A/N 1: Miensi is the name of Obuni's daughter. She's the same age as Pan if you're curious. Somraw's the name of his wife (Yes, I took these names from ITJ056).

For Cus, the return of both Vados and Universe 10 had been two positive sparks in a complete world of sadness, pain and trauma. Cus couldn't bring herself to tell Rummshi and Gowasu both what had happened and what she had done to herself after Rummshi and Gowasu were erased.

She felt more comfortable being held by Piccolo. Maybe it was how big he was. Maybe it was because he seemed to be an unshakable rock that she could rely upon. Maybe it was because, when she asked him if he would go with Whis to check on her, he said he would. She hugged him when he said that, she had a flash of excitement. At least she would have a small light on the horizon to look forward to.

Rummshi on the other hand was miffed by seeing a mortal hold his attendant. Gowasu, on the other hand, was furious that someone, or something, had upset Cus.

For both, that anger from both of them turned to horror as Whis explained everything that had happened to and involving Cus after they were erased.

Additionally, Rummshi calmed down about Piccolo holding Cus. Gowasu, in addition, really didn't want to talk to Rummshi, as he felt that Rummshi, along with himself, was at least partially responsible for everything that had happened to Cus since they were erased.

Once Obuni had recovered his pendant, thanks to Lillibeu, and he had talked to Gohan about a possible playdate with Gohan's kid, he returned to Universe 10, and soon, Rummshi, Gowasu, Cus and the fighters of Universe 10 departed.

The mood in Universe 7 was gloomy. Nearly half the team was trying to console Krillin, Piccolo and Whis were both worried about Cus, and Piccolo was sure that Rummshi and Gowasu were going to be totally unable to help Cus.

Privately, he wanted to go to Universe 10 so that he could stay with Cus, and try to help her. Piccolo liked the idea of regularly checking on Cus and making sure she's OK, but he almost knew that Cus wouldn't be OK even if they went to check on her tomorrow.

Meanwhile, as the fighters headed back towards Universe 10, Rummshi and Gowasu struggled to process what Whis had told them about what had happened to Cus after they were erased. He wanted to walk up and hold Cus, and try to comfort her, but he had the feeling that Cus wouldn't want him to hold her now. Gowasu, meanwhile, was depressed by how badly they had performed.

"I should not have allowed Rummshi to decide what fighters we selected for the Tournament of Power. Because of it, we were almost never brought back" he thought to himself.

Soon, they arrived on the World of the Kais of Universe 10. Gowasu sighed, then said "Well, we had better get these guys home"

"OK, I guess" Cus replied. Once everyone had been returned to the planet, Rummshi, Gowasu and Cus return to the World of the Kais.

Once they return to the World of the Kais, Rummshi turns to face Gowasu and Cus and said "I'm sorry, you two we're right, we should not have picked all of our fighters from one planet"

"Thank-you" Gowasu said. Cus, however, ignored Rummshi as she walked off.

"Cus?" Gowasu asked, to which Cus replied "I, need some time to myself" to which Rummshi nodded, and said "Take as much time as you need. Just, if you take too long, I will send some attendants to check on you, alright?"

"Fine" Cus said as she headed for the bathroom. Rummshi and Gowasu looked at each other, then decided to hang nearby, Rummshi was soon asleep, while Gowasu was still thinking about both the Tournament of Power and Zamasu.

Cus, meanwhile, arrived in the bathroom. When she did, she put her staff against the wall, then threw her clothes off and got into the shower. Using a loofah, she washed the dried blood off her torso and back, a relic from her suicide attempt. As she did, she felt a surge of pain from that episode. It was enough for her to collapse into a sitting position and start weeping again, unable to contain her emotions. Everything that had happened during the Tournament came back to her, and it was all way too much for her to handle. Pain, Sadness, Anger and Hopelessness, she felt all four emotions at the same time.

Gowasu, hearing Cus' crying mixed in with the running of the shower, decided to call one of Rummshi's female assistants (1) to go in and check on Cus.

When the assistant arrived, she was shocked to see Cus on the ground. Carefully moving over, she discovers Cus in the shower, and while she was relieved that Cus wasn't lying on the ground, and was instead in a sitting position, she was downed to see Cus weeping into her knees. Reaching in, the assistant turned off the shower, then wrapped Cus in a towel as best she could, while rubbing her back.

"Cus" the attendant said quietly, and after a few minutes, Cus grabbed part of the towel, wiped her arm dry, and wrapped it around the attendant. The attendant adjusted the towel so Cus is properly covered. She then guides Cus to her "bedroom", then left. Cus threw on her Angel Uniform, then used a spell to put herself into stasis.

While Cus is lying in stasis, Gowasu watches the Tournament of Power, along with Rummshi, and are horrified to watch everything that had happened to Cus after they were erased.

"What do we do to help her?" Gowasu asked, to which Rummshi shrugged.

"I think I'll go and find a Psychiatrist from this Universe, just as a bridge until Whis arrives and rages at us for failing her" he said.

As they headed back to Earth, Piccolo turned back to where they had come from. and this didn't escape Gohan. When asked, Piccolo aired his worry about Cus. Gohan tried to reassure Piccolo about going to check on Cus, but Piccolo wasn't reassured.

Once Piccolo returned to Earth, he followed the other fighters to Android 17's island, then to Capsule Corp. Once everybody was being returned, Piccolo headed back to Kami lookout on his own, his thoughts occupied.

When Piccolo returned to Kami lookout, Mr. Popo asked "Hey Piccolo, how did we do?"

"We did well, we technically won, but it came at a big cost. We lost the Androids, 17 scarified himself to save Goku and Vegeta, while Android 18 died due to the life link" Piccolo replied.

"That's, horrid" Dende and Mr. Popo said at the same time. After about a minute, Dende said "You seem occupied. Is there anything else you'd like to reveal?"

"Yeah. I made a friend. And it's one of Whis' little sisters. I'm worried about her, due to everything that had happened to her since her Universe, the Tenth Universe, was erased" Piccolo said.

"How bad?" Dende asked, to which Piccolo replied, "I think I'd better show you" and at this, they headed inside.

Over the next hour, Piccolo showed Dende and Mr. Popo everything that had happened in the Tournament of Power. When Dende and Mr. Popo saw Cus stab herself after her Universe was erased, Dende and Mr. Popo were horrified.

"Is she the friend you made Piccolo?" Dende asked, to which Piccolo nodded, then Dende added "She's cute"

"I know right?. She's also small for an Angel, she's maybe Vegeta's height at most" Piccolo replied.

"Yeah, I can see that" Mr. Popo replied.

The two next biggest horrors were yet to come. Firstly was Vados getting erased along with Universe 6, which Dende said, when he saw it, "So the Attendants aren't immune to Zen-Oh after all"

"Yeah. Cus was really upset by that" Piccolo replied. Next up was Android 17 sacrificing himself to save Goku and Vegeta, and the life link killing Android 18.

"OH! MY! GOD!" Dende and Mr. Popo replied at the same time. Dende then said "Do any of you know where the Dragonballs are?"

"No, Bulma's going to get them. But even if we do get them, we're going to wait until Cus is brought here before we revive the Androids, so she can experience something really good" Piccolo replied.

"Alright. You take good care of her, alright Piccolo?" Dende said, to which Piccolo replied "I will, once Cus is brought here"

A/N 2: Sorry about the shortness of the chapter, it was extremely hard to write, so I decided to keep it here.

A/N 3: No, Rummshi doesn't do anything sexual with his female assistants. The female assistants are to check on Cus when Rummshi or Gowasu don't feel comfortable doing so.