the RAAS." Amanda said proudly.

"Will it draw Light from both of us?" Sarah asked curiously.

"Yes it will but with the two of you the drain will be minimal since it has three sources of light to draw from." Amanda confirmed.

"Aspen! We have a present for you." Fate called out loudly.

After a second of nothing, Aspen materialized in front of Fate and looked at her with a spinning shell showing his curiosity. "You never give me presents, should I be worried?"

"Not at all little buddy. Now, open up." Amanda said causing Aspen to spin around quickly to face her.

Aspen looked at her questioningly for a moment before his shell opened up to reveal a glowing blue center. Amanda slowly held up the RAAS for Aspen to scan before she placed in on one of the inner faces of his shell then lowered her hands with a proud look on her face.

"There, give it a moment to interface with you then try to synthesize a bullet for Fate's gun." Amanda said.

Aspen spun his shell for a second before letting the pieces come back together then closed the shutter on his blue optic as the device began to tap into Sarah's, Fate's, and his Light. Fate and Sarah both shivered slightly as the device drew upon their light to form a single bullet that fell to the floor with a metallic ting as it hit the tarmac. An approving nod from Amanda showed that the device was working as it should.

"You're all set to go." She said with a hint of worry in her tone.

Fate looked at her with a reassuring smile before she placed a hand onto Amanda's shoulder. "Don't worry Holiday, we'll come back safe." Fate said, not believing her own words as she spoke them.

"You better, that thing wasn't cheap you know. I'd say you owe me a drink when you get back." Amanda said with a smile before turning away and heading back to her workspace where an all black sparrow rested on a set of jacks.

Fate looked away from Amanda and directed her gaze to Sarah with a serious expression. "It's not too late for you to stay." Fate offered one last time.

Sarah returned the look without having to consider her options. "You honestly think I'm going to shy away now? I'm going with you." She said firmly with the confidence she lacked in the briefing room.

Fate gave a soft smile before she looked to Aspen who was waiting with anticipation. "Let's go then." She said before dematerializing in a blue grid, appearing in the pilot's seat of her ship with Sarah sitting beside her in the copilots seat.

Without a moment of hesitation, Sarah felt the ship accelerate out of the hanger and begin to arc upwards into the sky. Through the viewport at the front of the ship, Sarah watched as the cerulean blue sky gave way to the black star splashed void of space. In the distance she could see the cracked Moon glowing a brilliant white with the reflected light of the Sun. Along it's surface she could see the green light emanating from the center of the Moon where the Hive had set up their home, their rituals releasing the sickening green glow that split across the white surface. The sight disturbed Sarah, it was a constant reminder of the dark power the Hive possessed and how deadly their power was to the Light she cherished so dearly.