Mr. Davenport's POV:

It's been a day and everyone is doing better now. We're finally back to normal and Adam, Bree and Chase are virus free. I upgraded their chips to avoid any attacks from Douglas. His beef should be with me only and he shouldn't involve the kids. Especially since he wants to hurt them, I can't ever forgive him. Anyways, I go to the lab where everyone is chilling. Today is going to be the day Adam, Bree, Chase and I confront Douglas. "Guys get ready, we can't forgive Douglas for almost killing you guys" I say. "Mr. Davenport I almost died because of your evil brother, which is my biological father, we can't hurt him" Bree told me. "But he almost killed you guys and yes I'm not your father, but I raised you and prevented you guys from becoming soldiers" I responded. "Mr. Davenport is right, Bree," I heard Chase say. "This sounds like a Davenport family issue to me, so I'm going to be in the living room" Leo blurted out. "No Leo, you're going to monitor us, we're going to confront Douglas" I responded. "Change into your mission suits and I'm getting the strongest weapons I have. Remember Krane is with Douglas, so we have to be extra prepared. I ran to the elevator and went to the weapons floor. This is the time I can finally get Douglas and be the best out of both of us, but also save Adam, Bree and Chase. Adam already destroyed Marcus, so we can also defeat Krane. I get all the weapons I'm taking and go back to the lab. I gave Bree the coordinates and she super sped us to Douglas' lair. "You came as I expected," Douglas said with Krane next to him. "Yeah but we came for this" I said, shooting a powerful laser at Douglas. Krane used his force field to deflect my attack. Bree super sped and fought him and now everybody is fighting. I'm fighting with Douglas and then I feel myself floating and I see Adam, Bree and Chase floating with me as well. We get thrown to the wall and I look at Douglas. "Oh Donnie, you are so gullible. Of course I wasn't going to kill my own kids, they would've just been manipulated by my software" he tells me. "Mr. Davenport blocked any Triton App software you can install in our chips, so nice try" Chase replied. "Oh I've known that, just know I have more experience in programming than you or Donald, I just need more time". "You made us sick though, and gave me strep throat. I was suffering because of you" Bree blurted out. "And you made me hallucinate and Chase was throwing up" Adam added. "I built you guys to withstand anything, some sickness wouldn't kill you" Douglas replied with a smirk "ENOUGH WITH THE TALKING, take them out" Krane demanded. "I can't, Adam, Bree and Chase stay with me" Douglas said. I'm frustrated that I'm hurt and can't do anything but Douglas is not keeping them. "This happened last time, I told you to kill them" Krane said. "No," Douglas replied. I reloaded the gun and shot Krane one time that sent him flying. Adam used his heat vision to stun him and Chase used his molecular kinesis to send him flying into a wall. Bree then grabbed all of us and sped us back home. "That was all for nothing," Adam said. "No, look at it the way, you guys are virus free and you heard Douglas say he needs more time to come back with an attack, so meanwhile keep you guard up and stay safe" I say as we huddle and give each other a hug. I feel someone hugging me as well and it's Leo.

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