A/N: The guys have their own teddy bear that has been passed down from Grand Priest, then down by sibling. Currently, Grand Bear (That's the name of the bear) is in the possession of Campari, the 3rd youngest Angel.

Piccolo finally coming to Universe 10 to see her again was about the only thing that was sustaining Cus throughout the next few days. Mr. Snuggleton helped a little, as it allowed Cus to carry out at least a few of her duties for Gowasu, but mostly she sat in her room holding Mr. Snuggleton and either listening to Enya or watching cute animal videos.

On day thirty-five, Gowasu decided to do one more tea test.

"Why do I have to do another tea test?" Cus asked, to which Gowasu replied "I want to see if you've made any progress. I have noted the darkness of the shade of blue that the tea was last time, and I want to see if what we've all done has helped in any way"

"Alright" Cus said. She stood up and poured the tea. It immediately went a very dark blue shade of tea, but it wasn't quite as dark as it was the first time that the tea test had been carried out. In addition, the pink tint that had appeared in the first tea test was a bit stronger. Smiling, Gowasu said "You can't wait until Piccolo arrives, can you" Gowasu said, to which Cus blushed, nodded, then said "Yes, I can't wait. He was a big comfort for me after he saved me"

"I understand" Gowasu replied, before he added "You have made a small amount of progress in recovering, as you can see with the tea", and at this, Gowasu showed Cus' tea from day six, which was marginally darker than it was today.

"Oh, I have made marginal progress. I have noticed that I'm not as weepy as I was, and I'm not quite as consumed by hopelessness as I was" Cus said, noticing the different tea colour. Finally, Gowasu stood up, then said "Cus, we'll do more tests once a month, once you've moved to Universe 7"

"That's a good idea" Cus replied. Gowasu then took the tea tray away, and Cus returned to her room to watch more cute animal videos.

After a few hours, Cus decided to head towards Obuni's place. She wanted to spend one more night there, before she went to Universe 7. Apparently Gohan had a family, and his child was a similar age to Miensi. While she sat in the lounge room, and watched Miensi play with her Duplo, and she even helped a little with building the castle that Miensi wanted to build.

"So, quick question, why are you building this castle?" Cus asked, to which Miensi replied "I tend to have my afternoon nap in a castle"

"Adorable" Cus said. Miensi then said, "Is it OK if I have my afternoon nap with Mr. Snuggleton?"

"Uh, sure" Cus said, and when Miensi curled up to sleep, Cus left Mr. Snuggleton snuggled up to her, while Cus sat next to them, watching Miensi sleeping. Watching Miensi sleep, Cus was reminded back to when she was Miensi's age, and she usually slept in something similar. In Cus' case, she slept in a Blanket Fort she had constructed, for a while with both Baija and Campari, whom she usually snuggled up to.

A couple of hours later, Miensi awoke from her Afternoon nap, Rubalt and his son, Mangese, arrived, along with his wife, Chlora (Chor-a). Mangese was a few months older than Miensi, and they got on OK.

"Hey Cus" Rubalt said, and Cus turned to face Rubalt, and said, "Hey Rubalt, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm OK. Apparently, you're not doing too good, are you" to which Cus nodded. Rubalt gently hugged her, and Cholra followed. Cholra also had reddish skin, similar to Rubalt, but was slightly shorter, and similar to Cus in stature. Mangese, on the other hand, also had reddish skin, but he was slightly plumper than his father. Cus smiled slightly watching the two little kids play.

Once Rubalt, Chlora, and Mangese left in the evening, Miensi, Obuni and Somraw also went to bed, leaving Cus to lie in stasis, holding Mr. Snuggleton.

On day 36, Whis arrived at Gohan's house. Inside, Videl was finishing up on helping Pan get dressed.

"And, there, you, go" Videl said as she finished with Pan's belt, and Pan finished putting her sandals on.

"Gohan, Piccolo, are you two ready?" Videl asked as she and Pan came down the stairs, and Piccolo and Gohan both confirmed. Then, there was a knock on the door.

"Whis is here" Videl said, and Gohan, Videl, Pan, and Piccolo walked to the door, opened it, and Whis said, "Hey, are you four ready?"

"Yes" Videl replied. Whis nodded, and they walked into the cube, and departed for Universe 10. Just as they did, Piccolo asked "Videl, do you have some clothes for Cus to change into?"

"Yes, I do" Videl said, opening her briefcase to show some of the clothes she wore during the Buu saga. Piccolo nodded, then said "Good". The lot of them then departed.

Soon, the five of them arrive at the Universe 10 World of Destroyers.

"Ah, Whis, Piccolo, Gohan and his family, good to see you. I'm Mojito, I'm Cus' older sister and the former attendant of Universe 9" Mojito said, and he shook all five of their hands in turn.

"So, where's Rummshi?" Whis asked, and at this, Rummshi arrived next to Mojito.

"I'm here. Are we heading for the Universe 10 World of the Kais?" Rummshi asked, to which Whis nodded. Rummshi and Mojito also got into the cube, and they headed for the World of the Kais.

When the seven of them arrive at the World of the Kais, they find Gowasu waiting for them.

"Gowasu" Rummshi said stiffly, to which Gowasu replied, just as stiffly, "Rummshi"

"So, where are we going?" Gowasu asked, to which Rummshi replied "Obuni's place, that's where Cus is, and that' where we all agreed to meet up"

"Alright" Gowasu said. He got into the cube, and, with a little help from Mojito, the eight of them soon arrived at Obuni's place.

When the eight of them arrived, Somraw was waiting for them.

"Oh, hello, the gang's all here" she said. Videl walked up, and said "I'm Videl, Gohan's wife"

"Somraw, Obuni's wife" Somraw replied as they shook hands. She then turned to face the others, and said "Obuni, Miensi, and Cus are inside"

"Alright" literally everyone else said, and as they went past, Gowasu asked "How are you going, Somraw?"

"I'm doing good thanks" Somraw replied.

Soon, everyone was inside. Immediately, Obuni said "Hi Gohan" he then saw Mojito, Whis, Rummshi, and Gowasu, and said "Cus is in the other room"

"Alright" Piccolo said. At this, Piccolo heard "Piccolo!" and next second, he saw Cus run up to, then throw herself around, Piccolo.

"Hey, Cus" Piccolo said, tightly returning the embrace, Miensi walked into the front foyer to find out what all the noise was about, and at this, Obuni said, "Miensi, this is."

"Pan. And Pan, this is Miensi" Gohan replied. Miensi and Pan cautiously shook hands, not sure about the other.

"Oh, Cus, I have some clothes that you can change into" Videl said. Cus nodded, and they headed towards Somraw's room.

Once Cus returns, she's revealed to be wearing a pink shirt and dark blue pants.

"Alright. Do you have your uniform on you?" Whis asked, to which Cus showed that her uniform is held up on clothes rack.

"Then, Cus, Gowasu, Rummshi, and Mojito, let's go" Whis said. Piccolo then asked, "Can I please go wth you guys?"

"Sure, if you want" Whis replied.

"We'll be back to pick you guys up once everything's done at Zen-Oh's palace, alright?" Piccolo asked, to which Gohan replied "Alright". Whis, Cus, Gowasu, Piccolo, Mojito, and Rummshi headed towards Zen-Oh's palace.

Once the six of them arrived at Zen-Oh palace, they were welcomed by the Grand Priest, who immediately hugged Cus. This was a comforting hug between both father and daughter.

"Father" Whis said, and as Grand Priest and Cus broke apart, Grand Priest said, "It's good to see you again Cus", then he turned to face the rest of them, and said "Follow me" and the rest of them entered the palace.

Soon, they found themselves in a strange room. In that room, there was a strange energy.

"You're probably wondering why we're going to change the life links here" Grand Priest said, to which everyone else nodded.

"Well, its because it's one of the only places in the Omniverse that will allow us to cut and attach life links between fighters without the use of Dragonballs" Grand Priest replied. He then said "So, this is going to be pretty simple. Firstly, we'll cut the links that Cus has to Rummshi and Gowasu. Then, we'll attach links between Mojito and both Rummshi and Gowasu. That's how it'll work"

"Alright" Cus and Mojito both said. Grand Priest then grabbed his staff and tapped Cus. Then, he tapped Gowasu and Rummshi, and the links between the were cut.

"And now, it's time to attach life links" Grand Priest said, and once again, he tapped Gowasu and Rummshi. This time, though, he tapped Mojito, and this attached life links between Mojito and both Gowasu and Rummshi.

"And that is that" Grand Priest said. Cus then asked, "Can I please leave my Staff and Uniform here?"

"Sure" Grand Priest replied. Cus left to drop off her Uniform and staff, and after about ten minutes, she returned.

"Let's go" Cus said after a quick hug of her father. Whis, Cus, Piccolo, Gowasu and Rummshi then departed.

About two hours after they departed, they returned to Obuni's house. Pan and Miensi are, kinda, playing with each other. Mostly, they're playing with the Duplo at the same time, although they have exchanged a few blocks.

"So, we're heading off?" Videl asked, to which Piccolo nodded.

"Mojito is now connected to Rummshi and Gowasu, so he's officially the attendant of Universe 10" Piccolo said. Videl stood up, then asked "Are we going to set up another playdate between Pan and Miensi?"

"Sure" Somraw replied.

"See you later" Pan said, and Mieni nodded, and the two of them high fived. Gohan said "Maybe next time we can have a spar Obuni"

"Sure Gohan, just send me a message" Obuni replied as Gohan and Obuni shook hands. Videl and Somraw also shook hands, and Piccolo, with Cus holding his hand, and Pan holding Cus', along with Gohan, Whis and Videl, entered the cube and headed back to Universe 7.

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