Gruntilda laughed as she was enjoying the chaos she was causing the bear and bird by playing around in her play session of Jurassic World Evolution. "What they don't know is to my delight, all of these dinosaurs will provide them a fright!"

Banjo and Kazooie resurfaced in a different part of Jurassic World, not realizing that they found themselves within a giant lake inside a pen that was clearly lacking forest as a Brachiosaurus was trying to break down a concealed fence.

"Seems like that girl doesn't like to be here," Banjo commented as he rubbed the back of his bear head.

Kazooie scoffed while shaking her feathery head. "Can you blame him if it doesn't want to be caged in?"

Suddenly the feathery and furry duo heard some growling, with the two turning around to see the Indominus Rex hiding within the small forest inside the pen, who began to roar loudly as she came charging right towards them. Banjo ran as fast as he could while Kazooie fired some eggs at the mutant dinosaur, but it didn't faze the I-Rex as she continued charging towards them.

"Wait, go under one of the sauropods!" Kazooie screeched while flailing her wings.

"Gu-huh, that's a good idea!" Banjo exclaimed as he proceeded to roll under a Brachiosaurus eating leaves from a tall tree.

This didn't save them as the IRex slashed at the Brachiosaurus and took it down, roaring as it continued chasing after Banjo and Kazooie.