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I ain't Lynette Noni.

"Assistant!?" I spluttered. Niyx as combat assistant teacher. Geez, I'm going to end up dead by the end of the week. He wouldn't holdback which means I would be constantly in danger of losing a limb or two. But I like my arms and legs. I mentally complained. On the bright side he would now be living at Akarnae and be able to train me again.

"Surprise." Niyx said nervously.

"Let me get this straight. You're going to teach me combat. At school. Three times a week." I deadpanned.

"I am going to teach you combat. At school. Three times a week." He responded, mimicking my pauses. There were so many more intelligent things I could've said but what came out was

"Why?" He opened his mouth to answer but I got in first. "Never mind, dumb question."

"I'll finally be free to live a normal-ish life. Except nothing normal when your bonded to the one and only Alexandra Jennings." How rude of Niyx to say, especially since there was still five boys standing around eavesdropping and laughing at his obnoxious comments. I had to redeem myself.

"Are you saying that because I'm the most amazing person you've ever met? I'm flattered, truly, but I'd like to remain friends." I smirked

"Is that because you've got your eyes on a certain blue eyed boy?" He copied my previous expression while mine changed to fake confusion.

"Jordan? No. I wouldn't do that to Dix."

"I was talking about someone standing over there." Niyx pointed to Kaiden's general direction and I felt a blush creep up my neck.

"Me?" Sebastian said hysterically next to Kaiden.

I looked at him incredulously. "No, you bozo. He's talking about Kai…" I trailed off before finishing the word, realising my mistake. Everyone laughed as a turned the colour of a baboons butt. Which was really red, if you didn't know.

"Well, Kitten, can you introduce me to your besties?"

"Besties? Really?"

"Just answer the stupid question"

It suddenly dawned on me that they still thought he was some creep in a meyarin prison. Now he was just a creep that no longer lived in a prison.

Really? Came Niyx's voice in my head. I'll have you know, I can be heaps more creepy if I wanted to be. I shook my head and said aloud. "That's not a good thing."

"Do you guys want to tell us, who don't have mental connections to each other, what you were talking about?" Nick said, obviously confuzzled.

"Nope" I said popping the 'p'. "Anyway, let's go introduce Niyx to my friends."

"Besties sounds way cooler that 'friends'." And with that we left to go meet Jordan, Dix and Bear.

We found them in the food court. Which is terrible because we also happened to find the rest of the school there. Eugh. Why is life so hard? As soon as we walked in my best friends all stood up. Even Jordan, who was eating pancakes.

"Alex! Get away from him. He's a garseth!" Dix yelled at me. When I didn't move, Jordan yelled

"You traitor! After everything we did for you!" They totally took this out of proportion. "I'm not a traitor. I swear." I said in a calm, steady voice. "Save the crap, Alex." Bear said as they all shoved past the combat boys and I. "That went well." Brendan said dryly. Before I could whack him Declan said "I'll talk to Bear." A pause in which we all raised our eyebrows. "And D.C. and Jordan." He flushed red and avoided eye contact. What's that about? "Why you?" Sebastian asked. "Um. Kaiden's closest to Alex, so he will stay here with her." A smirk which I chose to ignore. "And I'm closest to her friends."

A shrug from Sebastian. "Makes sense."

Declan walked off. "Why can't they just understand?" I moaned. "Maybe they were so shocked at my beauty." How Niyx manages to keep his sense of humour in times like this, I didn't know. "I wouldn't use the word 'beauty'." I retorted.

"Your right, I should use the word 'lively'." I snorted

"What?" He asked. "It's just, before an hour ago I thought you were dead." It was pretty strange hearing him call himself lively. The word meant alive, just in more words. I'm still not quite sure what to think about Niyx being alive. It sure is something I've never heard of happening. I instantly remember Jordan telling me 'new world, new rules' would that apply to this situation?

We decided to wait around for Declan to come back from talking to my friends, or besties as Niyx would say. We sat and waited for a while and every so often I would look at Sebastian, smiling and winking to a girl who looked around his age. I wanted to snort at the scene but didn't think it was wise to disrupt the awkward silence. Did I mention the awkward silence was really uncomfortable? Everyone was staring at us and not a single one had the courtesy to look away when we caught them looking at us. No manners. A few times a group of students would walk in smiling and laughing only to notice the silence. They'd all mutter something like: "Well, this is awkward." Oh really? I didn't realise. There was one person who even said "What's that Jennings girl get up to this time?" I would've jumped up and said something like "What's your face got up to this time? Did it take a job as a tennis ball? Is that why it looks like it's been whacked inside out?" But Kaiden squeezed my shoulder stopping me from moving. I just scowled at her. After several more minutes, Jordan came racing in and screaming about some pizza party that wasn't here. Two minutes later Bear came running, complaining that there wasn't I science fair. Five minutes later Dix came running saying "where's Dancer?". Declan came back shortly after, grinning. Oh, he tricked them into coming back. Smart. "I think Alex has some explaining to do." I sure do."

I've decided that I also want to make stironnigon happen. I was wondering if I should do different POVs. It would, of course, still mostly be on Alex but for stironnigon to happen then I'd need Declan and Bears POVs. Should I? I promise I will make Alex and her friends forgive each other. I personally hate when friends are angry. I have no idea why I did it to myself. Now I'm sad!

Anywho, bye :)

(I said I liked the word anywho)