Thanos had messed with the wrong Goddess. He killed half of the Universe as a gift in hope that he would win my heart. I gave my heart away long ago.

Anyway. Back to the point. The titan claims he loves me, thinks that killing people is the right thing. But this time he's gone WAY to far. He knows nothing about me but that I'm the Goddess of Death. He really should have done his homework before killing the two people who meant more than the world I live in to me.

I was going to put a stop to it all, I was going to finish what others started.

Planning. Planning for weeks on end. The remaining Avengers returned after they mourned the ones lost. I broke the news to Aunt May for Uncle T. She was broken, I'd never seen someone fall apart so quickly. I couldn't keep it in after that, I had to tell her that I could get Peter back and would. She was the first person I had told, and probably the only person I was going to tell for a long time.

I had everything planned out. Get the heroes together. Somehow, they still don't know about my 'magical powers' they knew that I was bitten by the radioactive spider long ago.

Find Thanos. Which wouldn't be that hard. Just had to send a message to him and he would be there.

And finally, take the gauntlet, return the mind stone and disappear. Easy as pie!

"Sophie," Uncle T started, "How can you be so sure this will work?" He asked

"Don't have time for questions." I said, Peter certainly knew how to hide his web fluid,

"Do you know where Pete kept his web fluid? I really need it, and he refused to tell me how to make it then everything happened and I'm almost out." Why couldn't Pete just have told me how to make the damn stuff. "His lab-" was all I heard before I was out of the room and heading to the labs.

It was dead easy to get Thanos out of hiding. Just get a message that 'his love' wants to meet with him and he was there. Not questioning anything. Unlike the Avengers and alliances, twelve people constantly questioning you. They do realise my father is the God of Mischief, right?

He was there, Thanos was there. Time to get this show on the road.

"Thanos." I said in a sing-song voice

"My love! I finally get to meet you!"

"That you do! But I must ask, how did you manage to wipe out half the universe so quickly? It's hard to choose their fates if I do not know how they died."

"I collected the Infinity Stones and their power." He said showing me his gauntlet

"Wow that is certainly impressive, may I hold it?"

"I'm afraid not, my love."

"Wrong answer." I said before everyone came out ready to fight Thanos.

"You really thought you could outsmart me?"

"I know I can."

"Your not the only one who brought backup. "

"That's the reason I brought backup" I said before using my web shooters to get a fair distance away.

I watched as Thanos's army fell, I guess they weren't as strong as the Avengers.

"I would go and help if I were you."

"Shuri, I will. Just need to find the right time to battle Thanos."

"Your going after Thanos?"

"He killed my father and Peter. I won't let that slide."

"Do you not know what happened when Peter is used web shooters against Thanos?"

"I'm not using my web shooters."

"But you'll die!" Shuri said and I turned to her.

"My Father is the God of Mischief. I have magic. And I am not giving him a chance to kill the rest of us." I said then jumped down. As I walked to the battle I used my magic to reveal my armour and my true form.

"WHAT!" I heard Shuri exclaim before she follows after me.

"Sophie, you use your magic now?" Thor asked when I managed the destroy most of his attackers.

"I'm not letting Thanos get away with this."

"Do not fuel you magic with anger."

"He killed your brother Thor who just so happened to be my father. Then he killed Peter. He is my least favourite person at the moment." I said before heading off to find Thanos.

"To scared to face me?" I asked as I approached Thanos.

"My love, why do you do this."

"You killed Loki of Asgard, my Father."

"Your Father?"

"And Spider-Man!"

"That creature?"

"I also have 'that creature' powers so watch it. You messed with the wrong Goddess Thanos."

"Then I shall have to kill you to my love."

"And one more thing. I. Am. NOT. Your. Love." I said before attacking him.

I felt people's eyes on us, they had stopped their own war to watch us. Thanos and the Goddess of Death, fight. I started with the basics that I had learnt, they were the ones Loki used the most. I then moved onto the more advanced magic, slowly weakening Thanos one Infinity Stone at a time. First the Time Stone, so he couldn't go back and stop this. Second the Power Stone, weakening him. Third the Mind Stone, so he couldn't control my mind or any others. Fourth the Reality Stone, so he couldn't change the reality of this. Fifth the Soul Stone and finally the Space Stone.

Thanos was finally defeated. He had no power and he knew that I could kill him at any moment. The first thing I did was reverse the 'snap' and sent everyone back to where people had died, to collect them. I then went back in time and returned the mind Stone to save vision then went and stopped Thanos from killing my father on the ship but so that he was effected by the 'snap' instead.