It's the morning and Aubrey and Stacie are "brushing their teeth" in the bathroom, while the rest of the girls were sitting in the living room.

"Alright, girls. Let's just address the elephant in the room. We all saw Stacie and Aubrey making out last night." Chloe states.

Turns out, they weren't really asleep.

"I'm still shocked." Beca adds.

"How?." Fat Amy asks.

"I don't know." Beca adds.

"I knew that Aubrey had the hots for her, but wow." Chloe says.

"What do we do? Do we say something?" Beca asks.

"I don't think we should." Chloe replies.

Out of nowhere, the girls hear a loud moan.

"Stacie! Fuck!" They hear coming out of the bathroom.

"Oh my god." Chloe blushes.

"Are they seriously?" Cynthia Rose adds.

"Oh my god!" They hear.

"Did Aubrey Posen just take the Lords name in vain?" Chloe jokes.

"Dude, stop joking, they're fucking in my bathroom!" Amy responds.

"You know, I never took Aubrey as a bottom." Beca teases, and Chloe gives her a semi-playful nudge.

"What do we do now? Should we just leave?" Chloe asks.

"Yeah." Amy says.

Just as they are about to leave, Stacie and Aubrey come out of the bathroom, straightening their clothes.

"Hey guys." Stacie says.

"Hey." Beca replies, trying to hide her smirk.

The Bellas continue on with breakfast, like nothing's happened.

"So, How was the sex?" Chloe asks, gripping the steering wheel. Aubrey is sitting in the front passenger's seat right next to her.

Aubrey chokes on her own spit.

"Wha- oh my god!" Aubrey blushes hard, and covers her face with her hands.

"You know, Bree, I thought you were more dominant." Chloe teases.

"Oh my god! Were we really that loud?" The blonde asks.

"Everybody in the house heard."

Aubrey was mortified.

"Fuck, what do I do know?" Aubrey panics.

"Bree, calm down. Also, I'm glad you and Stacie finally got together. You look so happy."

"Thanks." Aubrey smiles.

Set at the Next Bellas gathering, Nearly two years later.

"Ay, look! It's my two favorite people who had sex in my bathroom!" Amy says.

"Shut up, Amy." Aubrey rolls her eyes playfully.

"We missed you guys!" Stacie adds, coming in for a group hug.

"We need to catch up! I haven't seen you guys since the great bathroomgate of 2018." Amy says.

Stacie and Aubrey both roll their eyes.

"So, what's been happening?" Jessica asks excitedly.

"Well..." Chloe replies, raising both her and Beca's hand up to show 2 rings.

"Oh my god!" All the Bellas squeal and hug them.

"Congratulations!" Stacie adds.

"So, what's going on with Staubrey?" Beca asks.

"Something similar." Aubrey smiles, and the couple holds up their hands too to reveal rings.

"Congrats!" All the Bellas come in for another group hug.

"How did this happen? Who proposed?" Amy asks excitedly.

"Aubrey did!"

"Wow, Bree, I didn't know you had it in you." Chloe teases.

Aubrey rolls her eyes and kisses Stacie.