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Spawn meets Cerberus

After Alvin drove back to Metropolis, he dropped both Raven and Terra off at his house and he headed towards Global Tech. He arrive to the building to see Sean and David standing outside of the building. Sean got into Alvin's car while David got onto his back and put his helmet on. He drove off while Alvin followed behind him. David was leading Alvin to a warehouse that was on the outskirts of Metropolis.

"So, are you ready to be a daddy?" Alvin asked.

"Yeah man. I am going enjoy it and raise this child just like my dad raise me and you." Sean said.

"Oh yeah. Your dad took us to a lot of places that i remember. My mom never like when I spend my holidays with you guys." Alvin said.

When they arrive to the warehouse, David got off his bike and took off his helmet. Then both Sean and Alvin got out of the car and the three of them walked towards the door of the warehouse. Sean punch in the code and did a eye scan. The doors to the warehouse started to open up and they walked inside as the doors closes behind them. Alvin was looking around for a moment which Sean started to walk towards the light switch. He flipped the switch as the lights started to come on. Both Alvin and David were shocked to see all cool stuff.

"Wow. dude when did you have free time to built all of this?' Alvin asked.

"Well, these have been sitting in storage for the last three years. I could find a perfect test pilot, but now I do. And I wanted to give you your early birthday/christmas present." Sean said.

He walked towards a large object that was cover underneath the tarp. Once Sean pulled it down to reveal a large jet which it was huge. It was an SR-71 fighter jet and Alvin was in love. (I am going with the Blackbird from X-men evolution).

"I know that you wanted to fly one these babies." Sean said.

"How in the hell did you get this?" Alvin asked.

"I have connection to the military. And i made some modification to it." Sean told him.

He had the keys in his hand which he tossed them to Alvin. He caught them with one hand and he was looking at David.

"Go on and take a look on the inside." Sean said.

Then Alvin pressed a button which the ramp started to lower in front of both him and David. They both started walking up the ramp. They both were in awe at the sight of everything as both of them saw an hologram appeared in front of them.

"Greetings. I am Eternal Voice Indicator. How may I be assistance?"

"Whoa. An AI. That will come in handy for our travels." David said.

Alvin was looking at the pilot seat and he sat in it which the belt strap onto him. Then steering wheel appeared in front of him.

"Wow. This is cool." Alvin said.

"I hope that this is to your standards, Mr. Simmons."

"I see that you know my real name. We need to give you a proper name for you too. How about EVE? And could you call me Alvin for now on?" Alvin suggested.

"That's doesn't sound right. AI's acronym is spelled EVI not EVE." David said.(that's from Green Lantern the Animated series where Hal and Kilowog meet Aya. I love that part)

"Acknowledge. My name is Eve and welcome aboard, Alvin." Eve said.

Sean just chuckle as David just sigh because he knew that he couldn't argue with an Ai's decision. Alvin was looking at his best friend taking a seat and so did David. Then Alvin started to flipping some switches as the jet starting up.

"Okay. This is mark of friendship with all of us. Let's go Eve." Alvin said.

Then the thrusters started to ignite and the jet took off into the sky. Alvin was doing so many different aerial maneuvers. He was excited to see how well the ship was holding up. He never flew an actual ship besides in video games. But all those hours actually pays off.

"Man, she handle like a dream." Alvin said.

"That's not all that she's got. She has some tricks of her sleeve." Sean stated.

"Like what?" Alvin asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Cloaking, sub mode, and space travel mode." Sean said.

"Wow. those are handy with more mission in the future." David stated.

Alvin smiled at he was looking at the hologram AI who is pleases at the praise that she was receiving from them.

"But this ship does deserve a name as well. How about we call it Inferno." Alvin suggested.

"Acknowledge. The ship name has been register as The Inferno." Eve said.

"Good let take us in for a landing, Eve." Alvin said.

"As you wish, Alvin." Eve said.

The Inferno started to land in front of the warehouse. Then the seatbelt started to unbuckle all three of them. Sean stood up and he walked down the ramp as he was greeted by another person in a suit.

"Who in the hell is that?' Alvin asked.

"Oh that's my limo driver. Because I know that you will be busy with your next mission." Sean said.

Alvin nodded his head as he watch the limo drove off. David was standing next to him and he let out a sigh.

"Well, looks like we're gonna need a place for new Hellspawns. They both started to head back up the ramp and started the ship up once again.

"Hey Eve, do you have anything for climate changes?" Alvin asked.

"Yes, if you would look to your left, you can see a compartment that have clothes that suit for your needs during climate changes." Eve informed.

Alvin looked to his left to see the compartment open up to see a jackets and other gear for climate changes places.

"Good. Now plot a course to Canada." Alvin said.

Then the ship started to lift off the ground and blast off into the sky. Alvin knew that it will cause some trouble and he turned on the cloak to hide the ship from the air force. David was looking at the scanner for a moment. They were coming up to the air force air space and once they zip pass them, both Alvin and David sigh with relief because hey weren't detected.

"Man, I for sure thought that we would have been spotted by the air force." Alvin said.

"Same here." David said, placing his hand over his heart.

"I am sorry that you two feel that way. I will have ship arrive to the destination." Eve said.

"Thanks Eve." Alvin said.

During that time, David was looking through the reports about a Hellspawn that was sighted in Canada while Alvin was meditating. He was clearing his mind as he could feel something and started to see images of a cottage in the middle of the forest. There was a two girls playing and building a snowman. Then one of them was looking around for a moment.

"Could these girls be the Hellspawn that I am looking for?" Alvin thought.

Then one of the girls was looking at him for a moment which he was confused for a moment. He wave to her and her twin sister turned around and she scream. then a woman with Crimson with purple and green streaks hair came out with a weapon which it look like a sword but it was too fast for him to react as his head fell to the ground which caused him to break his concentration. Alvin gasped as he placed his hand over his neck. David jumped out of his chair to check on him.

'Are you alright?' David asked.

"I don't know." Alvin answered.

=== The forest of Canada ===

The woman walked towards the head that was cut off. She wipe her weapon on the head and she was looking at the dead body. She saw a demon come crawling out the person's mouth and it shriek and crawl away. She was looking at the two girls as they were shaking in fear.

"Let's get you two back to the house for some nice hot chocolate."

She picked them up and carry them inside as the head and body of the person was buried in the snow.

=== The inferno ===

Eve was running programs and data while David and Alvin was training. They using their weapons, but they made sure not to hit the controls. Then Eve looked at the ship was approaching their destination.

"We're arriving to Canada now." Eve informed.

This halt their training which they both started to strapped in as Alvin took over and brought the ship down to a clearing while it was still cloaked. Once the ship landed, both Alvin and David unbuckled their seatbelts and went over to the closet to get themselves some winter jackets. They both put them on as they started to leave the ship.

"Eve, I want you stay cloak. I don't want the locals thinking your an alien ship from outer space." Alvin said.

"As you wish, Alvin." Eve said.

They made it down the ramp and the ramp started to raise up. As the both of them were walking through the snow. David was looking around for a moment and he was looking at Alvin for any ideas.

"Where do you think we should start looking for this Hellspawn." David asked.

"Well, during my meditation; I saw these two girls playing outside a cabin. Then a woman with a weapon in hand cut my head off as it broke my concentration." Alvin said.

"What kind of weapon?" David asked.

"I don't know. It all happen so faster. But it was looking at a whip but it was more a sword form." Alvin said.

David just ponder for a moment to think up a weapon that fit the description. He couldn't think up anything. Then they both continue walking through the woods trying to find the hellspawn. Alvin placed his hand in the snow because he sense a presence of something.

"What is it?" David asked.

"Don't you sense it?" Alvin asked as he closed his eyes.

David started to feel the wind as his way of sensing things.

"Yeah. Now, I sense it too. It's faint but it north from where we are." David said.

They both started to head towards that direction and they started running through the woods. They jump through the trees and then Alvin's watch started beeping which made them stop for a moment.

"What is it Eve?" Alvin asked.

"Sorry Alvin, but my sensors have picked up several lifeforms heading towards that same direction as well. Shall I send out the prone to delay them?" Eve said.

"No, we can handle this." Alvin told her.

They both summon their armors and continued their route towards the cabin. They both landed in the tree branch. Spawn noticed a large group of people with weapons heading towards the cabin. Then Spawn saw those two girls from his vision from earlier. They were playing in the snow once again.

"There they are. The spawns of Satan. We need to put them to the steak at once."

The people was getting closer to the two girls which Spawn's eyes glow brighter in anger. He jumped down from the tree branch to stop them in their tracks. Spawn and Wraith was looking at the people for a moment, but they both sense that some of them had demon in their body.

"Then you have to get through us to get to that cabin." Spawn said

Then the people was looking at Spawn and Wraith for a moment and they were shaking in fear. The leader started to glare at the both of them. He knew that that he needed to get the people back on his side.

"You see my children. These are the devil minions have came to take our children."

"Woooowww. That is a whole lot of bullshit that I have ever heard." Spawn said.

Then suddenly, a sharp zipped pass Spawn's shoulder and landed at the preacher's head. It killed him right out the spot and which there was a woman with flaming white hair, Skin tight dark purple and red outlined armored suit strong enough to protect her but still able to show off her curves to distract undisciplined fighters. Cape acts more like a hooded coat concealing her form from behind but not trailing. And she was carrying a handmade Whip Sword (Sort of like Ivy's from soul Caliber just pulsating with hellfire), offhand Colt M1911/Hell ritual tome.

She was looking at the two Hellspawn before her and Spawn was looking at her for a moment. She walked in the middle of them. They all have their weapons ready. They watch as the demon came out of the preacher's mouth then more and more demons came crawling out of the others humans and they were starting to form up and they merge into a giant Demon spider. Then some of the people started running for their lives.

"Oh HELL no!" Spawn said.

"Now that ain't right." Wraith said.

"That's the queen by the way."

Both Spawn and Wraith was looking at her for a moment and the queen roar at the three of them.

"Looks like we need to take this bitch down to size. Wraith, take the left legs and I'll take the right legs. And..." Spawn said as he was looking at the new Hellspawn.

"Cerberus, hunter of the Damned." Cerberus said.

"Okay. Cerberus, when we get you an opening, take it down." Spawn said.

Cerberus nodded her head as both Spawn and Wraith charged towards the Spider's legs. Wraith used his blades to cut down one of the spider's legs and the spider roar in pain as Spawn was swing from tree to tree to build up momentum until he did a spin slash as he cut off another leg. Cerberus was watched them and she noticed that they were in sync with one another. Once the legs was cut off, Spawn was looking at Cerberus from a tree branch.

"Cerberus, it's your chance. Strike it now before it recovered." Spawn said.

She nodded her head as she was charging towards the helpless beast. She jumped into the air and she cracked her sword which it started to release as a whip and it pierce right through the demon spider's head. It was now dead and she pulled it back and the whip the started to reattach back to it's sword form. Then Wraith and Spawn was looking at the spider to see that it was truly dead until it burst into flame.

"Well, that was taken care of. We can finally introduc-"

Spawn was interrupted as the sword was pointed at his throat.

"Who sent you?" Cerberus said.

"No one sent us. We can here looking for a Hellspawn that live around these parts." Spawn said.

"Likely story. You haven't to know where I live just by coincidence. No! You're here to kill me by order of Malebolgia." Cerberus said, glaring at Spawn.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, we're not working for Malebolgia. We're rogue Hellspawn like you. Cagliostro trained you in controlling your power right?" Wraith said.

"Yeah. Why does that matter to you?" Cerberus asked.

'Well, the both of us were trained by Cagliostro as well. We never be apart of the Legion if we were trained by Cagliostro." Wraith said.

Cerberus started to lower her weapon which she used her power to see that they were telling the truth. Spawn let out a sigh of relief because he wasn't ready to die again. He was looking at the littl girls who was looking out the window.

"They're your?" Spawn said.

Cerberus turned around to see her daughters were looking out the window. She let out a sigh as she placed her hand on her forehead.

"Sadly yes. They're mine and I told them to stay hidden until I give the all clear." Cerberus said.

Spawn chuckled as he wave to them which they hide which both him and Wraith just chuckled. Cerberus knew that they are gentle and she started walking towards the cabin.

"You two are hungry? I know that you guys have made the long trip so it would be ashame to send you both back with some food in your bellies.' Cerberus offered.

"Sure." Spawn and Wraith said.

They both started to follow behind Cerberus and once they were inside, they all started to reverted back to their human form. Cerberus' human formed a woman with Olive tone skin, steel grey eyes, her hair was crimson red with purple and green streaks in it. She was dressed head motorcycle goggles kept on her forehead with thermal and infrared vision. Has a well built HUD system (Comparable to batman's from the Arkham series)

Upper body a black leather jacket Kevlar padding under weave and hood with a US Marshal Logo on the back and a badge on the left front pocket over her other gear, a black undershirt with a tactical bulletproof vest that has a holster for her Colt M191 side arm (Hell infused).
Lower body brown leather pants with black Knee, Shin, shoulder, Elbow, forearm guards and plated gloves. Shoes are reinforced plated leather boots with a combat knife on the side.

"Wow, that's what you look like as a human." Alvin said.

"Yeah, Names Caitlyn, Caitlyn Stone." Caitlyn said as she extended her hand.

"Albert Simmons but when we're around other's just all me Alvin Satan." Alvin said.

"Names David Adams. " David said.

Alvin was looking at the twins from earlier who was hiding from behind the corner of the wall. Alvin smiled and wave to them. They both smiled and ran up to him.

"Oh, All me to introduce my little angles of joy." Caitlyn said.

She crouch down as she placed the twins in the of them.

"This one my right with the green streak is Marah and this one on my left with purple streaks is Sarah."

"Hello." Marah and Sarah said.

"Wow, those are beautiful names for beautiful girls like you." Alvin complimented.

The twin just giggled at ran towards a woman with dark red hair and she was looking at the men before her.

"Why hello. My name is June Stone. I am Caitlyn's wife." June said.

"Wow. So, these two are yours. Then that means they're." Alvin assumed

"They're half human and half hellspawn." Caitlyn said.

Alvin was looking at the girls to see if there were any signs of the hellspawn power awaken. He noticed that there was no sign of it. They all started to the gathered around the table to the eat some food. Caitlyn told them her past life and how she met June and started a family here in Canada.

"Well, so what is your story? Why are you here?" Caitlyn asked.

"Well, we're looking for some Hellspawns and we found you which we're hoping you might know how to find the others." Alvin said.

"Well, I know this one guy, but he stay alone. He's lives in Germany, but that all I know. His Hellspawn name is Guardian." Caitlyn said.

"Would you mind coming with us?" David asked.

"And leave my family unprotected, hell no!" Caitlyn said.

"Well, staying here will not keep you or your family safe when the legion eventually finds you." David said.

Alvin was pondering for a moment. Then an idea popped into his head.

"I have an idea. Why don't we take her family with us. They will experience other countries and we can protected along the way." Alvin suggested.

Then he felt his pant leg being tugged on and he looked down to see Marah who was pouting. Alvin was grinning because how cute Marah was being. He crouch down to Marah's level.

"Are you here to take my mommy away?" Marah said.

"Well, I would like for you mommy to help me with something. But she is worry for you, sister and other mommy's safety. I would like you and your family to come with to make it easy on her." Alvin said.

"Y-You mean that you have a space ship?" Marah asked.

Alvin nodded his head.

"SPACESHIP!" Marah said, with excitement.

"Spaceship?" Sarah asked.

"Let me guess, you two like spaceship." Alvin assume.

"Well, part of that is my fault. I was reading them a space story and they wanted to fly in a spaceship." Caitlyn said.

"Can we go, mommy? Can we? Can we? Can we? Can we?" Marah and Sarah asked.

"Well, if you girls can pack up all your stuff, then I guess we can go see this spaceship." Caitlyn said.

"YAY!" Sarah and Marah said.

They ran towards their room to pack. Caitlyn was looking at both David and Alvin.

"Oh don't get too comfortable because you ware going to help." Caitlyn told them.

Alvin chuckle to himself as David just smile and they both started walking towards the twin's room to help them pack. Caitlyn walked towards her wife and kissed her on the lip and wrapped her arms around her.

"Well, this going to a new change in our lives." Caitlyn said.

"Well, we have been living here for long. I was hoping we ended up somewhere warm for the kids." June said.

She kissed Caitlyn as they both started walking to their room to pack. It took about several hours and they all got everything pack. Alvin pressed a button on his watch to called the Inferno to their location. Marah and Sarah was in awe at the ship and so was June and Caitlyn. They both were shock to see how well made the ship was.

Alvin and David started moving the heavy stuffed onto the ship while Marah and Sarah ran up the ship and they were looking around to see a lot of colorful buttons. Then the Eve appeared in front of them as she was looking down at them.

"Greetings, my name is Eve. I am the AI of the Inferno." Eve introduced.

"Hello, my name is Marah." Marah greeted.

"And my name is Sarah." Sarah said.

Both Alvin and David was carry some of the heavy stuff into the storage room. It didn't take long before all the other stuffed was placed into the storage room. Both June and Caitlyn were strapping Marah and Sarah into their seatbelts before they strapped in themselves. David did the same while Eve was disappeared. Alvin took the pilot seat and looked at his new passagers.

"Alright passager, this is captain Alvin speaking. Please keep your hands and feet inside at all time. Eve, power up the thrusters.." Alvin said.

"Acknowledge." Eve said.

He started up the thrusters and the ship started to take off. Once they were high enough, Marah, Sarah, June and Caitlyn wave bye to their house.

"Next stop, Germany." Alvin said as he pushed the controls forwards which the ship started to blast off.

Marah and Sarah giggled with excitement as they were enjoying the flight.


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