Chapter 2 Daisy A/N I updated! This chapter,as you know from the title is from Daisy's perspective;i'm gonna split chapters and storylines between the many characters so sorry about that we will get back to Nick in a few chapters, or so. While a passenger steamer to europe sounded rather relaxing, and romantic in theory; the truth was ships always freaked out Daisy. she was always nervous that they might be trapped at sea because if someone misinterpreted directions, they would be beached, or the ship would sink. When the Titanic Struck an iceberg, and sank in 1912; well, that only increased her fears of passenger ships. Still, she was here, on a Promenade deck the warm summer wind blowing across her face; laying down on a brown deck chair trying not to think about the merciless ocean below the steel plated ship. Even worse the ship was the Olympic sister ship to the Titanic. Renovations after the war, or not it was still Horribly outdated. She begged Tom not to go on a passenger Steamer, but as always he didn't listen.,"i went on the ship as a child.",he explained,"It would be nice to relive old memories."

But, as always she had to keep a happy face to stop Pammy from worrying. That was her life for the past five years; keeping a happy face to please the world. It was what keeped her from leaving Tom when he was in a car crash with his mistress;she simply had too much pride to admit when she was hurt. It was also partially the reason she didn't realize how much she missed Jay; It wasn't until he was back in her life that she felt happiness again. She felt not like Daisy Buchanan; depressed, disillusioned housewife putting on a happy, joking face to please everyone; and more like Daisy Fay, the carefree girl in love for the first time. Jay made her complete!

And she left him to take the blame for something She did! Daisy had left one of the men she loved to die for Her reputation. She may have worn a White sundress today; but she will always feel like it was stained red; stained from the blood of two people who didn't deserve to die. But then not only she would die but also- no, she won't think of Gatsby's death; it probably wasn't healthy anyway to obsess over someone who was gone. She should just forget him for now like she forgot him five years ago.

Daisy would never forgive herself;even many years from now when she was old. Even if she was carrying something to remember him by; she hadn't told either Jay, or Tom as they would get even more upset; she was with child, and she now believed it was Gatsby's. When she first found out she had fooled herself into thinking it was Tom's; even though he hasn't touched her in years. three days ago she had told Tom about it; told him this was His child; and well, a night of leaving Pammy with the Nanny on the cruise that to what he considered his second honeymoon; he called it, "Starting anew." it was believable. Tom didn't force himself on her, lord knows he isn't That selfish. No, she supposed she did it to distract herself from her guilt.

Suddenly, she was brought out of her train of thought when Pammy called to her from across the promenade deck; complaining about how nanny wouldn't let her Curl her hair; When she reached her mother she told her why she wanted to curl her hair ,"So i can look like aunt Jordan",Pammy cried. Daisy comforted her, explaining she told Nanny not to let her; as it was dangerous for girls her age, she will have Margret, her own personal hairdresser; curl Pammy's hair on her fifth birthday. Pammy seemed disappointed with her mother's answer;stating that she can't wait to turn five,when she could finally curl her hair.

Daisy sighed, wishing that she was closer to Pammy. But, then again; childcare was below women of her stature; that was what Nannies, and wet nurses were for, after all. And once she was school age, her boarding school would do the same. Daisy's own mother wasn't close to her, nor her mother before her. This is the way it's always been, and always will be. Besides, she wouldn't know what to Do with her daughter for more than a few conversations. She was sad she wasn't close to her beautiful little fool; but there was nothing she could do about it. It would be the same way with the new baby;whether she wanted it, or not. She was taught etiquette, piano,regular curriculum, and managing money; she was never taught how to parent,or that there were other people outside her social bubble. She wished she had gotten that lesson instead of those forced dance lessons; then maybe Jay would still be alive.

She had wanted to go to the funeral; she really did. But her father passed away of Tuberculosis and she had to go to the funeral all the way down in Kentucky. She remembered taking an airplane for the first time; and while that was exciting, and she could get to Louisville in an hour; two funerals in one week would have just been depressing. Even if it was Jay's; and she did send flowers.

Even more saddening was the fact that Nick had gone back to Chicago; when she asked Jordan why; the golf star merely shrugged, and suggested that maybe he had gotten homesick. Daisy supposed that made sense, after all he had been rather mopey for the past few days. She had Tried to make Nick feel welcome, but he was always a homebody anyway; so maybe this was to be expected. Still, she hoped he would get home safely. After all, chicago was a few days journey by train from Long island. And trains were safe; Unlike this godforsaken ship; but she could look on the brightside. Cherbourg was just two days away after all.

A/N Well, another chapter down! So, the plot thickens Daisy is pregnant with Gatsby's child and lamenting on what she did. Also, we get to see her Relationship with Pammy. I always had a feeling that she really cared about Pammy,she just has an awful way of showing it And where is Tom? Well, let's just say old habits die hard. He is *ahem* "Bonding" with a stewardess on the ship.