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I was so angry at Alex right now. And judging by the huffs of anger coming from Jordan and Dix, they were too. We were stomping around campus not knowing where we were going. Everywhere stunk of Alex. Not literally but it all reminded us of her and the betrayal.

"Hey, wait up!" Someone called from behind. It was Declan. I instantly felt a blush threatening to crawl up my neck. I don't know why. That's a lie. I do. It's not like anything's happened between us yet but we have become closer in the last couple of weeks. It started when kaiden and Alex were gazing and each other lovingly, which was all the time, and Jordan and Dix were off doing things I didn't want details about. Declan and I would look at each other fed up with our friends behaviour. Seriously, Alex and kaiden should just get together already and Jordan and Dix should make their relationship a tad more subtle. Declan and I would walk of to do something fun. We have grown closer in the last few weeks and I have developed feelings that are more than platonic for him.

"Declan, if your here to make us talk to Alex, it's not going to happen." I said firmly, ignoring my thundering heart.

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you Bear." Why does Declan want to speak with me?

"Um, sure. Ask away."

"Can we go somewhere private?"

"I guess."

We walked about thirty metres away before Declan turned to me and said. "There's a science fair in the food court."

"Why couldn't the others hear about this?"

"I didn't want to make Jordan start a petition about only using the food court for food purposes."

"Fair enough."

I ran off to the food court for the science fair.

Only to find it empty.

Half of Bears sounds like a diary entry. Sorry.


My best friends were scowling at me. I've got a lot of explaining to do

"Niyx. He's innocent of everything you think he did." They just gave me an even more unimpressed look. If that was even possible. Dix even pursed her lips, which she only ever does at Jordan. Oh no, I've turned into Jordan. "That was lame." Nods from everyone. "You could at least try to deny it." No one stirred. Rude. I looked to Niyx for reassurance about what I was about to do. He nodded. You've got this, kitten. He said telepathically. I started my explanation for the second time today. I swear, if I have to explain more times today I'm going to die before Aven can even get to me. All throughout my speech about my meyarin companion Jordan, Dix and Bear looked completely lost yet they were still nodding along. When I was done Bear spoke for the first time since his science fair dreams were crushed. "That doesn't make any sense but it's way too detailed to have been made up so I forgive you."

"Same." Dix said and Jordan mimicked her answer. I smiled so wide my cheekbones hurt and rushed forward to embrace my friends. After a few seconds Jordan moaned. "I'm hungry." Of course. "Sorry, Jordan. Standing in a food court and not eating must be torture to you." He nodded, oblivious to the sarcasm in my voice. "Glad you understand." Jordan lead the way to a empty table and when I went to follow him Niyx grabbed my arm and twisted me toward him. "I'm going to go talk to the headmaster." Probably had something to do with his arrival. I shrugged and he let me walk off. When I sat down I ordered the first thing I saw. I was about to dig in when I felt a presence behind me. It was Kaidens and he sat down next to me, smiling warmly. I smiled back. "So, Alex, can you come with me?" He asked.

"Can I eat first?" I was hungry.

" Sure." He smiled his dazzling smile again and I fought the blush creeping up my neck.

"Then there's my answer."

Kaidens POV

I asked Alex to come with me for two reasons. First one being that I needed to check if she was okay. Second being I wanted to officially tell her about my feelings for her. I took her down to the lake. Under her favourite tree that I constantly saw her doing her homework or looking out at the pretty lake glistening in the sun. I wasn't too nervous. I knew she liked me and she knew I liked her. What she didn't know was how intensely I felt about her. I have never liked any girl close to this amount. And it was driving me crazy that she was too busy saving the world to act on our feelings. I knew my time to tell her may be running out because of the final battle that was coming up so I had to do it today. We arrived under the tree and I looked at her, smiling. "What's up, Kaid?" Here I go. "I wanted to tell you something." I was nervous now. "I know you are busy saving the world and I don't expect anything to happen from this but I thought I should tell you in case it became too late." I couldn't let myself think about her death. "I love you, Alex, and I have for a while now." She was blushing a lot but smiling. That's a good sign, I guess. "I love you too, Kaiden." She said and kissed me. She actually kissed me. I kissed her back and put my hands on her hips and hers went on my neck. When we pulled away, both out of breath, she said "I could probably find time for you in my busy schedule." I smiled and kissed her again. There was cheering in the background and we pulled apart and looked around. Jordan, D.C, Bear and Declan were all laughing and cheering.

"Kailex forever!"

"They're impossible." I muttered.

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