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«Lily and Bella both nodded in agreement while Remus dropped to the chair beside her. An impish grin curved Trista's lips as she glanced at all her friends. "Easy enough, Prongs. His mother is my older sister. Which would make me Sevvie's aunt, and his 'elder'." Hearing that, Peter choked on his pumpkin juice while James and Lily started laughing, Bella giggling as she pounded the poor rat-faced Marauder's back. A bit slow on the uptake, Sirius glanced up at the others, snickering, "Snape's middle name is Lionel?"»

Chapter Three: Never Mess With A Woman's Hair

For a moment, the others remained silent before bursting into laughter once more, somehow not surprised at Sirius' comment. Shaking her head slowly, Trista cast a glance towards Lily, meeting her friend's bright emerald gaze. A sweet smile curved the red-head's lips as she turned towards her boyfriend, gently touching his arm. "All this laughing is making my throat dry. Would you mind getting me a drink, Jamesie?" James blinked, gazing down at Lily for a moment before nodding...a besotted grin gracing his face. "Of course! Anything for my princess!" He dropped a quick kiss to her lips before jumping to his feet. "Come on, guys...you be the bludgers and knock people out of the way...preferably the Slytherins." Laughing, the other Marauders leapt to their feet and followed behind James. Once their backs were turned, Lily cast an impish grin at Bella and Trista, whispering softly. "They are making this way too easy..."

As the Marauders passed the part of the ballroom where the Slytherins were congregating, Sirius energetically slammed an elbow into Snape's back, knocking the poor boy right into a seventh year Slytherin. But this was not just any Slytherin, mind you; it just happened to be a girl that both Slytherin boys and Gryffindor boys unanimously nicknamed the Leech. Everyone knew that Deloris Umbridge would never let go of any boy she caught and suck him dry like the prey of an Acromantula. Most went out of their way to avoid her, even her housemates. Snape's black eyes widened in fear, recoiling back from the girl in hopes to get away safely. People seemed to stop and stare in horror as the girl reached out and grabbed Snape by his lank black hair. An evil little smirk touched the girl's lips as she forced his head against her pillowy chest, murmuring all sorts of things into his ear. Even the Marauders had to stop and stare in disgust as the boy struggled to get free, his friend Lucius yanking futilely on his robes to free him from the seventh year's grip. Sirius leaned over and whispered to the others, "Even Snivellus doesn't deserve that...the Leech'll never let go." Lucius finally let go, gesturing to his two thugs Crabbe and Goyle to make themselves useful. Crabbe scratched his head in confusion before lumbering over to grab Snape around the waist and drag him away from Deloris while Goyle grabbed the girl around the waist and yanked her in the opposite direction. Luckily for Snape, the grease in his hair made it a bit easier for him to slip out of her tight grasp.

"I guess we now know why he doesn't wash his hair." James murmured to the others, shaking his head slowly. Peter still stared in wide-eyed horror at the Leech, "I don't blame him one bit...considering he has to live in the dungeons with that." Sirius and Remus both nodded in silent agreement. James shuddered lightly before heading towards the unattended punch bowl, the others following behind him. Their backs to the rest of the Hall, each boy proceeded to pour punch into cups for the girls and themselves.

From across the room, the three girls shook their heads, their eyes following the boys. Chuckling softly, Bella leaned close to her friends and whispered, "Trust Sirius to give us the perfect opening for Operation Wiggle." An impish grin curved Trista's lips as she sneakily pulled out her wand, keeping it well-hidden beneath her filmy shawl. She glanced at Lily and Bella before aiming towards the Marauders lined up in front of the punch bowl, whispering softly, "Coepere..." The wand was quickly hidden once more as the girls settled back to watch the fun begin.

James suddenly stopped in place, canting his head to one side. A manic grin suddenly dominated his face as he spun to face the crowded Hall, his robes replaced by an overly bright yellow skivvy and black pants. Sirius chomped down on an apple as he spun around as well, wearing a bright blue skivvy and black pants...the manic grin no different than his usual look. Remus looked out of place with a bright red skivvy and guitar in hand, a cheesy-looking smile playing on his lips. All this was followed up by plump little Peter squashed into a resplendant purple skivvy, looking more than half-asleep.

The Great Hall fell into a sort of stunned silence as they stared at the transformed Marauders, who seemed to be frozen into place. Finally James stepped forward, his overly cheerful voice booming in the silence. "Are you children ready to have some fun?! Yeah! Let's go for a ride in the Big Red Car!" Suddenly music rang out behind them as Remus began to strum the guitar in his hands, all four boys singing loudly together. "Toot toot chugga chugga big red car. We'll travel near and we'll travel far...toot toot chugga chugga big red car, we're gonna ride the whole day long!" With each word, the four Marauders danced in sync, taking a step to the right and a step to the left, bouncing on the balls of their feet. James stepped forward, singing with that same manic grin on his face. "Remy's in the back seat...he's playing his guitar...Remy's in the back seat of the BIG RED CAR!" Then the others chimed into the chorus once more, the entire school staring on in shock and amusement. James' voice rang out again in the Great Hall. "Pete is fast asleep...he's having a little rest. We better wake him up so let's all call out WAKE UP PETE!" Poor little Peter jumped into the air, shocked awake as the other three Marauders screamed into his ears. Shaking his head, he joined the dance and song again, chiming into the chorus. Shaking his hips, James did a little spin and pointed at Sirius, who was munching his way through a huge bowl of fruit salad at a fast rate. "Sirius is eating. He's got so much food. He's eating apples and oranges and fruit salad too!" The afore-mentioned dark-haired Gryffindor tossed the bowl aside, doing a little jig before jumping into the chorus, "Toot toot chugga chugga big red car, we'll travel near and we'll travel far. Toot toot chugga chugga big red car, we're gonna ride the whole day long!"

Now James stood before the laughing crowd with his chest puffed out, the other three crowded around him with smarmy grins. "James is doing the driving, singing..." At this they paused, and James chimed in with, "Scooby-do-wah!" Sirius threw an arm over the messily-haired boy's shoulder, Remus standing to the other side and Peter in front. "James is doing the driving of the big red car. Toot toot chugga chugga big red car! We'll travel near and we'll travel far...toot toot chugga chugga big red car, we're gonna ride the whole day long!" And with that, all four Marauders dropped to one knee and threw out their left arms, holding the last note for a smashing finish.

The entire Great Hall burst into laughter and applause around the Marauders. Even Dumbledore had a twinkle in his blue eyes as he gazed down at the kneeling boys, clapping loudly. With a sudden start, all four Marauders seemed to come to their senses. The faintest hint of shock shone in the eyes of Remus, Sirius and James while Peter seemed to turn a sickly white. They were silent for a moment before Remus, Sirius and James all leapt to their feet with wide grins. "Thank you, thank you! We'll be here until June! Try the veal! It's great!" Sirius exclaimed proudly, throwing his arms out. He created such a spectacle of himself that no one seemed to notice the shocked form of Peter being brought to his feet and dragged off by James and Remus. Sirius bowed repeatedly before following the other three Marauders out of the Great Hall. Once they were gone, Bella rose to her feet, her silver-gray eyes dancing with amusement as she whispered to her two friends. "Ready for part two?" Lily and Trista grinned at each other before getting to their feet as well, chiming in together. "Ready!" Laughing together, the three girls walked out of the Great Hall in search of the Marauders.

A/N: Coepere is a latin word, which I believe is translated to begin or start, something like that. In this case, it was used as a trigger for a multitude of spells to be set off. =o) ~Bella~