Summary: After a fight against Toga that landed her in the hospital, Uraraka decides to work harder to become a Pro. But when the concerns of overdoing it arises from her family and friends, will she listen to them or will she ignore them? And to what cost?

Fandom: My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia

Relationship: Ochako Uraraka/Katsuki Bakugou

Chapter 1: Battle

Arriving on the scene, the brown haired teenager took a deep breath as she approaches her teammates in their hero gear: Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida, and Bakugou listening to Chief Tsuragamae, who held out a blue print of the building to them explaining the setup of the building. She jogged toward her teammates catching their attention.

"Sorry, I'm late! I couldn't get signal in Gunhead's Office. I got Iida's message after I got out of there. What's the situation looking like?"

Tsuragamae's rough voice responded, "My officers reported saying that there are about 10 hostages on the second floor of the building. Twice is said to be hiding on the top floor with a bomb. I have multiple SWAT teams placed on the building tops that surround this building just in case."

Uraraka scrunched her eyebrows in concern, "Are any of them injured?"

"None that were reported."

"Chief, the media is here!"

"Crap. That's my cue. Good luck heroes."

Todoroki thanked the chief in his soft monotone before he walked away.

Deku cleared his throat catching his teammates attention. Pointing to the front door, he started the instructions of the mission.

"Shoto, Ground Zero, and I will be entering the building first to find the villain; we will not engage in battle if there are hostages close to him." This was directed to Bakugou, who snarled at him in response.

The green-haired teenager looked back at the print. "And then, Ingenium and Uravity will lead the hostages out of the building safely through the nearest door away from the battle." Midoriya pointed at both Iida and her. "Afterwards, you two will scout the building to find any other hostages that were not reported by the police."

Both nodded their heads.

"Of course."

"You got it."

Deku gave them a small smiled and turned to look at the two other males. "Okay Shoto, Ground Zero. Let's go!"

Two minutes passed by when they got the call in. "Iida, Uraraka we've cleared the area. Come in and take the hostages out."

Said people looked at each other with silent confidence for each other and nodded, running into the building. They got to the second floor and helped the hostages out the lobby door. Iida signaled the people to continue out of the door.

"Everyone, please covered your heads and keep your hand on the person's shoulder that is in front of you. Stay in a single file line."

As the last person got out, Uraraka suggested that they go back to look for other hostages.

"We will avoid the battle to prevent any fear and injuries to occur if there are others inside. We can separate to cover more ground and take the people out faster."

As they went back into the building, both are scouting the first floor and heard a familiar explosion two floors above them.

Iida called through the ear piece. "Damn it, Bakugou. Be careful, they're might still be people up here!"

The response he got was a simple-Bakugou shout of "SHUT UP, FOUR EYES!"

"Ignore him, Iida. I'll take this floor and you take the floor above us. You can use your quirk to speed in and out of the building."

"Alright, be careful, Ochako."

She gave him a soft smile, "You too."

She ran through the hallway, searching every room. Empty.

A shadow loomed behind her. Silent footsteps made it toward her turned back. Before she could turn around, she found herself kicked down to the floor with weight placed on top of her. She groaned in pain.

"Wow! It's been a while since we had some girl time! Right Ochako?"

Brown eyes widened in fear. That voice…

Turning her head, she met empty yellow eyes. Himiko Toga, blonde hair in two messy buns and her straight bangs. Her sinister smile intact.

The yellow eyed villain pouted, "You don't remember me, Ocha." She took out her butterfly knife and held tightly it to Uraraka's neck, "I'll help you remember."

She could hear the crushing cement of Deku's kicks, Bakugou's explosions, and the crackling of Todoroki's ice and flames. The effects of their attacks caused some of the cement to start crumbling around them. Which meant that they just detained Twice!

Uraraka felt the knife loosen from her neck. She took the opportunity and pushed back her head slamming into Toga's face. The villainess screeched in pain. The heroine got up kicking the knife away from the other female, giving herself some distance to think up of a quick plan.

Toga wiped her nose with her sleeve with a freak snarl that could rival Bakugou's. "Why would you hurt your friend?!" She sprinted toward Uraraka, she swung her arm backwards in preparation for a punch. Uraraka side stepped to the right and grabbed Toga's outstretched arm and twisted it behind her. She ran and slammed Toga to the nearest wall, putting all her force. The blonde groaned in pain and twist the other hand to grab onto the heroine's shoulder.

Ochako felt a sting on her shoulder, not realizing that a thick needle was stabbing through. She pulled back from the villainess, grabbing onto her shoulder. She held back a scream of pain and her knees started buckling causing her to fall onto her bad shoulder. She let out a pained whimper.

"Aww! Isn't blood cute! I think it looks great on you, Ochako!"

Said person turned to her stomach with a grimace on her face. Her padded fingers went towards to the pieces of cement as she used to them help her crawl.

"Aw, don't leave now! We're just getting started!"

Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugou stood outside of the building waiting for the other two to get out safely. They didn't have to wait long for one of them to come out. Iida came out of the building with two more employees clinging onto him. He stopped in front of his male teammates, noticing that their only female teammate was missing.

"That is all of the employees that we are hiding on the third floor. Now where is Uraraka?"

Bakugou narrowed his eyes at the speedster, "Wasn't she with you this whole time?"

Iida nodded, "Yes, she was. But we separated to cover more ground in case, there were any other people hiding in the building."

Deku's green eyes widened, "If she's not with you, then she still must be in there. I'll go in and find her."

Before he was able to take a step, the blonde male began running toward the building.

"Kacchan! Where are you going?!"

"What the hell does it look like I'm doing?! I'm going to get her, Deku!"

He ran and ran, trying to look for her. He looked in every space there was in the first two floors. She wasn't there. His heart started racing even faster than before, "Come on! Where the fuck are you, Round Face!?"

He heard a feminine voice and a loud thud coming from the last room. He sprinted his way to the door and slammed the door with his explosions ready.

His eyes widened in fear by what he saw. Uraraka's usual pink face was close to colorless. She was clutching onto her right shoulder that was covered in blood and the other clutching onto a paler hand. Her uniform had slashes. And behind her was a blonde girl with a knife close to his teammate's throat.

Her raspy voice called out to him, "Get out of here! Save yourself."

He blinked quickly, and his signature scowl appeared, pointing his Grenadier Bracers to them. "You fucking wish I'm gonna to leave you here with this bitch, Round Face!"

Toga sighed wistfully, putting her head on top of Uraraka's, "Oh how sweet! He really is like your knight in shining armor, right Ochako? Wow you have two knights in shining armor? Him and Deku! Wow you are so – "

Uraraka yanked Toga's arm away from her pushing her away. She tripped away from Toga getting some distance away from her. She let out an agonizing yelp when she felt something stab through her.


All the debris started going down. Bakugou ran toward Uraraka, carrying her out quickly as the debris caused the building to start breaking down. He ran out carrying a close to unconscious Uraraka. He looked down when he felt warm liquid covering his chest. Red… His eyes widened in fear as he gained more speed out of the building.

They made it out. The building stopped crumbling.


He ignored Deku's yell and sprinted carefully straight towards one of the paramedics.

He snarled, "You need to help her NOW!"

He startled the paramedic, who called for support. She was placed on a stretcher and moved into an ambulance.

The trampling of footsteps got louder as Deku, Iida, and Todoroki ran to where Bakugou stood looking at the ambulance.

"What the hell happened in there?!"

Without looking away from the way that the ambulance left he growled, "That shouldn't fucking matter right now. She's lost too much blood and she could have died in there if it wasn't for her reckless attack. We need to go to hospital with her."

Another paramedic came up to Bakugou. "You also have injuries, go get yourself looked at."

Bakugou snarled, "I'm going to fucking live! Right now, worry about her!"

A soft monotone voice spoke, "Do not doubt her spirit. She will be fine."

Bakugou's red eyes darkened as he twirled to face the voice, "Listen Icy Hot, I don't care! She's hurt and none of us weren't there to protect her."

"I must agree with Todoroki, she will be fine. She's quite stubborn."

Bakugou's eyes followed the ambulance that carried her, "I don't care."

Deku walked up to the blonde and placed his hand on his shoulder, "Come on, let's get you cleaned and then we'll go to the hospital."

His green eyes clashed with burning red that tried to hide concern. Bakugou knocked his hand off him and started walking toward the hospital. "Let's just go."

He missed the concern that his other male teammates showed on their faces.