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Bree's POV:

I am currently asleep but I feel a sharp pain in my throat that is unbearable. So I go out of my capsule and go upstairs to get some apple juice. I gulp down the apple juice but feel the pain throbbing inside my throat. I honestly felt like crying at that point. What is wrong with my throat? Is this what a cold feels like? I mean Adam, Chase and I never been sick. Anyways I'm going to rest this up and hopefully my throat doesn't hurt that much. As I go to my capsule, I feel the urge to vomit. I super speed to the bathroom and start vomiting. Did I ever tell you guys how much I hate throwing up! I hear someone coming into the bathroom, but I feel too weak to look back. "Bree, you ok?" Tasha asked. "No, I'm clearly not" I replied to that stupid question. But I quickly regret speaking because my throat started throbbing again. "Bree you should get some sleep and I'm going to tell Donald what's happening" Tasha said and I simply nodded, as I was too afraid to speak. I go to my capsule and fall asleep.

*Time Skip*

Time: 8:00 AM

I was asleep until my annoying little brother woke me up to 'go to school'. No way am I going to school feeling like this. I can't even talk. I go upstairs to find Tasha making eggs with bacon and waffles. "Hey Bree" Mr. Davenport said. I simply waved because my throat is hurting me more than last night. "Bree, you know I'm starting to think you have a sickness called strep throat, I had the same symptoms when I was thirteen" Mr. Davenport said. "Hold on let me do a scan on her" Chase blurted and used his bionic eye to search what was wrong with me. "He's right Bree, you have strep throat and the only way to treat it is to take an antibiotic" Chase said. "Hold on guys, strep throat is contagious to I need to upgrade your chips, block them and move Bree to a guest room" Davenport said. He quickly took the three of to the lab and installed an update on our chips and blocked our chips, so I won't give them strep throat internally. The external solution is moving my capsule to the guest room and staying there. "Now Bree I have a whole stack of medicine, including amoxicillin which will treat your strep throat" Mr. Davenport added. I nodded, as Mr. Davenport cleaned my capsule and Adam bought it upstairs to the guest room. "Here take this, you don't need to eat to take it" my 'father' added. So I took it, which by the way hurt me so much to swallow. I couldn't even swallow my saliva, what makes him think I could swallow that big pink pill. But I swallowed it anyways because it may make me feel better soon and I go to the guest room to sleep it off.

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