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"I promise, we're ok. I love you, and I'm gonna love that little girl," Damon, Look After You, Chapter 25

Ghosts That We Knew

It wasn't supposed to happen like this.

Things were perfect, they were happy. Jade had everything that she wanted and then, in a matter of weeks, she lost almost all of it. An ancient spirt known among the witch community as the Hollow started to gain traction in the city, gaining a stronger hold until it could take over its intended target; Hope.

They had finally tracked her down but the only thing they could do at this point was move it to someone else. They also found that in order for the transfer to work it had to be an immediate blood relative of Hope, a sibling or a parent. Jackson and Jade planned to take it, splitting off and never being around Hope or each other again. The thought made them sick but they knew they had to do it.

I could kill Freya, Jade was thinking to herself during the drive but really that wasn't fair. It wasn't her fault. Jackson should have talked to her, should have told her what he planned to do, rather than just leave her and Hope long letters with explanation. Freya had gone to him and Klaus urgently as she worried the transfer might kill Jade.

Her magic was stronger than Hope's since she had turned and the Hollow, even in pieces, could take root and destroy her from the inside. With his wife and his daughter both on the line Jackson did the only thing he could think to do. He took the hollow all himself before ending his life. Jade shook the thoughts from her mind as she pulled into an all too familiar driveway. She pulled a sleeping Hope from the car and carried her up to the house.

"Hi baby," Kelly greeted her.

"Mom," Jade whimpered, her eyes full of tears. It was the first time she had seen her mom since Jackson's funeral. She couldn't stay in New Orleans after what happened, leaving with Hope for her new semester at the Salvatore School where she would now teach. When she was old enough she would return to New Orleans to be the Crescent alpha. But, for now, both she and Jade needed a change of scenery.

8 years later

"I don't know how you get any work done," Kelly was commenting to Jade that afternoon as she surprised her daughter with lunch. She had passed one of the other teachers in the hall, Damon Salvatore.

"Mom," Jade laughed, shaking her head. She knew what her mom was doing. Jade and Damon had become friends shortly after she started at the school. Damon was good to Hope because she understandably had some behavioral issues once she started back after her dad died. Kelly was convinced there was something more there, but Jade wouldn't budge on it. She kept insisting it was too soon even though it had been nearly a decade since Jackson had passed.

"Ah, Jade?" Damon was saying after a quick knock on her office doorframe. "Can I see you down the hall?"

"Hope?" Jade sighed and he nodded, with her excusing herself from her mom to go see what was going on. Unfortunately, her behavioral issues could still flare up now and then as she obviously missed her dad. As she followed him into his classroom she saw what her daughter had done. The students all had their books out on their desk and she had set fire to all of them. All of the other students were cleared out and Hope was now sitting front and center.

"Not a fan of the classics?" Jade asked, picking up one of the charred books as she leaned back against Damon's desk in front of where her daughter sat, Damon standing nearby.

"Do I have to be here for this part?" Hope asked her. "You two can just decide my punishment."

"Your grandmother is down the hall," Jade instructed her, pointing at the door; Hope got up quickly. "We're talking about this tonight!" Jade called after her, her head falling back now with a groan. "I am so sorry," she told Damon now as she stood fully and turned to him. "I don't know what's gotten into her lately," she continued.

"Third time this month," Damon nodded in agreement. While Hope had a lot of adjusting to do in the beginning, she actually started to get on pretty well. Her incidents were becoming fewer and farther between, save for now of course. "I think this is different though," he started out cautiously.

"How so?" Jade asked curiously.

"Her other outbursts...they're literally bursts," Damon tried to phrase it. "These ones are a lot more controlled and...they've all happened in my class."

"You think she's faking?" Jade asked. She wasn't mad, just confused. "Why would she-"

"You notice how she keeps making a break for it?" Damon cut her off, noting that they were alone.

"She's been talking to her grandmother then," Jade muttered, crossing her arms over herself.

"She asked if I was ever going to ask you out before class started," Damon told her.

"...what did you say?" Jade asked.

"I told her no," Damon told her. "I told her I was going to respect you boundaries." And there it was. She continued to deny that Damon even thought of her that way, but it seemed the only thing keeping him from asking her out was the wall she built around herself.

"And she got us alone together anyway. Subtle," Jade commented of her daughter, eyes drifting to the scorched books on the desks. "I've gotta go talk to her," she told him and he nodded, stepping to the side the let her by. Jade found Hope in her office still, talking with Kelly. "Mom," Jade said, nodding at the door. Kelly said her goodbyes, letting herself out.

"...so?" Hope asked, the fifteen year old awaiting her punishment.

"You have to tell me what you were thinking," Jade told her as she sat behind her desk across from Hope. "And I mean, what you were really thinking," she tacked on.

"I just thought," Hope started off but then trailed off, shrugging now. "I don't know mom. I just wanted you to have fun."

"You almost burning down the school is fun?" Jade asked her.

"I was just a couple of books," Hope said defensively. "Mom, you're different when you're around Damon-"

"Mr. Salvatore," Jade corrected her as he was still her teacher.

"You're happier," Hope went on, ignoring her. "You smile and you laugh like..." She stopped, swallowing over the lump forming in her throat.

"Like what?" Jade asked gently.

"Like you used to with dad," Hope admitted.

"Honey," Jade sighed, with Hope getting up to pace.

"You don't have to be by yourself for me mom," Hope told her.

"It is a lot more complicated than that," Jade assured her not wanting her to think she didn't date because of Hope.

"I miss dad too," Hope told her, sitting down again. "But, we don't have to be...stuck," she decided on the word. The bell rang signaling the end of the class period.

"Go to your next class," Jade nodded at the door.

"Mom," Hope said, though she wasn't angry. She seemed sad.

"Hope Olivia," she said meaning she was serious but her voice was still gentle. After Hope left, Jade went down the hall again before she lost her nerve.

"Everything ok-" Damon started off.

"Are you doing anything tomorrow?" Jade interrupted.

"...no," Damon said, not sure where she was going with this.

"Can you cook?" she asked now; he nodded as he realized what she was getting at.

"My place?" he offered and she nodded.

Jade didn't know why she was so nervous. She had known Damon for years and he was great. As soon as she got to his house though her nerves melted away. She was so at ease with him. They sat on the couch after dinner and talked about anything and everything. And, Hope was right; she laughed a lot.

"It's starting to get late," Damon told her now, noting the time.

"Oh, I didn't even notice," Jade said, setting her wine glass down. "I should get going," she said, though she didn't get up. They lingered for a few moments, unsure of what to do.

"I'll walk you out," Damon said though he didn't get up either; if anything he shifted closer. He reached out tentatively, brushing a piece of hair out of her face.

"It's ok," she said, knowing he wanted to kiss her. He leaned in and kissed her softly at first; then, she was pulling him closer, their kissing getting more intense. Jade found herself laying back on the couch, Damon carefully holding himself over her as they continued to kiss. And that was when it hit Jade that the last person she kissed was her husband.

"Damon," she panicked, pushing him away.

"I'm sorry," he said immediately as he backed away, giving her room to sit up. "I shouldn't have-"

"It wasn't you," she shook her head quickly, getting to her feet. "I, um, I just have to go," she said, leaving now. She heard him calling after her but she left anyway, figuring she left him feeling like he blew it. And it wasn't him at all.

Rather than go back to her place, Jade made her way to her mom's house. She knew her mom would know exactly what to say, she always did. As she stopped out front though she spotted someone else outside.

"Dad?" she said as she noticed Klaus heading for the door.

"Hi sweetheart," he greeted her, stopping and waiting for her on the porch. "I was going to surprise you but when I got to the school Hope had told me you had gone out." He was smiling but when he saw her on the verge of tears he shifted. "I'll kill him," he said immediately.

"It wasn't him," Jade said, wiping her eyes. "It was me. I just felt...so guilty, I-"

"Why?" Klaus asked and she looked at him like he couldn't be serious. "Sweetheart, if this is about Jackson-"

"It always is," she stopped him. "How...how can I do this? Jack died for me and I'm...I'm going out with Hope's English teacher?"

"Jade," Klaus sighed, getting her to sit with him. "Jackson was a great man. He was an amazing husband and a wonderful father. And I truly loved him for you." He rested a hand on her back. "But, he is gone. He died so you could live."

"I am living," Jade protested.

"You're surviving," Klaus corrected her. "Living isn't running away from New Orleans, shutting everyone else out, refusing to love." He looked her over. "Are you happy when you're with this English teacher?"

"Hope's noticed," Jade murmured.

"Jackson would want that for you," he assured her, putting an arm around her and she settled into him, hugging him back. "It's ok to be happy Jade."

The next day at school Damon had felt like he truly blew it. He never should have kissed Jade, he should have gone much slower after waiting so long to even hang out with her as more than friends. Hearing a knock at his office door, he noticed Jade was there.

"Can we talk?" she asked, coming in.

"I'm-" he started to apologize.

"Don't be," Jade stopped him. "I'm the one that should be. I..." She laughed a little bit. "I really don't know why you would want to be with me."

"We all have histories Jade," he assured her, then motioned to himself. "Some actually longer than others," he said lightly, making her laugh a little. "You tell me what you want and we'll do that. You want to be friends, or you just want to be really awkward when we see each other at work," he joked but he really wanted whatever made her the most comfortable.

"I don't want to be stuck anymore," Jade said as she remembered what her daughter said yesterday, going to kiss Damon again. He kissed her back, holding her face gently.

"Oh!" they both heard someone say, breaking apart immediately. "Mom, Dam...Mr. Salvatore," Hope was saying, embarrassed but she had a huge grin spreading across her face. "I'm sorry, I can come back."

"Hope," Jade said worriedly.

"Really, mom, I'm fine," Hope smiled genuinely. "I'll, um, see you both in class," she smirked, heading back out into the hall.

"Hm," Jade laughed, relaxing as Damon's hand found hers. For the first time in a long time, she felt peace.

2 years later

"What did you tell your mom?" Damon asked as he met up with Hope that evening, the next town over. He didn't want Jade to find out what was going on.

"That I had to stay late and tutor Lizzie," Hope shrugged it off, following him into the shop. "Have you started looking already?"

"I think I narrowed it down to these two," Damon showed her two different engagement rings on the counter.

"The one on the left," Hope said right away.

"You're sure?" Damon asked, picking it up to look at it then handing her the box so she could look better.

"Positive," Hope assured him with a grin. "Mom is going to love it."

"You're sure?" Damon questioned again.

"Yes!" Hope laughed. "Damon, I..." She realized he now meant was he sure about him marrying her mom. "You make my mom so happy Damon," she told him. "And, we love you." Damon smiled, feeling so happy that not only did Jade love him but so did her daughter.

"I love you both too," he promised, taking the ring back from her so he could officially ask Jade about being part of their family.

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