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Chapter one: Arrival

APRIL 2001

"I still think this is a very bad idea Harry..." a clearly worried voice said softly.

"I think we have already been through this Hermione…" Harry answered with a little bit of exasperation seeping into his voice." ….and it's not like I have much of a choice here."

"I know but that doesn't make it any better. We can hide Harry; we can settle under a Fidelius…"

"But to what end 'Mione…" Harry interrupted her before she heated up in her rant. "…. To what end, do you wish to live all your life a fugitive, always against the authorities? Who are you and what have you done to my friend?" Harry finished with a grin which elicited a few laughs from the rest of the group.

"I always knew that you were capable of extremely inhumane levels of stupidity Potter, but this is taking it to an entirely different level" the cool voice of Blaise Zabini intoned in what would have passed as an indifferent voice but Harry could detect the sadness which the dark skinned Italian was trying to suppress.

"Listen guys…" Harry started now his voice a mixture of exasperation and annoyance…" either way I am going to end up being thrown into the Veil. It is better this way I go on my own terms and hopefully Luna's theory and our calculations are accurate."

"It doesn't make it any better on us Harry, what if we are wrong, what if it takes you to some desolate place where demons are waiting just to torture your soul for eternity." Nymphadora Tonks said not even bothering to keep her worry from her voice.

"We have all thoroughly studied the veil with what Luna left us. Nothing will go wrong and even if it doesn't work as a portal like we expect, then I get to meet Nev, Sirius, Luna, Ron, all our fallen friends and most especially my parents." Harry answered passionately while watching each and every one present.

"I have done my part in this world guys, the sheeple have buggered me with the help of the ministry and they plan on humiliating me to their content and while I could fight, I am not exactly at my peak thanks to Azkaban and each one of you deserves better than being persecuted because of me."

Harry ignored the scoffs from his friends and continued.

"Each and every one of you is extremely powerful and bright, use that power and brains which enabled us to beat the Dark Lord with his band of Death Eaters despite our age to change the Wizarding world. Make sure that our efforts were not in vain for my sake and each one of our comrades who were killed during the war you honor their memory and do that for them."

Harry looked at the moist eyes of his friends and knew that he had at last reached to them. One by one they came and embraced him for the last time and Harry suppressed the lump in his throat but a few traitorous tears leaked out of his vibrant emeralds. Hermione came first and almost crushed him with her infamous hug which had just increased in its viciousness as she grew older.

Tonks was followed by Fleur and Gabrielle and the two Veela sisters didn't even bother to reign in their allure as all the males present were immune to it. They gave him chaste kisses on the lips both followed by Susan and then Tracey.

Fred and George came next, the twins were the only remaining members of the extremely large Weasley family and the loss had hit them very hard. Their sense of humor had almost completely disappeared. They each gave him a manly hug and were followed by Zachariah Smith who went back to where Hermione was standing while tears flowed shamelessly from her eyes.

Zabini looked conflicted but his girlfriend Tracey nudged him on the shoulder he stepped forward and gave Harry an extremely tight hug before he swiftly stepped away. All eyes turned to the remaining member of the group who had been watching the proceedings of the group quietly.

"This is stupid Potter and you know it." Harry didn't answer the cold voice, he simply just opened his arms beckoning her to come. She hesitated for a second before she rushed at him and engulfed him into a rib-cracking hug that could give Hermione a run for her money.

"Careful Daph, you may hurt them." Harry said in a hoarse voice trying and failing miserably to appear manly.

"You shouldn't leave them Harry; they will need a father." She said her voice breaking as she moved her right hand over the bulge of her stomach.

"Then get them one."

"I am being serious here Harry." Harry opened his mouth to say something..." don't even think about it."

Harry chucked

." Honestly I wasn't going to talk about my godfather." Everyone looked at him with disbelief evident on their faces.

"Fine. But Daphne you are an absolutely beautiful, intelligent woman and any man would be very lucky to be associated with you."

"I don't want any other man; I want you Harry." She argued vehemently.

"I don't have a choice Daph, you need a life, they need a life. And my presence in their life will just rob them of that."

"Life has no meaning to me without you and you know it."

"Then create a new one." Harry answered as if it was the most obvious thing." Create a life that will be ideal for them to live."

Daphne kissed him a soul searing kiss that left them both of them panting and they wouldn't have stopped had Blaise not cleared his throat.

"Be safe Harry. And don't think for any fleeting second that I will name any one of our kids after Snape or Dumbledore." Daphne told him with her face very serious.

Harry raised a curious eyebrow.

"I know you Harry, I wouldn't put it past you to name your kids after the two people most responsible for all the hell you went through all of your life."

Harry laughed despite the situation

"Maybe the person I was before the end of third year would have done exactly that. But I am different."

"That you are." Daphne agreed. "Now you should go before the Unspeakables start looking for their Death chamber."

Harry gave the eight month pregnant beautiful to-be mother of his twin children one last kiss before she stepped back as he approached the Veil of Death.

"Shouldn't you put on your amour, you know just in case something goes wrong... or you land in a… not friendly place." Hermione suggested nervously even as she took her position.

"I have complete faith in Luna and each one of you guys. Let's just get this over with before I realize that this is a bad idea." Harry said even as he approached the archway that was fluttering slowly in a non-existent breeze.

Hermione, Blaise, The Twins, Fleur, Gabriele and Tonks formed a semi-circle around The Veil while the pregnant Daphne melted in the hands of her best friend Tracey and Zacharias engulfed the two of them in a hug.

" Alright guys let's do this." Harry said more to himself than the other and with more courage than he felt, he took a step and stepped before the archway. The curtain started fluttering faster as if in anticipation for the soul it was about to swallow. The voices from the Veil became a buzz compared to the usual whispers.

The seven members surrounding The Veil raised their wands and started channeling magic into the seven runes that had been drawn around the archway with Harry's blood. The ruins started glowing green not so different from Harry's eyes or the killing curse and the glow became brighter as the seven pumped more magic into the runes.

The curtain to The Veil was now fluttering with such intensity that it looked like a storm was happening on the other side of The Veil and the voices were almost a roar. Harry chanced a look at the seven and he could see that they were sweating due to the strain on their magic.

The light from the runes connected and the darkness behind the curtain started adopting the green light of the runes and soon it was now a bright emerald green color. Harry checked to see that his moleskin pouch was firmly attached to his belt at his waist knowing that anytime now he will be leaving everything dear to him behind.

Suddenly the roar of voices behind The Veil were cut off as if someone had covered a wet blanket on a fire and without sparing a glance behind him knowing the strain the others were under as they tried to keep the portal stable to ensure a safe travel and that he would probably lose the courage, he took a deep breath and stepped into the swirling mass of green.

There was a flash of extremely green light the moment he stepped into the archway and the seven stopped feeding the runes with magic, not that they had any more magic left to channel into the runes. They all fell on their knees as they watched in fascination as the green swirled and swallowed Harry before it settled down and the veil reverted back to its usual form and the voices were no more than whispers from time to time.

Daphne silently extracted a locket from the pockets of her robes, which many would have recognised as the locket of Salazar Slytherin himself and everyone managed to touch it. With one final look at the veil, the group disappeared from the death chamber of the DOM without any trace of their presence.

They were all praying to all deities that listening to keep the one person who meant a lot to them to be safe. Their leader, lover, teacher, mentor and savior and above all brother.

Harry opened his eyes and winced from the bright sunlight. He closed them and slowly opened them again to see a bright blue summer sky. If he were to hazard a guess it was probably around noon.

He slowly sat up and observed his surroundings. He was on top of a hill overlooking a very beautiful and breathtaking landscape. The place felt so peaceful, the warm breeze, the sound of birds singing at different tunes and general atmosphere of peace made Harry wish to never move from his position.

"I must I agree with you there Harry" a serene voice that Harry would have recognised anywhere said from behind him. He turned around while at same time trying stand up and ended up falling back on his ass.

Tinkling laughter erupted from her which was quite infectious and he found himself laughing as well.

"Really Luna, I didn't know you find such amusement in my misgivings"

"Oh cut me some slack Harry, it's not every day that you see the most powerful wizard falling on his ass."

"And now she turns to flattery." Harry said with a long suffering sigh and more tinkling laughter erupted from his dead friend.

Wait what...that brought him back to what had transpired before he reached this point and he jumped up and caught his petite friend in a tight hug.

"Oh Luna, I've really missed you"

"I missed you too Harry, but you will make Hermione jealous from the bone-crushingness of your hug". Luna answered in amusement.

"Is that even a word Luna?" Harry asked while backing off a little but still keeping Luna in his arms and her head in his chest.

She shrugged and gave him her trademark dazzling smile while her silver grey eyes twinkling in a way not so different from Dumbledore.

"It is now"

Harry couldn't argue with that. He simply held her onto his chest in silence enjoying the feel of her body against him. He was too comfortable in the position that he could have stayed there forever with Luna in his arms. And now that he thought about it he had been standing for some time he had not felt any little bit of strain in his body or any change in the environment.

"I take it I'm dead uh?" Harry asked at last seeing that Luna seemed to be willing let him broach the subject.

"No, not exactly dead." She answered with a sigh as she pulled away from his chest and stood at his side watching the landscape.

"So we succeeded, but what is this place?"

Luna was quiet for a moment watching the landscape with a serene smile." It's beautiful, isn't it."

Harry nodded. It was indeed beautiful and he daren't hurry Luna for an explanation knowing she would answer him when she wants.

"You are a special person Harry. Blessed and cursed by fate at the same time. Your life was never yours, thousands of prophecies have been made all over the universe." she paused as if to make sure he is listening.

"You have fulfilled all of them in this universe. Intentionally or by extension, it doesn't matter but each and every prophecy that was made concerning you was fulfilled either by yourself or by the choices you made." She continued.

"You should have been free, moved on to meet your loved ones and all those you care about. Your time in this universe is done."


"Your thread of life if you will. You have come to the end of your thread. But…"

Harry could clearly hear the regret in her voice, how it pained her to say whatever she had to say.

"But the manipulations of an old man robbed you of that." She said her silver eyes looking at his emeralds like she felt responsible for what Dumbledore did.

"He manipulated you into coming in possession with the Hallows knowing that if anyone could master their power it would be you Harry."

Unbidden, memories came to the forefront of his mind. A silvery cloak that seemed to flow like water which used to belong to his father but was gifted to him by Dumbledore at Christmas in first year.

The Gaunt family ring that had once been a Horcrux and Dumbledore had put up a convincing argument and Harry had ended up keeping all the Horcruxes after expelling the little fractured soul fragments belonging to had kept them in his moleskin pouch but he had left Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem and Slytherin's Locket with Daphne and Hufflepuff's chalice as well as the Gaunt family ring he had come with them in his pouch.

He remembered the duel he had with Dumbledore right after the death of Luna; where he won allegiance of the beautiful, extremely powerful white wand that he had used in his final fight with Voldemort. Now that he thought about it he could clearly see how the old man had goaded him into the duel. Taking advantage of his legendary temper and blaming him for causing his friend's death.

"The legend of the Hallows is more than just a children's bedtime story Harry. While it doesn't make you the master of Death, mastering their power of the Hallows makes it impossible for your soul to move on." Luna's beautiful voice brought him back to the present.

"You mean like Voldemort?" Harry asked

"Not exactly…er…you are by all intents immortal" Luna said cautiously knowing her next words may not be well received.

"But you said I can't go back, then how am I immortal when my time in the universe is done."

"The 'verse is way bigger than you think Harry."

Harry was quiet for a moment as he tried to understand the little he had so far managed to understand.

"So what now?"

"Like I said Harry, the 'verse is very big. There are very many of them like the one you have been living in."

"So I'll be taken to one of these I take it?" Harry asked in resignation.

Luna beamed at him.

"50 points to Gryffindor Mr. Potter…" Luna said in perfect imitation of McGonagall "…a world where you will have a chance to start anew and on your own terms. Where there is no living up to people's expectations because your mother killed a dark lord."

Harry could see the advantages of this. Not like I have a choice.

"So are there any similarities between my old universe and the new one."

"Yes, but it will be for you to find out which ones. Though there is no Harry Potter and it is way much advanced in everything compared to the old one."

"so what happens if I die in this new universe."

Luna started fidgeting again.

"Er…your soul will be brought back."

Harry raised an eyebrow knowing there was a catch.

"And what is the price for recycling my soul?"

"Ten other pure souls will be taken in your place." Luna said with a grimace knowing full well what will come next. She was very much aware of Harry's legendary temper; having experienced it first-hand on numerous occasions. Despite never having been on the receiving end of his temper, she had experienced it but usually in her defense.

"And by pure souls I am assuming that it will be children right?" Harry asked in surprisingly calm voice mixed with a little bit of resignation.

"Not necessarily children but for the most part yes." Luna answered cautiously not comforted by Harry's calmness at all and expecting Harry to explode any second.

"What is this place by the way?" Harry's clearly not angry voice brought her back to the present.

"Wha...what uh…" Luna stuttered completely thrown for a loop. Harry just laughed at her.

"Well that is not something you see every day." Harry said between snickers.

"Oh shush you…" Luna said even as a small smile played on her lips." …you are not angry are you Harry?"

Harry shook his head and pulled her into a hug. "I know that I have no say in this, and it's not like it's you who made this decision, you are just a messenger and I would rather save my anger for the one who sent you."

After some time, Luna pulled back with a sigh.

"It's time to go Harry."

"By the way how long have we been here." Harry asked as he pulled back ready for whatever was going to happen.

"Time has no meaning here, but to the rest of the world it has only been ten years since you left."

Harry gaped at her.

"You are serious aren't you?" Harry asked even as he could clearly see the truth in her silver eyes.

"No, Sirius is your godfather silly." Luna answered with a completely straight face making Harry swear under his breath. "But it has indeed been indeed ten years since you left."

Harry shook his head not even bothering to understand how that came to be. To him it felt like he had been here only for a few minutes. He then remembered something and shoved his hand into his moleskin pouch and extracted the three Deathly Hallows and held them in his hand.

"What do I do with these?"

Luna gained a glazed look in her eyes as if she was communing with whoever or whatever deity had sent her to talk to harry. And after sometime her eyes cleared and she gave Harry a dazzling smile.

"You will keep them." She answered simply.

Harry shook his head. While he would have liked the power that comes with the cloak, stone and the Elder wand, he didn't think he was ready to shoulder the power they command nor the responsibility that comes with that power. And as if reading his mind, Luna placated him.

"Oh don't sell yourself short Harry, it doesn't suit you at all." Seeing him ready to protest she continued" …you wouldn't have been able to master Hallows if you had not been deemed unworthy of the power. And about responsibility, all you have to do is be your usual self, and remember, you don't have any reputation you have to live up to in this new universe."

While not entirely convinced, Harry grudgingly accepted the three items and he as was about to put them back into the pouch, Luna stopped him again. She waved her hand in an intricate pattern which Harry didn't even bother to follow, he could feel magic gathering around the two of them. She closed her eyes in concentration and suddenly the three powerful artifacts started glowing and Harry just stopped himself in time from dropping them from his surprise.

With a gesture from Luna, the three glowing artifacts were levitated from Harry's hands. The Invisibility Cloak folded itself and made the shape of a triangle, The Resurrection Stone settled in the middle of the triangle and The Elder Wand settled diagonally in front of the other two making the familiar symbol of The Deathly Hallows.

And with another gesture from Luna, the three glowing Hallows disappeared in a flash of emerald light. Harry blinked at that, not understanding what exactly had just transpired in that episode. He opened his mouth with the hope of getting an explanation from Luna but instead a hiss of pain is all what escaped from his lips.

Harry fell down while clutching at his chest that felt like it was on fire. He bit his lips trying to muffle the whimpers of pain and then just as suddenly as the pain had come, it disappeared. Harry stayed on ground panting as he recovered from the pains. He looked up only to see a non-repentant Luna smirking at him.

"You find this amusing uh." He managed to his in between his gasps.

"Oh don't be such a baby, Harry. I know for a fact that you have faced worse from Tom."

"You should have at least warned me." He retorted as he managed to get back to his feet.

"I know." Luna answered serenely her smile still in place. Harry just shook his head, no matter how much he tried he could never stay mad at her for long.

"So what exactly happened?" Harry asked as he lifted his shirt over his head so he may have a look at his chest. He ignored Luna's slight blush in favor of admiring the tattoo on his chest. It was in the form of the symbol of The Hallows; a triangle with a circle in the middle and a single line across.

"The three items are now part of your magic now, you can command their respective powers with a mere thought. You won't need a wand to perform magic and with a simple thought you will be completely invisible even from myself and the same will apply to the powers of the stone." Luna explained and Harry looked at her in gratitude.

"Now while I still want to spend some time with you Harry, it is time to go. And remember if you want to talk to me and I am free, I'm only a thought away." Luna said and Harry knew a dismissal when a heard one. Before he could ask her about the means of transport he will be using, she gave him a wink and told him.

"Oh and Harry, this will not be very pleasant."

Harry blinked at that and before he could inquire what she meant, his world burst in pain. He felt like his very body was on fire, as if his very soul has been dipped in acid. His mouth opened in a silent scream and he closed his eyes while the pain continued. He prayed to anything listening for the pain to stop but it was like the pain in his just increased every second. It made the Cruciatus curse feel like a pinch in comparison.

The pain kept increasing in a crescendo up to the extent where he felt his body was going to disintegrate and then all of a sudden it stopped and he hit the ground with a thud and immediately passed out.

APRIL 2011

Nicholas Joseph Fury, otherwise known as Nick Fury buy almost everyone to those who have met him would describe him as a grizzled old super-spy who is paranoia in the form of a human. And they would convince you that if you looked in any 21st dictionary, you would see his photo right there.

He was as bald as they come, having lost his eye during the war from a friend and therefore his bald head, an eye patch on his left eye and black trench coat are considered as his trademark features. He was a hardened warrior who had fought, killed and watched his comrades being killed. He was a man who hated war so much that anything that hinted on a budding war was crushed with reckless abandon.

That is why he was always in a very bad mood for almost the whole day for the past year. Super powered individuals were popping up everywhere almost on a daily basis. It was no surprise that each one of these individuals felt that their powers were best used causing crime.

The government itself was not helping; for long he had strived for the passing of The Avengers Initiative but he was denied all the time. While the SHIELD agents were trained and had state-of-the art weapons, they were always out matched by the individuals with super powers.

The likes of Dr. Banner and Magneto always made him wish he had hair so he could pull it out all over again. The magnetic mutant had managed to somehow escape from the escape proof; devoid of metal; prison where he had been stashed by SHIELD. His friend Charles had assured him that his little band of mutants had things under control but it went without saying that Fury had SHIELD agents patrolling about the X-mansion incase anything out of place happened.

A shame that he could not put one of his agents inside the mansion so that he can have more first-hand information of what the mutants were up to. It was not like he hated mutants, he knew very well that they had no choice in being born like that, in fact if they had been under his…er… someone's control then the country would have benefited a lot. They were so much of a wild card for his liking.

As if the mutants were not a problem of their own, Fury also had a problem of aliens who kept popping up from nowhere from time to time if the reports from the Fantastic Four were any indication. And that is not talking about the prince of Asgard and his little brother. It was a good think that the study of the Tesseract was going smoothly.

It was therefore the subject of aliens that found him standing the most secure cell in the world that had been built to hold the strongest man on the planet. With him was the Ironman also known as Tony Stark still in his suit and standing on Fury's right was Natasha Romanoff also clad in her skin tight cat suit as they watched the only individual in the cell who was most definitely not The Hulk.

"You think he will be waking up anytime soon?" Tony Stark asked getting impatient.

"Go home Stark, no one asked you to stay here." Furry answered gruffly though it was all he could take not to get into the cell and wake their prisoner.

The boy er… young man had been unconscious for about 16hrs since he had been brought in by Stark, Agent Romanoff and Agent Barton. It was just luck that, the portal that deposited the body of the young man just a few meters from the point where Stark had been held a few years ago. As fate would have it, the two SHIELD agents had accompanied Stark back to see what they could salvage from there and a simple call from Fury had them there in a moment.

"And miss seeing a pissed off alien when he wakes up in a prison cell? Not happening." Stark scoffed.

"He looks pretty human to me." Romanoff pipped in.

"Of course he looks human, it wouldn't do for an alien to stand out where he is easily spotted. They always appear under disguise."

"You have watched too many movies Stark, and you are beginning to think like a kid." Romanoff retorted and spared the man in the Iron Suit a single glance.

"Are you sure there is absolutely nothing about him in our database Stark." Fury asked bringing the two out of their arguments.

"Nope, there is a Daniel Radcliffe who looked like him when he was twenty; though Danny wears glasses and is currently 50years old." Tony answered confirming his thoughts that that was an alien.

"I think he is waking up" Natasha informed her companions and sure enough the young man was stirring.

Waking up numerous times in the hospital wing, Harry knew never to open his eyes immediately, as he had realized people had a habit of putting very bright light above his head. Therefore, when he regained consciousness, instead of opening his eyes he spread his senses to first get a mental picture of where he was. And how the hell can I spread my senses.

Shelving that for later contemplation, probably something Luna forgot to mention like she seemed to enjoy doing, Harry could see or rather feel that he was in some kind of cell, and a very strong one at that but that didn't matter as he could just apparate out of it. There were three people outside his cell though he couldn't make out whether they were female or not.

He could feel a slight headache and he knew that his mind was probably in disarray and probably his occulmency shields had been shattered and would need to be rebuilt from scratch.

"Stupid cute woman, couldn't even warn me of anything." Harry growled under his breath.

He heard someone clearing his throat but he ignored them. Cursing Luna again, he dived into his mind and blinked. There was absolutely nothing; he felt like he was just hanging in space and the moment that thought registered he immediately felt himself falling and jerked his conscious out of his mind plane.

He jerked up into a sitting position and took a few deep breaths.

"Well that was dam scary." And what the hell was that.

He heard the person clear his throat again but he ignored them again as he tried to understand what was really happening. how come there was completely nothing in his mind, even when he had not mastered occulmency, he could find his mind but now he could not find anything, as if his mind was being hidden from him. And that was when it hit him. Of course the cloak, it's now part of my magic and it only makes sense that my mind would be under the effects of the cloak.

Before he could go back to verify his discovery, the man cleared his throat again and Harry was now getting irritated.

"I could offer you a cough drop if I wasn't a prisoner." Harry said as he lay back on the bed and put his hands behind his back, not even bothering to open his eyes.

"Who are you?" Fury growled without preamble.

"Harry Potter. Now if you don't mind, I am in the middle of something here, I will call you when am done." and with that he went back to his mental plane completely ignoring Fury's questions.

"Where did you come from?"


"Who sent you?"


"Why are you here?"


"Are you even listening to me?" Fury growled getting annoyed with Stark's snickering.

"I'm surprised you actually managed to figure it out Fury." Tony said as he enjoyed Fury's irritation. It wasn't every day that he found someone who can rile up that fast.

"Shut up Stark and check whether the name is in our database or not."

"Nope, Jarvis says it's not. It sounds to me like a name right out of fiction."

"What do you think he is doing." Romanoff asked, ignoring Stark.

Harry tuned out the conversation going on outside his cell. He reappeared in in his mental plane and immediately willed the effects of the Cloak to de-activate.

"Bloody hell"

The pace looked like a herd of Hippogriffs had just been plying tag from his mind. The memories were floating everywhere in the form of little balls of light, all the buildings he had constructed to categorize the memories had been destroyed to the foundations and the defenses he had created were nowhere to be seen.

"Well this is quite a handful. Good thing I no longer need mental defenses with the Cloak being part of my magic as the only way someone could get in my mind was if I wanted them to and my magic felt my intentions."

That made things easier as now all he needed was to categorize his memories; while that would take a lot of time it was much easier that creating a new mental palace and then creating defenses for the palace he creates. For the time being at least, he needed to just put them all together in order to get rid of the headache and he would sort them later, hopefully after escaping from this place. And with that thought he set to work.

Two hours later, Harry retreated from his mental plane and recognised a plate of food on a stool that had been put beside his bed. It was only then that he realized that he was very hungry and could probably swallow a hippogriff and ask for more. He had actually literary not eaten anything in ten years.

Casting a simple charm on the plate to ensure that he didn't run out of food before he sated his hunger, (while wizards couldn't conjure food, they had more than enough ways to ensure that if they came across any, it would be enough to last them as much as they desired.). Harry then started demolishing the food with such enthusiasm that even Ron would have trouble keeping up.

Harry knew that he was somehow being watched and that they would notice that he had eaten more food than he had been given but he honestly didn't care. He wasn't even planning to hang around any longer than necessary.

However, he needed information about the new universe he had been sent to. He could easily read the mind of the next person he came across but while he was a very accomplished Legilimens, he hated doing it unless it was absolutely necessary. That didn't stop him from reading surface thoughts to get the names of people and to ensure that whoever he interacted with wasn't telling him lies.

" That's a very handy trick you've got there." a soft voice just outside of his cell announced a person's presence making him pause in stuffing himself. He was rather impressed that she had managed to arrive and stay outside his cell without him realizing but in his defense, he was rather busy handling more important affairs.

Harry looked around where he was seated on his bed, to see pieces of food lying around him and he shook his head.

"I wouldn't exactly call eating like a pig a 'trick', my lady."

Harry looked at the lady and a smile made its way on his lips, though it looked rather ridiculous with half of his face covered in food. The first he noticed was that she was a redhead; her hair falling just below her neck. She had a heart shaped face that looked a bit like Tonks in her base form but lower cheekbones but the same expression of a woman who has earned her place in a male dominated world.

Her green eyes which a shade lighter than his own were watching him in a mixture of curiosity and amusement. She was clad in a skintight cat suit that hugged her in all the right palaces thereby accentuating her rather prominent curves and the fact that she was standing with her legs slightly apart did nothing to diminish that effect, rather the opposite.

"That is not what I am talking about, Mr. Potter and you know it." Natasha answered with her face devoid of any outstanding emotion. "…though I must commend you on that as well, it's quite impressive if I do say so myself. And you have been unconscious for two days so it's understandable"

"Sorry about that, I haven't eaten anything in a very long time ..." Harry sheepishly grinned at her and with a wave of his hand, he vanished all the bits of food on his face and bed, leaving only that remaining on the plate.

"I am sorry you have me at a disadvantage my Lady, as you seem to be aware of my name but I unfortunately don't know yours." Harry said as he stood up and approached the glass separating them.

"Agent Romanoff. Though you didn't answer my question."

"Oh… maybe it's because I never heard one, I presumed it was merely an observation." Harry answered with a raised eyebrow having been in such situations with Dumbledore enough times to know how the game is played.

"I guess it wasn't really a question." Natasha conceded with a slight smile. "Though I would really be interested in knowing how you did that."

"You meant to say SHIELD didn't you?" a slight widening of her eyes was the only indication of her surprise and any person would have missed it but Harry who had been watching her saw it as if her eyes had been as wide as saucers.

"And how exactly do you know about SHIELD?"

"I have my ways my dear." Came the mysterious response.

" … so when will I be… er… discharged from here. I mean I love this place, pretty nice company here in my cell but I have a life to live you know."

"Well maybe if you were willing to tell us about yourself, we would probably be willing to make sure your life is actually real."

Harry raised an eyebrow at that.

"I am sorry; I don't understand what that is supposed to mean."

"Our database has records of almost everyone and there is completely no record of anyone called Harry Potter; neither are there records of anyone that matches your features."

Harry frowned as he had not thought of that before, he should have realized that there would be agencies with records and his appearance would alert some people. He had not expected to deal with such this soon. Honestly, he wasn't even sure of what he had even expected when he agreed to this madness. Then again, it's not like I had much of a choice in the matter.

"And there is the fact that our satellites caught you appearing out of some kind of portal. So you will need to understand why we would be interested in you." Natasha continued, oblivious to Harrys thoughts.

Right, and they are apparently more advanced in technology.

"While I appreciate the interest most especially when it's coming from a beauty like you, I think I will pass."

"Unfortunately Mr. Potter, you don't have much of a choice and unless we determine that you are not a threat you will have to stay there. Well unless you are ready to cooperate and tell us what we want." Natasha

"And if I just decide to leave without getting permission?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"That would be unfortunate Mr. Potter…" Natasha said with a smirk of her own "…though I assure you that cell you are occupying was designed to hold the strongest …man on the planet as well as all people with certain gifts that may be similar."

Now that caught Harry's interest. It's not every day that one gets a chance to escape from an escape-proof prison. And it wasn't like this would be the first time. But then again, Azkaban was a wizard prison and this one is for muggles. And this was as good a time as any to test the extent and truth in Luna's gifts. And the fact that there are others like me makes things easier.

" That's all well and good but I unfortunately don't plan to stick around; though I wouldn't mind seeing that beautiful face again, Natasha dear." Harry winked at her and shimmered out of existence right before her eyes while at the same time casting a silencing bubble around himself.

Natasha blinked at the clearly empty room for a few seconds before her brain registered that someone had actually escaped from an escape-proof prison. She immediately activated her comm to connect with Fury and spoke clearly while getting her gun from the holster on her hip.

"Er Director, Potter has vanished from The Cube."

"What do you mean he has vanished; I was under the impression that you were interrogating him." Fury growled back, clearly not impressed.

"I was but he just disappeared right before my eyes."

"That should be impossible. Contact Stark ASAP and let him check whether his anti-teleporting tech has been compromised."

"No need for that my dear Black Widow…" Tony's voice pipped in. "…and no, the anti-teleporting tech has not been compromised, he must still be inside the Cube."

"And what did I tell you about hacking into our system Stark?" Fury asked though there was more resignation than heat in his voice.

"Sorry." Stark said sounding anything but. "You must admit that this guy is more interesting than Banner or those Mutants. I mean the guy according to Jarvis should still be inside but not even a heat signature can be detected."

"Unless of course he managed to somehow pass through your completely awesome ant-teleporting tech." Natasha pipped sarcastically.

"Ha-ha, very funny Romanoff, I will have you know that I created that technology myself."

"Yeah and apparently couldn't hold someone who has been unconscious for the last two days and has been awake for less than forty minutes."

"You really need to work on your sense humor; either that or you need to get laid and I wouldn't exactly be against the idea of helping you out."

"Could we please keep our minds on the situation." Fury growled snapping them back to the present.

"Well about that, it would seem that our friend has just vacated the cube four seconds ago." It was quite clear how much it pained Stark to admit it.

"So you can track him." Natasha asked as she got ready to fight in case Potter made a mistake of attacking her.

"No I can't. He is somehow able to hide himself as well as hoodwink Jarvis and I can't know when he is around, only after he has left."

Harry who had been eavesdropping on the conversation was very impressed. Both with the power of the cloak as well as the level at which the people of this universe were in terms of technology.

he heard a loud voice ordering the sealing of all exits and he smiled to himself. He was pleasantly surprised that the so called anti-teleportation technology did not stop him from apparating. Then if it was created to stop people like me as Natasha said, then how am I able to apparate?

Harry shrugged and decided to forget that for the time being. He silently followed Natasha along the ship; Helicarrier, as she headed to the meeting room for debriefing. Harry was having a bit of hard time matching her long and sure strides. Despite being slightly shorter and smaller than him, Harry found himself panting slightly while trying and failing not to be left behind.

He made a mental note to work on his physical fitness and try to avoid relying on magic too much knowing he could easily find himself in a situation where he is incapable of using his magic. He cast a mild levitation charm on himself and floated just behind the beautiful redhead.

Under normal circumstances, this would have been very exhausting as he would be using a lot of magic in maintaining the levitation as well as well as controlling the direction. It would be way much later before Harry realizes that little fact. The duo reached the board room or rather meeting room to find Fury, Stark, Maria Hill, Coulson, Clint and Natasha herself.

"I still think we should alert everyone on the Ship, sealing the exits has already put everyone on their toes as it is." Clint started the moment Natasha settled into her seat and the door was locked.

"Telling everyone will just cause unnecessary panic, and it's better that the Potter issue is kept quiet as much as possible; you never know who will be listening."

"So what do we do now?" Maria Hill asked and everyone looked at Stark.

"There is not much I can do right now, he seems to have extremely high tech and unless he wants reveal himself I don't think we shall be able to find him." He answered with a shrug while plopping his legs on the table.

"Well that gives credence to the suspicions by our team studying the images." Phil Coulson said bringing the attention to himself.

"Our technical team suspects that it was a time portal. From what we have seen of Potter, he is probably from the future and Mr. Stark just made the suspicions more probable." He further explained.

The group was quiet for a few seconds as they absorbed that information.

"Agent Romanoff, what do you think." Fury asked.

"From what I saw down there in the Cube, he is either an enhanced or a mutant."

"Yeah, no normal human can eat that amount of food that fast and still manage to escape the most secure prison that easily." Tony pipped in.

"His talent for clearing food apart…" Natasha said with a mild glare directed at Stark." … he had bits of food all over his face and the bed. However, he just waved his hand and everything vanished.

"Well that changes things. However, we shouldn't completely rule out the possibility of time travel." Stark said. "I managed to get the video of the portal; Jarvis has analyzed it and seems to believe that it was actually a time portal."

As they contemplated that, Fury's cell phone vibrated and swiftly withdrew it. He liked to believe that he had the most secure phone in the world and very few people could access it.

"Yes please." He growled.

"Ah Fury, this is Charles, Charles Xavier." Fury was at least happy for once to hear from his old…comrade.

"Good to hear from you Charles; though I am wondering how you managed to get access to my private number."

Charles chuckled.

"Now that would be telling. But that is not why I called you, maybe we can meet sometime and share a few secrets. God only knows you need to loosen up a bit."

"I am sure." Fury answered clearly not amused.

"Anyway, I wanted to talk about the mutant who is currently at your little flying ship."

"What do you know about him." Fury asked not even surprised that Xavier was aware of Potter.

"Well… nothing much other than the fact that his mutant power activated two days ago and he is extremely powerful."

"And what exactly is his mutant power." Fury asked now completely intrigued.

"Unfortunately, while Cerebro can help me find a mutant or their general location, it doesn't tell me their powers and we can only determine them with the help of the person in question. And that is why I will be arriving at your Ship in ten minutes."


"Now that is not something you don't witness every day. See you in ten minutes old boy." And with that he hung up.

"Well that was interesting." Tony Stark said.

"Do you know anything about privacy Stark?"

"Of course Nick old boy "Tony answered unapologetically.

"Maybe you should explain to the rest of us who are not interested in eavesdropping on private conversations." Natasha asked.

"Potter is a mutant." Fury said.

"And what exactly is a mutant?" another voice asked that didn't belong to any of the people in the room. There was a slight shimmer where the voice came from as Harry revealed himself and he found eight guns and a bow and arrow pointing at him, only Stark didn't react.

"Whoa guys, I just want a little bit of information and I will leave you to continue your conversation." Harry said raising his hands in a gesture of peace as well as in preparation in case he needed to conjure a shield if the conversation went downhill.

"Say whatever you want about the little alien, but you must admit he has style."

"Thanks Mr. Stark, it's always a relief to know that someone around here has a head on their shoulders."

"Anytime little alien." Tony answered happily.

A/N: Sorry about the lame ending, I realized I had gone beyond the number of words I had planned for and had to cut it short. Anyway, I am not a native English speaker, so please bear with me. And before anyone complain, I do have plans for the twins.