"Oh lord not another alien," Kazooie groaned upon her and Banjo roaming around Bedrock for some strange reasons.

"How do you do, dumb dums?" The alien greeted with a chuckle. "I'm the great Gazoo."

"Oh hey your name goes well with her name!" Banjo pointed out while moving his bear arms about. "You could say that you're Gazooie-"

"Please stop." Kazooie squawked; the red breegull bird was clearly not enjoying this 1 bit. "We're here to beat up some prehistoric freaks."

"Well you certainly don't look like you'll need my help to do it." The Great Gazoo laughed while wrapping his arms around the back of his head. "In fact I'm surprised you're not rock themed. Why I just ran into Stone-an and Red Stone-ja on the way here-"

"All right we're leaving." Kazooie interrupted by talon trotting away.