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FusionRise: The Prologue

Chapter 2: Hope

6:00 PM; October 9, 20XX

"Si-si-sir..." Fusion Ace stuttered. "Pl-please..."

Lord Fuse, hands in a facepalm, sat in his throne.

"Help us!" a Fusion roared, its face too blurry to be seen. However, it was obvious.

Lord Fuse ignored the screens, as wave after wave of people on Earth were finally driving off his minions. Only three bases remained unscathed, and two of them were already under attack.

"Your lordship," Fusion Mandy appeared, her face grimmer than usual.

"What is it?" he groaned.

"We have found more," she replied.

"What is their secret?" Fuse groaned again.

"I have personally studied some of them," Fusion Mandy said, clearing her throat (if she had a throat, as she's a Fusion). "And I have discovered, to my horror, that some of the earthlings were not only easily destroying our minions, but also were being resistant to our attacks. In fact, some of our minions did not even attack, because some of the earthlings were wearing some weird armor."

"What's that armor?" Fuse asked, curious. He lifted up his eyes up.

"They are using some weird power," Fusion Mandy said. "But it was the same type of energy emitted by those strange beings called Imaginary Friends-"

Lord Fuse slammed both of his fists, shattering both arms of his throne. The chair groaned, as if its "bones" were shattered again.

"Ugh!" he roared. "Those earthlings! They're using Imaginary Energy! And now...they've upgraded their armor and weapons with them!"

"Then why don't we steal some of them?" Fusion Ace asked. "That way, we can gather up more Imaginary Energy."

"Not that easy," Fusion Mandy retorted. "Whenever we steal a piece, the Energy suddenly disappears. It's obvious that our enemies have learned to prevent it from being siphoned off."

"How?" Fusion Ace asked, shocked. "Our lordship has managed to acquire a little of the Energy from the Foster's Home, so why can't we gather it from the items?"

"They've somehow upgraded the Energy," Fusion Mandy replied. "Every time we try and steal, or the enemies even drop some, the Imaginary Energy dissipates, as if something else is drawing it back..."

"Foster's Home?" Fusion Ace asked.

"Nope," another rough voice echoed, and a screen appeared.

"Fusion Frankie," Lord Fuse said. "Report."

"Foster's Home is now armed to the teeth," she said. "Apparently, some of the resistance's smartest people-especially Dexter and Mandark-have somehow secretly added something inside of the Foster's Home. Apparently, whatever device they added so powerful, that even the Great Shellslugs could not even enter it."

"What?!" Fuse roared. "Did you all even glimpse what it is?"

She sighed.

"Our Extremospawns," she replied, softer and more resigned. "Admitted that they were immobilized by Imaginary Energy before they could-"

Lord Fuse pressed a button, and Fusion Frankie's screen disappeared.

"Curses!" he roared. "Even Fusion Frankie has gotten too weak! She cannot even lead the invasion against that woodlouse of a home!"

"Your lordship," Fusion Mandy said. "Please calm down. You're losing what little energy you have left."

She was right. Due to the series of attacks, Fuse had lost a large number of Fusions. The restored Megas robot was doing its work, easily pulverizing the enemies with ease. Fuse directed half of his forces on Earth, just to try and obliterate it. Unfortunately, it was a trap.

"That was not a smart move," he groaned. "In my shock and despair, I personally led half of my forces to destroy that robot. I should have destroyed it beyond repair, instead of merely trapping it. Ugh!"

He slammed his fists, only to almost throw himself down. Without the arms, the chair had nothing for Fuse to slam into. He got up, regaining his composure.

"Plus," Fusion Mandy said. "Without that much energy, you cannot revive us as easily, or even create new Fusions. We have discovered more soldiers, both from the KND and from the Plumbers, who are now marching even as we speak. Worse, in addition to the gods and Aku, some aliens have started to descend upon the planet."

"Now aliens are saving Earth?!" he groaned, hands in a facepalm again.

"Bad news," a new voice echoed.

"Fusion Gwen," Fuse said. "Report."

"Five of the earthlings," she said. "Have infiltrated and sabotaged the only machines that can produce Fusion Kevins."

Lord Fuse silently motioned to Fusion Ace, who then handed him a large iron table. Fuse then slammed it into his face, cracking the table in two.

"Curses!" he roared. "I was so close! I was amazed to find a human with the power to absorb my matter, only to turn it against him. Now, these earthlings have...ugh!"

"Everything's falling apart now," Fusion Ace mumbled, fidgeting with himself.

"And I have this still!" Lord Fuse roared, as he pushed a button. A single cylindrical container appeared, its glass walls holding something that appeared to sparkle a little inside.

"I have managed to acquire a little of this Imaginary Energy," he growled, then slammed his fists. "But it's beyond my understanding! This is not science, and it's not magic! Yet its nature is baffling! Even my Fusions, those based on Mac and Cheese and all, cannot even fathom it! Every Fusion I make cannot fully comprehend it! What a bunch of morons!"

"That's because you have acquired only a little," Fusion Ace said. "If you want, I can spy in back to Earth."

"Not gonna happen," Fuse growled, causing Fusion Ace to gulp. "You know what happened: they killed off all of your Fusion teammates, leaving you as the only survivor. And while you're here, you're here to stay and help."

"Wha-what...what can I do?" he asked, confused.

"Go to my trophy chamber," Fuse said. "And find anything that could be of value. It should have something, since it has items from a variety of planets I conquered. Here."

He dropped something in Fusion Ace's hands. He checked: it was a set of keys.

"Take them," Fuse commanded. "And you have full authority to find every nook and cranny in my very prized chamber. Find anything that could be useful in turning this tide."

"Anything?" Fusion Ace asked. "But there are so many in there...possibly."

"Just go!" he roared. "And if I learn more, I will call you."

Fusion Ace nodded, shaking as he hurried away.

"Computers," he growled. "And Fusion Mandy, Fusion Blossom, Fusion Bubbles, Fusion Buttercup, Fusion Dexter, Fusion Ben, and Fusion Frankie."

"Yes!" multiple voices roared, as the screens appeared. Fusion Frankie looked visibly shaken; of course, Fuse forcefully shut down her screen a few minutes ago.

"Go to my remaining bases ASAP," he commanded. "Protect the last terrafusers. They have already destroyed half of them on Earth, and the rest are in the last few bases. Go, and save them at all costs!"

"Yes sir!" they roared, before closing down.

Lord Fuse sighed, leaning back on his throne. A few monsters were using Fusion Matter to rebuild the arms, while one of them was messaging Fuse's shoulders, which were covered in what looked like wooden spikes, except nastier-looking.

"Great Shellslugs!" he roared. "Meteoric Guardians! Scoria Cephalopods! Great Eyebores! Stalactitans!"

Numerous, horrible green entities marched in. Some looked like a chimera of familiar animals on Earth, while others looked downright alien.

"Go and release more Fusion Matter at once," he commanded. "And get down to Earth to help the Fusions."

They silently nodded, before moving away. One of them, a Great Shellslug, stayed behind.

"What is it?" Fuse asked, raising an eyebrow. His monsters rarely disobeyed; the only times they did was when they were controlled by the enemies, or had something to say.

The turtle-like monster moved towards Fuse, bowing down deeply.

"Your Lordship," it spoke. "I have studied the earthlings' movement and actions for the past few months, and I have especially studied how and why the Megas was freed. I may have a clue."

Lord Fuse leaned closer, eyes curious and full of hope.

"As I perused the communications," it began to speak, but a screen appeared.

"Fusion Ben," Fuse growled. "Make it quick; what is it?"

Fusion Ben's face sighed.

"The Ectonurites have failed us," he spoke. "Apparently, some of the humans have learned about them, and have spread the knowledge of who they are. Now, most of the soldiers are wearing light-based armor, infused with the light of the gods, the same gods who have blessed Jack's katana sword."

"Wait a minute," Fuse said. "Those Ectonurites...they are vulnerable to light, right?"

"Ye-yes," Fusion Ben answered reluctantly.

Fuse roared in agony. Although he spared them for allying with him, the Ectonurites were now useless. Although they were ghostly in nature, the Ectonurites were vulnerable to light. Learning about this, and realizing that the gods that blessed Samurai Jack's sword were on Earth, it was obvious to Fuse that the humans and their allies were now utilizing light-based powers and technologies to successfully drive off the Ectonurites. In other words, the Ectonurites were now next to useless.

"Go!" he roared. "Fusion Ben, tell the Ectonurites to retreat! Force the earthlings to fight in dark spaces, like caves, to even the odds!"

The screen disappeared, and Fuse sighed.

"Thanks for waiting," he replied, sounding oddly nice to the Shellslug. "Alright, continue."

"As I perused the communications," it replied. "I have managed to intercept some strange codes. One of them was odd; it said something about a 'warp machine' of sort. Well, I decided to direct one of the satellites we've taken over."

It pointed at a human satellite, which was a spy satellite. It was covered in Fusion Matter, so that it was under Fuse's control.

"I have not seen anything of note there," Fuse said.

"Ah," the monster said. "You are right; it was because the earthlings destroyed something into shreds."

The Great Shellslug then summoned a screen, and the screen zoomed. Apparently, the satellite zoomed in upon the site where the Megas was imprisoned. There, the Fusion Matter was virtually gone, and much of the junkyard was not dominated by humans and their allies.

"Look there," the monster said, pointing with one of its hideous hands. Not far away from Megas' imprisoned location, some shiny shards formed a rough circle. Fuse stared at it curiously.

"Hmm?" Fuse noted, squinting his eyes. "Odd, I haven't noticed that."

"It appeared a while after Megas was freed," the Shellslug spoke. "Apparently, that device appeared to have some sort of invisibility."

"No wonder," Fuse said. "But why is that significant?"

"That looks like a warp machine of sort," it spoke. "From the message I intercepted. In fact, it said something about 'destroy it ASAP,' and I presume that the earthlings tried to destroy the evidence, in order to hide it from us."

"They did destroy it," Fuse said. "Beyond recognition, except that it looks odd..."

Fuse thought deeply.

"The earthlings," he noted. "Used some 'warp machine' to free the sounds familiar."

"How so?" the monster asked.

"There is no way for them to remove Fusion Matter," Fuse said. "Unless they have uncovered something from the machine. And this device somehow destroyed my Matter, and I cannot sense its existence any...wait."

Fuse suddenly got up, and walked towards a glass dome, which showed him the face of the Earth, the very planet that he wanted to consume. Behind him, the Shellslug stood still.

"Now that you mention it," Fuse said, turning around. "What do you know about this machine?"

"Even the humans do not know," the Shellslug admitted. "The intercepted message admitted that it was a risky move, and it worked. They found it in some forgotten land, and it was actually sold off as a curious artifact. However, somebody discovered its strange nature, and a group of earthlings secretly activated it. Somehow, activating that machine-thing not only removed the Fusion Matter, but also may have attracted the gods and other supernatural beings to intervene in the fight against us."

"Hmm," Fuse thought. "That sounds...wait a minute. Great Shellslug, do we have our own warp machine?"

"We have a warp gate," the monster began to speak. "It's in the-"

"Your lordship!" Fusion Ace's face appeared on a screen, gasping.

"What now?" he asked.

"I ha-have found something!" he stammered. "It looks ci-circle...and it looks like a warp gate!"

Fuse blinked, then turned to look at the monster next to him.

"Spot on," the Great Shellslug said.

"Get it here ASAP," Fuse commanded. The monster nodded, and went away with a force of like-minded monsters nearby.

Fuse then sat down on his throne, contemplating.

"Hmm," he said to himself. "Now that I see it all, the humans appeared to have some weird warp gate, which was how they were able to remove the Fusion Matter trapping the Glorft-machine. And I happen to have one..."

Fuse then thought, trying to remember. Eventually, he recognized something.

"Ah," he noted to himself. "I recall that it was from a strange planet, hmm. I remember them all of its inhabitants sacrificed themselves, essentially detonating the entire planet into dust and useless stuff. However, although they were not enslaved, I managed to acquire some of their essence, which allowed me to create the Great Shellslugs and other powerful beings. Now that I recall a little more, some of my minions acquired some fragments of memories, and they learned something about a weapon that can open a portal to 'a world of possibilities and impossibilities.' Obviously, the machine that the humans used looks just like the one that I have."

"But," he pondered. "How did they get, that does not matter. What matters is whether I have something similar."

"Your lordship!" a voice echoed, as Fusion Ace appeared, carrying what looked like a stretcher, with the help of a Great Shellslug, the same one that told Fuse about the junkyard.

"Good," Fuse said. "Bring it here, and I will personally look at it."

The monsters dropped it carefully, and Fuse leaned over, his giant body towering over his minions, Despite this, he was able to inspect the strange contraption.

It looked just like the image from the junkyard, except unbroken. It was a single empty circle of white frame. On the bottom was a panel with mysterious buttons.

"This is an oddity," Fuse admitted. "I took this from that world, the name of which I have forgotten, but this machine is not really a machine."

"It definitely is charged by something," Fusion Ace explained. "Your Lordship, we have no idea what it will do, or whether it even works."

"Great Shellslug," Fuse said, telling the one that told him about the junkyard. "I task you with analyzing this, and see if it will work. If it does, use it ASAP. I do not want to delay any longer. I believe that this will turn the tide. If the humans managed to use a similar device to free Megas, then this will do."

"I obey," the Shellslug said, analyzing it immediately.

"Do the humans even know about this machine?" Fuse asked.

"I believe only a few did," it spoke. "Apparently, the news on Earth was full of 'Megas being freed,' but they did not explain how. Apparently, the humans are too focused on ridding us to think about what really happened."

Fuse smiled.

"Then we have a chance," Fuse said, lying down on his throne and actually relaxing. An audible sigh echoed, reverberating around the throne chamber.

"But your lordship," Fusion Ace asked. "How do you know that the machine used by the same as this one?"

"I know," Fuse said. "I have gathered much knowledge on science, technology, and even magic. I now recognize this machine. This floated in the alien black markets for some time. Some aliens, such as the Celestialsapiens and the Anodites, have even tried to have a hand in it. That's how important it was. I now remember the name: Warper."

"Warper?" the monsters around him asked.

"A simple name," Fuse said. "That belies its true nature. I believe that it's a form of reality warper, with the power to alter the very fabric of reality itself. The greatest of magicians, scientists, and even aliens have failed to decipher this. They do not know where it even came from. Activating one is both marvelous and unpredictable. If the humans did it, then so we can."

Fuse then suddenly gave out a very evil laugh. His horrible laughter echoed throughout the throne chamber. As he stared with glee at the artifact, he and the others were unaware of a single Fusion Spawn. It peeked from the crack on a wall.

Now, unknown to humans but barely known to Fuse, sometimes even his own creations and minions did not turn out the way he expected. Usually, they all were either discarded or recreated. However, in rare cases, a rare "mutation" appeared, in which a monster he created obviously was good to go, but which then came...different. In this case, a Fusion Spawn somehow developed its own strange will, so that it did things differently. It was not good, but it obeyed Lord Fuse, if the command was given. When no command was given, the strange Fusion Spawn peeked from a distance, instead of wandering around and fighting the humans, as other Spawns did.

Unlike other monsters, this Spawn also had one odd attribute: it was made up of Fusion Matter, but of a strange mutated kind. As a result, it was not connected to Fuse directly. This meant that the strange Spawn could act independently, something that Fuse did not intend. Due to its unique Matter, even Lord Fuse did not detect its presence, unaware of it watching every move that the Lord of Fusions made...

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In Fusionfall Retro, Lord Fuse's history and personality are rarely explored, so that he was rather a "flat character." He is bent on conquering, but there is no clear reason as to why he wants to. That is one reason for me trying to write this story: a good villain needs to have a fuller backstory.

Another reason is me being a strong fan of Fusionfall. I like to frequently chat on the Fusionfall forums, exploring what others have to say and all about Fusionfall series, especially (for me) the Legacy version. And I already have a HUGE amount of research on how I want to write more, but I have to see whether I can implement them.

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