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FusionRise: The Prologue

Chapter 3: Open

"LORD FUSE!" a voice echoed in the distance. Despite being miles away, it was clear as day.

Lord Fuse scoffed, as he came back down on Earth. This time, he tried to use what little energy he had to improve his latest incarnation, adding more armor and more spikes to his body, in order to try and show off better.

It was chaos outside, as waves after waves of heroes and all kinds of people on Earth swarmed in, destroying every fortification of his minions with ease. It was only days later, but the people were now attacking with renewed energy. Indeed, days ago, Lord Fuse created two more bases, but really to buy himself more time, rather than to actually redo his efforts at conquering the Earth.

"Is the gate ready yet?" he asked through a screen.

"Your lordship," the Great Shellslug, the same one in charge of the gate, said on the screen. "The gate should be ready in about 30 minutes, if all goes well."

Fuse only grunted, as he sat down on his throne on Earth, made out of a variety of scrap metals, wood, and other junk and trash.

"Your lordship!" a voice blared, the face blurred on-screen. "Only three are up!"

Fuse growled. This meant that his lair and two bases were the only bases on Earth, possessing his terrafusers and everything integral to conquering a planet.

"Your lordship," the same Shellslug blared, reappearing on the screen. "Good news: we have deactivated the strange security systems. Now, we should be ready in about 15 minutes."

"Take your time," Fuse said. "30 minutes are actually good, although 15 sounds marvelous."

The Shellslug bowed down, before shutting down the screen.

"Your lordship," a sudden, shooting star-like stream appeared, and Fusion Buttercup landed down. "One base is down already, and I was among its few survivors."

Fuse nodded grimly, as more Fusions appeared.

"Some of you," he commanded. "Get out and hold the lines ASAP."

Most obeyed, and they went out.

"Grr," Fuse moaned. "I hope that they're going to hold, because the longer we hold the enemies, the easier it is to activate the gate."

He then clicked some buttons, and multiple screens appeared.

"Bzztttt," one screen flared, apparently the victim of a massive onslaught.

"Fusion Blossom here!" one screen blared. "I have to sacrifice myself!"

"Do what you can," Fuse commanded, and the screen turned blank.

"I am down!" Fusion Bubbles screamed. "But I can detonate some bombs!"

"You know what to do," Fuse noted, and the screen faded away.

Fuse sighed. Losing each was like losing a loved one...except that each loved one could be recreated (hence, not really a loss). He then watched the screens closely.

"Friends!" a distinct voice echoed, as a huge, white-and-blue airship came into view. From it, he saw a familiar figure, a teenage boy with red hair and glasses.

"Dexter," Fuse growled. "And his usual buddies and all, finally using the disgusting Nanos from the future to turn the tide of battle. What cheaters are they...not even I did such a despicable act!"

"You are opening a gate," one of his bodyguards, a Stalactitan, remarked.

"That does not count," Fuse casually said. "That's not cheating; that's what I do."

The titan merely shrugged.

"Friends!" Dexter's voice blared from the screen, as his camera zoomed in. "We have finally reached the final destination. I sent your coordinates, so go ahead and kick his butt! Dexter out!"

Another ship appeared, this time black and red, with a flashy levitation platform moving ahead. On it was a weird boy, with a Dracula-like cape in an effort to look cool.

"Mandark," he noted. "Such an oddball, but formidable, since he also created the Nanos."

Below, hundreds and thousands of heroes flooded in, destroying minions en masse. It looked less like a battlefield, and more like a massacre, as his minions fell down by the thousands. Fuse growled, as he saw Ben Tennyson activate his Omnitrix, destroying foes en masse with his alien forms. Behind, some of the aliens, both from his device and from other parts of the universe, even added to the firepower of the group.

"And that guy," he noted.

Samurai Jack struck foes in his own way, obliterating enemies with his enchanted katana, which was even stronger, now that the gods came down and blessed it. Behind, the Scotsman and their allies flooded in.

"Oh boy," Fuse groaned. "The Scamper-things are coming in."

Numerous chimeras of trailers, buses, and giant vehicles dotted the sky, bringing in thousands of highly skilled people, who parachuted down.

"And they're all kids," Fuse grunted. "What kind of a society will allow kids to fight? But that doesn't matter; those kids are making a mess."

He watched, as he saw five of the key KND members: Numbuh One, Numbuh Two, Numbuh Three, Numbuh Four, and Numbuh Five. All of them shot down monsters left and right, mowing down his poor minions like grass.

"How worse can it get?" Fuse muttered, only to cough.

Three streams of light suddenly shone over the sky: pink, blue, and green. Although other flashes appeared, those three caused him to cough very badly.

"Of course," he blurted out, wiping his mouth. "I should have known."

Then, in the distance, the horrific blue body of the Megas loomed. Like a Titan freed from his supernatural cage, the Glorft invention stampeded into view, annihilating Fuse's allies and minions with its lasers, cannons, and all kinds of weapons.

"You may have used a gate to free the Megas," Fuse said. "But now, I have the same gate. How long is it taking?"

"Sorry sir," the Great Shellslug said, appearing in a screen. "Three heroes somehow hijacked a space laser, and fired it. While it did not strike any of us, and we took care of them and their weapon, the laser's blast damaged a part of the gate. Good news: the gate is very good. Bad news: the damage is enough to set back by about 10 minutes."

"Take your time," Fuse said. "I intend to promote you for your service and steadfastness."

However, after the screen turned off, he growled.

"Those earthlings are annoying," he growled.

One of the screens then flashed red, as a large number of strange creatures flew in, carrying soldiers and heroes with their arms. On their backs, the jet packs were working wonders, flying into view with ease.

"The Monkey Skyway Agents," he grunted. "Pathetic simians who now help everyone against me, they're now finally attacking."

However, the last wave caught his eyes:

The Plumbers and some aliens came in, with futuristic ships of all kinds of shapes and sizes. In the sky, three divine beings of strange appearance loomed over, zapping down enemies with magical lightning bolts, arrows, and balls of energy.

"They must be Odin, Rama, and Ra," Fuse said, gritting his jagged teeth. "Never expected even the gods to come in...and him."

"I!" a voice boomed, and a massive shadow cast over the minions, even over the heroes. "Aku, the shapeshifting master of darkness, unleash an unspeakable evil, even upon the disgusting Lord Fuse! Fuse! I, Aku, am the true ruler of darkness, which belongs to me, not you!"

"Now why is he even involved?" Fuse wondered, groaning. "It does not matter; my machine should be ready soon."

"We are getting there," the Shellslug reported from a screen. "Hold on, your lordship."

"Take your time," Fuse responded. "Better is a little slow than never."

He then turned to face the remainder of his very best armies, well, most.

"Fusion Spawns!" he commanded the millions of them. "Spread out, and help your fellow minions in the fight! Keep them distracted, and make sure to kill them all if possible!"

They obeyed, and jumped throughout the lair.

"Freakosaurus Rex, Lizard King, Stone Drake, and Miasma Hulk!" he roared, as horrific versions of Earth's fearsome animals bellowed in response. "Go, and support the first line of defense!"

They all roared, and stampeded out. Behind, the boss versions of them trailed behind: Father Freakosaurus, King Coldblood, Slag Dragon, and Master Miasma Hulk. For them, Fuse tweaked them, in order to make them harder to kill.

"Make sure to coordinate and rally the minions!" Fuse roared. "Now, to you all!"

Great Eyebulb, Great Shellworm, and Jurassic Centurion monsters bawled.

"You all take the second line of defense!" he commanded, and they all went out. Behind them, Great Eyebulb Gazer, Great Shellworm Fury, and Jurassic Centurion Lord monsters thundered, commanding their minions to their positions.

"What about us?" one of the Great Shellslugs asked, with a large number of its kind behind.

"You all stay here," Fuse said. "I am sending the Slag Cephalopods, the Eyebores, and the Shellslugs-not the Great ones, but the lower ones-will go and take the third and last defense before my lair."

They all thundered, and roared away.

"But you bosses!" he roared, and the Cephalopod Alpha, Giant Eyebore, and Epic Shellslug bosses came forward, listening intently. "I have tweaked you, and you all know what it is; use it well."

They nodded, and went away. Fuse smiled.

"Even if they do," he said. "They will be taken aback by the sudden self-detonation of these particular bosses. That will buy us more time."

He then got up, stretched, and then sat down on his throne. Suddenly, he snapped his right fingers, and his body fused together with the throne, and he transformed into a bigger, stronger version of his earthly body.

"I have 50% of my essence here," he said, with his very best minions and most of the Fusions. "Which means that it's integral to keep me alive ASAP, and as much as you all can. Failure is NOT an option, as you all know."

He said this, both through his mouth, and through his mind, connecting telepathically with each and every minion. Monster and Fusion alike, they all nodded in agreement, except for one.

The lone Fusion Spawn, which was not connected to him, watched from behind Fuse's back. Due to his huge size, Fuse did not notice the Spawn, which still watched, like a curious kid watching what his parents were doing in bed.

"And remember," Fuse continued. "I normally keep much of my essence on my planet, but my hold is weakening, and I am not letting go of Earth. After all of my hard work, I am not going to escape in humiliating defeat. Defeat is never, EVER in my language! However, I am now even more vulnerable than ever. If done wrong, my essence on Earth will cause a chain reaction, and even the entire planet Fusion could be in jeopardy."

The minions mumbled and groaned. None of them wanted that to happen. Fuse grunted in agreement.

"Is the gate ready?" Fuse asked.

"Almost done!" the Shellslug reported from the screen. "It's about five minutes done!"

"Yes..." Fuse said, grinning slyly. "Bring it ASAP when you're ready. You don't need to tell me. But bring it especially before the earthlings break into my lair."

"The first line is under attack!" Fusion Mandy screamed, as shots rang out from behind. "Fusion Grim and Fusion Billy are down!"

"Keep them away as much as you can," Fuse replied, before she nodded and the screen turned blank.

"And my minions," he said. "This lair is now greatly modified, so that it is now more of a maze. This means that you all should stick together, in order to tighten the defenses. Due to the walls, most earthlings will be forced to go through tight tunnels, which will work in our favor. Keep them away, and remember: I am always with you."

"For the Lord!" the minions roared in unison. He smiled.

"This is for your own good," he said. "It should confuse and scatter the enemies more. This lair is designed, so that even the Megas cannot punch through. In return, it has multiple gates that are vulnerable; safeguard them, guard them with your lives!"

They all saluted.

"But," he said. "You all have been blessed, and I have given each and every one of you a bit of my essence. This will give your incredible powers, but you all are expected to lay down your lives, for the greater good of me, the Lord of ALL of the galaxies!"

"Long live the Lord!" the minions roared. He particularly liked the salutes from the Fusions, who were what he wanted the humans and earthlings to be: obedient and positive towards him.

"Great Shellslugs!" he commanded. "Stay with me, for you all will safeguard the gate."

"It's here!" the gate Shellslug declared, and it appeared with the gate.

Fuse smiled. The gate's wide, white arch pulsed with a strange type of energy, streams of blues, whites, and reds flowing around the metallic surfaces. On the bottom, the pads were in place, with buttons and screens.

However, Fuse frowned.

"You can't smear it with Fusion Matter?" he asked.

"Every time we did," the Shellslug replied with a sigh. "It removes it, and it hurts me."

"Ah," Fuse said. "No wonder; I was wondering why I was losing a bit of it. Great Shellslug Kings!"

Only two of them remained, and they floated towards him.

"Stand guard with the gate," he commanded. "Guard them with your lives!"

They nodded.

"Meteoric Guardians!" he roared, and some strange, alien-like monsters stood still. "Kill every one of them possible."

We listen and go, the Guardians communicated through their thoughts. The Meteoric Guardian Lieutenants, three in all, nodded and floated away with the others.

"Scoria Cephalopods," he said. "Do what you can."

Tentacled, floating monstrosities nodded, and floated away, using their minds to link together, as they fought against the waves of invaders.

"We will stay behind," a Cephalopod Prime said, the boss of the Cephalopods, with four others of its kind. "We will communicate, and warn you of the dangers."

"Good point," Fuse said.

"We have scattered Fusion Matter throughout the ground," Fusion Buttercup said, along with the other Fusions. "However, the enemies have found a way to remove it."

"A little is better than nothing," Fuse grunted. "Terra Claws, Stalactitans, Stalactitan Golems, and Doom Striders: guard the openings to here. Guard them all with your lives."

"Your will be done," they echoed, and moved off.

"I have contacted with one of my minions," a Cephalopod Prime said. "They have broken through two of the lines of defense."

"Sorry my lord," Fusion Mandy's voice cracked. "Ace and I are down..."

Them, it shut down, and Fuse shrugged.

"My dear fusions," he said.

The Fusions turned. By this time, only Fusion Buttercup, Fusion Computress, Fusion Dexter, Fusion Eddy, Fusion Eduardo, Fusion Mandark, Fusion Numbuh Five, Fusion Numbuh Two, and Fusion Samurai Jack remained.

"Today is the day," he declared, as the gate loomed from behind. His Great Shellslugs and other intelligent monsters had finally tweaked the strange warp gate, and it roared with energy. The gate's energy waves whirled and swirled. It looked like a portal gate, which it was. However, it pulsed and roared, as if alive.

"Today is the day we may not live," he said, as the Fusions tensed. "But, this weapon will have the power to change it all. This is the same weapon that somehow freed Megas, that abomination of Glorft on Earth. Now, they are marching in as we speak."

The Fusions groaned.

"We will NEVER fail you!" Fusion Samurai Jack declared, waving his green katana in the air. It pulsed with Fusion Matter, dripping down like poisonous saliva.

"Hold your tongue," Fuse said. "I have heard that a thousand times, but this is different. You will all keep them away as much as you can."

"Third defense is down!" a cracked voice roared.

"Fusion Zak," Fuse said. "What's the status?"

"They are at the door!" he gasped. "Before they-augh!"

The screen turned blank.

"Of course," Fuse noted. "Fusion Dexter, I think you know what to do."

He nodded, then ran off.

"What's the plan there?" one of the Cephalopod Primes asked.

"He's going to set up a decoy of the gate," Fuse answered. "Then, it's time."


"And they are coming," a Great Shellslug mumbled, as a hole blew through one of the walls outside. Fuse could feel it, as a wave of heroes, armed to the teeth and geared in strange armor, swarmed in. Already, hundreds of his minions were crushed in the first wave alone.

"But we are going to win this fight," Fuse declared, as more explosions occurred. More heroes swarmed in, mowing down the minions. One hole appeared in the ceiling, as the right hand of Megas appeared, ready to destroy even more.

"Half of you Shellslugs," Fuse said. "Go, and make them pay."

Half of them swarmed out, and he smiled, as screams rang out. Already, his elite minions were doing their work, destroying hundreds of the heroes. Unlike those outside, most of the minions within the lair were heavily enchanted, so that they held up well against the heroes. In fact, a few of them had a bit of the Imaginary Energy! This time, instead of researching it, Fuse decided to put drops of it in specific minions. This threw the heroes off-guard, as some of them did not anticipate such a counter-defense.

"I may not have understood it," Fuse muttered. "But at least the bits of Imaginary Energy managed to counter some of the weapons, as I suspected. Imaginary Energy recognizes other Imaginary Energy, so it protected my minions. In fact, I even imbued the gate with the last bits of it."

"But why not use it on yourself?" one of the Shellslugs asked.

"It's not important," he admitted. "Only to turn the tide. I decide that the gate here has more power than I expected."

The machine then coughed, then revved into really high gear. The gate's interior was starting to swirl, as if a hurricane was forming within. Fuse smiled.

"Come on," he said. "Come on, gate. Now's the time to shine soon."


"More of them incoming!" a Cephalopod Prime shouted.

"Calm down," Fuse said. "They're going to be in for the ride."

Fusion Mandark and Fusion Numbuh Two then worked alongside the Shellslugs, working to get the gate working. It then started to roar louder and louder.

Fusion Buttercup, Fusion Numbuh Five, and Fusion Samurai Jack both stormed out, in order to fight off the first few heroes to try and enter. Fuse smiled, as 150 of them fell down.

"Those few Fusions are now powerful," Fuse said. "I have blessed them with a bit of Imaginary Energy, and a little bit of my own essence. Fusion Computress, go out and distract some of the heroes. Fusion Eduardo, go and charge in, destroying any of the first earthlings. Fusion Eddy, just do your job."

They all obeyed, and stormed out.

"Lord Fuse!" three voices screamed in unison, echoing from a distance.

Fuse rolled his eyes.

"The Powerpuff Girls," he muttered. "They're trying to get in."

He heard more gunfire, and laser shots after shots. Suddenly, multiple crashes and groans, as the three girls obliterated minions left and right, punching, kicking, and blasting their way through.

"They're definitely trying to make a hole," a Cephalopod Prime said. "In order to make it easier to breach the defenses."

Suddenly, three laser beams made three separate dents in the ceiling above.

"Ah," Fuse said. "Here they come."

Fuse looked up. Three of the most famous girls on Earth possibly faced him.

"Lord Fuse!" Blossom shouted. "You are done!"

Three Great Shellslugs lunged at her, but she easily dodged them, and smashed them all to the ground, which deteriorated into Fusion Matter. Fuse winced at the sight.

"You are beaten at last!" she declared, pointing at him, who only rolled his eyes in response.

"It's payback time!" Bubbles screamed, as she mowed down enemies left and right. "For damaging the environment and ruining everything on Earth!"

A few Meteoric Guardians readied their attacks, only to be struck, as Bubbles was too busy fighting to even give anyone a chance to strike.

"You're going down!" Buttercup roared, smashing her fists together, while doing a judo throw on a couple o enemies. "After all these months, you're finally good as dead!"

Fuse, however, smiled.

"Oh really?" he grinned. "Behold, my machine! Numbuh Two and Computress, activate!"

"Yes sir," the two obeyed, and touched some buttons.

The gate suddenly creaked, groaned, and coughed, then started to activate. At first, a slow swirl formed within, then rapidly sped, looking like a miniature hurricane or even a black hole.

"And now!" Fuse roared with glee, as he opened his mouth.

"W-wait a minute," the master Shellslug began. "What did-"

"OPEN!" Fuse bellowed, his roar echoing throughout the lair.

The vortex, however, continued to spin around, unaware of its surroundings.

"Wait a minute!" the master Shellslug said, checking the buttons.

"Eh?" Fuse stopped his roar. "What is it?"

"Something's off..." the Shellslug replied, analyzing the screens. "This...this was not the intended result!"

"What?!" Fuse roared. "What are you talking about?!"

"Something's REALLY off!" the Shellslug said, suddenly panicking. "He-help-ahhhh!"

The black hole-like orb in the middle suddenly opened, and what looked like a grotesque worm's mouth appeared, violet and jagged with sickly yellow teeth. Without a second thought, the mouth chomped down the Shellslug, then suddenly catapulted out, its mouth now a long proboscis, vacuuming the monsters all around with ease.

"What the?!" Fuse roared. "What's this?!"

"I-I have no confirmation," Fusion Computress declared.

Suddenly, the monster then disappeared into the strange vortex, which then suddenly changed in color, turning a strange mixture of white, red, and blue, which swirled and swirled until it turned into a light purple color, and then froze.

Everybody else froze all around. Dexter, Dee Dee, and Mandark all stared, as they entered the lair.

"What's going on...?" Dexter asked, trembling. Dee Dee came to his side, and they hugged together, with Dee Dee staring at the vortex. Mandark, however, fell down on his levitation pad, shaking. Monkey, Dexter's hero monkey pet, floated in the sky, uncertain of what just happened.

I.M. Weasel stared, contemplating the situation.

"The vortex must be something more than science" he concluded.

"Mr. Weasel?" Blossom asked, who slowly came down. "What...what do you mean?"

Bubbles silently held up Weasel, trembling. Buttercup, however, cracked her fists.

"Well," she said. "Let's just continue, right?"

"Not so fast," Weasel warned. "I...I think that's futile."


"What's going on?!" Mojo Jojo roared, flying with his monkey minions. "The minions outside suddenly stopped cold, as if frozen! And...oh."

He stared at the vortex, which slowly started to re-swirl within the gate.

"Is that the reason?" Him asked, staring at the strange contraption. He floated down, along with some other heroes.

"What's the hold-up!?" Princess Morbuck shouted, flying in with her jetpack. "And-hey! What's that weird wormhole thing!?"

Samurai Jack, the Scotsman, the KND agents, the Plumbers, Grim, and a variety of heroes and villains appeared. Even the Megas, Aku, and some giant robots appeared, staring in from the outside. Outside, all of the minions suddenly stopped attacking, and actually froze in place. Instead, the vortex's energy spike became apparent, causing everybody to swarm in to look.

Everybody watched, as the vortex swirled slowly. Then, it gradually picked up speed, spinning faster and faster.

"...Fuse," Blossom broke the silence. "What did you do?"

"Umm," he tried to explain, but Fusion Numbuh Two nodded, and Fuse let him speak.

"We have discovered," he explained. "That one of you all used a gate, similar to this one, to free Megas from its prison."

"Gate?!" everybody around them gasped.

"Wow, wait a minute!" Coop shouted, getting out of his car cockpit. "What do you mean? I saw Megas being freed, and I just got it up and running! Nobody told me that that was what happened!"

"Eh?" Lord Fuse asked. "Then...who freed Megas?"

Silence ensued.

"Wait a minute," Dexter said. "Who...who freed Megas? Even my devices were unable to cleanse the Fusion Matter."

"Eh?!" Mandark roared. "I thought you did!"

"No way!" Dexter retorted, glaring at him. "I did not! All I know was that Coop reported that the Megas is freed, and he just went on a rampage."

"Wait," Blossom said. "You said that Coop told you that the Megas is freed? Then, Coop, did you remember who freed your robot?"

Coop scratched his head, then shook his head.

"You don't know?" Dexter asked.

Suddenly, for the first time ever, both the people of the Earth AND the members of the Planet Fusion stayed together, confused.

" you have an idea?" Bubbles broke the silence this time.

"Umm," Fuse answered. "You people...destroyed the only minion with information on that."

Silence ensued again, then a Meteoric Guardian cleared its throat.

"I have acquired its memories," it declared.

Everybody turned to stare at it, causing it to feel uncomfortable.

"The Great Shellslug technically said everything," it replied. "Except for one detail, which apparently was confusing, even for it. The last detail...was something odd. Apparently, the satellite's camera showed someone utilize a gate, the same kind as ours, in order to free Megas. However, on closer inspection, there weren't a group of people but...someone."

Everybody blinked.

"What is going on?!" Buttercup asked, shaking her head with her hands. "First, we suddenly have Megas freed, then Aku and everyone started to come in to attack! And now...even Fuse is confused over what's going on?!"

"Odin, Ra, and Rama," Samurai Jack said, turning to face three faces in the sky. Others also turned to look.

"Do you all know?" he asked.

The three gods looked at each other, then shook. Even they were confused, for the gate emitted a strange type of energy alien to even the gods.

"Aku?" Samurai Jack asked, turning the giant figure of the villain. He appeared right inside of the lair, a little smaller to accommodate the space inside.

Aku shrugged.

"This is beyond my knowledge," he admitted. "Like the gods, this gate emits a strange type of energy, which is definitely not Imaginary Energy, magic, or something I recognize."

"Is this Imaginary Energy still?" Dee Dee asked a group of Imaginary Friends.

"Nope," Mac replied. "It's definitely not."

"Agreed," the others replied.

"Then who created the gate that freed Megas?!" Fuse asked. "And who...called the gods? And what led you, Aku, to stir and attack?"

"You're asking the wrong person," Aku said. "All I know is that some...guy suddenly told me that I can finally defeat the Lord Fuse for good, if I get up and attack. At first, I hesitated, but he told me that if I did, then I can finally stop worrying about Fuse."

"And the gods too?" Blossom asked.

All three gods above nodded. Like Aku, somebody told them, and they simply came in.

"Do you...have an idea?" Jack asked, turning to Aku again.

Aku shrugged again.


Everybody turned around, watching the gate. The vortex then started to shiver, then froze again. Suddenly-



Multiple voices screamed, as the gate's vortex suddenly exploded, vaporizing the gate while causing a flash of light that enveloped everyone in the lair. Then, everybody blinked, as the light suddenly disappeared, but a tiny ball of sinister, black energy remained. Next to the former gate, Fuse writhed in pain, his body rapidly disintegrating. Apparently, the light's blast struck him the most; while everybody else was unscathed, he roared.

"Augh!" he moaned, as he realized that his body, and his very essence, was torn to shreds. Worse, to his horror, he felt something flow through his body, and looked up. He was mortified.

"My planet!" he roared. Everybody looked up. The Planet Fusion, which was originally green, was now being engulfed by a strange cracks of white light, which ripped through the planet. Odin, Ra, and Rama shivered; it was the exact same way that the essence of evil (the source of Aku) spread, destroying planet Earth.

Indeed, it was not long before the Planet Fusion, to the shock of everyone on Earth, broke apart, disintegrating in balls of light.

"Blossom!" Bubbles screamed. "Look!"

Everybody looked. Where the gate was, the single ball started to crack, then white lights started to shine through.

"EVERYBODY!" Blossom shouted. "GET OUT ASAP!"

Everybody except Fuse ran out, flew out, and escaped by any means necessary.

"NOOO!" Fuse roared, as he struggled to get away. However, the ball of energy then exponentially expanded, becoming the size of a truck.

"Can't...believe..." he groaned, trying to drag away. Suddenly, he noticed a Fusion Spawn, which somehow was unaffected by the sudden blast of light. The mysterious explosion destroyed all of the Fusions inside, except for the single Spawn.

"I see," Fuse muttered. "That Spawn is an anomaly; it does not have the essence as I do."

The Spawn just came in closer and closer.

"I transfer my essence into you!" Fuse roared, pointing his right finger at it. A bolt of green light appeared, which he fired. It struck the Spawn, which blinked in surprise, but did not run away. As soon as he shot, Fuse's body shattered and vaporized, leaving no trace behind.

The Spawn then blinked, then looked around, checking its body.

"What's this?!" Fuse's voice roared. "This so weak! But I better-augh!"

The black mass suddenly exploded, and a colossal black hole-like vortex appeared. It sucked the Spawn, then started to suck in everything around it.

"Everyone!" Blossom screamed, as she and her sisters hurried to direct everyone away. "Get away!"

"Blossom!" Bubbles shouted. "Look!"

Everybody looked.

The vortex suddenly exploded in size, becoming the size of a football stadium, and it started to suck in everything in its path.


"Your Majesty."


"I freed the Megas."


"I also activated the other gate."

"Well done."



"Why did you choose this Earth, of all the places?"

"It's the beginning of multiple stories, like any story."


"You will see. You will see."

Yes, the ending is deliberately left like that, because it is designed so that I can write a variety of stories stemming from there.

If all goes well, this ending should allow for all kinds of stories to branch off from. Anyone who reads this is also free to use the ending of this story as inspiration for your own stories.

Plus, there are plenty of references here, so I will list them as hints:

-Reference to the Future, where most heroes have likely died, such as Blossom and Bubbles. This is the most heavily used.

-Hercules movie, where Hades frees the Titans

-Open sesame, sort of.

Thank you so much, and I hope to write even better in the future.

Good luck, and be the heroes everywhere, even in real life.