It was only an hour after the events at Canterlot High, where the Rainbooms stopped the Sirens from taking over the whole school with their magic. While the Rainbooms were probably celebrating their victory now, the Sirens were anything but happy about the outcome of their plan and walked aimlessly through the streets filled with anger.

"I can't believe this!" Adagio Dazzle said angrily while she raised her arms in the air.

"Calm down," Aria Blaze said as she put her hands on Adagio.

"Calm Down!?" Adagio Dazzle replied as she slapped the hand of Aria Blaze away. "How am I supposed to calm down!? Our necklaces were broken by those stupid Rainbooms! We won't be able to control anyone with our singing anymore!" She exclaimed without a care that everyone around her would hear her.

Sonata Dusk tipped her chin. "What's so bad about that?" She then asked confused. "I mean, we kinda got around just fine without most of our magic since we came here," she pointed out.

Hearing that, made Adagio Dazzle clench her teeth in anger. However, before she could say anything to Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze took over.

"Listen, we tried to get everything but lost everything in the process so let's just deal with it. It's just like you said, our necklaces are gone and we can't use any magic so let's just not think about it okay," she suggested, even though it was highly visible that she didn't like saying that.

Adagio Dazzle rubbed her eyes. "Fine..." She just said, accepting the harsh truth. "But I swear that those Rain-losers will pay for this someday," she said while she crossed her arms.

"Yeah, stupid Rainbooms," Aria Blaze agreed on.

Sonata Dusk seemed to be the only one who didn't seem to hold any grudge against the Rainbooms. "They seemed nice to me," she said much to the confusion of everyone. "I mean, am I the only one who thought that the one guy with the cap was kinda cute?" She asked with a smile on her face.

This question was not commented by the other two girls, who simply rolled their eyes. "Let's go home," Adagio Dazzle then said.

"Okay!" Sonata Dusk replied happily. "You know since we can't control anyone with our magic anymore, we probably need some kind of job to get around. I heard that one Taco Shop was looking for employees so-"

"Not now, Sonata!" Adagio Dazzle said annoyed, deciding to ignore Sonata Dusk's words for now.

The three girls continued to be on their way. As if things weren't bad enough for them, it also started to lightly rain, something that they really could have live without now. But that was actually the least of their worries now.

One person walked past the three girls, someone wearing gray pants and a gray jacket with a hood that was hiding the person's face. This person also held a bag of groceries in its hand, which accidentally happened to hit Aria Blaze on her legs.

"Hey! Watch where you're going, will you!?" She said angrily after this accident. It took Adagio Dazzle to make her calm down and advise her that it wasn't worth getting mad about that.

The person who walked past the three girls stood still and turned around for a moment after those words. "Sorry," the person apologized in a male voice, however, the three girls did not hear him at all and continued to walk away in a bad mood.

The boy figured that going up to them while they were angry like this, would only make the situation worse, so he just decided to continue being on his way.


It wasn't long after that when the boy arrived home. He had already put away the stuff that he bought without changing his clothes yet and went to his bedroom. He turned the lights on and walked inside. "I'm home, Comet!" He said before he removed his hood, revealing his light green skin, his dark green star-shaped hair, and his light green eyes.

His words were directed at his pet Gold Fish, who was swimming motionless in a fishbowl on a drawer next to his bed.

The boy took off his gray jacket and revealed a white shirt beneath it which had six different colored stars on it, a red, an orange, a yellow, a light blue, a dark blue and a purple one.

"Don't worry, I didn't forget your food," he said with a smile before he placed some fish food next to Comet's bowl and laid down on his bed to get more comfortable. "Sure wish that it didn't rain, just after I decided to do some last minute shopping," he complained with a bored expression on his face.

Suddenly, a ringing could be heard, coming from the boy's pockets. It was his phone, which he took out confused before he looked at it. "Who could that be at a time like that?" He wondered before he accepted the call.

"Hello?" He obviously asked to see who was calling him.


"Oh, it's you,


Where I was? I did some grocery shopping just now, sorry.


You are in school!?


You want me to come over? Now!? But it's raining and it's also pretty late so-


No...I am not busy with anything but...


Sigh...alright...I'll come...but just so that I can pick you up...It's late you should go home too...


Yeah, see you,"

After the boy hung up again, he lifted himself back up but not without releasing a big sigh after a call like this.

"Well, Comet looks like as if I still have to go somewhere," he said towards his pet Gold Fish.

Comet didn't respond and was swimming motionlessly in the middle of the bowl with wide open eyes...

The boy grabbed the jacket that he just took off a minute ago and left the room. "Later," he said before he turned off the light in the room and closed the door so that he could be on his way to meet up with the person who called him.


The boy made his way through the dark hallways of his school. The person who called him was a good friend of his, who decided to stay a little longer in school because of some kind of important business. He didn't feel right walking through the dark hallways since it made him feel like as if he was in some kind of horror movie. He couldn't even imagine how his friend could stay in this place for so long. Of course, he knew exactly where his friend was at and made his way right to one certain room of the school. Through a little glass window, he could still see light from inside the room.

When the boy opened the room, his legs were already greeted by someone. It was a little purple dog who began to scratch his legs. The boy chuckled. "Looks like I am not the only one who has to stay up late, huh?" He said before he kneed down to pet the little dog.

On the other side of the room, the boy already saw his friend. It was a girl wearing a white lab coat, and black glasses. It was a girl with light purple skin, dark blue hair with multiple purple and pink colored streaks and violet eyes.

"Star Twinkle! You're here!" She said happily as soon as she saw her friend entering the room.

Star Twinkle shook his head. "Twilight, don't you think you stayed here long enough? I know our principal gave you permission to enter the school whenever you want to but I think there are much better ways to spend your weekends," he advised.

But Twilight disagreed. "I couldn't possibly go home today! There was way too much going on!" She explained in her excitement. "Remember a while ago? I picked up some strange signals...something that almost seemed out of this world!"

"Yeah?" Star Twinkle replied before he picked a chair to sit on because he figured that he would stay a little longer now.

"Well, you won't believe it but today I got almost the exact same signal! It was even bigger than before!" Twilight explained before she turned her head around to look at a board on the wall, which had several notes and pictures of Canterlot High on it. "And you won't believe where it came from again,"

Star Twinkle's attention was suddenly peaked and he raised his head. "Canterlot High?" He figured to which Twilight replied with a nod.

"One signal coming from this school would have maybe been a coincidence but in the last days, there were multiple small signals and today this really big one again!" She said while she used her arms to practically explain how big it was. "I'm telling you, there is something going on in this school! Something...out of this world," she said before she rubbed her chin and focused her sight on the board in front of her.

After a rather awkward silence, Twilight turned around again and saw Star Twinkle with one of his arms leaning on a nearby table and an expression on his face that Twilight couldn't quite identify. She figured that this stuff all bored Star Twinkle so she got a little embarrassed. "You don't believe me?" She asked while she rubbed her arm almost in embarrassment.

"Twilight, I don't know as much about this stuff like you do but I will support you in any way possible," he said with a smile on his face, making Twilight form a smile on her face after hearing that. "But! It's late and you should go home. Knowing you, you probably stayed here all day without eating properly or taking a break,"


"No buts!" Star Twinkle interrupted, like a mother that was looking over her kids. He then walked up to her and put his hands on her shoulder. "Listen, whatever happened today in Canterlot High, it's gone now, right?"

"Well actually, there is some small signal that is still coming from the school," Twilight replied

"Right. But all of that can wait a little more, right? I mean it's not like we don't have any other things to take care of in this school right now. So let's just focus on one thing after another without overworking ourselves, okay?" After listening to those words, Twilight actually realized how exhausted she was and had to agree with what Star Twinkle told her, especially the last words that he added. "Seeing how you work so much actually worries me a little," he simply said, which was enough for Twilight to finally agree.

"Okay," she then said with a nod, which caused her glasses to slip down to her nose, causing her to lift them up shortly after. "Let's go home, Spike," she then said towards her dog, who also seemed to be happy that he can finally go home.

After finally packing all her things, Twilight, Star Twinkle, and Spike walked towards the entrance of their school to both go home. While walking through the dark hallways, Twilight got one more thing off from her heart.

"Thanks for always looking after me, Star Twinkle," Twilight said as she walked through the hallways next to Star Twinkle. "I don't really make things easy for you, am I? Having a friend like me must be really exhausting,"

Star Twinkle laughed after hearing those words. "Don't be ridiculous. Even if that would be true, you are the only friend that I have to look after so it really wouldn't be that bad. I am really glad that I can call you my friend,"

Twilight happily smiled after hearing those words from her only friend as well. " too," she replied quietly as she and Star Twinkle both walked out of the school and to go home.

Still, the signals that Twilight got from Canterlot High were still on her mind and she swore herself that one day she would find out what it was all about.

One day...

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