Macendale sat down in the warehouse as he listened to Gargan play the recording of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.

"Well, this certainly confirms my suspicions about Parker," he said.

"You think someone would have picked up on this," said Carlie Cooper, a forensic analyst who helped Macendale destroy evidence. "I mean, he ditches his glasses with no contact lenses replacement or laser eye surgery appointment, his uncle dies violently, he is constantly disappearing whenever a situation needs Spider-Man for vague reasons, he is seemingly the only photographer who can snap pictures of the wall crawler, he once appeared in public in a Spider-Man suit, and he was even accused of being Spider-Man once."

"Leaving aside the fact that most people in the city haven't heard of him beyond maybe him getting credited for a picture," Gargan said, "that is a lot of separate dots to connect. No one was suspicious to see him dressed as someone on Halloween. And mysterious black giants aren't particularly believable witnesses."

"Indeed, Gargan," said Macendale. "But they were enough to put Parker on the radar of our employers. And I could tell that Stacy was at the very least suspicious of his daughter's best friend being Spider-Man."

"Well, boss, what do we do now?" asked Gargan. "Go send this recording to Jameson and see if he bursts a blood vessel learning Parker's been scamming him?"

"No, our employers have their own plan," said Macendale. "After finding out who Spider-Man is, we are to take the quote "Most important person in his life hostage, and lure him into a trap where we will have the advantage."

"You mean you will have the advantage," said Cooper. "You're the only one who talks to the bosses, and now that Green Goblin is dead, are grooming you as the next Goblin. When do we get to go meet them and get our own costumes?"

"It's called compartmentalization, Cooper," replied Macendale. "You have done well cleaning up messes but they are still seeing if you are ready for bigger things. Of course, if you do this well, you might find yourself moving up."

High above Empire State University, Spider-Man was observing Professor Miles Warren. Ever since Gwen had told him about Warren coming onto her, Peter had been trying to find a way to help her deal with him. He had decided to leave a camera above Warren's office to find out his routine and hopefully learn a weakness to exploit. Just then, he heard an explosion rock the street. Turning his head towards it, he someone flying one of the Green Goblin's glider's. He didn't look like either the Green Goblin or Jack'O'Lantern, though. For one thing, while his mask looked like a goblin, it was brown instead of green and his eye pieces were red instead of yellow. His costume was blue instead of green and instead of his shoes, jacket, and gloves being purple, they were brown, with a brown hooded cape on his head. Also unlike Jack'O'Lantern, this copycat seemed to know how to fly his glider. Swinging at the goblin, Spider-Man prepared to knock this guy off his glider to end the fight quickly. Suddenly, the goblin turned around and punched Spider-Man square in the chest, sending him crashing into a wall.

"Sorry, but I'm no pretender," the goblin said. "The Hobgoblin is the true heir to the Green Goblin."

"Well, at least I know your name," snarked Spider-Man. "I'll ask you on the right spelling before I send you to the Vault." Swinging at the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man let go of his web and flew like a bullet at his adversary. The Hobgoblin dodged the attack and tossed a pumpkin bomb at Spider-Man, which he dodged. Little did he know that this was just a distraction.


At that moment, Gwen was meeting with Harry. After he had lost his temper several times, to the point of breaking something, Gwen had told him to either start seeing a therapist or they would need to start dating other people. Harry had just come back from his first session.

"How did it go, Harry?" she asked.

"It was a bit weird," he said. "But I did feel better than before. Dr. Hamilton really wants to help me."

"That's great," said Mary Jane Watson. The red head was a great friend of Gwen and, having a good heart, wanted to help Harry with the recent tragedy in his life.

"Thanks, MJ," Harry said. "How are things with Mark these days?"

"Mark only gets a phone call once a week, and it's usually with his parents or Liz," she said. "But I did get to talk to him, once. Honestly, loneliness sounded like his biggest problem. Not many people want to mess with someone whose skin can turn white hot on a moment's notice. His trial is coming up and it doesn't look like leniency will be on the table unless he reveals who did the procedure, but given how his condition is remote controlled from somewhere else, Mark is unwilling to do that." Gwen felt a knot in her stomach, Peter had told her that he was almost positive that Norman was behind the experiment that gave Mark his condition. A rather disproportionate punishment for a gambling addiction. But her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a van driving up. Its door suddenly opened and a masked woman stepped out with a pistol.

"Get in, Stacy!" the figure yelled through a voice distorter. Harry charged in to help Gwen but was shot in the side. The driver, a man who was also masked, charged out and shot MJ with a taser before smacking Gwen in the face with his stun gun.

"-moron, Osborn is off limits," Gwen heard the driver say to the gunwoman. "Now help me get her in the van."

"Let's go two for one," his accomplice said as she picked up Mary Jane. Sometime later, Gwen awoke in a cage. Looking around, she saw that she was flanked by two cages. The one on the right held Mary Jane inside. The one on the left held a short-haired blonde woman with green eyes Gwen had not seen before who was roughly the same age as herself.

"Who are you people?" asked the stranger. "Why are we here?"

"I can answer that question," said a man stepping out of the shadows. "You are here, Miss Hardy, because you tried to steal from my employers. As for Miss Stacy and, Watson is it, they share something in common with you: Spider-Man cares for them a great deal. And any trap needs good bait."

"Spider-Man might have helped Gwen and me a few times but we're not his friends or something," said MJ.

"I take it you don't know like Miss Stacy that your friend Peter Parker is Spider-Man, then," the man said to MJ's surprise. "Oh yes, I am well aware of how good a liar he is even when directly accused of being Spider-Man. But Detective Gargan and Ms. Cooper here found proof." He gestured to a pair of people. They were the abductors but now their masks were off and Gwen recognized them. They were Detective First Grade Mac Gargan and Crime Scene Analyst Carlie Cooper. Gwen had seen them working with her father on several occasions.

"It was simple, really," said Cooper. "Gwen here realized who Parker was, went to see him, and he thought with his web shooters instead of his head and admitted to it to get her to choose him over Osborn." Gwen gritted her teeth, that wasn't what happened at all and she was still giving Harry the opportunity to get better.

"Yeah, well, we got three of Spidey's girlfriends, so he is sure to fall for our trap," said Gargan. "Of course, you might not be doing so well by the time he gets here." He then pressed a button on a console that shocked the three young women and left them paralyzed.

"Prep the operating tables," said the scientist. "And the Green immersion chamber for Miss Hardy. Hopefully, my Webbed Warrior project will be as successful as the Globulin Green modification."

"Got it, Stromm," Gwen heard Gargan say before she passed out.

Peter was not happy at all. His fight with the Hobgoblin had been much harder than he had anticipated. Not only was this guy clearly on the green, given how he was able to match Peter's own strength but he also had clearly practiced how to use his glider and other equipment. Hobgoblin retreated for unclear reasons and caused a car pileup in order to distract Spider-Man. He further did this when he tossed a pumpkin bomb at a police helicopter. Spider-Man was able to stop the helicopter from crashing into the street but the pilot had been killed and copilot badly injured. While he was reflecting on his recent battle, he received a call on the burner phone that George Stacy had given him.

"What is it, Captain?" he asked.

"Spider-Man, I need you," he said. "Gwen and Mary Jane Watson have been kidnapped."

"When did it happen?" Spider-Man asked as he lept to his feet.

"Around the time when you were fighting 'The Hobgoblin'" the police captain said. Spider-Man had a bad feeling about why the Hobgoblin retreated and why Gwen and MJ were targeted. "Harry Osborn was with them but he has been shot and is headed to the hospital." Peter was relieved, Harry had been a bit hard to get along with recently but he was still his friend. Hopefully, he could find Gwen and MJ before things took a turn for the worse.

I've decided to continue this story. I really hate Carlie Cooper so I made her a villain in this. I am borrowing from several continuities for ideas. I hope you all enjoy.