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Chapter 1 -

The next day, Monday morning to be precise, the Marauders finally managed to drag themselves down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Lily, Bella, and Trista were already down there, chatting animatedly as they ate a small meal consisting of oatmeal and fruit. James sat down next to the red-head, a knowing grin playing on his lips. She glanced over at him and smiled before looking back to her friends, who were sitting across from her. Remus straddled the seat next to Trista, eying her restored blond locks with another grin. Peter sat down on one side of Bella, and Sirius sat on the other, throwing an arm around her shoulders.

"Prongsie, old pal, I could have sworn we'd taught these lovely ladies a thing or two about pranks." James grinned at his friend, slipping a hand under the table to poke gently Lily in the side. "Why yes, Padfoot, old buddy, I would think we had too. I mean, obviously they should know not to use pranks on us that we've already perfected before first year." The werewolf chuckled, playfully tugging one of Trista's curls. "Giving us medusa coils was quite infantile and predictable, if I do say so myself." Peter chimed in from the side of Bella. "Quite right, ladies should know not to mess with us. We're the kings of pranks!"

The three girls just smiled as Trista let out an over-exaggerated sigh. "Oh well, it was worth a try, wasn't it?" Lily and Bella both nodded mutely, struggling not to burst into laughter. The boys barely even noticed the mischievous twinkle in their eyes, already shoveling food into their mouths, like it was going to disappear at any second. Each girl gathered up their book bags as they rose from the table, Bella cheerfully answering the unspoken question on Sirius' face. "We're heading to Transfiguration...see you guys later!"

Once outside the Great Hall, Trista burst into giggles, linking arms with Lily. "I can't believe they fell for that! Do they really think we're that stupid?" Bella grinned, grabbing Trista's other arm. "I just can't wait to see their faces when all is said and done. This is going to be so good." The sound of their soft laughter filled the hallways, causing several to glance up at them in wonder.


The day progressed as any other, the Marauders losing points and gaining detentions left and right as they played pranks on their favorite Slytherin victims: Lucius Malfoy, his girlfriend Narcissa Avery, and best friend Severus Snape. Of course, they weren't the only victims. Sirius had insisted on pranking poor Amos Diggory of Hufflepuff simply because he'd remarked on how pretty Bella looked one day.

Dungbombs and Filibuster's Wet Start Fireworks aside, it was a pretty normal day for the students...though that evening was the Valentines' Day Ball. After classes, the girls had rushed back to their dormitories to get ready for the evening ahead, chattering in excited whispers. The boys, however, managed to scrounge up enough players for a friendly game of Quidditch, Slytherins excluded of course.

Out on the Quidditch Pitch, James was hovering on his broom...playing Chaser alongside Remus. Sirius was guarding the hoops, playing as Keeper, while Peter and Mundungus Fletcher were acting as Beaters. Above them all was Aaron Finnigan, filling in as Seeker. All in all, the Marauders and their two friends were unbeatable, compared to the ragtag team of Hufflepuffs they faced, led by none other than Amos Diggory.

Two hours later, the boys finally dragged themselves in for a hot shower, laughing and joking around. After all, they only needed fifteen minutes to get ready for a silly ball.
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