Gwen awoke in the cage she was in earlier. Lacking either her contacts or glasses, she couldn't see very well but quickly realized that she was now in a hospital gown instead of her regular orange jacket and grey pants. Feeling a pain in her left arm, she looked down and saw an injection site.

"So you're Spidey's other woman," she heard a voice to her left say. Looking toward it, she saw the woman the abductors had called 'Hardy.' She too was in a hospital gown but that wasn't the only change: her hair seemed to have turned white since the last time Gwen had seen her, and her shoulders and thighs had gotten larger. She also looked taller than before. "You're not exactly what I expected."

"And you must be the kind-hearted cat burglar who has helped him a few times," Gwen said. Her dad had told her about the so-called Black Cat, a suspected thief who was occasionally seen helping Spider-Man and who sometimes seemed to be in a relationship with him. Peter hadn't talked that much about her when confessing he was Spider-Man. He said that she was mad at him for not helping her dad escape the Vault.

"Well, we aren't talking at the moment," said Black Cat.

"Well, the fact you helped him several times is reason enough to hold you here along with Miss Stacy and Miss Watson," said the man called Stromm as he walked in. "Also, congratulations, it seems Globulin Green Mark Two is a success with you."

"What are you doing to us?" demanded Mary Jane, who had just woken up and was wearing a hospital gown as well.

"Every experiment requires subjects, Miss Watson," Stromm replied. "In Miss Hardy's case, I am modifying the Globulin Green so it only has to be taken once. As for you and Miss Stacy, I have something of an admiration for Spider-Man. I want to replicate his powers and you're the test subjects. Too bad all the other test subjects Gargan and Cooper brought me weren't able to handle the procedure. Hopefully you'll be stronger than they were."

"That's just a side benefit," said a new voice. Flying in on a glider was a goblin-type villain who looked very different from the Green Goblin. "The main reason you're here is so I can lure Spider-Man to a trap of my choosing. I've already dealt with that pretender, Kingsley. Now, the Hobgoblin rises!"

Spider-Man was extremely worried about Gwen and MJ but he had no idea where to even start looking for them. Harry was still in surgery, so the police hadn't been able to ask him for descriptions of either the kidnappers or their vehicle. Whoever they were, they knew exactly how to pull of the abduction and flee from the scene without being followed. Just then, his cell phone started ringing. It was from Gwen's phone. Not knowing why the kidnappers would call him, he answered as Peter Parker.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Drop the act, Spider-Man," said the voice of the Hobgoblin on the other end. "You're not fooling anyone. Do you think we targeted Stacy and Watson at random? We also have your pussy cat burglar here as well. By the way, I can see you're not a believer of the bro code. What do you think will make Osborn angrier: killing his dad or stealing his girl?"

"Listen to me, I am not Spider-Man!" he shouted emphatically, worried they had also taken Black Cat as well as suspected he was Spider-Man. "I just went out as him on Halloween."

"My friends caught your conversation with Stacy at your house, yesterday," replied Hobgoblin. "About how you got bitten by an irradiated spider on a tour of ESU's labs, your adventure with an alien slime monster attached to your costume, and how Norman Osborn actually died, not in a car accident as the papers were told, amongst other things. Not even you can completely surveillance." Peter froze up, if they heard that conversation, there was no way to convince them that he wasn't Spider-Man. "But I'm not calling to talk about that. I came to tell you where you can find them. Just remember, I am monitoring the police and I want you to come alone. I want you there in half in half an hour. They are in a warehouse right next to the metal works where you and Tombstone teamed up on the Green Goblin. See you there." The Hobgoblin then hung up. Peter knew it was a trap but he didn't have many options. If this guy was able to surveil Peter's house without being seen, he could probably monitor police channels like he claimed. The time limit to get there was no doubt to stop him from first approaching Captain Stacy directly. With nothing left to do, he headed for the warehouse. Upon arriving on the roof of the warehouse, the Hobgoblin flew up in front of him.

"You made it just in time," he said to Spider-Man. "Just in time to die!" All of a sudden, three chain guns on either side of the roof popped up, protected by metal shielding, and started to hum as their barrels began to spin. Having no tall buildings to swing from close by, Spider-Man fired several web blasts at two of the turrets as the other four began firing. Starting to run, he dodged most of the bullets but one grazed his left shoulder. The armor plating on the turrets deflected the crossfire that hit them, ensuring that Spider-Man couldn't destroy them just by tricking them into shooting each other. Then, to make matters worse, Hobgoblin started chucking pumpkin bombs. But then, Spider-Man had an idea. After the Hobgoblin tossed another bomb, Spider-Man grabbed it with his webs and tossed it at one of the turrets, destroying it.

"Good trick, Spider-Man," the Hobgoblin exclaimed. "I'll stick to guns from here on out."

"I won't stay out here at all," Spider-Man responded, leaping through the hole where the turret had been. It lead him to a warehouse that had several glass cells holding Gwen, Mary Jane, and surprisingly, Black Cat. Acting quickly, he knocked the elevated pole holding one of the remaining turrets up, sending it crashing down. The Hobgoblin came down, as did the remaining four turrets.

"What are you doing?" exclaimed a man in a lab coat. "You can't fight in here!" The Hobgoblin ignored the scientist and started firing at Spider-Man with a submachine gun. Spider-Man dodged the bullets and neither of them noticed a stray shot had hit the electronic controls to the cell locks. This short circuited the doors to the cells. While Gwen and MJ were held in place with metal restraints, the same was not true of the Black Cat. She was able to run out and start leaping on the various cells in the room and jumped onto the Hobgoblin's back, knocking him off the glider with the sneak attack. Landing on the floor, the Hobgoblin rolled away. He tossed several pumpkin bombs wildly and one of them hit the man in the lab coat, blowing him to bits. The other bombs hit several chemical containers, starting a fire. Deciding to cut his losses, the Hobgoblin jumped back on his glider and flew out, shooting a woman who was inside the lab. Black Cat rushed out of the warehouse as Spider-Man jumped down to help Gwen and Mary Jane.

"Is that really you, Peter?" asked MJ. Before he could respond, his spider-sense went off and he dodged an attack from a man, smashing him headfirst against the cage, knocking him unconscious. Turning back to MJ, he undid her bonds and then went to free Gwen. Tossing the concussed man over his shoulder, Spider-Man, along with Gwen and Mary Jane charged out of the warehouse as it went up in flames. Setting the man down on a nearby bench, he called Captain Stacy. After letting Gwen talk to her dad to reassure him that she was alright, Spider-Man left the address of where Gwen and MJ were before swinging off. He knew that Hobgoblin was still out there and knew who he was, he certainly wasn't working alone, and to top it off, Black Cat was out there, most likely knowing his identity as well and still angry at him for not breaking her dad out of the Vault. All in all, things were not looking good.

Hope you guys like this chapter. Peter never answered MJ's question because of how overwhelmed he is by everything.