Banjo and Kazooie were not expecting their visit to Jurassic World to be as bad as it turned out, for the moment they were running for their lives, with the Indominus Rex chasing after them through the forest as they were trying to not get crunched down by her. Their visit to a wonderful prehistoric themed amusement park didn't go as happy as they would have liked.

"Why did we thought it was a good idea to come here!?" Banjo panted as he was going as fast as he could, with the smaller dinosaurs dashing out of the way.

"Because we thought this was just going to be Witchyworld and Terrydactyland mashed up without their crappy attributes!" Kazooie spat as she fired some of her eggs at the Indominus, who shrugged it off as she roared in response.

Emerging out into the grassy meadows, Banjo motioned Kazooie to activate the Wonderwing, with the IRex emerging out of the trees as she looked down on the bear and bird duo, trying to bite them but failing due to the duo being protected by the golden illuminating light that was fueled by the yellow feathers. Sadly this did not last long as Kazooie ran out of wings, prompting her to begin flying as she felt her red feathers fall out of her wings, with the I-Rex roaring as she tried biting them in the air, following them as her stomps shook the ground. Banjo sweated nervously as Kazooie flapped higher, with the two managing to reach the top as they laughed... until they encountered a swarm of flying pterosaurs, with a Pteranodon bumping into them as Banjo and Kazooie went plummeting towards the water fall, making a splash. The Indominus Rex growled as she clenched her claws, stomping towards the waterfall as she looked down, wondering when her new prey would surface up.