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"Bye Sonoko!" Ran waved for the goodbye.

"Bye Ran!"

Ran hummed and then noticed that there's a mail inside of the mailbox. As she opened the mailbox, she immediately spotted a mail invitation. She quickly opened it.

Dear Mouri-san and Edogawa,

I invite you three to watch a very special movie! Obviously your not the only person who got invited. There's a lot of person that you know! It will be a blast! Don't come? You will regret it for the rest of your life!

From your Fan~!

Ran paused and then read it again.

She smiled a little. Maybe it will be great to have a break once a while..

Later that evening she talked to her dad and Conan-kun to come watch the movie with her.

At first her dad refused because he wanted to watch Yoko. Ran got pissed off and smash the table into pieces with a vein popped on her forehead.

"DAD! YOU. MUST. COME. OR. I. WILL. SMASH. THE. TV." Ran threatened darkly.

Dad sweat dropped.

"Hai hai hai!" Kogoro said nervously. "I'll come!"

Conan stared at him and then look at the table that have been destroyed by mad Ran with a sweat dropped. Please remind me again that don't make Ran mad..

On the next day those three went to the movie. They noticed that everyone that they knew is here even Kaito Kuroba.

"SHINICHI YOU BASTARD!" Ran shouted and use her karate kick.


"Oops. Gomen." Ran apologized with a blush.

"It's fine." Kaito muttered.

"Oi Mouri-kun! What a surprise!" Megure-keibu exclaimed.

Kogoro's face lightened up.

"Inspector!" He said gleefully.

Conan suddenly shivered. Oooh..Why I have a really bad feeling about this?


The music starts and then the screen appeared with a title that says 'Detective Conan: Episode One the movie'.

Kogoro grumbled in annoyance.

"Why it's have to be about this brat?"

Eri looked at her husband in annoyance.

"Maybe you should stop complaining like a seven years old."

Kogoro grumbled.

A lady enters a suspicious testing lab by pressing her hand on the passcode to enter.

Ai Haibara stunned. Oh god. This isn't good. This movie will shows Kudo-kun and I darkest secret.

Conan look at Haibara grimly; knowing what she's thinking. Both of them is damned.

She poors coffee and milk and starts to open her desktop computer. It is revealed she is Sherry. She is working on a suspicious experiment in the Black Organization Lab.

Jodie Starling narrowed her eyes. Could it be?

She views some live footage of test subjects (mice) on a computer screen. She then phones her sister Akemi and asks her to come over, saying that she will show her something interesting.

The scene changed.

Shinichi explains Ran how detective are like sharks.

Ran gasped. She remembered this.

The opening features snapshots of important manga pages accompanied with the first soundtrack of Detective Conan, "Mune ga Dokidoki".

Everyone gaped at Shinichi.

"Oh my god! I love this song!" Ayumi giggles.

Everyone saw little Shinichi.

"I swear little Shinichi really reminded me of Conan." Sonoko realized.

Conan sweat a little. Obviously it is! He is me!

After Shinichi has solved the case and they are on their way back home, it starts to rain. Ran puts on her hood and the phone that Shinichi put on it accidentally falls. Ran is very upset and blames herself for trusting her new phone with Shinichi. Shinichi tells her he'll buy her a new one and to further lift her up, promises to take her to Tropical Land.

"OH MY GOD! Shin-chan are asking Ran a DATE! DEAR GOD WHY I WASN'T THERE?!" Yukiko Kudo whined.

Conan blushed. Oi! It's not a date...Isn't?

The scene changed.

A man walks into a bar called "Black Widow" and sits next to Vodka and orders the same drink.

Ai stunned, look scared. Ohmygodohmygodit'sthem. (Translation: Oh my god oh my god it's them.)

Conan growled at the sight of them. He still haven't forgive them what they have done to him.

'Those bastards.' He thought angrily.

The make an exchange of money for information. Gin appears and sits on the other side of the man and announces that the Organization was having a rat problem. He also says that the drink they were drinking was called "XYZ", a drink made from Rum and lemon juice, which is mentioned to imply an "end".

"Oh god. This isn't what I am thinking." Megure looked pale as he said it.

The man quickly tried to defend himself by saying that he isn't a rat and tries to excuse himself. He gets into his car, but is hesitant to start it for fear that it may explode. The car starts right up, which results in him trying to put on his seat belt, which again is met with hesitation. With this out of the way he shifts the car into drive and it immediately explodes.

"HOLY SHIT!" Almost everyone shouted in shock.

The scene changed.

Ran visits Shinichi at his house and they leave to buy the new phone Shinichi promised.

On their way, they meet Genta, Ayumi and Mitshuiko who are playing soccer.

"THAT US!" Detective Boys shouted at the same time.

Genta hits the ball hard and it goes off-side. Shinichi and Ran traveling through the same footpath give them their ball back. Ran questions why Shinichi left soccer, since he would have been a Samurai Blue Member by now if he continued.

"So true." Ran sighed.

Shinichi explains he wanted to develop the reflexes needed for being a detective and cites Holmes who practiced fencing.

"Good thinking." Yusaku Kudo smiled for his son.

Conan secretly felt happy about his dad praise.

While Shinichi is expressing his fondness about Holmes, they hear a woman cry for help. A thief has stolen her purse. The thief makes a run but is intimidated by Hina Wada. Sonoko approaches Ran from behind and takes her to her home with Shinichi following them behind.

There apparently are guests at Sonoko's home. Her mother scolds her for not knocking the door before she entered. The guest, Takanori Sewa seems to have some problems with his New Year Party. He has been receiving threatening letters.

For the those who was there for the murder, rolled their eyes.

Shinichi offers Sewa his assistance, but he declines saying that he has already increased the number of guards.

"That's sound fishy." Kazuha Toyama commented.

When they stand to leave, Takanori accidentally puts his electronic wheelchair on reverse. Shinichi rushes to help, but Ran pushes him off, saves Takanori and catches the vase which was falling. Takanori initially scolds Ran for trying such a reckless stunt, but realizes his mistake and praises her.

Sonoko and her parents want Ran to use a special suit they made for her for the coming Karate Competition, but there are regulations for the dongi they wear in competitions. She still accepts it saying that she'll use it for her practice, if they don't mind. They are still happy. Sonoko seems all excited, since she had carved "Love Shinichi" on the back collar of the dongi.

"SONOKO!" Ran shouted with a blush on her cheeks.

"Heheh!" Sonoko snickered.

Kaito chuckled.

Conan blushed.

In the end, Ran's new phone wasn't bought. Before parting ways with Shinichi, she remembers she forgot her wallet at his home. She finds it and goes to bid goodbye to Shinichi, who is reading at his home library.

"Typical." Ran sighed. She missed Shinichi, after one and a half year of waiting.

Ran thinks Shinichi's first crush was his actress mom, but he denies it. Ran questions then who was it?

'It's you, Ran.' Conan thought.

Shinichi stares for a while at Ran and tries to say that it was she, but Agasa interrupts this moment with a mobile rocket experiment gone wrong. Ran provides first-aid to Agasa. Shinichi thinks his experiments are way dangerous for a device carrying out transportation. Agasa brags that he put safety first in building his mobile rocket and starts it again. His rocket flies him away screaming.

Almost everyone snickered.

"HEY!" Agasa protected.

Meanwhile, Vodka expresses his suspicions regarding the man who wants to hold their important transaction in an open ground. Gin seems to despise Bourbon.

The scene changed, it shows the karate tournament.

Ran is doing well in the competition, going further step-by-step. Sonoko cheers her while Kogoro and Eri argue on which one's characters their daughter inherited.

"Really?" Ran sighed, wanting her parents back together again.

In her fight with Hina Wada, she faces tough competition and on the brim of losing. At such a vital time, Shinichi gets a call from the Inspector regarding a case and he has to leave urgently. He apologizes to Ran for leaving. But she is in a burning rage, surrounded by dark aura. Hina Wada and even the referee is scared at her look. She is definitely going to win the tournament.

Conan sweat dropped. Oh dear.

The scene changed.

Takanori Sewa's New Year Party has been interrupted by a murder: one of the guests, President Yamazaki of Yatsubishi Bank, was found dead with a knife that pierced through his heart. The police, led by Inspector Megure, have been investigating the crime scene, but have no conclusive evidence as to who the killer is.

Shinichi makes his grand entrance and claims he has figured out the case.

"Eh?! That fast?!" Kazuha Toyama said in shock.

"The crime took place in a sealed room that was locked from the inside. The murderer entered through the balcony from an adjacent window, and escaped the same way. The ground below the balcony has no traces, and based on that, this murder must have been committed by someone here," He reasoned with his detective mode face.

"It is impossible!" The house owner denied. "There must be at least a 10 meter gap from the window to the balcony...how can anyone jump across that?"

Shinichi spoke again with high confidence. "If one makes use of the roof's eaves...then the distance to the balcony is not more than two meter!" He finished proudly.

"So much confidence in there." Yukiko squealed. "He must've taken from me!"

The house owner scoffed.

"Humph! That's such a naïve deduction!" The house owner mocked. "Then, how could the person leave? If the gap is two meters, and the eaves are only ten centimeters wide, how does one safely return?"

Shinichi smirked.

"Just before the murdered left the first room, he fixed the end of a rope there. When leaving the second room, he fixed the other end onto the balcony, and then climbed back." Shinichi says confidently.

"Ah..In that case, how does the person untie the rope on the balcony?" Megure asked. Shinichi smiled.

"That's simple, Megure-keibu. That end of the rope would have a rob attached to it, and it would hold between the balcony's posts due to constant tension in the rope, so with a little bit of slack...it can be removed!" Shinichi smirked, "Could you go to the balcony and check? You should find some marks on the spot where the rod was held."

Megure looked thoughtful and then asked Shinichi why would Yamazaki waited in a locked room.

"I'm afraid that the murderer told him that he had some important information, and instructed him to lock the door from the inside and wait."

The house owner begun to sweat a little.

"BUSTED!" Ayumi said.

"That's enough! You're straying from the point! Who killed my best friend Mr. Yamazaki!?" The house owner shouted impatiently.

Shinichi closed his eyes, "Only one person who knows the layout of the house very well could have done it...and during that time...could go wherever he wanted, and no one would suspect him. He is..." Shinichi paused.

"He is..?" Kaito asked.

Megure and others leaned forward.

"He is..?" Megure and others questioned.

Shinichi opened his eyes and pointed his finger to the house owner, "It's you!"

The house owner, being in the wheelchair, then starts to laugh, claiming that he's no position to be able to commit such a crime. Shinichi then grabs a globe and throws it towards the owner who immediately jumps out of his chair to avoid it. The maid and guests are all in shock.

"S-Sir your leg.." One of maid gasped.

"Your leg had already healed three months ago!" Shinichi says, "Isn't that so, Megure-keibu?" Shinichi cheerily asked Megure.

"Ooh a happy side." Ai snickered.

"Shut up." Conan whispered.

"CRAP!" The house owner cursed. He quickly tried to gets away from his wheelchair in panic.

"Ha! Trying to escape?!" Shinichi smirked. Shinichi kicked the globe to the nearest thing that he can kick.

The globe hit the house owner, and knocked him down.

"GOAL!" Shinichi shouted victoriously.

"Hooray!" Detective Boys cheered.

"YES!" Ran cheered.

After then the house owner was arrested.

"Like always, Kudou-kun! Good job!" Megure said cheerfully.

"No, no," Shinichi closed his eyes, opened then, and pointing at himself in a cool cheesy manner, "If you had more cases, just call Kudou Shinichi!"