Percy Jackson was no ordinary child. Percy was never the popular kid, nor the loud and rude one. He was just... unique. He was motivated and had goals, at the age where no-one else would have even considered their life plan. Yet, he knew since he was young that something was different about him. He could feel the waves in the ocean when he was visiting Montauk. The feeling calmed him, but at the same time was immense, constantly changing, and just felt... strange and foreign. Not too much unlike unmarked territory. The only other way he could relate to the sensation was his mom's blue cookes. The flavor was immense and never seemed to go away. The endless waves always seemed to call him, beckoning him to come closer. When Percy trekked closer, the waves became calm and steady. They welcomed him when not many others would. And that was his favorite part of Montauk... he had something to confide in, something to trust. No more nagging at school or run-ins with Gabe... just peace. And he wasn't sure if he was ready to give that up just yet.

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