Episode One: Planning

A/N: Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been very active lately. I want to introduce you to my dear friends, C-chan (you can call her C), Annie, Kai, Lea, and Matt. Gosh darn, so many non-existent friends I have! (Actually, they are based on some people I know. Also, I'm Fic.) Sorry for such a long a/n.

C-chan: Hai!

Annie: Hey.

Matt: …

C-chan: *whispers* Say hi, Matt.

Matt: …

Annie: Come on, Matt!


Matt: *glares at Annie, C, and I* Hi.

Kai: *laughs*

Lea: You gotta talk sometimes Matt.

Matt: But… but…

Lea: Not "but"s!

Kai: Hi, audience!

Lea: Hiya, everyone!

C-chan: You know, maybe we should go outside the page. It's getting a bit squished.

Everyone but me: *mutters some form of agreement*

Fic/Me: *sighs*

Everyone but me: *starts leaving*

Annie: Bye, Fic!

Kai: Bai!

Lea: See ya later.

C-Chan: *can't think of a creative way to say bye* Um…

Matt: *sprints out*

C-Chan: Oh no. I'm the only one left. *thinks harder*

Fic/Me: Muahhahahaha. You must now help me with the disclaimer.

C-Chan: 0-0

Fic/Me: *evilly smiles*


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Dragonball series or manga. I am not making money from the series either.

Vegeta was never a patient man. He sat in a room, a scowl on his face, waiting for the man who lived there to come home. His scowl deepened as the young man who sat across from him shifted awkwardly. The 25-year-old across from Vegeta was none other than Son Gohan. It still dumbfounded Vegeta how Goku could raise a child. On his own, nonetheless. Not that Vegeta would ever admit it.

Vegeta and Gohan looked at the door, sensing the nearby ki of Son Goku. A click was heard as Goku happily walked into the room.

"Vegeta! What brings you here?" The addressed man mentally face-palmed.

"Idiot. I told you I would be here." Vegeta scowl deepened. Goku's eyes lit up in remembrance.

"Oh yeah! Didn't you say you had a kid?" Vegeta glared at Goku, as Gohan's eyes widened slightly. Vegeta's glare turned to the younger man.

"Don't act so surprised. I'm here because I need your father to come with me to Earth. Those Earthlings have created a strong weapon, and I believe they have one of our own with them. Specifically my son." Gohan frowned as Vegeta sneered at him. "Well, let's go then!" Goku skipped out of the room. This time, Vegeta actually face-palmed.

He waited for Goku to come running back. Several minutes later, Goku did in fact come back. "Wait, how will we get there?" With a smirk, Vegeta walked out of Goku's house, and flew up. "Follow me."