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The Deal

Albert Simmons was an original assassin because he had trained to kill terrorists in the name of his country. He had a loving wife and a son name Albert Simmons Jr, but everything changes when Jason Wynn kill Albert's father and he covers it up. Albert Jr had sent more of his life hating Jason Wynn. His hatred grew even more when his mother got remarried to his father's best friend.

Albert Jr has been hanging out with his best friend name Sean Ashburn Kruger which his parents own a most powerful company. They both act like brothers because they're inseparable throughout their years in school. They were looking on the mission that would cause Al Simmons' death. Al's last mission was in Korea because Korea's military was conducting deadly virus. Jason Wynn told the media that Al's death was caused by an explosion which virus was spread.

"I still think that is a load of bullshit," Albert said.

"Well, you know media, Al. They eat that shit up." Sean said.

He turns the Tv off because he had enough of Jason's speech. Albert was going to need to take down a notch. Sean was looking at his best friend for a moment and he knew that this was getting to him.

"So, how's little Cyan? I heard that her birthday is coming up." Sean said, "is she turning four this year?"

"Yeah man. I am going to take her to the best theme park to celebrate." Albert said.

"Being eighteen sure has it perches," Sean stated.

"You don't know the half of it, my brother," Albert said.

They both did their handshakes. And Albert knew that this was going to need some time to back at Wynn for what he did. Then he leaves his best friend's house and got into his car drove home to get some rest. He was wearing a black shirt with black pants with black shoes. He pulls up into the driveway. He sighs and turns the car off. He got out his car and walk towards the front door. He pulls out his house key to unlock the door. He walks inside to see that both his mother and stepfather was waiting up for him.

"Where have you been?" Wanda asks.

"Out," Albert answered.

"Watch your tone, boy," Terry warn him.

Albert turns his head towards his stepfather.

"Shut up, Terry," Albert said.

Then Wanda slaps Albert across the face and he was looking at her for a moment. He rubbed his and glare at her which he walks off.

"Oh, you think we're done here?" Wanda asks.

"Eyup. I have things to do. And I don't have time to hear you bitch at stuff that I didn't do." Albert said.

Terry stood in his way which Albert knew that this was going be a while for him to get to his room. Wanda was looking at him for a moment because she knew that she wasn't done talking.

"What else to do you have to say because I'm not going to hear this," Albert said.

He pushes Terry as he makes his way to his room. He knew that this was going to be another with his mother trying to lecture him for something that he didn't do. There was a knock on his door and raise up as the door open up. He saw a young three-year-old Cyan. She was holding her teddy bear that her brother had gotten her.

"What are you doing out of bed, sweetie," Albert asked.

"I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you?" Cyan asked.

"Sure," Albert answered.

She walked towards his bed and climb in it, Albert had made enough room for his little sister. He tugs her in to make sure that she was comfortable and she was hugging her teddy bear.

"Did you get into a fight with mommy and daddy?" Cyan asked.

"Well, you see that mommy and Daddy have some rules that big brother doesn't want to follow because it is stupid. So, on your birthday this weekend; big brother is going to take his things to his new home away from Mommy and Daddy." Albert said.

"Really? Are you going to come and visit me?" Cyan asked.

"Of course, I will. You are my little angel that keep in the light." Albert said.

In the living room, both Terry and Wanda was sitting on the couch because they were trying to deal with Albert.

"He's becoming like his father. He wants to hang out when he wants to and come home late when he wants to." Wanda said.

"He's at the age where he wants to live on his own. We can't stop from making his own life in the world." Terry said.

They both just sat there in each other's arms.

=== The weekend ===

Albert was taking Cyan to the theme park to celebrate her birthday. He took her on so many rides and win so many prizes. She was having fun. Albert was smiling at her because he knew that this was going to be the best time that they have with each other. Then suddenly there was a sound of the gun went off which scare everyone. Albert was looking to his right to see that one and only psycho killer Joker. He places Cyan behind him to protect her.

"Here's the idea. Everyone gives my boys everything that you got. And you all can live to be happy. Don't, then I will be an unhappy clown." Joker said.

One of his minions was approaching everyone with a bag which everyone was giving up their money and jewelry. Albert was looking at his sister because he knew that she was scared. When the minion came to the both of them and open the bag, but he looks at Albert's face.

"Hey boss, this the guy."

Joker jumps from the hood of his car and pulls out a picture of Albert and his dad. He held it up the picture to match Albert descriptions which the Joker had an evil grin like his always has. Albert knew that something wasn't right.

"May Al. You got big the last time from the picture. You see Al, Jason Wynn doesn't like you investigating your dear old dad's murdered. So, if you don't back off; then things will get ugly for the kid." Joker warned him.

"Is that a threat?" Albert said.

"We all know that is a threat," Joker said.

He points his gun at Albert and he was getting ready to shoot him, but Albert knocks the gun upwards. He gave the Joker a right hook to send him flying. He kicks a minion in the gut and picks up Cyan for his life. Some of the minions was helping the Joker back on his feet. They were dusting him off.

"You bunch of idiots. He's getting away." Joker said.

They went after him and they were shooting at him. Albert was knocking some of the objects to put in their way. He heading towards his car but a bullet hit him in the leg. He knew that this was going to be his last to hold his sister. The minions were walking towards them with their guns pointed at the both of them.

"Sis, listen. I want you to close your eyes." Albert said.

Cyan had tears running down her face. She did as she was told and so did Albert. They both were waiting for their death, but suddenly there was a sound of a boomerang which it knocks the guns out of the minion's hands. Albert open on his eyes to see a man dress like a bat.

"It's Batman!"

Batman jumps on one of the minions to knock him unconscious. Albert just sigh with relief to see that Batman save both him and Cyan. He tries to get on his feet to get his sister out of danger, but his bullet wound had hit a major point. He was going to have to endure it because he knew that his sister's safety was his major priority. He was limping towards his car, but he saw Joker that was standing in his way. Albert just glares at the clown and he placed\\ his sister down. Cyan was looking at her big brother.

"Go. I need you to hide. I promise to find you." Albert said.

Cyan grab his leg and shook her head.

"Look at me, Cyan," Albert told her.

Cyan look at her big brother with tears in her eyes. He smiles at her and he kneels down to her level. He kisses her on the forehead.

"I am your big brother and I want you to listen what your big brother says," Albert said.

Cyan nods her head and ran to find a place to hide. Albert tries to stand once again while the pain just shocks through him. Joker let out an evil laugh and look at Albert.

"How touching. But I don't like to leave a witness alive." Joker stated.

He was pointing his gun at Cyan was running for her life. Albert grabs a water gun and sprays Joker in the face.

"Ah... That is the worse punchline ever." Joker said.

He was rubbing his face to get his vision clear. Alber grabs a metal pipe and ran towards the Joker and he knocks the gun out of his hands. Then he punches the Joker in the face and pins him to the ground.

"Well, you are a tough guy aren't you?" Joker asked.

A knife appeared from the Joker's sleeve and begins to stab Albert in the side. He stabs him in the shoulder and pushes him off of him. Joker was looking at him and pull out another gun. He took aim at the little girl which the gun went off. Albert raises up and his eyes widen when he saw that his baby sister was laying on the ground in a puddle of blood. Batman was shocked to see that Joker had killed an innocent child.

Albert starts to get up and tower over the Joker. The joker was looking up at the was young man. He saw that Albert was way beyond of no return. He grabs the Joker by the throat and begins to punch him so hard to cause him to bleed. Joker just smile at him which made Albert even angrier and did it again and again and again. But little did he know that the Joker still has his gun. Joker begins to shooting him several times.

Albert coughs up blood and he grabs the gun. Then he took it out of the Joker's hands and raise it above his head. He brought it down upon the Joker's to knock him unconscious. He was walking towards his sister's body, but he was bleeding out. Every step that he took blood begins to pour out of him. His vision was beginning to become blurry. He couldn't see where he was going but he fell over and he was a few feet away from his little sister's body.

"Cyan," Albert said.

He begins to crawl over to her the best way that he could. Batman was walking over towards them. He watches as Albert was able to make it towards Cyan's body. He was just laying there and place his arm around her to cuddle her like he always does when she gets scared in her sleep.

"It seems that this wasn't the best birthday that I have planned. Cyan, I am sorry." Albert said.

With those last words, Albert just died with his eyes open. Batman just kneels down and close his eyes. He has a sad look on his face because he knew that he could see how his parents would die. He walks over to the Joker and cuffs him. He waited for the police to arrive. Batman takes his leave because he knew that he doesn't like the media. Then both Wanda and Terry arrive on the scene because they both saw the cops placing the tarp over their children's bodies. Sean arrives as well, but he was shocked to see that his best friend was killed.

=== Limbo ===

Albert open his eyes to see that it was dark, but he was looking around to see that Cyan wasn't here.

"Cyan? Cyan!" Albert called out.

Then a gate opens up behind him but, it wasn't the gate of heaven. He turns around to see that someone was there to greet him. This person was demonic armors and was carrying an evil sword. He knew that is not god and person took off his helmet to reveal that he was human.

"Albert Simmons Jr., my name is Hades god of despair and the ruler of Hell," Hades said.

"Hi. How do you know my name?" Albert asked.

"Well, I have been keeping an eye on you for a really long time. You see, Al. Do you mind if I call you Al?" Hades said.

"I don't care," Albert said.

"Well, I was hoping that I could use your help with something. You see, one of my creatures wants to overthrow me and become a ruler of hell in order to invade Heaven." Hades said.

"What hell does that have to do with me?" Albert asked.

"Well, I need someone that could take Malebolgia out. If he does not stop, then Haven is in great danger along with your dear sister, Cyan." Hades said.

Albert knew that he doesn't know how to take out a demon from hell. But he knew that he has to keep his sister's spirit and Heaven safe. He knew that he doesn't have the skills like his father.

"What do I have to do?" Albert asked.

"Simple, you already have gotten his attention because he sense your hatred when Jason Wynn took your father's life," Hades said. "You just have to step in here and he will appear before you."

He was walked into the gate, but he opens another gate to Hell. He walked up to it as the doors open up. He knew that this was going to be an experience of witnessing a demon. He walks through the gate as it closes behind him. He was walking down the staircase and he looking around to see that the place was full of screams of lost souls that was being tortured. Then suddenly a giant demon rose high like a skyscraper. The demon was looking down at Albert, but Albert wasn't afraid. He looks to his left to see a fat creature with a blue and yellow face.

"You know who I am?"

"Malebolgia. And I take it that is your lieutenant the violator." Albert answered

"That's correct. I can feel your hatred. You want revenge on Jason Wynn and the clown because they took the life of your younger sister. I can give you the power to make them suffer as you suffer." Malebolgia said.

Albert places his hand over his heart because he knew that Cyan was rub of her future by the hands of the Joker. Jason Wynn took his father from him and part of him wants vengeance for they did, but he doesn't want to start with them but he knows that there were psychos out in the world that was made a lot of people suffer.

"What do you want in return?" Albert asked.

"Lead my army and I will give you the power you seek," Malebolgia said.

Albert closes his eyes to remember what Hades says about Malebolgia and his lieutenant and their plans to rule hell.

"Yes, I will lead your army against Hades and Heaven," Albert said.

"Then the deal has been made. Fail me, then I will have your head." Malebolgia said.

He let out his roar as green energy starts to swirl around Albert and it starts to enter both his mouth and eyes. Then suddenly, a sword hilt appeared from his chest. It was glowing as Albert grab hold of the hilt and pull it out from his chest. The sword was glowing with green fire. He was smiling at the blade before him and he chuckles but turns into a laugh. Both Malebolgia and violator join in on the laughter, but suddenly the sword extends which pierce Malebolgia in the throat.

"What are you-"

"Did you really think that I'd sell my soul to the likes of you," Albert said.

Violator was shocked to see that a mortal had turned on his master. Albert split the sword in two to cut Malebolgia's head clean off. Violator was looking man that took his master's life and begins to run for his life. Albert brought his sword together and swing around his head. It starts to transform into a metal whip but it has a sharp edge and it wraps around the violator's fat throat and Albert pulls with enough force to cause the violator head to come off. Albert knew that the two of them was now dead and he let out a victory roar that echoes throughout Hell. Then Hades appeared which he did a slow clap. He was amazed that the sight of Albert.

"Marvelous just marvelous. I guess that is that. With those two dead. I won't have to worry about a rebellion in my own home." Hades said.

"So, what will happen to me? Live out my torment for entirety?" Albert asks.

"Well, I could do that... or I can give your life back on earth." Hades offered.

After hearing that, Albert look at the god for a moment and he was smiling on his face.

"But I can't. Not without Cyan." Albert said.

"Well, I can't do that because her soul had already passed on to the other side," Hades told him.

Albert lowers his head in defeat and knew that this was going to get the chance to get back at those that had done him and Cyan wrong. He knew that this is something that can't pass up.

"Alright, Hades. I will take your offer. I will go back to Earth and kill Jason no kill all those evil." Albert said.

"You made the right choice," Hades said.

He uses his magic to call Albert back to the living. Albert starts to leave Hell and head back up to the world of the living.

=== The tower of Fate ===

The sorcerer was mediating until he felt a disturbance. He was drop everything and place his hand on the helmet. He knew that something was coming back from Hell.

"How could this be?"

=== Detroit cemetery ===

It was a stormy night, there were three tombstones because Albert and Cyan were buried right next to Al Simmons. Albert's hand bust out of the grave. He was pulling himself out of his own grave. He was looking around to see that he was cover in bullet holes and stab wounds. He was looking around to see that was back in the living world.

"How things sure did change while Cyan and I have left," Albert said.

Then Hades appeared next to him and was looking in the same direction. His cape was flapping in the wind.

"Well, you have been gone for three years. But you don't smell like a dead corpse." Hades told him.

"Why didn't I?" Albert asked.

"I gave your life back to you," Hades answered. "Now that Malbogia and violator are gone, his power is now yours. Seek out your fellow Hell Spawn and he will teach you how to control it.

"Hellspawn?" Albert question.

"That's what you are. I think that is a good name for you. I know a guy that will help you keep that power of your in check. He was first to become a hellspawn but he manages to turn away from Malebolgia's control." Hades told him.

"Why?" Albert asks. "And where can I find him?"

Hades turn to leave.

"Look for the church," Hades said, wave to him.

He was walking towards the mist. Albert just realizes that Detroit has several churches.

"There is a lot of churches! Could you narrow one down?!" Albert called out.

Hades didn't hear him because he disappeared in the mist. Albert just sighs and crouch down at his sister's grave. He places the flowers back on her grave. He places his hand on the tombstone. He sighs because he knew that this was not going to bring his sister back. He begins to walk away and he knew that this was going to be the start of his journey.

Soon after Albert left, Doctor Fate had appeared into the cemetery and he looks around to see that Albert Simmons Jr's grave was dug up. He tries to use his magic to find the trace of the corpse. But he doesn't find any traces of the body. He knew that balance between life and death has been disrupted.

"This is bad. The world is endangered." Fate said.


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