Chapter 2 – The Spider Incident

Six Months Ago.

I have been living with my Aunt Pepper and Uncle Tony for six years now. Six years since the death of my parents I had grown to hate. That day was probably the worst day of my life, not because my parents died, but because of what happened with the God. No one would talk about that day anymore, every time someone would say something against the God I never let it slide and got my own back in many more ways than one.

Every time Thor would come back from Asgard I would ask how Loki was doing and every time I got the same answer, 'he is well.' Sometimes I would ask if he would come and visit. The answer I got to that was 'sometime soon.' And that was that.

I walked into school to find my best friend being pushed up against the lockers by Flash. The resident school bully.

"Oi! Flash!" I yelled as I neared

"What in the world do you think you're doing?"

"N-nothing. S-Sophie." He stuttered, did I forget to mention that Flash was scared of me. Just because my Uncle was Tony Stark.

"Didn't think so. Bye!" I said to cheerily as they scampered of to find their next victim.

"You ok Pete?" I asked

"Yep! Let's go! We have a field trip to Oscorp today!"

"Thank god! I would die if we went to Stark Industries."

"Why?" Peter asked looking all innocent

"Two words for you Pete. My. Uncle."

"He couldn't be that bad Soph."

"Shhh, be quite!" I said as we entered our home room and sat in our seats.

"PETER!" I shouted.

"PETER WHERE ARE YOU?" I was panicking now. Getting bitten by a radioactive spider is not what I expected. The whole building was in a state of panic and I couldn't find my one friend.

"SOPHIE!" I heard Peter shout then felt someone wrap their arms around me.

"Sophie. Thank god I found you! I was so worried!"

"Peter!" I couldn't help the tears that fell. I never wanted to lose him. Ever.

I had the next week off school. I want to stay away from people. I was scared of what they would think of me. Did they know I was bitten by one of the spiders? Would they think I was a monster because of it? Peter went to school that week, he tried to get me to go. But after the first day he decided that if I didn't want to go then he wouldn't force me to. It has now been two days since then.

"My child, why are you so upset?" I froze. That voice, I hadn't heard it since…

"You came back." I said. Not looking up at the God before me.

"You remember." He said and I looked at him,

"How could I forget. The invasion of Earth you lead killed my parents." He seemed ashamed by that,

"I am sorry about that. I-"

"-was not in control, yada yada yar. I never blamed you for it." I interrupted him. Probably shouldn't do that to a God but I really didn't care.

"Why didn't you come sooner? Why did it take you six years?"

"I'm not supposed to be here, I am meant to be taking my punishment for my crimes."

"What is your punishment?" I asked

"Why are you punished for something you had no control over?"

"You are the only one who believes that fact, and I am great full that someone is able to see that. But I am a monster. And there is nothing I can do about it." He said. What I did next I had no idea why I did it but then I don't know why I do a lot of things. I moved over to him and wrapped my arms around him. At first he was tense but soon gave in and returned the gesture.

For the rest of that week Loki visited me. He taught me many things about Asgard and even brought me some books about magic. I enjoyed my time with him, he gave me the courage to go back to school the following Monday. I haven't seen him since though. I still ask his brother the same questions, hoping that one day the answers I receive will change and be for the better.