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Yes, you read that right: girls driving tanks for sport.

However, during my time of writing, I suffered a serious writer's block, forcing me to surf the Internet for ideas. While doing so, I stumbled upon the Fusionfall, and the rest was history.

So, then, let's go: the first in a series of three chapters.

(I will explain more at the end of this chapter)

FusionGate: The Prologue

Chapter 1: Despair

9:00 AM; October 9, 20XX


A demon-like giant sat on his throne, groaning and growling. From the wretched throne that looked like a poor tree mutated into a dark-green chair, Lord Fuse glared at the holographic screens, as green and twisted as he, with words etched in red, as red as his bloodshot eyes. The sky above was all-black, save for some stars, a single white circle, a single red circle that shone with its light, and a single blue circle.

He frowned, and roared in agony.

"I have already spent a third of my energy!" he roared. "After months and months, my plans are starting to fall apart! This puny planet called Earth is killing me!"

He smashed his right fist, which was as thick as a tree trunk, smashing his right side of the throne partially. The holographic screens flickered, as if groaning.

"Stay cool," a creature that looked like a human spoke calmly although he shook. "Your lordship, please hold yourself together."

Despite its humanoid appearance, the servant in front of the Fuse was green-skinned, with deep-red eyes. He also wore black glasses, which were really to hide his eyes.

"Fusion Ace," Fuse growled. "You know that you are one of the last Fusions I have so far?"

Fusion Ace slowly nodded. He was indeed one of the last Fusions, twisted twins of the Earth's strange inhabitants. Fuse spared no one, creating Fusions out of both heroes and villains alike, using personal items to somehow transform them into monstrous versions of the original. Unlike the true beings, Fusions were green-skinned with red eyes, just like their creator, Lord Fuse. Indeed, they were his greatest and most powerful creations, the amalgamation of his very self with the items and essence of the inhabitants of the blue planet.

"But you are still in control," Fusion Ace tried to reassure him. "You-your lordship."

Fuse, however, growled and leaned on his throne. Above him, the blue planet of Earth suddenly showed a few explosions, and a single beam of light that shone out from a specific location. However, he was too tired to really take note, and he was Lord Fuse.

Lord Fuse himself was that demonic being on the throne. For untold centuries and millennia (he had lost track of time, but he never cared for it anyway), Fuse had conquered countless worlds, and most of his plans worked. However, a very few planets did succeed in fending him off.

"One of them was that stupid planet," Fuse growled, fidgeting on his throne. "The gooey-headed Glorft was too much of a trouble, forcing my planet to flee. They even tried to invade my planet! Ugh!"

He shook his head, then smashed his right fist down again. This time, the right arm of the throne cracked, oozing out a greenish slime, which was the Fusion Matter. He then took a little of it, glaring at it.

"And to make matters worse," he growled. "The puny earthlings were able to take my own essence, and twist it into something horrific."

"You mean the Fusions?" Fusion Ace asked, smiling. He apparently missed the point.

Fusion slammed his right fist again, shattering the entire right side of the throne. Fusion Ace gulped, as more Fusion Matter oozed out like thick blood.

"You missed the point," Fusion said in a cold voice. "But be glad that you at least understand a little. You managed to give me an edge in battle, only because your counterpart had green skin, just like you."

Fusion Ace stared, shaking a little.

"Well," Fusion Ace whispered. "I-I managed to steal a pair of glasses like his, in order to com-complete my disguise. That-that was only the reason why I managed to pull a good trick on them."

Fuse only grunted.

"Bu-but they at least fell for it!" Fusion Ace tried to reassure him. "Using my di-disguise, I managed to divert the resistance's attention, and then helped to turn the tide of battle in our favor."

"In one battle," Fuse retorted. "How many others?"

Fusion Ace simply gulped in response.

"So anyway," Fuse snarled, sitting back down. "Those earthlings managed to corrupt my matter into those pathetic but potent creatures called Nanos. Those flying kid-things now swarm against my minions like locusts, destroying them alongside the inhabitants with ease! Imagine that!"

He froze, then roared.

"Ugh!" he roared, shaking his head. "After countless battles, those puny earthlings have been killing me, as if I was just a regenerable final boss or something!"

"Isn't that what you are?" Fusion Ace asked, raising his right eye. Fuse, however, ignored him.

"And now," he sighed, slumping down in his throne. "They're just invading my lair, just to beat me again and again. I keep manifesting myself again and again, and they're not giving up."

"They now seem to enjoy killing you over and over again," Fusion Ace admitted. "Your lordship."

Suddenly, a green holographic screen opened, and a strange face appeared. Around it were deep-red words, inscribed in the strange language that only Fuse understood.

"Lord Fuse," a creepy, feminine voice echoed. The voice belonged to the silhouette of a blurry image, which looked like a pretty girl with dark hair.

"Report," Fuse groaned.

"Fusion Demongo has fallen," the fusion in the screen replied coldly.

Fusion growled. Even before she told him, he already felt it. Since the Fusions were made of the same essence as he, Fuse could sense his creations throughout the lands where they inhabited. Hence, the voice's words merely confirmed what he suspected.

"He failed to take another piece of Aku?" he groaned. "Or was it the Earth's resistance again?"

"Neither," the fusion replied, visibly growling. "It's worse; Aku is making his moves."

"What?!" both Fuse and Fusion Ace gasped. Fuse got up, leaning at the screen.

"Fusion Mandy!" Fusion Ace shouted. "How is that possible?! He has not even been active for months! Only Demongo had been visibly active!"

"He's on the move," Fusion Mandy spoke in a voice that belied her concern. "I don't exactly know how or why, but a few hours ago he started to appear. Already, he has destroyed a large chunk of Fusion Matter around the Darklands."

"No wonder," Fuse groaned, putting his right hand into a facepalm. "I lost contact with my minions down there. That explains for why the inhabitants have been attacking my lair more aggressively; my minions are too few to stop them en masse, and I cannot contact with them more effectively."

By this, he meant the Fusion Matter. Although it looked like green goo, the Fusion Matter was the very lifeblood of Planet Fusion. It was also Fuse's main way of infecting and conquering entire worlds. However, it also was a way of communicating with his minions; losing a whole area of Fusion Matter basically was a major blow to his logistical issues, and to his main reserve of resources.

"Lord Fuse," Fusion Mandy spoke. "Are you going to come down again?"

"Those puny heroes and earthlings," he growled. "In their desperate effort to relive the GLORY of killing me, kept coming again and again. After losing count of how many times I tried to manifest down in my lair, I got tired of it."

"But the enemies," said Fusion Mandy. "Are starting to attack the lair, destroying your base while waiting for you to come back down again."

He groaned.

"And you're losing energy," Fusion Ace noted.

He nodded in grim agreement. He did not want to admit it, but even the Lord Fuse had limits to his powers. Fusion Matter was like blood, regenerable but still finite. Losing too much of it was like losing too much blood.

"And you said about Aku," Fuse said. "I have been wanting to create a Fusion out of him, just as I did with Samurai Jack, my very first Fusion on Earth. What happened?"

Fusion Mandy sighed.

"He combined his powers," she answered. "With Jack's sword."

"He what?!" Fuse roared, getting up again.

"How's that possible?!" Fusion Ace gawked. "The sword is lethal to Aku, and he was able to channel its powers?!"

"Somehow," Fusion Mandy explained. "Aku made a deal with Jack, and when the deal was done, Aku tried to steal Jack's sword. But in an ironic twist, stealing the sword ruined our plan, as we intended to slowly infect Jack's sword with your Matter, your lordship. Unfortunately, when Aku stole it, he immediately sensed the Matter, and destroyed it."


"It somehow made the sword stronger," Fusion Mandy continued. "As if activated by some strange force, the Samurai Jack's katana glowed with an intense amount of strange energy, which Jack used to obliterate a huge portion of Fusion Matter."

"No wonder..." Fuse growled. "How many areas did I lose?"

"Too many," Fusion Ace answered. "Sector V, Pokey Oaks, Peach Creek, Genius Grove, and Foster's Home are lost."

"Foster's Home..." he growled. "Even after I managed to acquire a bit of that strange thing called Imaginary Energy, I still cannot comprehend it. How can these puny earthlings be able to utilize something so powerful?!"

"What about Cheese?" Fusion Ace asked, which Fuse responded with a deep growl.

"Too annoying," Fuse answered. "The same being that unintentionally helped to win in our favor is the same being responsible for ruining our plans in the first place. He even infiltrated a part of my base, and successfully destroyed my defenses!"

"It's not that bad," Fusion Ace tried to reassure him, only to back away when Fuse roared again.

"Worse," began Fusion Mandy, ignoring Fuse's uproar. "We're getting reports from-oh, somebody else is coming in."

"Report," Fuse growled, as another screen appeared. This time, it was the face of a girl who looked nicer than Fusion Mandy, except she had a red ribbon on top of her head.

"I am sorry," the fusion panted, despite the lack of a visible mouth (most fusions also did not have mouths, for some reason). "We lost the battle."

"Which battle?" Fuse asked, groaning. "There are too many battles already, Fusion Blossom."

She sighed.

"The battle at the City Hall," she answered. "Once again, we have failed to attack the Great Machine, which was the main source of the creation of Nanos. Worse is that we have discovered a shocking secret: Aku has lent a little bit of his power, which supercharged the Great Machine, allowing the earthlings to produce Nanos at an alarming rate."

"How-how fast?!" Fuse asked, shaking. "It shouldn't be that fast, since you all managed to damage it before."

Fusion Blossom shook her head.

"Aku lent his healing powers," she replied. "Which somehow restored the Machine. Worse yet: we have discovered more strange energy signatures, which are not of human or even alien origin."

"What is it?" Fuse asked.

"Something about Ra, Odin, and Rama," she answered.

"Fusion Samurai Jack had told me about them," Fuse growled. "Before he fell, he warned me about those beings called gods. Never cared for them, but I heard that they're ultra-powerful."

"They are the creators of Samurai Jack's sword," Fusion Mandy spoke from a screen next to Fusion Blossom's. "Apparently, the sword is designed to be able to slay Aku."

"Hmm," Fuse said. "Then, we should take his sword, and use it against Aku."

"That's impossible," Fusion Blossom said. "We were unable to retrieve the sword. Fusion Demongo covered it in Fusion Matter, in an effort to transport it safely. However, Aku sent out a massive blast of energy, which not destroyed him and his forces, but also purified the sword."

"But we can just steal it again," Fusion Ace said.

"Not gonna happen," Fusion Blossom said. "I was there to help Demongo. After the attack, we tried to retrieve the sword. This time, however, the sword escaped, as if it had a life of its own, and Samurai Jack regained it."

"How was he there so fast?" Fusion Ace asked, gasping.

"The three gods," Fusion Mandy growled. "They helped to transport him, and to regain his sword. That was why Fusion Demongo and our forces had been decimated."

"That's nuts!" Fuse roared. "Why are they ALL suddenly appearing now?!"

"I also have discovered clues," Fusion Blossom answered. "We have received some tips about three gods. Apparently, they did not sense our invasions, until a light shone from...wait, the light shone."

"Light?" Fusion Ace asked, but Fuse groaned.

"Ah," Fusion Mandy noted. "I see. When Aku's blast destroyed our forces, the resulting impact caused the sword to somehow activate, and it created a beam of light that stretched to the sky."

"I saw that," Fuse said, growling. "Wait...all this happened after the beam of light?"

Fusion Blossom nodded.

"Who are they?" Fusion Ace asked. "I have heard bits from Fusion Jack, but even he was unable to tell much."

"All I know," Fusion Blossom said. "Is that they are the gods who created Jack's katana, and they sensed Jack's katana, and came down."

"Wait a minute!" Fusion Ace gasped. "Wait, if the gods and Aku started to get involved, what caused them to get involved in the first place?"

The others were silent, uncertain.

"Your lordship!" Fusion Ace said. "My point is this: remember that you used the Terrafusers to discover Earth?"


"Remember that the earthlings remembered that?" Fusion Ace asked.


"I believe," said Fusion Ace in a grim tone. "That they used their own Terrafuser. They somehow learned that Jack's sword can summon a beam of light, which attracted the gods-"

"The same way that Terrafusers worked!" Fusion Mandy gasped.

"Oh no," Fusion Blossom spoke. "That basically meant that our plan to corrupt Samurai Jack's sword..."

"...was a ploy to attract the gods," Fusion Ace said with a sigh. "Worse, they are not coming down on Earth; instead, they're sending down strange rays of light, which empower the warriors on Earth."

"Wait a minute!" Fusion Mandy noted. "You said that our plan to infect Jack's sword was actually a plan of the earthlings?!"

"I actually agree," Fuse said, his hands together in a facepalm. "It all makes sense now. In one particular battle, Samurai Jack somehow left a sword behind a series of walls. Even I thought for a moment that it was weird, for a warrior to leave his weapon unattended. I had Fusion Demongo steal it, in order to empower it for our use against the forces of Earth, especially against Aku should he appear."

"Then this meant..." his Fusions trailed off.

"This meant," Fuse groaned. "That they deduced that if the katana was stolen and transformed by my Matter, then the gods will be drawn into the conflict. Well, it was obvious: the earthlings left the sword as a trap, causing us to cover it in Fusion Matter. Then, Aku 'steals' it, only to destroy the Matter. But the unintended purification process caused the sword to create a beam of light, which then brought the gods into the conflict."

"In other words," Fusion Ace moaned. "They pulled a risky but very effective tactical gambit."

"Correct," Fusion Mandy responded, causing everyone around to groan.

"They are getting smarter," Fuse said after a long period of silence. "Aku, the gods, and more bad can it get?!"

"Warning!" multiple voices suddenly echoed, and numerous screens appeared all at once.

"What now..." Fuse groaned.

"Fusion Billy is dying!" Fusion Billy screamed, before the screen disappeared.

Fuse rolled his eyes, although it hurt to see his creation fall.

"Fusion Dexter here!" another roared. "We have lost the entire Suburbs! All of the areas are lost!"

Fuse growled, as he felt his presence disappear from the Suburbs. Now, the earthlings were free to roam more.

"Fusion Coop here!" another blared. "Bad news! BIG BAD! Thanks to Aku and some stupid earthlings, the Megas is freed!"

"THE WHAT?!" Fuse roared, getting up from his throne.

"The robot from the Glorft," Fusion Coop panted, before fading from the screen. "Mission failed. Tried-tried to re-trap it, but the Nanos flooded in...and-and..."

The screen flickered, then shut down.

"Me-Megas?!" Fusion Ace gasped. "Is-isn't that..."

"Oh boy," Fusion Mandy said, her face etched with dread. "The robot of the Glorft..."

"I will have to mobilize!" Fusion Blossom screamed, before zooming off and her voice trailing. "Fusion Bubbles! Gather up! We have to go ASAP to the Goat's Junkyard!"

All of the screens flickered, then shut down.

"WARNING!" a huge voice boomed, and a single, huge screen appeared. "High levels of dangerous energy up ahead! Megas-freed! Aku-found! Waves of Nanos detected! More heroes coming!"

The screen showed numerous clips, as if recorded from video cameras. His minions were falling left and right, as numerous earthlings started to obliterate them, leaving no survivors. Some swung their giant swords and hammers, while others fired their various types of pistols, rifles, and scatterguns. A few threw hundreds after hundreds of grenades and bombs, which exploded, destroying and damaging his forces. Worse, the blasts from the guns and the grenades even started to destroy the Fusion Matter; entire lakes of Matter were cleared in mere minutes.

"Uh oh," Fusion Ace groaned.

Fuse shook, then got up and marched off, almost stomping Fusion Ace, who backed away, trembling.

"I will be mobilizing my forces," Fusion Mandy said, before turning off.

"I-I will too," Fusion Ace said, sneaking away before entering a warp portal and disappearing in a flash of green light.

Lord Fuse then looked around. He was alone, and then he looked up.

The Earth.

The blue planet, covered in pure, blue waters with continents ripe with life, green not with his Matter, but with natural vegetation.

"Yuck," he growled.

And of all the places in the world, his minions successfully landed on the wrong place: the Darklands, which he thought nobody will notice.

"Gross," he snarled.

And now, he saw them. Through the screens on his planet, and through the eyes of some of his minions, he saw them all.

"Those disgusting..." he trailed off, too angry to finish his words.

Three lights of pink, blue, and green zoomed past his flying minions, which fell like flies swatted. Behind, numerous Nanos flew, assisting the three lights.

Giant airships descended upon his few defenses, ravaging them with their cannons. Some were blue and white, while others were black and red. Onboard, numerous peoples descended down, parachuting or teleporting to the ground to destroy his forces.

Then, he saw waves after waves of weird flying buses and car-like airplanes, firing down upon his minions, bombarding them with all kinds of weapons.

UFOs, giant flying creatures, and many, many more, countless ones, were now swarming over.

Worst of them all, he saw waves after waves of Nanos, ravaging his minions like grass against the locust swarm. Behind them, the Megas robot landed, now freed from its chains of Fusion Matter.

"Alright!" a voice blared from the robot. "It's payback time!"

The robot then proceeded to fire as many weapons as possible, and an entire army was destroyed in mere seconds.

Fuse shook, then roared:


So, this is actually my second effort into writing a Fusionfall fanfic. The first one was extremely short and the total opposite in terms of tone: "Earthfall." However, that was meant to be my first effort to get into writing Fusionfall. This is my second effort, and this has a totally different tone.

As you can tell, this is from the perspective of Lord Fuse, who is virtually uncharacterized in the Fusionfall series. We don't really know who he is, and why he loves to conquer entire worlds. All he cares, apparently, is that he take over other planets for his own unknown purposes.

Originally, I intended this first chapter to be the first chapter of a larger story. However, realizing that the tone of this chapter is so different from what I originally planned, I decided that this will be a prequel series of three chapters, featuring Lord Fuse in his moments of horror.

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