The Fire Dragon and his Scarlet Knight

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"Heavily monstrous voice"




Chapter 1 - The Confession and the Mark

At the bottom of the Tower of Heaven - X784

As Natsu landed on the water near the tower of Heaven, Erza wakes up and says, "N-Natsu", "Don't you ever do a thing like that again… Never!" "Natsu.." "Ok.. But I have to ask, why did you do this for me?" "Why? Why? Because you're my nakama because you're my family… Because I love you Erza!" "Y-Y-You l-l-love m-me?!" "Yes, I do… I understand if you don't feel the same way but-" Natsu's eyes widen in shock as he is cut off by Erza kissing him on the lips, but, not being one to complain, Natsu swiftly returns the kiss until they are both out of breath and separate and Erza says, "Of course I love you, you idiot…" "So uh, Erza, will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes, I'd love to be your girlfriend." "Really?!" "I already said yes, you idiot." Suddenly, Natsu kisses Erza, and as they are deep into their kiss, they suddenly hear someone exclaim, "OH MY GOD!", and turn to see their friends staring at them with their mouths agape. Then Natsu says, "So, I guess this means that we are telling the guild about our relationship right away then?" Erza chuckles, "I guess we are…" "But don't any of you tell the guild before we do!" Erza exclaims while pointing her sword at their friends. "G-Got it!" Everyone exclaims nervously. Lucy then inquires, "So, uh, Erza, how did you end up together?" Erza then blushes and says, "Well, uh, after Natsu got me down from the tower and told me never to try to sacrifice myself again, I asked him why he saved me and he said that he loved me, after which I kissed him, and then he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted. And that's that." "So, you really are a couple then?", Lusk asks. "Yep.", Natsu exclaims proudly. Natsu then promptly collapses from the strain of using Dragon Force(Doragon Fōsu) for the first time ever. "Natsu!" Erza exclaims. "Well, I guess you are probably pretty tired from the strain of that fight. Oh well." Erza then proceeds to carry Natsu as everyone heads back to the hotel.

Days Later, Back at the Akana Resort Hotel

Erza's friends have decided to leave to go on their own paths and Erza happily let them, after giving them a Fairy Tail farewell. Now that Natsu has recovered and Juvia has left to go join Fairy Tail, Gray and Lucy decided to give Natsu and Erza some alone time to talk about their relationship. After a minute of silence, Erza is the first to speak, "So, uh, how should we proceed from her?' "well, uh, with your permission, I'd like to uh, mark you." "Mark me?!" "yeah, with a Dragon's Mating Mark." "Ok… what does that do exactly?" "Well, first of all, it doubles my proficiency at Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and gives you a different element of Dragon Slayer Magic, based on your personality, character, strength, etc.." "Ok… What else? And how long will it take to properly use it?" "Well, it also prevents us from getting attracted to other people and prevents other people from being attracted to us, well, other than just physically, and lets other Dragon Slayers know that you're my mate. As for how long it takes to learn your element, since it's from a mark and you have a Dragon Slayer, rather than a dragon, teaching you, 3 days to 1 week and 3 days, depending on what elements you get. So that's about it. Well, actually, I guess that you'll also have to sleep for a full 24 hours one hour after you get the mark, so that I can see what element you have and how it works, but that's about it." "Ok, let's do it." "Wait, right now?" "yep. SOmething wrong with that?" "well, no, it's just that you won't really be able to move once you get the mark, so you should make yourself comfortable." "Ok then.", Erza says as she lays down. "One more thing, it will be extremely painful for about a minute while apply the mark. You sure about this?" "Yes, just do it already." "Ok then." Natsu the bites down on Erza's neck and Erza screams, "Aaarrrgghhh!" for about a minute straight. One minute after getting the mark, Erza says, "Ok, I admit, that was extremely painful." After examining the mark, Natsu suddenly says, "Wow… I can't believe it." "Well, what is it?" "I just can't believe it, you're a Dragon God Slayer…" "A WHAT?!" "You have a magic that would be taught by a dragon that became a god." "How is that even possible?!" "I have no Idea, but by the time you master it you'll probably be as strong as the master!" "The Master?!" "Yep! Time to train to use it tomorrow then? It'll take a week and 5 days, I didn't think it could take so long because I didn't think you could possibly get Dragon God Slayer Magic(Doragon za sureiyā Mahō)." "Ye, let's just let the others know. "Gray! Lucy! Get over here!" As soon as Gray and Lucy walk in, Gray says, "Geez, what is it Erza" "Yeah Erza, what is it?" " Starting tomorrow me and Natsu are going to be training me to use Dragon God Slayer Magic(Which has Dark-blue and Blackish flames) if you want to come and watch." "Yeah, sure, whatever." Gray says and walks away. Lucy then says, "Sure, that sounds like fun." and promptly walks away." Once Gray and Lucy leave, Natsu says, "Well, we can do that tomorrow then. Let's go to sleep." "Yeah, ok. Love you" Erza says and kisses him on the cheek. "Love you too." Natsu say, and they both promptly go to sleep.

The Next Day

The next day, Natsu and Erza decide to train for just as long as they said, while Lucy and Gray watch, becoming amazed at how strong Erza becomes. After just 3 days, Erza surpasses Natsu, but Natsu still continues to train her, so that she can use all of her magic more efficiently and has many more moves available to use, while Natsu actually gains a fighting style, instead of just charging headfirst into every battle, and is just above Laxus' level by the end of it, while Erza is just about 3% above the level of Warrod Sequen, the Fourth God of Ishgar. At the end of it all they head back to Fairy Tail both for the Fantasia Parade, and to announce their relationship to the guild. And soon after they get back, Natsu and Erza will be known as the 'Dragon Duo' of 'Fairy Tail's Strongest Team', and Natsu and Erza will become known as, the 'Fire Dragon' and the 'Dragon Knight'.