Chapter 19

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The next day after his early morning lessons with Illyana, Harry found himself in his study staring at the blue gem on his ring. He had not included the twins in the lessons yet as he gave them time to adjust to the change of environment as well as get used to their new home. However, the lessons would begin next week as he hoped that by the time other young wizards and witches started coming for training, there would at least be others to help him to teach.

That didn't stop them from doing some practice and currently the three teenagers were in the training room practicing what they knew and the twins were showing Illyana a bit of what they know while the older girl did the same. Harry was very happy that the three got along well. He wasn't exactly sure how that had really happened as he knew that if it had been himself, he would have had a harder time adjusting. Maybe it was because the two had not been with many friends and when they found Illyana who was very much willing to become one and didn't treat them demi-gods for being children of The Harry Potter.

Either way, Harry wasn't complaining and he hoped that things stay that way forever.

Currently though, Harry's attention was mostly on the Space Stone in his ring. The Fidelius charm kept the knowledge of its existence from anyone on earth which meant that those who are off the planet like Asgard would most definitely know of its existence. When Harry activated the Fidelius, it wiped the knowledge that Harry was the one in possession of the stone from Loki and Thor which meant that even when they left earth, they knew that the Stone still exists even if they didn't know who really had it.

They knew that Harry had made for them the crystal that took them back instead of the Bifrost as was usual and he had expected Thor or at least someone from Asgard to come back and try to talk to him or even just try to contact him. However, nothing of the sort had happened. That bothered him for some reason though he wasn't exactly sure why.

That wasn't what was really bothering him at this time though. Lately, he had been using the Stone a lot. Almost every single thing that he used to do with or without magic and can be replicated by the stone he was now using the stone. It was like there was an unconscious urge to use the stone as much as possible, like it wanted him to use more of its power. Harry wondered if it was part of any infinity Stone since they were too powerful and always wanted their power to be used. Was that why Stephen almost never used his? To avoid getting dependent on the Stone for everything?

Because that was exactly what Harry was becoming. He was leaning too much on the stone for his liking, something that could easily be taken from him as it was never part of him in the first place. What happens when he loses it, or when he is forced to relinquish it for one reason or another. What happens when he uses the Stone too much and when he loses it, his magic is not enough anymore since he has gotten used to the power of the Stone. None of the thoughts running through his mind were comforting at all he decided he needed to talk to the Sorcerer Supreme.

With that thought in mind, Harry used his magic and teleported to the entrance of the training room which was very quiet. He entered slowly to find room had been transformed into a wizard dueling arena that they used back in his home universe in the Dueling Circuit. His eyebrows raised slightly at that and when he spied the three teenagers, his eyebrows raised even higher.

Hadrian was lying unconscious on one side of the arena sporting blue skin with Jelly legs. He was wearing a bright yellow women's swimming costume and he had smell plants growing on his face. His hands or where they are supposed to be had been switched by his feet while his ears were very huge. All in all, it made a very… curious sight and Harry wondered how comparing notes had come to this.

Looking at the other side of the arena, he saw Mia sporting a brightly colored skin with a rainbow of colors that seemed to change whenever Harry blinked. Her head had been shaved clean like a monk and her clothes were missing except two pieces of cloth wrapped around her chest covering her breasts and around her thighs covering her butt and front. He wondered where Illyana was before movement caught his eye and when he looked at the ceiling, he saw a human sized flobberworm stuck there that was wriggling trying to get itself free. His eyes met its brown eyes that were glaring at him like it was his fault.

His lips twitching uncontrollably and tears running down his eyes, Harry slowly and quietly backed out of the room and shut the door. And then he erupted. He laughed like a mad man for about a minute until he felt his ribs hurting. Even then, he would remember Illyana's look and then he would be caught in a fit of giggles which would end with more laughter. Five minutes later, he felt that he had composed himself well enough and re-entered the room. Everyone was exactly as he had left them. He waved his hand and released his magic with a simple command.


The magic swept across the room repairing the destroyed arena turning it back to its original reached Hadrian who was nearest to the door and all the spells cast on him were negated and he woke up. Seconds later they reached the flobberworm who transformed back into Illyana and Harry caught him with his magic before she could fall on the ground. Mia was transformed as well and she groggily woke up. The three teenagers then looked at Harry's blank face and sported identical blushes.

"What happened here?" Harry asked in a cool clear voice crossing his arms.

"Sorry Dad." Hadrian started speaking. "I will not lie to you… they started it."

The girls gasped at him.

"You moron!" that was Mia, the girl was quite fond of the word when addressing her brother. "Who was bragging about having unlimited magic that dwarfed all us."

"I was only speaking the truth." Hadrian argued.

Harry's looked at them impassively. Hadrian of the three had the largest magical core, even bigger than Harry's when he was that age and he had the biggest core among his classmates at that time. Mia while not weak herself was significantly lower than her twin brother but what she lacked in power, she compensated in skill and during their mock duels she used to come on top most of the times though Hadrian had his fair share of wins himself. Illyana fell in between the twins with more than Mia and more skill than Hadrian.

"That doesn't mean it wasn't bragging." Illyana pointed out.

"Whatever happened here..." Harry interrupted them. "…I hope you don't try it again without me present. Your magic is in the process of transforming into maturity due to puberty and could be very unpredictable during high emotions."

Harry gave each of them a look and they looked at their feet.

"I hope I made my point then. Anyway, I am going to New York for a couple of hours and I'm not sure when I will come back." Harry turned to go but he was interrupted.

"Uhm, Harry wait." Illyana called and he stopped. "We, wanted to visit the X-mansion."

"Oh, ok. Just be careful and don't come back late." Harry told them. "Remember those guys who wanted to kidnap you are still out there."

"Yeah we shall be careful." Illyana assured him. "But we wanted to come with you. You could drop us at the mansion then you continue with your business."

"You have a port-key."

"I hate port-keys." Hadrian groaned and Harry had to smile to himself the boy was just as bad as he had been before the rituals which surprisingly Mia didn't share with her twin brother.

"Well you better get used to them as I will have to make for you each a mirror which will also be the means of transport to come here." Harry told him. "I will not be there all the time to bring you and your magic hasn't matured yet to allow to apparate."

"Does that mean you are taking us?" Illyana asked with a hopeful smile and Harry nodded. It would be nice for the twins to get to know others their age. Harry didn't want them to become loners like he had been back at Hogwarts and even before that at the Privet Drive.

"Well then you should go and prepare, I leave in ten minutes with or without you." Harry turned and left them as Illyana told the twins about her girlfriend and the other mutants.

Ten minutes later, Harry and the three teenagers appeared in front of the X-mansion. Illyana immediately ran into the mansion while the twins followed Harry at a more sedate pace. Just as they reached the front porch, Harry turned to them.

"You should be fine here but just in case something happens, use Illyana's port-key and get the hell out of here as fast as possible, alright?" the twins nodded and Harry entered. He found Chares and Ororo in the entrance hall as they prepared to go somewhere while Logan was brooding next to the door. The other teenage mutants were also there and smiled when the Harry entered.

Anne and Jean rushed to him and gave him hugs while Kitty stayed where she had been standing next to Illyana. After the introductions and greetings were done with, Harry excused himself and left as the twins were given more personal introductions and offered to be shown around. He then apparated to the Sanctum knowing that they would be in safe hands.

Teleporting just at the edge of the wards, Harry cast a mild notice-me-not and dispelled his invisibility and matched to the ancient looking door. When he knocked, the door was opened by Wong who seemed for once happy to see him. He was led to the living room where Stephen, dressed in his battle clothes with his cloak on his shoulders was standing at the window watching the New York skyline.

"Thanks for coming Mr. Potter." the Sorcerer Supreme started still looking at the window. "I have wanted to talk to you for some time but I had no way of contacting you."

"Surely the 'master of the mystic arts' wouldn't have found something as mundane as communication very difficult." Harry smirked at the man who turned to glance at him for a second before he turned back to the window. "I am fine by the way, thank you for asking."

"I have some grave news." Stephen said and Harry raised an eyebrow prompting him to continue. "I have reason to believe that Belasco is active again."

"Say what now?"

"He has been for quite some time now." Stephen continued looking back at Harry. "He is working with a group of half-demon warriors known as Cat-people who nursed him back to heal when he escaped from Limbo."

"I knew I should have killed that bastard." Harry groaned taking a seat. "So what does he want now?"

"His apprentice obviously."

"Former apprentice you mean?"

"It doesn't matter." Stephen stated. "Even if he severed the connection when he fled, Rasputin had already been marked by his demonic magic and therefore he can easily reestablish the bond even with yours in place."

"Well, Fuck." Harry groaned again. "I guess I will have to kill the bastard then if she is to ever be free. Wait… so those kidnapping attempts, was it him trying to get her back?"

"I wasn't aware of any kidnapping attempts but that means that he has been active far longer than I thought." Stephen was frowning. "Though it gets worse."

"Please don't tell me she is prophesied to give him an heir."

"Belasco is not working alone."

"Yeah, you said he is working with the Cats." Harry replied and Stephen shook his head.

"No, there is more powerful someone he is working with that is enabling his minions to walk in this dimension freely." Stephen said seriously. "Someone very powerful that the former Sorcerer Supremes never even dreamed of fighting. Personally I am very sure I wouldn't be able to best him in a one on one fight. He however cannot interfere directly in the mortal realm without exerting so much power so he needs a minion to do his dirty work for the most part. However, with Belasco…"

"He has an ally." Harry finished with a nod of understanding.

"Yes and while Belasco has his own limitations concerning the mortal plane, this guy has almost twice the number but if they become allies, then he can reduce on Belasco's." Stephen explained. "It probably because they haven't exactly reached an agreement yet that there hasn't been any bold activity but if they do ally, Belasco can directly appear on the mortal plane with Dormammu's powers."

"Dormammu… can't say I have heard of him before." Harry said.

"Then I imagine he wasn't there in your universe." Stephen conjured a holographic image of the being and Harry let out an impressed whistle.

"Quite imposing." Harry commented and Stephen nodded in agreement.

The humanoid looked to be about 6'1'', powerfully built and was dressed in a skintight violet suit with red and yellow boots, a thick golden belt and red gloves. The humanoid's face was surrounded by flames.

"I haven't had the pleasure of facing him before." Stephen said. "However, my predecessor The Ancient One once fought him directly in the dark dimension and suffered a thorough beating despite her extensive knowledge in the mystic arts. However, luckily for her, during the fight Dormammu was drawing on his realm's energies and weakened the barrier containing the mindless ones. The Ancient One had to work with the being to contain the beasts making him indebted to his opponent. She then demanded a binding vow from him to never enter the mortal plane on earth but it unfortunately left him the option of using others and in this case it is Belasco."

Harry was silent as he considered the Sorcerer Supreme's words when he ended his monologue.

"Well, let's get a move on." Harry suddenly stood up. "I am sure between the two of us we can handle him by ourselves and better we do it before he joins up with Belasco."

"Well as much as I would like to storm the Dark Dimension and kick his ass…" Stephen said. "We can only enter Dormammu's real with his permission or along with someone having permission."

"How did the Ancient One enter then?"

"Dormammu is quite arrogant or at least was and he drew her to his realm just for the sake of showing the other entities that he was very powerful."

Harry rolled his eyes, somehow he doubted that the entity would be repeating that mistake again.

"Well, it is a good thing that I have something that can take us anywhere." Harry answered with a grin.

"What do you mean?"

Harry was about to answer but he was interrupted when a very pale Wong burst through the door.

"Belasco…" the Asian panted. "He just attacked, the… the mutants."

"WHAT!" Harry shouted rounding on him. "What do you mean?"

"He attacked the X-mansion."

It took three seconds for the words to register in Harry's mind.


And with that he disappeared from the living room.

"Did he just_"

"Yes." Stephen answered as he started creating a portal to Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center. "He teleported right through the wards."

Harry silently appeared right in the middle of the entrance hall of the mansion. He ignored the destruction around him as his eyes searched the room for his kids and apprentice. His eyes were immediately drawn to a head of honey blonde hair who was crying in Jean's chest and Harry strode towards her. As if feeling his presence, Mia lifted her head and looked up into her father's approaching eyes. She released Jean and ran into his arms sobbing.

"Shh, its fine, I am here now." Harry assured her as he squeezed her tighter.

"I am sorry Dad." Mia sobbed. "They took Harry and Lya and I couldn't even do anything."

"Its fine Mia." Harry said pulling back a little. "I am just happy that you are safe, now I don't have to worry about you too."

Mia just sobbed harder for about half a minute before she pulled back.

"We have to get them back, Dad." She stated resolutely. "We have to go right now and get them away from that thing."

"Of course sweetheart." Harry told her. "I am_"

"We are." Mia interrupted him stubbornly. "We are both going to get them and I am not staying."

"You can't_"

"I most definitely can, Dad." Mia stated and Harry rubbed his temples.

"Look sweetheart." Harry said earnestly. "I know you can fight, and I wouldn't like nothing else than to have you watch my back but I can't fight to the best of my abilities if I am not only worried about your safety but also with the possibility of hurting you while I am trying to fight."

"But I can fight." Mia argued though Harry could see that there was less fire behind her words. "You have been teaching us how to fight, and I was able to hold my own when they tried to capture me as well."

"I know, and I have the most faith in your ability to fight." Harry told her. "But without me and the Sorcerer Supreme this place will swarm with all sorts of enemies, you need to remain as the interim Sorcerer Supreme and guard the mortal dimension from external threats until we can come back, can you that for me."

Harry by this point had pressed his forehead to hers and she nodded.

Harry stepped away from her to where Stephen was standing waiting patiently.

"Are you sure you can get us there?" Stephen asked and Harry nodded. he was just about to activate the ring but he was stopped by Ororo who was limping slightly.

"Take us with you." The beautiful African goddess said standing next to Logan and Charles. Harry shook his head.

"Like I told Mia, there are many enemies who wait for the smallest opportunity to attack this place." Harry said and Stephen nodded beside him. "There will be those that will try to attack now that Sorcerer Supreme will not be here."

Without waiting for a reply, Harry called for Nym who appeared on his shoulder and the two sorcerers disappeared with a flash of blue energy from the Space Stone.




"Do you ever shut up, kid.?"

"Of course, it's not like I sleep with my mouth moving." Hadrian replied indignantly. "But what in Luna's name was that. Is Illyana even still in there or something, she a completely different person and she even doesn't seem to know me at all."

"You will be facing worse soon enough boy." Storm told her cell-mate. "That is most definitely not Illyana and whatever Belasco has done with her, you will be following soon enough."

"Don't call me boy, I will be making fourteen in three months and nothing I have ever learned could ever explain what just happened." Hadrian said. "One moment Illyana was being tortured and the next she had transformed into this… sexy demon who_"

"What do you know about sexy little boy" a smooth voice with a purring tone to it asked from the door.

"I am not_"

"A little boy and will be making fourteen soon." Darkchylde interrupted his rant. "You have said that fifteen times now, all I hear is pathetic cries of a scared little boy."

"You know my father will destroy you, apprentice or not?"

"Potter is weak and pathetic compared to my Master." Darkchylde replied with a grin baring her sharp canines at Hadrian who drew back a little. "Just like his idiot of a son. Don't worry though, if he comes here he will only just be helping HIS plans move faster."

"Wait, Potter is your father?" the Limbo version of Storm asked and Hadrian nodded, his scared eyes still trained at the sexy Illyana in front of him. "Well that explains a lot of things now."

"Look Illyana, that monster is not your master." Hadrian pleaded. "You don't have to do this, let's get out of here and that will help you."

"You think I need help?" Darkchylde laughed, her tail flicking from side to side. "Your little Lya is no more, she was weak and got crushed while I took over. I am way stronger than she could ever hope to be, better than her in every other way, for I AM DARKCHYLDE."

"That is all well and good…" Hadrian answered with a calm he didn't feel. "We both know that you are merely a merely a speck of dust compared to Dad, as well as Bela_"

"DON'T YOU DARE SAY HIS NAME YOU UNWORTHY MORTAL." Darkchylde shouted, her clawed hands gripping the rails of the cell, her red eyes glowing even brighter. "If Potter comes, he will merely be crushed just like his pathetic apprentice and son."

"Why don't you give me back wand and I can show you just how pathetic I am."

Darkchylde laughed at him, her clear voice carrying through the cells.

"The fact that you need a piece of wood to perform of the least bit of magic shows just how useless you are." She raised her hand and Hadrian's wand materialized in her palm. She held it delicately from both ends and without exerting even any pressure, she snapped it in half. "So delicate, and weak; just like the one who uses it."

She let the pieces fall from her fingers all the while smirking at Hadrian's horrified face. However, she looked down when the pieces didn't reach the ground. The two pieces slowly floated from the ground towards Hadrian whole magic-dampening shackles had fallen from his ankles. The two wand pieces came together and joined together the tip shooting a myriad of colored sparks in the air.

"Hello Illyana."

Darkchylde spun very fast at the sound of Harry's voice, the Soulsword materializing in her hand but Harry simply grabbed her arm and flung her in front of a Reducto that came from the Hadrian. The force of the spell flung her across the room into a stone wall creating cracks and nearly breaking one of her horns. She made to get up but a gesture from Harry slammed her back to the ground compressing the space around her making her unable to move like he had done with the Unspeakables.

Stephen had meanwhile been freeing the others.

"Dad, you came." Hadrian barreled into Harry.

"Of course, did you ever doubt that I wouldn't?"

"Not even for a second." Hadrian answered. "But we have to get out of here before the other ugly fellow comes back."

"Indeed, now I am going to send you back to your sister." Harry told him.

"But what about you?"

"I will be fine." Harry assured him. "And I will be right behind you, however, I need to show this idiot why it is a bad idea to fuck with Harry Potter's family."

"I could tell you 'LANGUAGE' but that would make me sound like Mia." Hadrian laughed and Harry just shook head. "Come back to us, Dad."

"I will. Promise."

A gesture from Harry's hand teleported his son back to the X-mansion. He stood up and looked at Stephen and Storm staring at him. The Dark skinned woman had aged though not by much and Harry wondered how much time had passed here in Limbo since he left.

"That one didn't argue." Stephen commented and Harry chuckled.

"I think it is because he wanted to get the hell out of here as fast as possible though he would have been impossible to leave behind had he been in Mia's place." Harry answered with a smile as he turned to Storm. "You look as godly as I remember, if not more so."

"We have a very big problem." Storm said walking towards the petrified form of Darkchylde. "Belasco did something to her that transformed her into this though I have no idea what."

"I think he simply used his mark on her to draw out her tainted consciousness." Harry said kneeling next to the girl, no, young woman in the floor. "I didn't know it was supposed to transform her though."

"Your son thought she was sexy." Storm commented and Harry glanced at her before he went to study Darkchylde again. Her skin was very pale and her right arm was covered in some kind of armor. Her chest was bigger with fuller breasts, slim waist and wide hips and very long legs. She had a bigger behind though it wasn't much bigger than Illyana's normal one though this one had a tail growing from where he assumed was the tail bone on a normal human.

Her facial features were sharper and seemed to have been made for seduction and her red eyes that were now glaring at him or the horns on her head did nothing to reduce on that effect.

"He does have an eye to be proud of for sure." Harry nodded to himself and Storm rolled her eyes.

"You are what, nine years older than your son?"

"That is the multi-verse for you." Harry replied standing up. "So what happened here?"

Belasco came back, more powerful and with a group of half-demons called Cat-people." Storm answered as the trio headed for the main door, Darkchylde floating just behind Harry. "However, the Demons of Limbo no longer recognised him as their king. Apparently when he snapped his connection with Limbo when he escaped, he transferred the kingship to his apprentice so Illyana is the rightful ruler of Limbo. You guys don't see, to be surprised."

"I had already figured that out." Harry shrugged. "And I am sure Illyana also knew though she wouldn't admit it even to herself."

"Anyway, he got his Cat-people fellows and with the help of someone even more powerful, he was able to come to earth and kidnap her." Storm continued. "About six hours ago, he came back with her along with your son. He did something to Illyana and he was able to create other Bloodstones which resulted into her being transformed into Darkchylde as she is calling herself."

"How many bloodstones does he have?" Stephen asked.


"We need to act with haste." Stephen said and ignored Harry's snort at his choice of words. "We can't fight Belasco and Dormammu as well as the Elder gods at the same time."

"Oh, my God." Storm paused. "Belasco is working with Him?"

"Yeah and with the Beatrix Medallion almost complete…" Stephen trailed off though everyone understood the gravity of the situation well enough."

"Now I am beginning to think that we should have come with the mutants." Harry muttered. "While I am quite powerful, fighting Belasco's demons as well as these Cat-people and the Dormammu, not to mention the possibility of the Elder gods. Clearly we are awfully out numbered."

Stephen turned to the floating Darkchylde.

"You have to help us."

"And why would I even want to do that?" Darkchylde sneered.

"You consider yourself the leader of Limbo but unless Belasco is dead, your hold on the… throne will not be absolute." Harry told her even as she glared at him. "The Demons of Limbo will listen to you first and I know you want to kill Belasco almost as much as I do. So why don't we work together then."

"Don't presume to know me Potter."

"Oh, I know you alright." Harry smirked at her. "I know that you want to kill Belasco but you first want him to complete the Beatrix Medallion because you have no idea how to create a bloodstone by yourself. You think that it because of the four bloodstones that you now use that powerful sword and the armor on your arm and also believe that with the completed Medallion, you will be powerful enough to challenge Dormammu and take over the entire Dark Dimension. I know that you expect us to do the work for you as you can easily get out of the body-bind you are in. I know that you have ordered the Demons not to come and attack us from here."

Harry's smirk continued growing more feral as Darkchylde's red eyes narrowed at him.

"I don't need to read your mind to know this because I know you." Harry said as he lowered her to the ground. "I know who you are, I know that despite everything that has been done to you, despite everything you keep telling yourself, you are still Illyana Rasputin and I know Illyana."

The stared at each other for about half a minute, Darkchylde's glare intensifying while Harry just stared back unaffected by the glowing red orbs staring back at him. It also helped that even with her knew body, Harry was still way much taller than her. Eventually, Darkchylde pushed him out of the way and walked right past him and it was clear that she wanted them to follow her. Harry exchanged a glance with Dr. Strange and the Sorcerer Supreme gave a nod while Storm looked at the retreating back of Darkchylde and then at Harry in disbelief before she followed.

"That was pretty good." Stephen commented to him quietly.

"I wasn't sure it would work actually."

"And if it hadn't worked?"

"We will never find out now, will we?"

"You were going to need my help anyway." Darkchylde drawled as she led the way. "You wouldn't have been able to enter His realm without permission even with that little gem of yours."

"I am sure we would have found a way." Harry answered. "What do I keep telling you about magic and the impossible?"

"You taught Illyana, not me." Darkchylde spat and Harry chuckled.

"Whatever soothes your horns, sweetheart."

They followed her into some room, passing numerous demons that bowed whenever Darkchylde approached and Harry wondered how this had happened in such a short time. He was pretty sure Belasco never had that much respect even before his banishment. Or was it fear. Harry didn't presume to understand how demon hierarchy worked and he had quite a lot on his mind to try to figure out.

The room was circular in shape and had numerous runes traced on the wall all around. Harry understood most of them though there were some which looked completely knew. He walked around the room marveling at the work of art before him and taking note of how which rune was linked to another to create the Teleporting room he was standing in. Darkchylde walked towards one part of the wall and used one of sharp claws to slice her palm and smeared her dark red Blood onto what Harry knew was the central rune. The runes started glowing the same color as her blood the glow increased in intensity until it pained to look at.

Harry felt the shift in the magic as they were teleported to their destination and when he opened his eyes again, the light had vanished and they were in a completely different room. This one had more Runes than the former one and was in the shape of a pentagram. He could also feel the change of the magic in the air and almost an engulfing presence. Like something that seemed to be everywhere yet wasn't. He knew exactly what this presence was and he couldn't wait to meet him.

"What did Belasco want with my son?" He asked Darkchylde and Stephen and Storm stopped to listen as well.

"It wasn't Belasco who wanted your spawn, well not the one who wanted him the most." She answered. "HE cannot enter the Mortal real because of the vows he made to the Ancient One. At least not physically."

"So he wanted a vessel." Harry said coldly, his face completely blank. Stephen did a double take at the transformation. The Harry Potter he had gotten to know wasn't there. Gone was the care-free man who always had a bored look on his face. The man who seemed to find a joke in whatever the situation he was in, at least the few they had been together. Now, he saw the Harry Potter who had fought and won a war, a Harry Potter he would never wish to stand against.

"That is good to know." Harry finished as his armor reappeared on his body. Someone was about to find out that you never fuck with a Potter. Too bad the fellow wouldn't live to regret that.


AN: Thanks for those who have stayed around up to now. I am not sure why I am still writing this story because personally I think I already fucked up the story. I know there are numerous plot holes here and there but please bear with me, things will be explained soon enough.

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Anyway, next chapter I will give more information about my Dormammu for those who haven't read the comics. Till next time.