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Understand that two years and an entire Series have elapsed and though I have tried to find the motivation it just doesn't come to me anymore. Please take my humble offerings of a summary of what had all happened after the last chapter and let us rest in piec- er peace. Thank you very much.


Well basically after Baymax brings Hiro back, he nurses him in his wolf form back to health without knowing that it's him. Hiro in wolf form text mochi from the wolf that turned him into a wolf and by the next day Baymax has discovered its Hiro. Delighted but for the big hairy monster on his vinyl white hands, the two set out to Fred's house where the they meet up with everyone in a fight between Fred and Hiro ensues. Again they don't know that he is Hiro, Baymax intervenes and then patched Fred up. They find out gradually allowing Hiro to get their scrnts, Gogo, who Hiro is still a little bit worried because of the events of I will always be with you talk to him gently eventually you scents her his entire world engulfs in color. They all hug and he shakes his body and it seems more of a shaggy wolf appearance. They go on a fantastic romp trying to catch Hiro who is eager to get back to Hiro work but not before he inhales all the food at Fred's house, does Stanley fredrickson's slight admonishing. they gradually try to reintroduce him back to the real world and mashup pass him off as just a really big dark dog. The other wolf show back up and Hiro has to make a heart-wrenching decision to show them obedience in order to try to save his friends. Baymax and the others eventually tracked him down Hiro has made progress and way of obedient to a leader. He is still a little bit why did you things on his own terms, but he has learned lot more about humility too.

they want Hiro to come back to the city with him but Baymax looks out into the forest and give him a decision like Hiro had long ago that whether he wanted to be a nursebot or a superhero. The wolf marvel they changed Hiro in the hopes that he would help them reach Baymax because they come from the portal and he came out of and were upset when he was taking and I will always be with you. Hiro makes a decision to go back to the city and the wolves provide some of their venom so that honey lemon can make an antidote as you can only use the venom that came from the wolf that bit you. Hiro goes back to the lab and he and Baymax hug each other while looking out of the window reflecting.

The end.