Chapter 1


Time is like wax, dripping from a candle flame. In the moment, it is molten and falling, with the capability to transform into any shape. Then the moment passes, and the wax hits the table top and solidifies into the shape it will always be. It becomes the past – a solid single record of what happened, still holding in its wild curves and contours the potential of every shape it could have held.

- Cecil Gershwin Palmer Welcome to Night Vale

As Nick Carraway sat on the train back to Chicago, he thought back to that summer, the summer of Gatsby. Jay Gatsby, the only non selfish person left in the world, was dead. Jay Gatsby; who had ambition, who would do anything to make a life, not just for himself; but for the girl he loved; a man who always looked at that little green light at the end of the dock. Only Gatsby did not realize that light was forever out of his reach. No matter how close you got, no one could reach it; because that light was not as bright as it seemed to be. Not as bright as it might have been four years before; or maybe it wasn't all that bright to begin with, maybe Daisy was always the same selfish coward she is now. Perhaps any light; no matter how dim, shined bright to a man who spent his life in darkness. Either way Nick couldn't stand her after what she did. Left Gatsby to take the blame for what she did. And never even sent his funeral flowers, those flowers were Wolfsheim's; who turned out to be more loyal, more noble than the Buchanans will ever be. He truly saw Daisy for what she was now; a shallow, vain, selfish woman who used others like a spoiled child with a toy; loving it one minute, playing with it till it breaks, crying over it for a bit, than moving on to the next, shiny new object until the process began again.

If Daisy Fay Buchanan was like a toddler than Tom was like a Leech., 'Tom Buchanan is like a parasite', Nick thought to himself, 'only instead of blood, he feeds on relationships. Sucking the life out of them, for as long as possible, until only a dried out shell remains and then leaving the husks for the vultures.' And such a hypocrite too, lecturing Daisy on adultery, and families falling apart ,when he himself was a notorious adulterer;he himself had destroyed the relationship of The Wilsons. Nick also remembered Tom's words the night of the accident,"looks like Wilson will finally get some business." Tom didn't care someone might have died, until it turned out to be his mistress!

Tom also Chastised Gatsby on his means of income when he himself went to speakeasies on multiple occasions; not only that, but probably bought alcohol from the very drugstores that he was so livid about! Hell, Tom should have thanked him; for giving him the Whiskey that fueled his parties in that Brooklyn apartment with Myrtle's sister, and Friends. Talking about how Gatsby would have to steal Daisy's wedding ring!,"'You aren't worth the dirt on Gatsby's shoe Thomas Edward Buchanan!"' Nick had wanted to tell him, when he ran into Tom again. But he didn't say that; thinking back Nick realized what a coward he was.

Lost deep in his thoughts; he didn't see the conductor; a tall, muscular Irish man in his mid thirties; with a prominent Jaw,greasy brown hair, and piercing green eyes approach him, nor did he hear him ask for his ticket. The poor man had to repeat himself. Nick only noticed when the Conductor Grabbed his shoulder.,"I said Ticket please!", the Conductor Exclaimed.

"Oh, that's right; here you go.", Nick said; realizing that people were starting to look at him; he had created a scene Nick Realized embarrassed, he apologized."Sorry, i'm afraid i got a lot on my mind.".,Nick Admitted; ashamed; the Irish man began to chuckle,"No, It's alright after all; ye gave me the ticket after all didn' Ye, old sport! 'ell,I should be the one apologisn' wha' fer Grabbn' Ya like that!", he said with an apologetic tone. Nick did a double take. The man had called him 'Old sport' It was at that point the man reminded Nick of Gatsby, If Gatsby was a tall irish man, of course!,"What's with tha' face?,the Conductor asked;"It's as if ye've seen a ghost or som'thon!" The Conductor than stated,"well enough chat, i've got a hundred other passengers to go ta,but if you need anything; ask for Jimmy O'Brian, and i'll get ya what you need." With that he went on to other passengers. That one conversation gave Nick a bit of hope he desperately needed; and while he still had no faith in the current world he smiled. The world needed more people like Jay Gatsby, and Jimmy O'Brian. Nick Began to look out the window as the grey, dreary surroundings of The city turned into the green, rolling hills of the countryside. Maybe there was hope; no matter how minuscule, there was still a tiny glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. He only hoped that Jimmy O'Brian would not make the same mistakes as Jay Gatsby. Than Nick's hope began to fade away; knowing the way the world works, hard working men like Jimmy O'Brian,Jay Gatsby, and George Wilson are always brought to the bottom.

A/n So this was my attempt to write an epilogue to the Great Gatsby for a school project. I have actually come up with an entire story. And i'm trying to get an A! Also a warning in future chapters there will be more OCs, Historic figure insertion, and a bit of what i call Ancestor Insertion, it's like self insertion except with your Ancestors, and therefore much less likely to create Mary Sues because you don't tend to look through rose colored glasses when it's based on stories you heard through your grandparents. Or maybe it's just me looking at the dysfunction that is both sides of my family! Some of whom you will meet later in the story. Jimmy O'Brian however is an Original character. This is my first story on Fanfiction so please tell me what you think. Constructive Criticism is wanted!