Banjo and Kazooie were racing around Seaside Hill with Sonic and his SEGA pals as they were enjoying the sunny rays on the shine filled Lost Palace track.

"We have more races than we do adventures," Kazooie said while firing a normal blue egg at one of the racers, which was actually the annoying monkey AiAi.

"So? It's all about having fun." Banjo pointed out while driving over the wooden bridges overlooking the sandy beach.

But deep within Clanker's Cavern, everyone's favorite metal shark wasn't exactly having that... and it didn't help that a big fat purple cat was on him trying to get back his annoying green frog friend.

"Hmm... I'm glad to have someone on me, but I'm not sure if this is exactly what I want." Clanker muttered as he slowly bobbed within the gross rotting water of his cavern, due to all the years of him being used as a garbage disposal.

"Fwoggy, stop running away from me!" Big exclaimed as he was running on top of Clanker, dashing back and forth on the enormous metal shark as his aggravating green amphibian buddy croaked and jumped from one side to the other, with some of the enemies watching as they were wondering what obnoxious being was making the mind numbing noises.

Clanker wasn't able to see what was happening, although he can surely feel it from the obese cat's running, as well as the fishing rod occasionally landing on his robotic sides, hoping they wouldn't get caught in his metallic gills.