The Fire Dragon and his Scarlet Knight

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"Heavily monstrous voice"




Chapter 2 - The Return and New Strength

At the entrance to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall

As the team approaches the Fairy Tail Guild Hall, Natsu suddenly said, "It's bigger than before.", to which Erza replied, "What did you expect?" "Eh, I guess it makes sense. So, when we go in and announce our relationship I think we should…" "That sounds like a great idea." Natsu and Erza then entered the guild hall, with Erza kicked the door open on their way in, which caused everyone to look at them. Erza then decided to kiss Natsu on the lips, and Natsu passionately returned this kiss, which caused everyone to stare at them in shock, with their mouths agape. The master then entered the room yelling, "Okay, why is it so quiet in here all of a sudden?! Not that I mind.", only to see Natsu and Erza kissing and also proceed to stare at them in shock. Mira was the first one to break the silence saying, " So how did you become a couple?", to which Erza responded, "Not now Mira, we have to go talk to the master now." After Natsu, Erza, and the master left to go to Makarov's office, all of the men in the room suddenly recovered from their shock and proceeded to exclaim, "HOW THE HELL DID NATSU MANAGE TO LAND ERZA?!"

In the Master's Office

Once they were in his office, Makarov said, "So what did you have to talk to me about?", to which Natsu responded with, "Well, I sort of gave Erza a Dragon Mating Mark and…" Erza continued with, "it sort of gave me Dragon God Slayer Magic." "Did you just say Dragon God Slayer Magic?!" "Yes, Master." "So, uh, just how strong are you now?" "To be blunt master, I'm probably stronger than you and Natsu is stronger than Jose." "W-W-WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" "You heard Erza, gramps." "I just can't believe this. Anyway, are you participating in Miss Fairy Tail this year? ALso, I'm promoting Natsu to S-Class." "That's Awesome!", Natsu Exclaimed. Erza than said, "No, Master, I will not be participating in Miss Fairy Tail specifically because I have a suspicion that something will go wrong during the Contest." "Alright then, also, I've decided to recommend you both for the Wizard Saint Trials." "What?! Really?!' "Yes, really, Natsu" "That's Awesome!" "Well then, off you go." And thus the legend of the team of the 2 Wizard Saints to be was born.