We slept while we're still at sea. I was the first one to wake up and then looked at the sea and then something caught my attention, land! Wait till the others see this. Samson woke up and he couldn't believe his eyes. He gasped and yelled out, "Land ho! Land ho!" The others woke up and Mark and Travis were happy the most. Mark and Travis both shouted, "Land at last!" They got off the lifeboat and kissed the sand.

Jimmy was happy and he said, "I'll never set foot on water again for a while now." Bessie then wondered, "Where exactly are we?" Tabitha then said, "Well I don''t know. We must be in some sort of island somewhere." Samson then said to us, "Not to fear guys, I have a map." That is good news.

He unfolded the map and laid it down on the sand. Samson then told us where we are. First off he told us where we left and where we capsized and then he got his eyes wide when he said on where we are now. We're in Africa! I don't believe it. Seriously I don't. Bessie then asked her husband, "You mean that we're on a beach side of Africa?" Jade couldn't believe it.

Wilhelm then suggested that we should see if there is anyone who would help us and we all think that it's a good idea. We got our luggage and started to head out. Look out jungles of Africa, here we come.

We went to the jungles of Africa and Jimmy said, "I think it's a good idea." Jade then said, "Whether if we see people, there might be some explorers or scientists." I said, "We'll have to see what is there and keep our guard up." Mark said, "Finding a journalist would be nice."

Bessie said, "Yeah what a silly idea." Koko, Reuben, Alexander and Josephine giggled because they think that it's silly.