"Hey Barn, how the rocky road did we get here from Bedrock?" Fred Flintstone asked as he looked at the different cavemen staring at him and his best friend oddly.

Barney Rubble shrugged as he turned his head to his closest buddy. "I dunno, Fred, but these guys could use better fashion sense!"

Fred and Barney were unsure how they got into the Isle O' Hags' prehistoric corner from just enjoying themselves at the club, but they were sure that they would end up back home by the end of the night, since they went through weirder, walking about as if they were going around in circles like their infamous animation cycles. Naturally, Banjo and Kazooie were nearby watching the iconic stone age grand dads walk around, with the brown bear and red bird glancing at each other as Kazooie flapped her crimson wings in Banjo's blue backpack while he adjusted his bright yellow shorts.

"Corr, aren't they the two guys from the Flintstones?" Banjo questioned as he dashed on the brownish platform towards the green marsh.

Kazooie nodded her head while holding various different eggs. "They sure are, but I don't know why they would want to come here. This place sucks."

Fred and Barney exchanged glances with Banjo and Kazooie as both pairs looked at each other for a while, until they both shrugged and went about their business.