Ginny, Queen of England sighed. It was a deep sigh that caused people to understand her annoyance. Philip was standing in front of her desk with his hands flaying about. She was sitting behind her large oak desk.

"Philip, my love." Ginny began "I understand your annoyance. But this is something I cannot indulge."

"It is a way for me to do something that is fun" Philip began argumentatively "You do remember the word right. The thing we had before all of this. Before I became a bloody sperm and you became the Queen."

"What about this. I go and visit you after one of your flying lessons." Ginny started. She looked in her husband's eyes and saw how excited he was. "I will see what makes you soo excited."

Philip looked at his wife with a small smile on his face.

"Of course, my love."

Ginny took a deep breath and continued to do her work. Philip watched his wife with a loving smile. It was in these moments, her doing her work and him watching her, that reminded him why he loved her.

You see, before becoming the queen. Ginny was sporty girl who enjoyed having a good laugh and being rough. Their mutual interest in sports was what first drew Philip to Ginny. Ginny was not afraid of being roughed up.

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