Summary: After a fight against Toga that landed her in the hospital, Uraraka decides to work harder to become a Pro. But when the concerns of overdoing it arises from her family and family, will she listen to them or will she ignore them? And to what cost?

Fandom: My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia

Relationship: Ochako Uraraka/Katsuki Bakugou

A/N: I just want to thank all who favored, followed, and reviewed this story! This is my first MHA/Kacchako story and I was a bit nervous about posting this whole story. But that doesn't matter! Thanks again for those who are enjoyed the first chapter! Also, I'm pretty sure I butchered her parents' accents and I apologize! Here's the second chapter!

Chapter 2: I'm Sorry

Whispers coming from familiar voices were the first sounds that she was able to hear as she started to become conscious once again. She moved her head towards where she thought the voices were coming from and slowly opened her eyes to only close them once again when she accidently looked at the ceiling lights.


"Ochako, you're awake! Ya had us worried, sweetie!"

Her narrowed brown eyes shifted from looking at the ceiling and she slowly turned her head to the two leaning figures next to her bed. Mama and Papa are here?

Her voice came out scratchy and quiet, "Mama, Papa. What're ya doin' here?"

A small sob came out of her mother's mouth and Ochako had to close her eyes from seeing her mother's and father's pain and grief that she had caused them.

Her father's deep voice covered her mother's sobs. "We were watching the news when we saw the Ground Zero fella carrying you out to the ambulance. We got on the first train to the hospital. Y'scared us t'death, 'Chako. Please don't ever do that again…"

She felt a small pang of guilt in her heart, "'M sorry, Papa. I didn' have my guard up and the villain surprised me, I fought back as best as I can. But my best nearly got myself killed. If it wasn't for my teammate coming to drag me out, who knows what would have happened."

She shifted her body to sit up but stopped as her body became flared with pain. She groaned in discomfort. She felt two large hands on her shoulders gently placing her back down on the hospital bed.

Her mother's gentle voice spoke up, "Ochako please stay still. We don't want for your stitches to open."

Stitches? Thought Ochako. Why did I get stitches?

Placing her hand onto her abdomen, she felt the medical tape that surrounded the location of her pain. She didn't remember what happened to herself after releasing the debris.

Her mother's voice waivered, "One of the doctors said that a cement shard got lodged into your upper abdomen –" She took a moment to stop as a sob escaped. "She said that it missed your stomach by less than an inch."

Ochako opened her mouth to comfort her mother. But her mother's next words stopped her.

"'Chako… I don't want you to continue to stay at U.A. anymore."

Said girl's eyes widener, "Mama – "

"No buts! You don't know how hard it's been for us to watch you on the news fearing that something terrible would happen to you! Having t' pray all the time for your safety! This hero work is too dangerous for you and I don't want you to get yourself killed because you want to help us!"

The brunette teenager curled her hands into soft fists and shook her head. She felt the warm stinging of tears in her eyes. "I made a promise to you guys and to myself that I will become a Pro-hero, so I could give you the life that you deserve!"

"But what if you'd died!? Do you think that'll make us happy!" Her mother's soft hands covered her fists. "Ochako, sweetie. We don't want money. We want you to be safe. Did you think about how we would have felt if something terrible were to happen to you?"

A familiar voice spoke up, "My apologies, are we interrupting?"

The family of three turned to look at the slightly opened door as Principal Nezu peaked in.

Her father gave him the permission to enter. He entered and behind him was Gunhead.

Ochako turned her head away from everyone else to discreetly wipe any residue of her tears.

"Once again, I apologize for interrupting Mr. and Mrs. Uraraka. Is it okay if we spoke to your daughter in private?"

She blankly stared out the window avoiding her parents' concerning eyes. But it seemed that they have agreed to what Principal Nezu asked as the chairs next to her bed scraped against the floor and their footsteps started receding.

"We'll see you in a bit, 'Chako."

She let out a soft reply. "Yes Mama."

The door closed, and silence drifted through out the room.

A small frown appeared on her face as she turned her eyes onto the bed.

A warm paw was placed on her shoulder trying to get her to face her visitors. She turned to face her principal, who gave her his signature soft smile.

"How are you feeling, Uraraka? Do you need anything?"

She returned his smile with a smaller version of her usual smile. "I'm fine! And I'm sorry that I wasn't able to stop Toga from escaping. She just came out of nowhere and – "

She stopped herself and now shifted her eyes to face her mentor with self-disappointment. "I failed you, Gunhead. All that intense training that I've done with you for three years and I still wasn't able to stop her." She bowed her head to keep them from seeing her tears.

She felt a rough palm duffle her hair gently.

"Don't worry about it, Uraraka. All that matters is that you came out alive. And it shouldn't matter because you did your job as a hero, you kept all the hostages out of danger and they're all alright. Let this failed mistake be a lesson for you. Learn from your mistakes, that's going to help you become stronger. You don't have to beat yourself about it. Besides as your mentor, I won't allow my student to think less of herself because of a mistake. This just means we will train even harder! Got it short stack!"

Ochako felt her cheeks burn up and as a response, she slapped her hands onto her face. Why is he so cute?

Principal Nezu cleared his throat to speak, "Do not worry, we will also have a discussion with your parents about having you stay at U.A. But for the next few days, I believe it's wise for you to be sent home with your parents to get your wounds healed."

She nodded her head, "Of course. Thank you, Principal Nezu! And thank you Gunhead for taking some time off your daily patrol."

"Ah don't worry about that, kiddo! I've got my side kicks doing that for me!"

A knock interrupted their conversation as a small black haired female doctor came in with a clipboard in hand and glasses framing her chubby face.

"Hello, I see that you're awake Ms. Uraraka. Are you feeling well? Are you feeling any pain?"

She gave the doctor a small smile, "It hurts, but I feel better."

"Okay that's good to hear but I have some things that I need to talk to you about, so if it's okay with you gentlemen, may you excuse us?"

Both males gave their goodbyes and left the room.

The heroine-in-training sighed quietly, leaning back on her pillow.

"Would you like me to come back later. You seem to be a little worn out after staying awake for some time."

She gave the doctor a thankful smile and nodded her head. "I would really appreciate it so much. I'm sorry causing you to come here for nothing."

The doctor waved her hand to dismiss the teenager's comment. "Nonsense, rest now."

And rest she did for the next few hours.

A/N 2: Gunhead is my favorite! He is adorable and I couldn't make a story without him in it...