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Hmm, I forgot again said Beerus.

What was it? Beerus asks himself.

Beerus says a bunch of different things.

Well, it sounds like a grander name in any case said Whis.

You can just use your power to find her for me can you Whis? Asks Beerus.

I have limits said Whis.

I can't find this needle of a warrior in the haystack of this universe if can't even remember her name said Whis.

You're no fun said Beerus,

All racking my brain is making me hungry and now i want something sweet said Beerus,

I told you can eat as soon as we get home said Whis.

I do seem to remember a rare dessert for the refrigerator said Whis.

Rare? Said Beerus.

Are you sure about that whis? Asks Beerus.

Because if you're wrong said Beerus.

You rest assured my lord it is there said Whis.

There's something else I been meaning to ask said Beerus.

Oh said Whis.

Is this really the fastest you can go? Asks Beerus,

I'll have you know i'm fastest being in this whole universe lord beerus said Whis.

Really? Is that right? Asks Beerus,

I suppose I should be impressed then said Beerus,

Hmph said Whis.

Scene change

What now ancestor? Asks Kibito Kai.

Beerus has already claimed another planet said old kai.

Then old kai talks about deities.

Yes i'm well aware of that but as detestable it is for us there is a reason for his destructive ways said Kibito kai.

No there is no reason at all said Old kai.

Then old kai talks about Beerus.

The last thing our universe needs is for a battle loving warrior to challenge Beerus to fight and whip into a destructive frenzy said, Old Kai.

You say that as if you have someone specific in mind said, Kibito Kai.

Uh you mean Goko said, Kibito Kai.

Of course, I do said Old Kai.

That punch happy fool would try to fight Beerus just for fun which we can't let her know he exists said, Old Kai.

Well, that shouldn't be too hard since Beerus energy can only be sensed by other deities said, Kibito Kai.

And since Goko's back on earth she's practically on the other side of the universe from Beerus so there's almost zero chance of them running into each other said Kibito.

I certainly hope your right said, Old Kai.

Voice over: excuse me o supreme ones for interrupting your powwow said, King Kai.

Scene change

It's the north kai speaking you know the funny one said, King Kai.

I've got some info you might want to know about said, King Kai.

Goko's kinda sorta training on my planet right now said, King Kai.

Scene change

Goko's with you said, Kibito Kai.

When did that happen? Asks Kibito Kai.

Well north kai have you been able to sense Beerus's awakening from your vantage point? Asks Old Kai.

Voice over: yes indeed said King Kai.

Scene change

Beerus really rolled out of bed a lot earlier than expected didn't he? Asks King Kai.

Scene change.

Then you understand why this has remain a secret said Old Kai.

Scene change

Absolutely sir said King Kai.

Goko won't hear one word about it from said King Kai.

Hey what are saying about me? Asks Goko.

What are you doing King kai there's paint all over your face said Goko.

I know that it's cause you startled me said King Kai.

We gotta get that off before it dries or then you'll really be in trouble said Goko

That's nice of you thanks maybe i am too hard on you said King Kai.

What! Come on that's disgusting said King Kai.

Uh said Goko.

Don't clean me with your stinky sweat rag said King Kai.

Oh right sorry i wasn't thinking said Goko.

Hey that almost made me forget you said my name a minute ago what was that about said Goko.

No i didn't you imagined that said King Kai.

Yeah you're self obsessed that the problem Goko said King Kai.

Then he yelled at her.

Uh said Goko.

I'm talking about this said King Kai.

Uh said Goko.

Don't you remember the ircediably noble sacrifice we made to keep your precious earth from blowing to bits said King Kai.

Uh what now? Asks Goko.

She remembers Cell.

Oh yeah you did get dragged into that whole cell explosion huh said Goko.

And you're the one who dragged us into it said King Kai.

You don't regret it at all you barely even remember said King Kai.

Oh come on guys i said i was sorry said Goko.

Goko if you could fix stuff like this with an apology we wouldn't need a deity a dragon said King Kai.

The he yells at for not wishing them back.

I'm sorry ok i;m sorry said Goko.

I just forgot said Goko.

You think that makes feel better said King Kai.

But you're like a deity right? Said Goko

Don't you stay up here either way? said Goko.

Does it really matter if you're alive or dead? Said Goko.

Yes course it matters you idiot said King Kai.

The next you get to make a wish you better bring us back Goko you hear me said King Kai.

Hey where'd you run off to? Asks King kai.

Don't you know it rude to work out when someone's trying to yell at you? Asks King Kai.

Oh it's pointless said King Kai.

But my real effort wasn't pointless at all thought King Kai.

She's forgotten all about the Beerus stuff thought King Kai.

Ahh why am i stilling holding this rag? Said King Kai.

Scene changes to Beerus world.

Beerus and Whis arrive home.

Home at last my lord said Whis.

Yes about time said Beerus.

Now that there's food in your belly can you settle on a name for that super person or whatever you want to call it? Asks Whis.

Oh i know i'll just ask the seerer said Beerus.

You really want to go to that oracle fish for something like this? Asks Whis.

That a problem? Asks Beerus.

It's your choice my lord said Whis.

Hello seerer can you hear me? Are you there? Asks Beerus.

You summoned me said the seerer.

Right before my last nap did you not promise i that in 39 years my arch rival would appear? Asks Beerus.

I did because she will it's today said the seerer.

There you see Whis said Beerus,

Now be a good little oracle and tell me her name i going to track her down said Beerus,

Her name said the seerer.

I forgot said the seerer.

My seerer forgot said Beerus.

Hang in there fishy this could get rough said Whis.

Remind me Whis this Oracle fish is fed three time a day correct said Beerus.

That's right my lord said Whis.

From now on let's make that twice a day said Beerus.

Great idea less work for me said Whis,

Wait no please anything but that said the oracle fish.

Then start earning your keep seerer said Beerus.

Ok ok just give me a second said the oracle fish.

I got it a super saiyan god said Oracle fish,

Excellent so i was right said Beerus.

And If she's called a Super Saiyan god does mean this warrior is a full fledged deity like me because that could really spell some trouble said Beerus.

I checked my lord there is currently no being in existence who call themselves super saiyan god said Whis,

I igamonage the saiyans could us tell us about this god of theirs said Beerus,\

Whatever happened to Planet Vegeta? Asks Beerus.

Wasn't that saiyans world? Didn't Frieza blow it to bits? Asks Beerus.

Yes he destroyed it while you were sleeping which shouldn't have come as a surprise considering you told him to do so said Whis,

Well it's a good thing i did those guys were repulsive especially that king Vegeta fellow such an arrogant brute said Beerus,

So frieza destroyed the Planet and all of the Saiyans with? Asks Beerus.

Not exactly said Whis.

Most of the Saiyans are no more said Whis.

But their a handle of survivors who were off the Planet when it exploded incidentally the King's son Prince Vegeta was amongst them said Whis.

Well what a lucky guy said Beerus.

What about my bath Whis is it ready? Asks Beerus.

You wish to take a bath at this time of day? Said Whis.

39 years is hardly enough for a proper nap but now i just feel groggy said Beerus.

Scene change

And do you find the water pleasing my Lord? Asks Whis.

It's perfectly adequate said Beerus.

Glad to here it said Whis.

Anyway so what's become of this handful of Saiyan survivors? Asks Beerus.

For the part they've resettled in sector 40323 on Planet 877 said Whis.

The indiganious lifeforms there call it Planet Earth said Whis.

Planet Earth? Said Beerus.

Sounds familiar i'm sure i've been there before said Beerus.

Awhile back i wiped some dinosaurs with attitude problems but i graciously spared their world said Beerus.

That was Earth wasn't it? Asks Beerus.

However it seems that one Earth's Saiyans Goko. she's one defeated Frieza is currently not there said Whis.

She defeated Frieza yells Beerus.

Ooh the waters not that deep My Lord said Whis.

So you were telling about a Saiyan who somehow bested Frieza said Beeus.

Yes said Whis.

As i said she's called Goko though Karae is her given Saiyan name hmm interesting said Whis.

What? Asks Beerus.

Apparently she is mated to Prince Vegeta and has two sons one by an Earthling and the other by Vegeta and Vegata has another son by Earthling as well said Whis.

Well good for them said Beerus.

And it appears at the moment She's doing some kind of training on the North Kai's world said Whis.

Can you show me what she looks like? Asks Beerus.

Whis tapped his staff and an orb appeared on it was Goko's fight with Frieza.

So that's Goko said Beerus.

In her battle with Frieza i presume said Beerus.

Yes that's the one said Whis.

Isn't Saiyan hair supposed to be black? Asks Beerus.

Saiyan possess the ability to transform themselves dramatically increases their strength by several fold said Whis.

The technique had been forgotten for generation until now they call Super Saiyan i believe said Whis.

Not Super Saiyan God? Said Beerus.

No unfortunately not said Whis.

Whis taps staff again and the image disappears.

A Super Saiyan huh? Said Beerus.

it may not be what i'm looking for but it certainly comes close said Beerus

Whis how long will it take us to get to north Kai's Planet? Asks Beerus.

Approximately 26 minutes and 44 seconds My Lord said Whis.

Is it really that far away? Asks Beerus.

That's the length of your average Anime episode said Beerus.

I hate long flights said Beerus.

But what choice is there i'll suck it up and go said Beerus.

Whis can you pack a nice lunch for the ride at least? Asks Beerus.

As you wish My lord said Whis.

Scene change.

Vegeta told you to tell him he's too busy training and Goko's not coming either said Bulma.

Yeah said Gohan.

Goko is training when she's realizes something.

Uh oh said Goko.

What Goko? Asks King Kai.

Don't tell he's here said King Kai.

It's Bulma's Birthday said Goko.

She's having a gigantic party and i completely forgot about it said Goko.

She's gonna so mad if i show said Goko.

Oh man this is bad said Goko.

She's as scary as Chi Chi when she's angry said Goko.

Scene change

You know i've about had it with those training obsessed Saiyans said Bulma.

Forget em let's go let the party cruise comanche said Bulma.

Scene change

Alright Lord Beerus i've got our lunches packed up and ready to go said Whis.

Very good said Beerus.

Let's go said Beerus.

Yes My lord said Whis.